Do The Math; investigating the odds and timing behind the rise of the technocrat 5G supermen.

5G is not responsible for Covid 19. An idea that 5G pop ups don’t match the major cluster which exceed the areas where 5G has popped up.

On the surface a logical conclusion which fits the basis of ‘Occam’s Razor’ e.g. when face with an unknown certainly lean to the probability which has the less complicating factors and you will be probably right.

A few issues with that idea however is namely Occam only works when you have all the data.


1. EMF or electromagnetic frequencies, impact on immunity not in theory but is a fact.

Just Google “EMF” “immunity” in the scholarly article section.

So a major cause or not. How smart is it to push a technology which does produce a known vector known to impact immunity during a pathogen crisis. Be that factor major minor or still before the jury. Surely circumstance dictates safer than sorry and thus a short term moratorium will cause little harm to the public’s ‘need’ for a new consumer toys?

A  No MUOS  demonstration outside the American military base NRTF-8 in Nisceni, Italy, March 30, 2013.

2. While 5G may not be directly correlate with Wuhan virus. It will be interesting to see where out side of China/Iran (different factors at play) the main cluster correlate against not where 5G is based but where the USA’s military EMF global net work, which includes system like Multiple User Objective System or MUOS, are being installed

Not only are these transmitters many time more powerful than civilian 5G networks but they have caused major concerns in areas it has being installed such as in Italy.

That CV19 virus is taking place as Elon Musk Starlink (which includes the ability of the military to assimilate and piggy back off existing civilian telecommunication network) is also taking place is a worry.

Unclassified Government Document, from March 1976, Revels ...

For the ability for the US to weaponize EMF spectrum is not theory but a long term established fact. That the military can piggy back off the back of 5G should concern us all.

3. While the impact of 5G (by itself) on the virus is not a major issue for this author. It is in geopolitical terms no secret that the US sees 5G as the back bone to A.I.. technology. If they get 5G out faster then their competitors they see as a sputnik” moment.

5G is technology critical to the USA if its not to be left behind in the race for the infrastructure needed to make hyper sonic space travel possible.

Episode 227: Using artificial intelligence for space exploration ...

5G not only provides infrastructure but it drives up demand for the rare (and finite metals) metals need to fund mining for material critical to the USA military hard liners and their vision for the 21st century.

The Space Review: Racing to where/what/when/why?

general Jones is an anti Iran anti China cold war zealot (think Jack Nicholson’s Col. Nathan R. Jessep.A Few Good Men) for the insane nitzsche fulled ideas preached by Kissinger & George Soros.

Self entitled folk that think the USA and it western partners have a right to be the top dog and China must be ringed in and the third world put in its place via technological control of energy, food and commerce.


‘Sputnik moment’ is a term associated with Kissinger/President Eisenhower (Kissinger being the core person driving the new push for global governance also cited as “sputnik moment”). Its a term that has popped up a lot including in the writing of General James Jones (Nato supreme commander) who is a big fan of Kissinger and who even stated “I take my orders from Henry Kissinger” when acting as America’s National Security Adviser in 2015 where in theory his boss was meant to be the elected president of the American people and not Kissinger the washington insider who knows where all the bodies are buried.

Jones maintains 5G is the key weapon in the new cold war. He is also a man with many links to the war hungry “orcs let out to play”.

“Orcs let out to play” being the phase the late Dr Dave Kelly used to describe what those deep within the military industrial complex, willing to use pathogen on the public were now doing in attempt to justify their desire for war to support the US and its corporate allies global dominance.[ source: Dr David Bellamy during and interview with Catherine Ryan RNZ].

Jones has now popped up on my radar twice since I first became aware of his lust for the might of US Corporations and his desire to win the war at all cost. The first being in in 2009 during the SARS epidemic when I first began investigating the topic of covert biological warfare inspired by New Zealand government zoonotic infectious expert Alexander Kouzminov who maintains in his book biological espionage that pathogens are released on an unsuspecting public routinely. Kouzminov should know he use to be a KGB biological warfare agent. Meaning his knowledge is practical as opposed to the theoretical knowledge of civilian scientist who usually get quoted by mainstream papers regarding outbreaks and their catalyst. Those on the inside like Kouzminov and Kelly tend to have a view point that not so rosey regarding how bio-weapons are used and deployed more as weapon of psychological freeware 9a social engineering motivator) than to cause mass casualties.

19 Best David Kelly images | Quotes to live by, Sayings, Me quotes

Jones name surfaced while I was investigating the big pharma military/artificial intelligence ties of passengers killed on Flight 3407.

It now emerges that his former driver Staff Sgt Maatje Benassi is also the woman who was accused of bring the virus to china by the Chinese government. Her brother is believed to be patient zero for Virginia infection at Fort Belvoire which is where Benassi works who herself is diagnosed as infected. As the games saw participants disperse afterwards to over 110 nations, including New Zealand, believed to have all being infected with the CV19 virus sine the games ended.

Seemorerocks: Who was coronavirus Patient One?

I am still researching the Benassi connection (its a big project).

Yet even a quick fact check of those debunking the idea the virus is linked to recent events involving theft of material at Harvard and Winnipeg Canada and the 2019 Global Military Games held in Wuhan demonstrate a blind obedience to a set narrative. Their writing based in the moment with no connection to unfolding event in this area or at these location over the past decade.

One that ignores a host of fact concerning events at these institutes prior to those allegations being made (taken seriously by China). Reporting in case even maintains that well documented facts are fake new when in fact the context of the attempted debunking is so skewed as to render the claim as fake itself.

5G does have serious health issue even it has not created the virus or is enhancing it.

Yet it has certainly provided a timely opportunity for some very nasty folk to push an agenda.

And that so much of that infrastructure critical to their goals, ranging from Starlink launch, the 5g roll out, global infrastructure for drone delivery drone taxis, to an over night to push for city to widen footpaths, just happens to have taken place all on the eve of the CV-19 outbreak is truly a mathematical miracle. In terms of expecting all these things to be just on hand and ready to roll just as this crisis popped up.

If you want to argue do the math fine. Yet the math is these factors raise gigantic mathematical anomaly in terms of the chances of these factors all happening at the same time.

So whether you want to call this conspiracy ( which frankly when you have a man like Kissinger involved is a fair call – bear in mind this guy once got an entire country bombed repeatedly in secret (Cambodia death toll one million) and on another occasion raised a ten thousands strong arm of assassins [Operation Gladio] to murder and bomb the Pentagon’s opponents through out Europe) – or you wish to see this as a case of seizing opportunity by exaggerating the virus threat is moot.

The AI Cold War With China That Threatens Us All | WIRED

Fact is were witnessing the extermination of the middle class and the further subjugation of the third world under the pretext of the CV 19 outbreak. Welcome to a brave new world in which the 1% are the winners.

The new technological revolution that is about to take place, as a result of CV-19 (planned or not) eliminates the need for labour or for the 1% to have to tolerate the whims of the lesser folk.

Welcome to the Forth Reich a world fitting with Kissinger vision of global dominance by the technocrat powered elite. Those who rule not because they are right but because they possess the might to enforce their wishes and now have no need of the plebs who these evolved technologically superior supermen hold in contempt.

5G militarised or not may or may not be making CV19 worse but what is a mathematical certainty is that CV19 & 5G combined most certainly pose a threat to well being of the mere mortal who not considered a part of Kisisnger and Jones club of technocrat supermen. The maths on that claim is 100% guaranteed.



  1. You’re a mind reader Ben. This article voices the musings that have been running through my addled brain over the last week or two regarding alleged 5G-COVID connections.
    Great work, will share!

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  2. George Webb Youtube for Benassi and more. Past research delves into the group using secure Blackberries and wheeling and dealing in centrifuges and weapons to Iran, etc. Seems to have been ongoing for decades. A bit wordy but lots of info.

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