Forgiveness is like the martial arts of consciousness. In aikido and other martial arts, we sidestep our attacker’s force rather than resisting it. And boy that has being the lesson of this issue in week literally of floods, meteorites and war. And yet here we are. Don’t get mad get even. Be polite, be professional and have as my mate 007 likes to says a plan to kill every one in the room albeit with kindness ;-).

Vidgen and the Editor in Chief Pepper Cat

This issues is dedicated to my naughty Pepper and darling mum. May you be together enjoying the little cottage, in the sky, with the ivy growing up the side and the cabbage tree Pepper likes to climb in the front. It smells of the comforting mixture of wood on the potbelly, mum’s paint, fresh lavender, blackberry jam and cooked scones. At least that is where I like too imagine my two darlings are. XX May the force and our imagination be with us all.

POETS CORNER WRITTEN – PRE COVID during the TPPA when thinking people viewed Big Pharma with healthy skepticism it deserves and understood the difference between good science and good PR.

Take Me Take Me to A Happy Place. (Lyrics).

A Song that sums up the no TPPA message as sung by mate Michael John Wingfield and his band Katharticus.

Take me to a happy place

Where flowers bloom and Kittens play

Love Birds Coo on a Sunny day

Politicians do just as they say

Not ripped off by GST

Or jilted by the ACC

Forced Fed with Penalties

In a Pacified Society

Take me to a Happy Place

Where workers get a decent pay

Vultures don’t take it all away


Burdened down by User Pays

Where I DONT have to take a Pill

Just to look at my Power Bill

Forever on a Tread Mill

Just to line the Corporate Till

Take me to a happy place

Where Kittens bloom and Flowers play

People get a decent say

In what goes on when we legislate

Where Kiwi Ingenuity

Aint Hamstrung by Bureaucracy

Good Jobs aren’t cast aside

In the Name of False Economy

Where the Nation aint in a rut

Because of all the funding cuts

Heads of State all pass the buck

Behind our backs they live it up

Where the Sick aint all Dropping Dead

Before they find a Hospital Bed

Where we aint all seeing Red

Cos of all the Lies we’re fed.

TRUST ME IM LAYWER – “X being an unknown quantity, and spurt being a drip under pressure“.

“Start spreading the news. I’m leaving today
I want to be a part of it New York, New York

These vagabond shoes They are longing to stray
Right through the very heart of it New York, New York

I want to wake up in a city That never sleeps
And find I’m king of the hill Top of the heap

These small town blues They are melting away
I’ll make a brand new start of it In old New York

NEW YORK – what happens when Sunny Ville (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) get out of control – the heart of modern globalisation and the move to impower corporations over the natives.
Ultimately the idea behind local democracy is in fact an act of ultimate centralisation where even the small municipalities of far flung colonies answer in regulatory terms to the Rome and the ‘Sun King.’ – upon which commercial law answers too

When I linked this the TPPA to Flag Changes and other moves to undermine NZ’s constitutional and under mine the system upon which we draw our individual right as occurring with out Due Authority MSM ran a hit piece on me. And when I say hit piece” I am quoting the good people at Lyodd Anderson the law firm who then advised me I most certainly had a case for defamation but fighting it in court would cost me about $250,000. The drive by was executed by a Labour Party triggerman and apparatchik Otago University and lawyer Professor Andrews Geddes a constitutional ex-spurt who stated on TV “Due Authority” was “probably a made up word”.

As usal MSM never gave me a right of reply with the exception of Michael Daley The Dominion (read and judge yourself) and none of MSM pieces on this issue ever spelt out to the audience my professional own academic qualifications. Namely I hold a degree in Political science and have 35 years experience as political journalist who extensively quoted and cited by academic internationally. In the end not having $250,000 a well worded letter combined with a complaint to the broad casting authority did the trick instead and the piece was pulled from their website and that of affiliated website to boot – but not before the damage was done.

Yet for the record since Geddes has told the mass that ‘Yeah -nah their is nothing in that idea that the common wealth rights of both the natives (subject out side of England whose common law rights are covered by the Bill of Rights 1689) and indigenous partner of both the Treaty of 1835 and & 1840 are being removed bit by bit the Canadian Indians and Maori have also said the TPPA (now CPTPP) trade deal was under mining the common wealth native rights of indigenous citizen. Andrew Geddes a lawyer, academic constitutional ex spurt (and friend of Labour’s inner circle) who staked his reputation on national TV saying Due Authority was a made up word showed he cant even get the basics. So the score current sits at “Conspiracy Theorist” 1 Ex-spurts 0. And in the mean time people have less and less faith in our courts and more and more faith in common law. Much of which is kung fu badly and dangerously executed and in cases this has being done deliberately by pseudo ‘sovereign lore’ ex-spurt pushing ‘con-mans law’ who aside from their interest in koha have three things in common;

One they draw their Due Authority from the revised United Nation definition of human/indigenous rights NOT the English statues covered by the Imperial Act of 1988

Two: they can be linked to the importation of Canadian US version of ‘Con-man law the OPPT One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) sovereign movement which has made its present felt here since 2015. One such example is The International Tribunal of Natural Justice which is associated with OurNZ and Sue Grey’s defence of mandates under the 1991 Bill of Rights (which draws it Due Authority from the Un definition of human rights and NOT the English statues covered by the Imperial Act of 1988

Three; Tucked away in OPPT (‘Con-man law’ corrupted version of the legitimate Common Law/ Tikanga customary rights) their fine print will be the lie that the execution of 1835/1840 constitutional rights will be best served by placing them selves under Due Authority of Incorporated society which ultimately rob power from the Whanau and Hapu and place it solely in the hands of Rangatira (the chiefs) and again is consistent with the TPPA/UN New York School of globalism leads to undermining what the term nation (Hapu) means what rights are owed to the native both Maori and pakeha alike.

However in saying that can anything which get people excited, passionate and talking about constitutional future a bad and ultimately the ‘real poltik’ of law is determined by acquiescence; what occurs when a person knowingly stands by without raising any objection to the infringement of their rights, while someone else unknowingly and without malice aforethought acts in a manner inconsistent with their rights. In other words use it or loose it.

So with that in mind the following piece is my argument why our government is currently operating out side the law (and succeeding due to Acquiescence) made by politicians who have being exceeding their Due Authority since at least 1986 (Other may and can argue the constitutional crisis and breach of obligation goes back way further than that – but Im just arguing from the safety of what my own expertise/academic qualifications has confirmed to date with added benefit of hindsight which follows the Canadian First Nation tribes proving my principal argument right and Geddes wrong.)

See also

I) Opaque response to Māori governance advice undermines confidence – Professor Jack Vowles Political Science and International Relations programme at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington. Government must openly discuss its position on the Māori role in governance or people will come to suspect that radical change is being covertly pursued behind the scenes: Vowles explains how this also undermines Maori rights and manipulates the concept upon which co-governance was actually built. An idea which I personally believe in but only if they are first built and executed correctly with due diligence and execution of checks and balance that have being absence for the last 35 years and counting. And so far that’s not looking likely. Instead we face a slow motion (but pickup speed) constitutional coup

II) A constitution includes a hapū, whānau, iwi and Crown relationship Marama Broughton’s June 2013 Māori Law Review of symposium on the Treaty of Waitangi and the constitution. This illustrates succinctly how not only were rights of the native (subject out side of England whose common law rights are covered by the Bill of Rights 1689 and the 1988 Imperial Acts) and indigenous partner of both the Treaty of 1835 and & 1840, were omitted but so where the right of the hapu and whanu as rights alone are granted to incorporated society in line with both the TPPA concept of a tribunal operating under NY state Law and The 2022 Declaration of Inconsistency which like wise pass the judgement of right to a government picked Tribunal operating under a UN in New York amended definition of human rights which constitutional specialist warn undermine the notion of human right and what the term nation and state mean.

III) SHOW US YOUR BADGE which gets into all the above in depth and include foot notes and bibliography to demonstrate how my ideas are base on recognised academic specialist and and authorities on constitutional law and the principle upon which justice and our constitutional mechanics are based


– What we all deserve and if they cant give us that then what bloody use are they. Norman Kirk advocated not for socialism but socialist orientated democracy which permitted the common man to get ahead while protecting public assets and human rights. Those now suggesting the Ardern government is socialist ultimate support Neoliberalism and the sell off public asset which being with the soft sell off Public Private Partnerships.Or they call her a “pretty” communist a term meant to insult but which ultimately simply reinforces her brand in the eyes of her own followers. Increasing this fraction can be found selling ‘Con-man law’ over (see definition above on how to spot a con-man from New York) and passing it off as Common Law.

Some mega-foundations even mobilize to defeat grassroots opposition to their projects. When they do, their vast resources can easily overwhelm local groups. This, too, weakens civil society.

Plutocrats at Work: How Big Philanthropy Undermines Democracy

There is a push to subvert democracy in New Zealand by supposedly promoting democracy at a local level via image laundering ( a process which n fact subverts genuine issues) chock full buzz words such as sustainability, diversity and equality. Withstanding that much of this is being fast tracked against the advice of the government own policy advisers , takings place at a time when stunned by Covid, the war in the Ukraine, down turn in the economy, its questionable if this will do anything other than undermine 150 year of stable democracy and progress which though slow at time has progressed fairly and as the cheese ad goes ‘good things take time’ There also the issue of sincerity of populist local candidates, elected more on the basis of their celebrity status than their record as genuine activists. As cookie cutter candidates, whose polices and marketing have in may case being set (ironically) by state funded ‘public interest’, repeating in rote the one size fit all idea of NY based neoliberal orientated think tanks and billionaire “philanthropist” than deal with actual local issues related to the issue they claim to campaign on. Begging the question just how organic and genuine is this local democracy initiative driven by New York. Case in point Mayor Aaron Hawkins a University drop out who former career details simply read “was the host of Radio One breakfast show”.

You folks may recall Hawkins ‘handling’ of the 2020 Dunedin lead will read this“Confidential reports on the contaminated former gasworks site in South Dunedin have called it a serious health and safety issue and a significant financial and environmental risk. Is Dunedin about to discover it is yet another community bearing the brunt of previous generations’ ignorance and inaction?” My favourite part “The Government amended the Resource Management Act. The change made territorial authorities responsible for ”the prevention or mitigation of any adverse effects of the development, subdivision or use of contaminated land”. Two years later, when the Ministry for the Environment looked at local government implementation of the new requirements it concluded most were not doing a good job”.My fav part “As a result, in January 2012, the National Environmental Standard for Assessing and Managing Contaminants to Protect Human Health (NES) came into force. The NES specifically identifies former gasworks sites as contaminated sites that must be dealt with.”And the DCC done what on this issue under Hawkins watch.

Will since I raised this issue in 202O during the discovery of lead in Otago costal town 2 million has being pent to juts focus on the gas work lead leeching. Notably details of what this 2 million will be spent my guess is it well be spent on consultants and marketing. And if you expect your local candidates to ask the hard questions of the mayor and the DCC for the above reasons I would not hold your breath.


AS ROME BURNED NERO REPLACED HIS LEADERS WITH AN ASS (okay it was horse but yah get the idea) and entertained the plebs with bread and circuses. His crumbling empire the inspiration for the fictional movie The Hunger Games.

I have become a curmudgeon in my old age ( I always knew I would) but bear with me. There is a reason why I find it hard to take many of the first world identify politics issues, that seem so import to Generation Z version of liberalism, seriously. Especially as they screech diversity and equality on tech tool made possible via the West ‘District 1’ own exploitation of the third world [Districts 2-13] workers. And that reason is were one zippo flick from all going up in flames all to the back drop music of Camille Saint-Saëns – Danse Macabre in D Minor.

It not that I dont care about populist identity politics or even think these are not valid issues. The problem is their a lack of priority here. Because as the middle class pander to me my and I interpretation of the big issue Nero replacing his thinkers with asses and I can smell the distinct smell uranium tainted smoke in the air.


Take for example but one example of what happening in science ‘s hallow halls in 2021 after 59 years of service, JASON, the super elite and legendary Presidential science advisory group, is being fired, and it doesn’t know why. On 29 March, the exclusive and shadowy group of the USA top 65 scientists, the equivalent of SHEILD top boffins, the guys you call when the Avenger‘s are busy else where received a DCM (Dont Come Monday) letter from the Department of Defense (DOD) saying it had just over a month to pack up its files and wind down its affairs and turn the lights off on the way out. “It was a total shock,” Ellen Williams, Jason’s vice chair and a physicist at the University of Maryland in College Park stated telling reporter. “I had no idea what the heck was going on.”

In fact the writing was on the wall 2002, when DARPA (or as I like to call them agents HYDRA decided to cut its ties with JASON. DARPA had not only been one of JASON’s primary sponsors, it was also the channel through which JASON received funding from other sponsors. DARPA’s decision came after JASON’s refusal to allow DARPA to select three new JASON members. Since JASON’s inception, new members have always been selected by its existing members. However, on 25 April 2019 the National Nuclear Security Administration in the Department of Energy offered the group an 8 month contract that would continue to employ JASON subject to review.

The firing of the White Houses top brains because they wont play ball of military affairs and let Rome’s General’s dictate their work comes as the Bulletin of Atomic scientist Dooms day Clock was pushed to 100 seconds before midnight.

The clock, a symbol of how close humanity is to extinction, was created at the dawn of the Cold War in 1945, founded by researchers who helped build the first nuclear weapons during the Manhattan Project and realised in the word’s of Robert Oppeheimer (quoting a piece of Hindu scripture) “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds”.

The Bulletin began publicly adjusting the clock to reflect shifting threats to the world since 1947. The only time the clock was closer to midnight was 1953 to 1959, when it was held at two minutes until midnight. The 2017 shift is the fifth instance the time has been moved to three minutes or less until midnight — the others were in 1949, 1953, 1984, and 2015. It anticipated that following the escalation of renewed cold war tensions this year that the clock will advance to 70 seconds to midnight within the next eight month is Cold war tension continue to build in world where nuclear missile can now travel from Beijing to Washington in just seven minutes. Though in fact as scientists are now being replaced by public relations don’t be so certain you will even get that warning as we continue to let the pursuit of the dollar bring us false prophets that .

So kids let get straight the term Black Lives (or insert what ever Identity Politics cause floats your boat) matter does not mean black lives (or insert here) matters more than say white lives. It simply means we need to protect and raise awareness for the lives in society that are vulnerable and need protecting. A legitimate cause and yet under that definition and in consideration of where we are sit collectively on the clock its time for us to stop ya play-ground squabbling children and get on the peace train before the clock strikes 12 and all the blind mice get vaporised their shadows but smears on the clock. Tock tock tick tock.


 The quote in the photo (left) is widely incorrectly attributed to Orwell. Though William Randolph Hearst once said something very similar;

“News is something somebody doesn’t want printed; all else is advertising.”

Even so, the error is not worth reporting to the Ministry of Truth.


Russia has launched satellite 14F150 Nivelir into orbit under a mission dubbed Kosmos-2558, and its current orbital path could soon place it in close proximity to what is reported to be the spy satellite designated USA-326.

USA -326 was launched as NROL 87 (Bearing a Mountain Goat a possible nod to the Eurasian steppes) it launch carries a not yet identified payload for the The National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) who successfully launched the NROL-87 mission aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Space Launch Complex-4E located at Vandenberg Space Force Base in California at 12:27 p.m. PST. NROL-87 is the 60th launch since NRO began publicly disclosing launches in December 1996.

2010 A Minotaur IBCM (matches sighting off Hawkes bay same day) missile, Norwegian spiral, California Vandaberg sighting and one in china — The first Minotaur IV was launched April 22, 2010 codenamed NROL-66 in the agency’s rocket acquisition naming system.

The payload is also called RPP, which is short for Rapid Pathfinder Program. Minotaur launch was designed to carry “The Near Field Infrared Experiment (NFIRE) will consist of a series of test satellites in low-Earth orbit carrying infrared sensors and releasable kill vehicles”. The mission patch (speculatively) may refer to missile defence weapons designed to engage the Russian most feared missile Satan 2 a new intercontinental ballistic missile that is capable of launching ultra fast nuclear warheads anywhere across the world simultaneously.

The U.S. National Reconnaissance Office’s (NRO) more recently as part of this build up of weapons in space launched NROL-199 spacecraft launched (Aug. 4 2022) atop a Rocket Lab Electron booster from New Zealand, rising off the pad at 1 a.m. EDT (0500 GMT; 5 p.m. local time in New Zealand). Its the forth spy satellite and second NROL asset to be launched from Mahi Peninsula. NROL heraldry includes an Australian dingo and an eagle. In July Rocket Lab launched NRL 162 which bore an Australian frilled Lizard.

The NROL-162 and NROL-199 missions will carry national security payloads designed, built, and operated by the National Reconnaissance Office in partnership with the Australian Department of Defence as part of a broad range of cooperative satellite activities with Australia,” the NRO said. “The satellites will support the NRO to provide critical information to government agencies and decision makers monitoring international issues” .

Commander of the United States Indo-Pacific military force, Admiral John C. Aquilino, on August 3rd made his first visit to New Zealand. Aquilino laid a wreath at the National War Memorial in Wellington and spoke to media alongside New Zealand’s chief of Defence Force, Air Marshal Kevin Short, on Monday morning. His visit comes of the back of last week’s Chiefs of Defence Conference in Sydney, where 27 military leaders from the Indo-Pacific region discussed the impact of climate change and conflicts. Asked about whether the Pacific Islands Forum in July was timed to counterweight moves by China to expand its influence, Aquilino said the timing had been determined by Pacific nations. “The timing was the timing.”

It was then announced that the high-ranking United States diplomat Wendy Sherman​ would met with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in Wellington. Sherman, the deputy secretary of state, visit New Zealand at the end of a week-long trip across the Pacific. She will also visit Samoa, Tonga, Solomon Islands and Australia. The press statement did not specify when Sherman would be in New Zealand, but the trip was expected to take place between Thursday, August 4, and Wednesday, August 10.

Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta was also to meet with China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Cambodia, as Beijing flexes its military muscle near Taiwan. Mahuta was set to meet Wang amid mounting tension between China and the United States, with China deploying its military to conduct exercises in the waters surrounding Taiwan after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited. Taiwan in a press statement declared it expected to be under “siege” by China during the visit. Sherman head’s Russian US and has called for conciliatory dialogue (In line with Black Rocks on positions on China a market it trying toe expand into) with Bejing’s critics label her weak. Meanwhile the fore mention mentioned August10th meeting involving Sherman down under declared;

MINISTER NASH:  It is an absolute pleasure to be here with Deputy Secretary of State Sherman for the signing of this agreement and how we’re going to work together on the use of near space and outer space for peaceful purposes. Coordination with the United States on space is an important and growing component of our relationship.  We look forward to strengthening existing space collaborations between New Zealand and the U.S. as well as developing new collaborations as a result of this framework agreement.

The agreement recognizes the value of international cooperation and the peaceful uses of near space and outer space and highlights the desirability of enhanced cooperation between the parties in space science.  The use of space for research and earth sciences, exploration, aeronautics and operational earth observations, meteorology, oceanography and environmental monitoring will continue to benefit all countries. ….

Over the past two decades, disasters have increased in number and severity requiring enhanced international cooperation and stronger international relationships, and this relationship is not a new one.  Our emergency management agencies have had close relationships for many years, and we’ve supported each other during times of crisis.  In 2018, we deployed fire personnel to help combat live wildfires in the U.S., and of course we will always be grateful for the support the United States provided following the 2011 Christchurch earthquake.  Within 24 hours of the earthquake a USAID Disaster Assistance Response Team, including 70 specialized urban search and rescue personnel, had been deployed to join the search for survivors and victims, helped complete damage assessments, and provide humanitarian assistance, and I want to acknowledge that this has personally impacted me including [inaudible].

We have particularly strong working relationships around tsunami preparedness and response, and our countries share information and data with each other, including that from New Zealand’s network of [inaudible].  This assists in providing warnings to our communities and those in the Pacific.

This new Memorandum of Cooperation between New Zealand’s National Emergency Management Agency and the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency will help to strengthen disaster resilience and reduce disaster risk in both our countries.

U.S.-New Zealand Space Framework Agreement and Disaster Management Memorandum of Cooperation Press Conference — PRESS CONFERENCE
AUGUST 9, 2022

Details of the memorandum where sparse in detail and they did not spell out which nation in the event of a major disaster would have operational authority or wether the memorandum would duplicate earlier memorandum signed with the US and New Zealand since the Christchurch earthquake which permitted US military authorities to operate in New Zealand soil and answer only to American military law. In 2011 the US Ambassador called for a permanent military presence in New Zealand. Current US New Zealand war games scenario drawn up at the US Military College in 1998 orientate around the US occupation of Becara small mineral rich Island in the Pacific which is suffering destabilisation due to economic down turn and a series of climate change related disasters. –

The Pacific Reset was a deliberate decision by NZ Government to focus on the Pacific in our world outlook as enslave corporate vassals to the USA who own policy The New American Century promotes dangerous fantasy of America as the only dominant Super Power in the Pacific. It smacks of imperial colonialism comparable to the sociopathic ambitions of the Julia Caesar (The Sun King ) or even the Third Reich’s 1000 year Empire


‘Ive been shot at, bombed, knives pulled on me both metaphorically and literally. Im bragging just a little here but its true I’ve lived a life wearing tin foil in a lightening storm flicking my index finger at Thor and my hobbies as I wrote in the foreword of the my first book include “stand up comedy and playing in the traffic”, dodging fast moving cars (most of which but not all have missed me). I however can also count the number of times I threw a punch in a fight first on one hand and confession time that because I’m a real pussy. I really hate violence and I don’t find it fun at all and I have detested it ever since I gave my sister a bleeding nose at age 7 after she was baiting me and she in return beat the living shit out of me. That experience is hard wired into me – so having dipped my toes in the military reserves as a young man I discovered I make a lousy alpha male once were warrior type. I am more the kind of the wimpy slightly over weight (from to many second breakfast) hobbit who does his best to stop armies from fighting to begin with type.

I remain proud of the fact that I never draw ‘my gun’ first and deeply ashamed that when I do it usually a hard punch to the Adams apple, or a soft palm to the base of the nose and upwards so the bridge of the nose is driven into the fore head like a spear (and my pen on the other hand is also a serial killer). In my fear I tend to go for the jugular and not fuck about. And that’s the problem; fear send us into fight or flight mode and we only worry about the consequences we cant undo afterwards. As Steve Earl coons in the Devils Right Hand “Me very first pistol was a cap and ball Colt Shoots as fast as lightnin’ but it loads a mite slow It loads a mite slow, and soon I found out It’ll get you into trouble but it can’t get you out So then I went and bought myself a Colt 45 Called a peacemaker but I never knew why”

So I would rather take a beating than throw a punch. And boy, partly as being the youngest of five and partly from years of skiing and learning to crash at high speeds, I learned can I take a beating (physically and metaphorically), like you would not frigging believe. Knock me down and I’m like a frigging cock roach I just get back right up again. The highest compliment infact ever paid to me by a close mate was being called Stoykiy Muzhi (The standing man) a Russian term for some one who does not back down on their principles even when beaten with an iron rod.

I say all of this word salad because I know right now a lot of us feel black and blue and from my own experience on the battlefield of life I think the wining strategy is to always try and stay in peace even when provoked. Stay in your harmony and this too well come too past. If I was going to learn a marshal arts — which I wont because I kind of feel my black belt in gift of the gab, jedi speak, has served me well enough to date (that and Im lazy) — it would be akido. For Akido is not in fact a fighting style but simply teaches one if you stay in harmony with self no one can touch you and their blows will ultimately land around you and simply serve to bring your assailant into chaos and self defeat via his own ‘superior’ force.

Make your own mind the invincible fortress, stay in peace, have the courage to stay calm in the face of the storm and remain discipline to ones true self, let this be your fortress. Be the ‘man’ in the high castle. Which is not to say your’e not allowed to be human and loose your rag unleash your inner jerk looking for your keys ect. I do and my Achilles remain oddly not the big things but the small injustice and senseless bureaucracy which is tome a death of thousand paper cuts. What Im simply getting at that having all the guns, all the numbers is not actually ultimately what wins battles. And be wary of those who say other wise for in fact historically (and I say this as some one who made the study political violence and tyranny his life study) the people who believe this rarely end up with a better society and they just bring more hurt and pain. When the legendary general and strategist Tsun Tszu replied when asked what was the best way to win a war he stated simply “never let your self be drawn into someone else battle”.


Before you approve of law created to stop ‘hate speech’ laws passed ‘today’ for the “right reasons” . Take a moment to consider about who could be in charges of those same laws tomorrow. Democracy and free speech I agree is not always pretty. And yet the alternative is simply dam awful.



WORD I never tire from reading this the ultimate come back to Wokester who wanna lump you in with the Qanon assholes the other prong in the capitalist fork you system we live in .

“Conspiracy panic is a propaganda weapon that props up an overall portrayal of the mass of the people (and especially critics of the ideological hegemony, of whatever stripe, good or bad) as ipso-facto stupid, preemptively discredited, crazy, irrational, unworthy of participation in discourse, and potentially dangerous.

Conspiracy panic nowadays is a go-to for liberals to deny and distract and divert potentially radical struggles into incremental bullshit. That way they need think less about systemic irrationality, falsehood, evils, and failures, and how most of the unfolding disasters — including Trump himself — are not aberrations or surprises but predictable products of the “American way” and the global capitalist system.

It’s easier and more comforting to affect being appalled at the stupidity of QAnon (or the supposed millions who were moved to vote for Trump only because they saw a “Russian” post online), and to virtue-signal that you are different from the dumb right-wing patsies who eat that shit up, than to spend too much time being aware that the billionaire and corporate and ensconced policy-making ruling class as a whole — their names are known and plastered in the headlines — is by definition a predator class, professionally incapable of mercy, with overwhelming power over the rest of us, acting in ways that guarantee capitalism and its ‘ways of life’ will continue burning the planet, literally, until the ecosystem’s capacity to sustain the present human civilization and population collapses. Which, speaking in historical lengths, is imminent, and possibly no longer reversible. Fight this anyway.”


Sean Norling

To any of my friends on here, who may have been sucked into any Outdoors Party / Sue Grey type stuff. Please stop. You’re smarter than this. Sue is mates with Kyle Chapman – you remember that guy? That’s right. The neo-nazi former national director of the New Zealand National Front. I’m also informed he’s an admin for the Outdoors Party Facebook page. So now you know., when these white supremacist clowns go on about mana motuhake or tino rangatiratanga, or “freedom” in fact…when Sue & Kyle and the Outdoors Party et al go on about anything, there’s a pretty great chance they are 100% full of shit. I’ve kept pretty quiet on my thoughts on covid, because it’s all become a bit screamo for me, but if i can stop one person from falling down this stupid rabbit hole, then ka pai.

Sean Norling former mager of Radio One.

To be fair what neither the MSM or the so called alternative media of the likes of Counter Spin who CEO former National Front boot boy Kelvyn Alps put Kyle up as a candidate in 2001 will address is the fact that the charity New Way Trust Chapman ran from 1995 to 2014 (when he finally got caught with hand in the cookie jar) was in fact partially state funded. Kyle’s role in the bombing of church had no impact in being employed along with at least one other far right extremis David Crawford. In fact the MSM seem conspicuously quiet on the issue of the alt right backgrounds long ignored but well know (during the 70’s and 80′) links to the state, political parties such as Labour (rumour abound abut Mike Moore a former meat works use of renta thugs ) and National and to offshore groups involved in organised crime. Which ultimately leads me to conclude such elements are simply different prongs on the same BBQ fork and were the sausgae.

Kelvyn Alp (Brad Flutey’s ‘boss’) proves once again why morons and criminals should stay away from social media. These 2 photo of Alp at a car yard in gang colous were posted on Steve Crow page and show Alp hanging with a known organised crime gang Viking MC whose jacket can be seen in the phot. The Vikings are linked to parent mobsters the Hells Angels. The man really is an absolute meat axe. Photo is of Alp & porn magnate Steven Crow hanging with Viking MC a gang with clear white supremacist roots) the gift that keeps giving.

Viking Clubs fanchises include: Normandos MC Barcelona & Gerunda Spain, MC Waterkant de. Wikingers Germany, Thors MC Swiss, Vikings MC Ireland & Nomads, Vikings MC Tver Russia, Asgard MC Russia, Thors Riders MC Denmark, Vikings MC Rio de Janeiro Brazil*1, Vikings MC Sao Paulo Brazil, Normannen MC Mittelrhein Germany, Met-Brüder MC Niedersachsen Germany, Vikings MC Haugaland & Hansastaden Norway, MSV Wikinger Varel Germany, Wiking Elk Poland. The Vikings MC now has chapters in England, Ireland, France, and Spain and have being subsidiary to Hells Angels since the 1980’s — presumably but not certain Southern Vikings Dunedin MC were also a Viking Franchise -either way the gang also recruited from Forth Reich and NF.

+ Iron Thunder NZ President Kelvyn Alp

* Photos on Alp’s own page have him posing with Brazilian Viking chapter.

Hells angels were buyers of weapons and 20,000 rounds stolen from Dunedin pistol club (sister club to rifle range Chc shooter belonged too) in 2017 from a UNLICKED safe by Bandidoes who current president Milton Weir a former president of Southern Vikings before it was patched over by Bandidoes. Head Hunters are international allies with Hells Angels and also use the HA red and white heraldry marking them as junior partners .

Also had links to Southern Viking MC feeder group to Forth Reich and tied to national Front (which Kelvyn belonged too as well) and Right Wing Resistance, headed by former National Front and friend of Kelvyn’ Kyle Chapman, which can be tied to the Chch mosque shooter. No wonder Kelvy was so keen to try and influence my investigation of the shooting and made sure he became mates with Vinny Eastwood which Eastwood later lied about before forgetting ahis earlier vision and outing himself as having ties to Alp.

In 2016 The RCMP announced Thursday that it had laid 58 charges as a result of Project Bombard a second man was charged in the 2014 slaying of Dale Porter and 10 others are facing organized crime-related charges following a massive RCMP operation on the Avalon Peninsula. All but two of the men arrested are members of the Vikings Motorcycle Club. A local doctor and the son of one of the club members are considered associates of the Vikings Motorcycle Club, which police said Thursday is affiliated with the Hells Angels. Police said the murder which sparked the investigation was “a tragic example of the Viking Motorcycle Club’s use of violence,” Police said the arrests represent a “serious setback” in an attempt by the Hells Angels to gain a foothold in Newfoundland and Labrador using the Vikings as a patch over gang to mask Hell Angels control until they had the numbers to patch over and reveal the parent club the Hells Angels.

“These individuals have direct links to the trafficking of illicit drugs and the use of intimidation and violence to maintain what they consider to be their property.”The police seize during their 2016 investigation into the Viking MC

2.2 kilograms of cocaine

556 grams of cannabis resin

360 oxycodone pills

28 temazepam pills

27 grams of powder sold as heroin but is actually 3.6 per cent fentanyl

Canadian currency

Eight motorcycles and two trucks

Clothing, jewelry, support patches and stickers related to the VIking’s Motorcycle Club.

More recently the former head of 1981 South African Rugby tour police riot squad, Winston Peter’s election donation bagman and an agent for a Russian controlled mafia bank based in NZ Auckland Ross Meurant could be found talking to Head Hunters and urging them to get more political.

Shortly after conspiracy theorist who sabotage my investigation into Billionaires at the Via duct by crying Alex Jones style pedophile Epstein hysterics (alter outed as utter rubbish) included family members of a head hunter’s sergeant of arms & United Nation Ranger. UN Ranger linked to intimidation of BNZ boss which also involved Alp. Other activist at the rent-a-dickhead event included Millie Holmes also a Head Hunter affiliated.

While at the Welly Protest the flag of the CFEMU Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) which has developed a history of organised crime ties specifically with gangs. In 2019 I ran several stories on the NZ Australian Canadian ties to Biker drug trafficking rings with links to far right and the death of undercover officers whose identity were exposed in the Phantom Secure affair which had overlaps to the RMCP spy scandal of Cameron Ortis.

Message number 1 (image below ) ? Is this true you think?

My reply BT have share in News hub BR have shares in herald Listed as 50+% share holders in 2/3 of the top aus 500 companies have shares. BR VG own about 12% of Pfizer Astrazena. s for Facebook. The top individual insider shareholders of Meta are Michael Schroepfer, David Fischer, and David Wehner, and the top institutional shareholders are Mark Zuckerberg, Vanguard Group Inc., and BlackRock Inc).

Among the top three owners of New Zealand Media and Entertainment (NZME) — which owns The New Zealand Herald, The Waikato Herald, The Bay of Plenty Times, The Whanganui Chronicle, The Manawatu Guardian, The Northern Advocate, the Bay of Plenty Times and The Roturua Daily Post, and News Talk ZB — are three transnational banks, JPMorgan Chase Bank, CitiGroup and HSBC.

The top three owners of JPMorgan Chase Bank and CitiGroup include the two massive financial institutions, Vanguard Group and Blackrock, that in turn are among the top three shareholders of Pfizer. The news brand, Newshub, as well as The Project, The Nation, and Channel Three are owned Discovery New Zealand, that is a subsidiary of the media corporation, Discovery Inc., and which is owned by the parent corporation, AT&T. The two biggest owners of AT&T, are Blackrock and Vanguard.

BR in fact own 90% of the USA media landscape including Disney and Warner own Stephen Colbert used to brand both Ardern and Key and sponsors of Disney Inclusivity summit guest speaker Ardern and director NicKy Cairo. Cairo directed movie Mulan a star at the inclusive Summit movie later found to have being supported by the Chinese state police who persecute may etic groups including Islamic Urighur. Also was to have directed Disney’s Chch mosque shooting movie ‘They Are US’ until NZ Islamic community objected to being used to make Ardern brand look good at their expense. Bot movie FX was to have being covered by Frame Store the branding agency wo do Air New Zealand the All Blacks Colbert Sow and Lorde. Frame Store is own by Sir William Sargent the branding guru who mentored Ardern when she worked for Tony Blair’s Better Business Bureau promoting public private partnership

BR manages the ASB global equities and listed property money but the bank-run schemes (including KiwiSaver and other funds) also hold mandates with State Street and First Sentier for other asset classes that remain in-situ. BlackRock is also the top investor in weapons manufacturers such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, and General Dynamics. Lockheed are major share holders in NZ Rocket Lab and contract to NZ police and NZ army plus help run Aantartic US NZ operation supported by subsidiary Raytheon

Message no 2 in my inbox a link declaring;

“BlackRock, The King Of ESG, Lost $1.7 Trillion Of Clients’ Money In Just 6 Month. BlackRock has pushed for Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG), a form of investing that scores companies based on their commitments to certain environmental aims and social causes, such as racial and gender diversity. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing is about investing in progress and recognising that companies solving the world’s biggest challenges can be best positioned to grow,” the investment firm writes on its website”.

2017: “At BlackRock, we are forcing behaviors.”

2020: “BlackRock does not see itself as a passive observer in the low carbon climate transition.”

2022: “I don’t want to be the environmental police.”

Translated: “Red states, PLEASE don’t pull your $.”

1:01 AM · Jul 22, 2022

2022 Rod Oram “Opinion: BlackRock, the world’s largest manager of financial assets, has finally shown its true colours. It tilts towards managers not owners of the companies it invests in. That’s an insult and injury to good corporate governance, and it reaches right here to New Zealand where BlackRock is used by many of our fund managers.”

My reply The $23 billion New Zealand Superannuation Fund has appointed the world’s largest asset manager, BlackRock Investment Management (BlackRock), to manage four new passive global equity mandates.

BlackRock, which has managed a fixed income mandate for the Fund since 2010, has won new passive global large cap equity, small cap equity, emerging markets equity and REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) mandates, effective 30 June 2013.

General Manager Portfolio Completion Mark Fennell said the four new mandates, which passively track market indices, would provide the Fund with cost-effective, diversified exposure to equity markets around the world. “Increasing our stable of passive mandates will give us additional capacity while providing the Fund with further flexibility and diversification benefits.”

Jason Collins, Managing Director, Institutional Client Business at BlackRock said: “The New Zealand Superannuation Fund is a valued client of BlackRock’s. We are very pleased to extend our partnership via these new mandates and we commit to bringing the best of BlackRock’s global capabilities to NZ Super.”


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