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January 16 2018: Japanese public broadcaster NHK issued an on-air apology Tuesday after issuing an alert incorrectly claiming that North Korea had launched a ballistic missile. The message, received by phone users with the NHK app installed on their devices, read: “NHK news alert. North Korea likely to have launched missile. The government J alert: evacuate inside the building or underground. “

The broadcaster later apologized for the error, adding “the news alert sent earlier about NK missile was a mistake. No government J alert was issued.” The mistake was corrected within minutes. The false alert came on the same day as the US and Canada announce they will host talks in Vancouver over the crisis on the Korean Peninsula after a year of missile tests and threats from the North —- though in reality the North Korean missile test compared to those of their super power rivals are slow and antiquate and little threat to modern missile defence systems. Weirdly the real threat nations like North Korea pose is from weapons systems cannibalised from western nations (as high tech weapons get swapped for conventional arms in a money laundering system that link right back to Vanuatu and the CIA/Kashoggi [snr] /Lockheed affiliated Libertarian wet dream [and their right wing buddies] tax havens of the 1970’s) used to create highly toxic WMD that can be delivered in a shipping containers right to the door or at least the nearest commercial port of your enemy. Weapons manufactured by cutting off the nose and tail of a US submarine launched IBCM and then packing it highly radioactive material so as to create a dirty bomb that in all probability will kill few people but has the potential t close down hundreds of square miles and disrupt commerce.

January 23 2018 Alaskans Kodiak Islands were rocked by a magnitude 7.9 earthquake 23 KM deep. A power outage at the Alaska Earthquake Center in Fairbanks caused some alerts to be delayed, while its website was overwhelmed by the number of users. 560 aftershocks were recorded as late as March 2018.

January 25 2018: Classified Yaogan-30 satellites are launched tasked with “electromagnetic detection and related technical tests” launched from China in the ionosphere near the equator in the South Sea. The experimental seismo-electromagnetic probe from the Jiuquan launch centre is China’s sixth following a busy January, with the country planning a possible 40 launches for 2018. 

The main payload is Zhangheng-1, also known as the China Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite (CSES). CSES is a collaborative project between the China National Space Administration (CNSA) and Italian Space Agency (ASI), and includes a range of Chinese and Italian universities and research institutions to monitor electromagnetic and atmospheric phenomena, and study correlations with the occurrence of seismic events.

Zhangheng-1, named after the Chinese polymath, astronomer and pioneering seismologist Zhang Heng (CE 78–139), is designed to remain in orbit for five years and record the electromagnetic situation of earthquakes above 6 magnitude in China and quakes above 7 magnitude all over the world. Also referred to as the China-Italy Electromagnetic Monitoring Experiment Satellite Program, the satellite will aim to provide insight into the lithosphere-atmosphere-ionosphere coupling, analysing temporal correlation between seismic events and occurrence of electromagnetic perturbations in the upper ionosphere. It will carry a range of instruments to detect and measure high-energy particles, plasma, and electric and magnetic fields. Data collected by the mission will also allow for studying solar-terrestrial interactions and phenomena including Coronal Mass Ejections and solar flares.

13 February 2018 Hawaii residents and visitors were thrown into a panic when a terrifying emergency alert was sent to their cell phones. “BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER,” the alert read. “THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Authorities claim this was an error with little discussion on how the error by passed multiple fail safes.

A second emergency alert was then sent to phones in Hawaii 38 minutes after the initial message confirming the false alarm. Recently declassified documents about false warning incidents during 1979-1980 – supplementing materials first posted on this site in 2012 – are being published today for the first time by the National Security Archive. The erroneous warnings, variously produced by computer tapes of war games and worn out computer chips, led to alert actions by U.S. bomber and missile forces and the emergency airborne command post, actions that could have led to a superpower confrontation, or at least dangerous tensions, if they had gone any further.

A false alarm of a missile attack occurred on 9 November 1979 and 3 June 1980. The false alert of 9 November 1979 took place in the mid-morning when a war game test tape was mistakenly inserted in a NORAD computer at Cheyenne Mountain.  The 3 June 1980 alert, occurred after midnight. It took half-hour before defense officials all agreed there was an error, as radar screens at the Pentagon and the Strategic Air Command (SAC) showed 200 Russian submarine-launched ballistic missiles and then 2020 intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) were heading toward North America. This was around the same time I penned an article for my school paper on the threat of nuclear war titled How fast Can You Say Your Prayers). Then official had 30 minuted to work out this was an error not real now with the creation of hypersonic missile decision makers you now have about seven minute to ay your prayers and kisss your as good bye.

Buts what is even scary is subsequent events make the probability of the drill, when combined with the Japanese case, being just an error slim.

In January 2019 a live online stream of the Eurovision semi-finals in Israel was hacked (the second known publicly reported case of a live stream hack prior to the Christchurch shootings) to show warnings of a missile strike and images of blasts in the host city, Tel Aviv. The website for KAN’s television stations was interrupted on Tuesday evening – just as the competition’s first round was beginning – with a fake alert from Israel’s army telling of an impending attack. Messages such as: “Risk of Missile Attack, Please Take Shelter” and: “Israel is NOT Safe. You Will See!” appeared on the screen. Animated satellite footage showed explosions in the coastal city.

The world has just being witness to the first use of deep fakes to generate wise spread mass panic and presumably some one somewhere would have being paying very close attention not just to the public reaction but the military as such alerts — which risk triggering off an actual nuclear war — would have sent opposing side to deacon alert in preparation of second strike response. This was seemingly as much about intelligence collection as it was about brinksmanship.

“We know that at a certain stage there was an attempt, apparently by Hamas, to commandeer our digital broadcast,”

Chief executive of KAN, Eldad Koblenz, Israel’s Army Radio.

In 2022 a Taiwanese news channel also broadcast false news alert that said Chinese armed forces had launched an invasion, firing missiles at cities and ports surrounding the capital, Taipei. The partly government-owned CTS station issued an on-air “clarification and apology” several hours later, saying the report had been created in conjunction with emergency services for the drills, but had been accidentally broadcast.

In New Zealand in 2020 Fire and Emergency NZ (Fenz) said last night’s false-alarm tsunami alert in Bay of Plenty was a “legacy issue”, while praising residents for evacuating. National commander Kerry Gregory said the false alarm was a “legacy issue. It is part of a system to alert the public. The system also sat within surf lifesaving clubs, FENZ, the race park, and some fire stations was not necessarily ours. But that system is a legacy system, it is retired and not actually in place.” While they still did not know what caused the false alarm, and whether it was due to technical or human error, FENZ had put “patch” fixes in place until they figured out how to fix it long term, Gregory said.

In 2014 NIWA computer Fitzroy used to assess response to civil emergencies and fires was hacked. While in 2016 New Zealand’s own emergency civil defense communication system was upgraded. This came as New Zealand CD became integrated in 2016 following Exercise Tahinga to the USA based NATIONAL EMERGENCY AGENCY (previously known a FEMA) as New Zealand’s own Civil Defence became known as NEMA (National Emergency Management Agency) and was integrated into the office of the Prime Minister office. This follow several years of major changes at CD as regional commander and headquarter leadership was upgraded up with commanders increasingly coming from the New Zealand military’s own fast tracked selection candidates or from the UK where candidates came from high level threat risk assessment boards such as the Prime Minister’ COBRA Command and have a background in high profile crisis cases such as the July 7 Bombings and London Olympics (where staff from these events can now also be found working in a quasi government agencies such as Kordia next to former American DOD officials). More recently the NEMA exercise have taken on a distantly military tone with exercise in terrorism, disinformation and biowarfare threats being coordinated with the military and Five Eyes agencies.

Ironically such alliance and centralised technology have not made us or the world safer.
Cyber-security experts from the University of Colorado where shown in 2019 how to exploit the NEMA system to send fake alerts. In one test, a spoof message was sent to every phone in a football stadium seating 50,000 people.

While at the end of June 2016, following a nationwide radar black out which grounded flights NZ Airways signed a memorandum of understanding to work with United States air traffic management company Aireon to develop space-based air traffic surveillance in the Asia Pacific region called Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B). ADS-B is part of a global network set up to control the skies by place eyes (66 satellites) in space and its secure as a Mexican jail.

The ADS-B system is the cornerstone of the FAA’s NextGen ATC modernization plan and already is said to have being subject to a serious security breaches, according to Brad Haines, a hacker and network security consultant who is worried about ADS-B vulnerabilities.

“Haines first outlined his concerns during a presentation he gave at the Def Con 20 hacker conference in Las Vegas in July. Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) is on track to replace radar with a system that broadcasts GPS-based position data to controllers and other ADS-B-equipped aircraft as part of the NextGen system. Yet according to Haines–aka RenderMan–ADS-B signals are unauthenticated and unencrypted, and “spoofing” or inserting a fake aircraft into the ADS-B system is easy”.

These are the systems global security rely on we keep building missiles that are faster bigger and more deadlier.

February 22 2018: Starlink, supported by the Pentagon funding, maiden launches 60 Starlink test satellites eventually the ambition is to have a total of 44,000 Space X satellite orbital as part of a global network covering the globe. Few in the west consider the military or sovereign implications of these system built as the critical infrastructure of globalised world in which technology and artificial intelligences insures power is centralised and firmly in the hands of those who dream of New American Century. In less than a decade we have gone from a few thousand satellites in space to more than 400,000 anticipated by 2030. And their has being zero public conversation of the legality or ethics of such unchecked expansion and ‘progress’.

March 24th 2018150 pilot whales strand on an Australian beach near Perth Cape Leeuwin’s
Hydroacoustic Station. The station is used to monitor fall out (part of Australia’s commitment to the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty) The station forms a component of the International Monitoring System for nuclear explosions. Twelve months of recording has revealed that the station is capable of recording a wide variety of signals. The station is deployed about 100 kilometres from the shore at a depth of 1000 metres. The facility is believed to assist submarine communications.

March 28 2018: Litigation filed by the September 11 families and survivors overcomes a motion to dismiss from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on March 28, 2018. The federal judge overseeing the case finds that plaintiffs’ allegations met required standards for the case to move forward under the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA). In addition to denying the defense’s motion, U.S. District Judge George Daniels for the Southern District of New York also grants a plaintiffs’ request seeking to conduct targeted jurisdictional discovery.


Read more about this filing Read more from Reuters

April 5th 2018: 38 pilot whales stranded on a remote West Coast near HAAST river mouth died. For the stranding proximity to known post nuclear free submarine warfare exercises area within New Zealand Waters post nuclear free see Busted Fjordland.

March May 2018: NZ is visited by both former President Obama Barak and Hillary Clinton visit NZ/Australia visits facilitated by US NZ Business Council & US NZ Chamber of Commerce. Jacinda Ardern.

May 2018: Helen Clark visits to Abu Dhabi, in May 2018 she their to promotes the UN Agenda 2030 and recruit partners who will help sell the UNDP 2030 goals including gender equality and democratic reforms aimed at achieving an egalitarian society. During the event Clark singled out the role of 5G based technology and big pharma.

 “I want to pay tribute to Shaikh Mohammad for conceptualising and hosting this important event, and for shining a spotlight on the world’s neglected diseases. His commitment in this way to the world’s poorest and most vulnerable communities is inspiring.. Investment in health is crucial to global development, and it is hoped to secure funding, share knowledge widely, forge new relationships in the global health community and ultimately accelerate the pace towards preventable disease elimination. Technology provides new opportunities – for example, through artificial intelligence and remote diagnosis, and we should continue to embrace innovative means of improving public health,” she stressed.

Clark however also denounced the role of social media“The Internet and social media platforms can be powerful tools for good, helping to connect and educate communities ,however, there is a downside to social media; for example, those campaigns spreading fake news detrimental to public health, such as the anti-vaccine propaganda in countries rich and poor,”.

Clark speech will does not address the issue of how that technology can also be used to support and enable draconian government and preserve the status quo.

May 10, 2018: the geologic beasts of the tiny island of Mayotte began to stir. Thousands of earthquakes rattled the French island, which is sandwiched between Africa and Madagascar. In the midst of this seismic swarm, a strange low-frequency rumble rippled around the world, ringing sensors nearly 11,000 miles away—and baffling scientists.

May 26 2018: The hearing of the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission, aimed at gathering evidence on China’s relationship with traditional US allies. UN Senator James Talent – once touted as Donald Trump’s pick for Secretary of Defence – raised concerns about “a sharp rise in political donations’‘ from Chinese Government-backed bodies to political parties in Australia and New Zealand. The bombshell testimony included claims of major donations from China to Labour Party from a former CIA analyst who also stated that “anything on China that was briefed to Bill English was briefed to Mr Yang Jian”, the National MP revealed last year as having trained spies for China. The hearing heard testimony from CIA analyst who said the Chinese Communist Party had worked “very close to or inside the political core” of Australia and New Zealand. The analyst said New Zealand had “denied that there’s a problem at all’‘ and failed to follow Australia’s lead in setting up an inquiry into China’s activities. As a result, he said New Zealand’s Five Eyes partners (Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the US) needs to have a discussion about whether or not New Zealand can remain given this problem with the political core”. He said “it needs to be put in those terms so that New Zealand’s Government understands that the consequences are substantial for not thinking through and addressing some of the problems that they face”.

This year, the Canadian intelligence service devoted an entire section to New Zealand in its report on Chinese influence, describing our country as “a vivid case study of China’s willingness to use economic ties to interfere with the political life of a partner country.” Among the strategies it named were political donations from CCP-linked business figures, efforts to influence local communities’ voting preferences, and “the use of mergers, acquisitions and partnerships with New Zealand companies, universities and research centres.” It came only a few months after New Zealand’s own intelligence chiefs raised a similar alarm over Chinese government interference in our domestic politics.

Along with other nations, New Zealand is being targeted by a
concerted foreign interference campaign waged by the People’s
Republic of China (PRC). The campaign aims to gain support for the
Chinese Communist Party (CCP) government’s political and economic
agendas by co-opting political and economic elites. It also seeks to
access strategic information and resources. China’s efforts undermine
the integrity of the New Zealand political system, threaten New
Zealand sovereignty, and directly affect the rights of Chinese New
Zealanders to freedom of speech, association and religion.

New Zealand is of interest to China’s Party-State-Military-Market
nexus for a number of significant reasons;

• The New Zealand government is responsible for the defence and foreign affairs not only of New Zealand, but also of three territories in the South Pacific: the Cook Islands, Niue and Tokelau, which means four potential votes for China at international forums;
• Since 2011 when legislation was passed to encourage offshore-managed funds to invest in New Zealand, the nation has developed some reputation as a hotspot for global money laundering. The Cook Islands, Niue and Tokelau are also well known money laundering nations.

New Zealand is a claimant state in Antarctica and one of the closest access points to it. China has a long-term strategic agenda in Antarctica that will require the cooperation of established Antarctic states such as New Zealand.

• New Zealand has cheap arable land and a sparse population, and China seeks access to foreign arable land to improve its food safety;

• New Zealand supplies 24 per cent of China’s foreign milk, and China is the biggest foreign investor in New Zealand’s dairy sector;

• New Zealand is useful for near-space research, an important new area of weapons research for the PLA;

• New Zealand has unexplored oil and gas resources and China is expanding its offshore oil and gas exploration; and

• New Zealand has expertise in multilateral trade negotiations, Pacific affairs, Antarctic science, and horticultural science, which is useful to China.

Furthermore, New Zealand is a member of the Five Eyes intelligence agreement that also includes the UK, the US, Canada and Australia, the Five Power Defence Arrangement, and their unofficial grouping of militaries, in addition to being a NATO partner state. Extricating New Zealand from these military groupings and away from its traditional partners would be a major coup for the Xi government’s strategic goal of turning China into a global great power. New Zealand’s economic, political and military relationship with the PRC is seen by Beijing as a model for relations with Australia, the small island nations in the South Pacific, and more broadly other Western states. New Zealand is valuable to China, as well as to other states such as Russia, as a soft underbelly through which to access Five Eyes intelligence;


June 2018: The western media is informed that China is building a powerful radar system in the South China Sea that critics say could knock “out communication systems, manipulate the weather and even cause natural disasters”. The system uses pulsed energy beams to study and manipulate electrically charged particles in the high atmosphere. It has civilian and military applications and could challenge US dominance in both spheres.

The device, known as a High-powered Incoherent Scatter Radar, would be capable of influencing the ebb and flow of subatomic particles as far away as Singapore, a distance of over 2,000km (1,200 miles). This facility would be the most powerful radar in the South China Sea and – regardless of whether it can be used to generate extreme climate events – would have multiple military uses, including improving China’s submarine warfare capabilities and disrupting other countries’ communications networks by creating an atmospheric “black hole”. The island where China is building the radar site also happens to be home to the country’s main naval base and houses a fleet of nuclear submarines.

“The US military has already been working on similar technology, but it has proved controversial with critics warning that it could allow governments to play God by causing disasters such as hurricanes, typhoons and tsunami. China and other countries, including Russia and the United States, have been researching ways to trigger natural disasters such as floods, droughts and tornadoes to weaken their enemies in the event of severe conflict”.

Stephen Chen SMPC syndicated via New Zealand Herald China building rain-making network three times the size of Spain

June 17 2018: Larryn Rae photograph “Rare” Red Sprite in New Zealand an electrical burst that occurs above highly active thunderstorms. According to National Geographic, the event is “rarely observed” from the ground or space because of its high altitude, milliseconds-long duration and relative dimness compared to lightning. The second person was Brendan Gully, who captured the “rarely” seen sprites from the Kāpiti Coast West Coast New Zealand on 19 April 2018.

Scientists have long been interested in understanding if lightning propagating to higher in the ionosphere can cause fluctuations in Earth’s magnetic field. The ionosphere is very active part of the atmosphere, responding to the energy it absorbs from the Sun. Gases in the ionosphere are excited by solar radiation to form ions, which have an electrical charge. A paper, published recently in Geophysical Research Letters, describes how scientists from research centers in Poland used magnetic field data from ESA’s constellation of SSWARM satellites, lightning observations from the Geostationary Lightning Mapper and from the ground-based World Extremely Low Frequency Radiolocation Array (WERA) to provide evidence of links between transient luminous events and magnetic-field fluctuations in the upper ionosphere.

July 11 & 30 2018: According to a report from the Pentagon, a Chinese spy ship sailed near the Aleutian Islands last July “to monitor” a Lockheed Martin Hypersonic rocket launched missile test underway at the Kodiak spaceport in Alaska. Its believed that the USA and it allies are conducting similar surveillance of China and Russia experimental weapon’s programs using a combination of submarines and high resolution reconnaissance satellite to conduct surveillance of the facilities and the related atmosphere for possible clues a to what forms of military science and weapons design the other side is engaging in.

The U.S. military conducted two tests of its Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system at the Pacific Spaceport Complex; The THAAD missile defense system, manufactured by American company Lockheed Martin, is a missile interceptor designed to destroy ballistic missiles in their late stage or “terminal” flight phase. Last summer’s test missiles intercepted dummy targets fired from military jets near Hawaii. Both tests were successful, according to the Missile Defense Agency. The artic area a delicate eco-system, already under stress from climate change, has become the play ground and testing area for the Super Powers (Russia USA) many highly toxic toys.

August 27 2018: U.S. Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn declines to seal more than 6,000 pages in documents produced by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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August 2018: Record numbers of beaked whales (exceeding 2016 record umbers) stranded along Ireland’s North West between Galway and Donegal Ireland, near NATO submarine exercise area, with a similar number found in Scotland. UK Navy publicly admit their presence may be connected to stranding’s.

September 4 2018: 5.0 10 KM Various buildings sustained damage in Chelyabinsk region Russia. Nothing major but worth noting, visa Chelyabinsk, I wrote;

‘Its A Bird? Its Meteorite? Or Signs of A Cold War Hotting Up?’

Curious about the Siberian meteor my first question was what exactly happens at the spot hit by “meteorite” on Valentine 14. Turns out in major military hub of Russia most classified research programs. To add to the intrigue the events would occur as several other meteorites also stuck in Rusia and Cuba within a spate of hours. Again the regions hit would turn out to be high profile military hubs. Cienfuegos been the spot where Russia brought nuclear missile via submarine into Cuba in 1960’s sparking the infamous Cuban missile crisis.

So far no fragments have failed to emerge despite talk of meteorite gold rush adding to the curiosity of the event. The events come day after a earthquake in Korea peninsular was detected and linked to potential nuclear weapons test by North Korea.

In 1993 simultaneous earthquake and meteorite in Perth — which exploded with similar sonic boom sparked a dual senate investigation into possible WMD testing by US and Australia into a Japanese cult observed using black market Russian military technology (the basis of Australia own super emp weapons program) by Australian Federal Police. Both public versions of the report draw inconclusive findings. The American inquiry however was headed by Senator Sam Nunn, the grand daddy of US intelligence community, who went on to chair a symposium on WMD at George Town University in 1997 chaired by Secretary William Cohen who stated “Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves”.So while ultra Russian nationalist Vladmir Zhrinovsky, who claimed the Meteor was a weapons test, is renown for his outrageous claims, regarding unleashing Russia’s secret super weapons, in this case there are some back ground data which should cause us to poise and ask meteorite or signs of a cold war reigniting.

Ben Vidgen Facebook Feb 17 2013.

September 9 2018 :9,000 houses and 34 schools were damaged in Yunnan province, China as well as roads and bridges. 28 people were injured, and 5,000 others relocated. 5.7 depth 8km.

China’s nuclear weapons and nuclear power programs are supported by the Yunnan Province Uranium mines and nuclear power plants.

September 28 2018:  “M 7.5 – 72km N of Palu, Indonesia”Depth 20KM 4,340 people were estimated to have been killed. A tsunami had occurred, with a height of around 5 to 7 metres (16 to 23 ft). The earthquake triggered a deadly tsunami in Indonesia. Scientists clocked the speed of rupture at 9600 KM an hour.

September 28 2018: Massey strategic studies, cyberwarfare, space force related studies. Five Eyes Launches New Zealand Institute of Intelligence Professionals’ (UNG – University of North Carolina) has since established partnerships with security think tanks and universities in the Five Eyes nations to facilitate faculty and student exchanges and conference attendance.

To date, UNG Institute of Intelligence Professionals has established partnerships with the following universities and professional associations: Massey University (New Zealand), University of New Brunswick (Canada), Australian National University, Aberystwyth University (Wales), Australian Institute for Professional Intelligence Officers, New Zealand Institute of Intelligence Professionals, and the Canadian Association of Security and Intelligence Studies.

The growing alumni represents not just the growing success of the institute but how FIVE EYES is increasingly embedding it self with academia and breaching the sanctum sanctorum of genuine scholarship.


September 12th 2018:  Dilyana Gaytandzhiev reports US NATO diplomats in Georgia involved in trafficking of human blood and pathogens for secret military program.

The US Embassy to Tbilisi transports frozen human blood and pathogens as diplomatic cargo for a secret US military program. Internal documents, implicating US diplomats in the transportation of and experimenting on pathogens under diplomatic cover were leaked to me by Georgian insiders. According to these documents, Pentagon scientists have been deployed to the Republic of Georgia and have been given diplomatic immunity to research deadly diseases and biting insects at the Lugar Center – the Pentagon biolaboratory in Georgia’s capital Tbilis

US diplomats involved in trafficking of human blood and pathogens for secret military program (Warning clicking this site will tell you it dangerous it not)

DISINFORMATION DEBUNKING SITE DISINFO claims the above allegations are conspiracy theory Inspection of Lugar site in “September 2018, was carried out specifically in response to Russia’s false accusations that the center had been manufacturing bioweapons. According to one of the visiting experts, they ‘were given access to all areas of the site, examined relevant documentation, and interviewed staff, and concluded that the Centre demonstrates significant transparency. Our group observed nothing out of the ordinary, or that we wouldn’t expect to see in a legitimate facility of this sort.” The disinformation site then goes on to quote the now debunked Peter Daszak Lancet statement scientists from several countries who have studied SARS-CoV-2 overwhelmingly conclude that this coronavirus originated in wildlife, just like many other viruses that have recently emerged in humans”. The Fact check sit in fact is guilty itself of spreading fake news.

Myth Detector also set out to debunk  Dilyana Gaytandzhiev. It again cite explanation first offered by Peter Daszak to ‘disprove’ Gaytandziev allegations (which in contrast are supported with internal documents primary documents and photographic recordings) and they actually confirm gaytandziev claims Georgian site was working with Daszak Eco Health.

Mythdetector then cites an article by Dilyana Gaytandzieva on Arms Watch, published on September 6th, 2020, that claims that the “United States plans to turn Georgia into the largest overseas center for biological research and to build a new laboratory..Noteworthy, before the publication of the aforementioned documents, in September 2020, Lugar Laboratory suffered a foreign cyberattack. The attack was shortly followed by the dissemination of the leaked documents of the laboratory by Gaytandzieva and Lasha Modebadze’s.

The information regarding the alleged initiative to build a new laboratory in Georgia for a 16-member brigade of American military doctors and leading specialists of the CDC, which will not be under the jurisdiction of Georgia, is disinformation While it is indeed planned to build a new laboratory near Lugar Laboratory, the construction became necessary not to accommodate American experts, but to expand the existing activities of the laboratory. It should be noted that this laboratory, as well as the Lugar Center itself, will be subordinated to the Georgian National Center for Disease Control.

The fact checking site confirm yes their will be a new facilities built as Gaytandzieva maintained and yes the document used by the journalist are legit (thought how she came to be in possession of them is a contestable issue*). It then accept the organisation claims at face value visa it purpose and how the documents CONFIRMING THE USA EMBASST AND PERSONEL LINKS TO LUGAR came to be in Gaytandzieva possession.

*Fact checkers say the documents where hacked but the infrmtion in fact seems to match the claims of former Georgian State Security Minister Igor Giorgadze on US activities at the Richard Lugar Public Health Research Center, which are based on document he secured before he fled to Moscow. Giorgadze said that a number of patents listed various types of munitions intended for delivering chemical and biological agents.

The ‘FACT CHECKERS’ down play the hazard of Lugar yet a 2015 report from USA Today titled ‘Inside America’s secretive biolabs’ noted ‘an animal caretaker in Georgia was potentially exposed to a bird flu virus that kills 60% of the people it infects when a defective respirator hose supplying purified air detached from its coupling in September’. Before further reporting the Department of Defense disclosed one of its labs in Utah ‘mistakenly sent samples of live anthrax — instead of killed specimens – to labs across the USA plus a military base in South Korea where 22 people are now being treated with antibiotics because of their potential exposure to the bioterror pathogen. As many as 18 labs in nine states received the samples, the CDC said’…high-containment labs identified by USA TODAY, experiments are underway involving drug-resistant tuberculosis, exotic strains of flu, the SARS and MERS viruses, plague, anthrax, botulism, ricin and the Ebola and Marburg hemorrhagic fever viruses, according to interviews and more than 20,000 pages of internal lab safety records and incident reports obtained from labs across the country. Studies are also being done on a wide range of bioterrorism pathogens that are less known to the public, such as the agents that cause exotic diseases like tularemia, Q fever and melioidosis. Still others are focused on pathogens that pose serious economic risks to agriculture, such as foot-and-mouth disease, brucellosis and “mad cow” disease.

Russian general General Igor Kirillov highlighted the deaths of patients at the Lugar Center when medicine under the Sovaldi brand in the documents had been tested. Kirillov noted that the US-based Gilead Sciences, in which former US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is a key shareholder, manufactured the drug. The fact checkers dispute this but do not address the fact that yes Rumsfield, who has served in numerous positions of public service, including four terms in the U.S. Congress, U.S. Ambassador to NATO, White House Chief of Staff and as the 13th Secretary of Defense. In 1977, is a shareholder or the issue of specific patents raised by journalist and Russian military.

The fact check site also confirmed that yes in 2013-2016, the laboratory was implementing the project “GG-19 – Tularemia Epidemiology and Ecology in Georgia”. This was funded by the Threat Reduction Agency of the US Department of Defence, which sought to study the epidemiology of tularemia in mites and fleas and aimed at the genetic characterization of circulating strains in the country. Yes the study did involve up to 500 military servicemen “their participation was voluntary”. The site will dispute the journalist claims on the base of what the Centre tells them. Though internal documents (confirmed as from the site by the fact checkers own omission) indeed seem confirm in fact what the journalist states.

The fact checkers seem keen to repeat statements peddle by Daszak (now proven not based in documented fact) and dismiss the journalist despite key facts of her claim being accurate and that documentation is deemed legitimate by the fact checkers themselves. The fact checker seem more keen in supporting opinions as opposed to actual facts.

The ‘FACT CHECKERS’ down play the hazard of Lugar yet a 2015 report from USA Today titled ‘Inside America’s secretive biolabs’ noted ‘an animal caretaker in Georgia was potentially exposed to a bird flu virus that kills 60% of the people it infects when a defective respirator hose supplying purified air detached from its coupling in September’.

Before further reporting this the Department of Defense disclosed one of its labs in Utah ‘mistakenly sent samples of live anthrax — instead of killed specimens – to labs across the USA plus a military base in South Korea where 22 people are now being treated with antibiotics because of their potential exposure to the bioterror pathogen.

As many as 18 labs in nine states received the samples, the CDC said’…high-containment labs identified by USA TODAY, experiments are underway involving drug-resistant tuberculosis, exotic strains of flu, the SARS and MERS viruses, plague, anthrax, botulism, ricin and the Ebola and Marburg hemorrhagic fever viruses, according to interviews and more than 20,000 pages of internal lab safety records and incident reports obtained from labs across the country. Studies are also being done on a wide range of bioterrorism pathogens that are less known to the public, such as the agents that cause exotic diseases like tularemia, Q fever and melioidosis. Still others are focused on pathogens that pose serious economic risks to agriculture, such as foot-and-mouth disease, brucellosis and “mad cow” disease.

Fact checkers do not address the use of staff at Lugar seen driving cars with US diplomatic plates including Joshua Bast the deputy director of the US Army Medical Research Unit-Georgia (USAMRU-G). The American military scientist drives a diplomatic car and enjoys diplomatic immunity, without being a diplomat.

Experienced Medical Entomologist with over 26 years of Military service holding jobs in preventive medicine, environmental science and entomology. Extensive experience in interagency and intergovernmental collaborations with six years of work in US embassies. Skilled in management and leadership and a love of working with data. Strong research background and experience managing laboratories for the DoD.

“I had the privilege to be part of the first group of full time US staff standing up the WRAIR lab in Tbilisi (GEORGIA). It’s great to see the great things they are doing and the wonderful women leading those efforts.” Deputy Director Walter Reed Army Institute of Research · 2015 – 2018 ·Tbilisi, Georgia. Prior to being stationed in Georgia Bast was chief executive officer 54th Medical Detachment · Full-time154th Medical Detachment · Full-time 2005 – 2007 Daegu, South Korea.


The issue of actual weapon patents is the one truly weak part of the ‘Georgia Conspiracy’ theory. Such weapons and their patents do exist. However nothing indicates they have being actually linked to Lugar. As Russian military folk while not telling mistruth chose to omit key details. Namely these specific allegation are not baed on documents not leaked but seem to be case of journalist based speculation. However their can be little doubt the US Georgian project most certainly has American defence backing. Further it involves the same actors we see in Africa with Ebola and later in Wuhan and who can be confirmed as fitting allegation concerning US diplomatic pouches and NATO role in transporting bioweapons in pouches via a courier crew involving military personal and security firms with high level access run by former NATO Commanders.

Claims first raised by independent journalist focusing on Wuhan games as possible place Covid was released by visiting servicemen – though emergence of several victims who work at the Wuhan Institute who also apparently contracted Covid has to be balanced out against the Wuhan game theory. The proliferation of Defence bio labs (nearly 1300 labs world wide receives US defence funding) exceed what can be offered up as simply counter bio-terrorism defence concerns.

I write in my diary on

I was trying to work out why the Australian digital spooks were so interested in me when I sprung them taking a peek at my Linkedin profile a while back now. The answer popped up accidentally while I was trying to get a better angle at General James Jones role in the Wuhan Lab the black bag sail of classified US military technologies and his link to the same encrypted black berries that are now at the centre of organised crime, black market weapons, money laundering and mole hunting investigations. An investigation launched to hunt down spy leaking data after the associated networks used by cartels was found by Australian Federal Police to have a back door (installed by the cartel boss to spy on his own people without them knowing it) and included the same Pegasus spy ware adapted by the Israeli.

Spyware now being use to spy on and in case assassinate activists under cover officers and journalists (such as the well documented case of Pegasus role in the murder of anti Saudi dissident Jamal Kashoggi [jnr]) as it was then on sold to cartels bosses, human traffickers and military junta dictators alike. It was also used by Cameron Ortis the Canadian “transnational crime”, Five Eyes, intelligence analyst who emerged as seller of classified data, including the use of NZ in billion dollar transactions by Russian and Mexican drug gangs, to Russian and Mexican cartels (and whose clients include China).

It was Jone’s driver who China accused of being infected after she attended the games and the first US patent turned out to serve at the same base Fort Belvoir and was offshore but not in China pre the outbreak arriving in the USA). Jones is huge fan of 5G & AI and sees it as the technology essential to assisting the USA military dominance against China in the 21st century.

I saw part of the video in question Shadow Net which is kind of the other half of the story and shows it was not just Trump that was using the kind of services that firms like Cambridge Analytics offered. I found it quite good if a little too pro Trump and very American in tone.

“Sorry folks. YouTube decided to censor that video. I watched it twice. There was no hate speech. It was speech they hated to be revealed. It outlined how all the internet feeds that are controlled by FISA procedures have been passed to private corporations that store the data overseas thereby circumventing US laws. This gives them unsupervised/unrestricted access to everyone’s internet activities and emails. It means they see and store everything without FISA warrants”.

In our case I think it relates to NZ government owned company Kordia that is run by tech lobbyist such as Rupert Murdoch’s go to man in NZ professional lobbyist Tony O’brien and its subsidiary Auroa. Aurora employs ex US Military/spooks to work as online social engineers and “motivational” psychologist to manipulate the social media algorithms you view. Kordia are also based in Australia as well as NZ. I suspect the feeds from those deemed people of interest get fed out to Australia by Kordia and then rerouted back (after the Aussie spooks do their thing) so the NZ govt can claim its not censoring or spying on (that well be done by the Aussie spooks) its citizens and it can be technically correct. We probably do the same thing for the Aussies in reverse.

BU$INE$$ A$ U$AL. It’s all rather fishy.

I had written in 18 March 2020 (and I believe events in hindsight vindicate my assessment);

The case of the mysterious moving laboratory as mainstream media continue to report the fake new of the lone fishmonger. So in a nut shell the evidence linking the virus to the Wuhan laboratories is CIRCUMSTANTIAL. Withstanding the debunkers in many cases have themselves be tied to the Wuhan lab with their report then copied and repeated verbatim with out actual fact checking or a declaration of conflict of interested being declared as such fact checker are assisted by the Bill Gates deep pocket marketing brigade, the CIA backed Palantir information dominance algorithm tools and the DOD funded Google and Youtube platforms.

Meanwhile their is increasing little physical evidence produced to show the virus actually did come from the seafood ‘wet’ market and they can not offer any alternative to explain this glaring error in etymology, in the rare case the media acknowledge the updated no lone fishmonger data. However whats also clear is in the rush to debunk the virus was man made the same papers fail to address or acknowledge the Pentagons very well documented role of the funding of the Wuhan Lab and numerous other shady lab GeeLong, Galvston Harvard MIT, Fort Detricks , which traces back with solid documentation to those linked to long term CIA front USAID and friends. NO journalist in the media will mention or address these issues (and I advise readers when reading something to first check the source and then look at who funding them and which institutes they did work at), in addition to serial pilfering of labs and missing virus. Thefts that not only go well into the thousand of cases but have led to the closure of at less one laboratory the Fort Detrick lab in the USA the source of the 2001 Anthrax attacks.

Thefts with repeated cross overs into the dark weapons trade and the RMCP Cameron Ortis Magninstky organised crime mole and murder of whistle blower Sergei Magnitsky. A case which directly involves New Zealand following mass reporting of arms deliver from North Korea to Iran involving an Russian Antonov registered in NZ which sparked a major money laundering investigation that Ortis over saw that has since then sparked a row inside Five Eyes as it exposed “serious spy shit” to quote Canadian News
Ortis was later outed when the Australian Federal Police believed to be investigating the murder of its CI and the secure black berry network such as those found on Mexican cartel agent busted in NZ after the discovery of half billion dollars worth of meth. A network which replicated former NATO general James Jones own illegal spying program Shadow Net and the Pakistan intelligence plant in the White House Imran Awan who profile down to his family history has uncanny similarities to the 1990’s BCCI banking scandal which saw billion vanish after the bank was exposed by Time magazine as a front for dark weapons and terrorism sales used not just by rogue nation but allies of western intelligence service.

Much like the Epstein case journalist seem reluctant to touch these very well document aspects seeing it as one level as a partisan issue that gives merit to President Donald Trump allegations and his legion of Trumpers who are happy to be titillated with circumstantial evidence but no real actual action in terms of an investigation of the alleged American Wuhan victims said by investigative reporter George Webb to have being infected at the Wuhan military games in October.

Fact is this is not a partisan issue. Question also exist about Trump a former associate of the Clinton’s and Epstein. Trump also used the same JP Morgan and Deutshce New York branches that emerged in the centre of the Epstein, Clinton Foundation and numerous money laundering case.

Yet the same media who seem reluctant to go near Wuhan or Epstein stories or the USAID Foundations history of covert operation specifically for the CIA. Oddly wont touch the Trump banking mystery ever.
This seems curious in light of their passionate hatred for Trump and leave me thinking of the tale of the strawman in which dummies are used to distract the birds from real food. If so I imagine the play will role on. The media will continue to hiss at Trump as Trump plays the role of the dummy while pursing the DNC and GOP shared love of destabilising China economy Saudi arms sales, punishing Iran and kissing Israel’s ass. As the DNC and GOP mimic General James Jones “I my orders from Henry Kissinger every day” behaviour and court the like of George Soros (the man who funded the Trump Tower and can be found when not taking flake from the Trumpers sitting down cosily with Trumps major donors the Koch Brothers).

Its a win win the Trumpers get their evil cabal to write conspiracy theories about as they wait like Jehovah Witnesess for a rapture that never comes. The Clintonites get to make billions with the Big Tech Big Pharma boys and the only looser is the truth which as usual is lost in the fine print as people see only the chanting slogans of the preferred dogma that blind us all.

Meanwhile it$ Bu$$ine$$ as U$al.

Factchecker The Dispatch pens an article Is a ‘Shadow Government’ Seeking a Coup Against President Trump?’ it states “A documentary produced by InfoWars correspondent Millie Weaver titled ShadowGate was released and went viral this week. The video has been taken off of many platforms, but continues to appear online on websites including Facebook. The video covers a wide range of topics and conspiracy theories during its 1 hour and 24 minutes running time. Many of the claims are not possible to truly fact check as they are presented with anecdotal evidence” This critic in fact is quite fair however it then fails to really provide material which counter that evidence and much of its ‘fact’ checking descends into technical hair splitting as the authorities denial are taken at face value or with out providing context seemingly because the fact checker own partisan values. In contrast much of the technical claims while lacking primary documentation do cross reference against claims of how the USA public private partnership operate as based on testimony of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden.

George Webb (whose role in breaking the Wuhan story being largely forgotten) provides a third alternative to ShadowNet which make clear Trump was no hero in this process;

Cyber Yankee ’19 exercise was designed to provide Army National Guard Defensive Cyberspace Operations Elements and other Army and Air National Guard Cyber Defenders with a realistic cyber environment in which they could train to react and defend critical infrastructure against cyber-attacks. The exercise was also intended to spur the development of cyber resources within the New England area and grow partnerships across multiple levels of government and critical infrastructure. 

“ShadowNet was able to host Cyber Yankee so well because it was engineered and designed and built by people who have been participating in cyber exercises for nearly a decade; it’s purpose-built for the warfighter,” said Lt. Col. Woody Groton, exercise director and chief information officer of the New Hampshire National Guard. “It came out of a development environment of close collaboration between the public and private sectors, soldiers working with contractors to provide exactly what the warfighter wanted”

Activated in September of 2017, the Virginia Army National Guard’s 91st Cyber Brigade, or “Shadow Brigade” provides training and readiness oversight of all Army National Guard Cyber Protection Battalions in order to provide ready, fully resourced and proficient forces capable of conducting full-spectrum cyberspace operations in support of state and federal requirements.

The 91st Cyber “Shadow’ Brigade currently oversees Cyber Protection Battalions, Cyber Protection Teams, Cyber Security Companies and Cyber Warfare Companies operating in 31 of the U.S. States and Territories, with ongoing efforts to add additional states in 2019. States in which units aligned with the 91st Cyber Shadow Brigade can be found include Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin.

“my only fear for Bergy was, careful about Infowars. If they get a hold of the story they’re going to steal the story and make it about them. They’re going to steal the ShadowNet story and people are going to forget all about what the actual NATO weaponizing one of their cyber tools, cyber tools that the American people paid for, cyber tools that the American people paid for to be used against Trump. Here’s Trump in the United States government giving money for these cyberweapons and then these cyberweapons are turned around and used back against Trump. Probably still being used against Trump. And who was the person giving the orders, the guy who was a Head of the Atlantic Council, the guy who was the Supreme Allied Commander for NATO. That’s the story. Weaponizing cyberweapons. But if you give it to Infowars they’re going to make it about them. They’re going to create some kind of trauma and drama, they’re going to make it about them, which is exactly what they did”.

Infowars using what Trumps own QANON supporters might call White Rabbit (a 1960’s social engineering interrogation technique pioneered by the CIA) marketing to shift the narrative of the very provable ShadowNet to being about unprovable persecution of Trump’s. Usurped the fact Shadownet demonstrated how the private sector and the military were team up to abuse tax funded technology for the purpose of spying censor and the execution of manipulative social engineering techniques on the America people and the citizens of its allies which Trump himself had being more than happy to approve.

Further as the former CEO of the now-defunct Cambridge Analytica told film-makers of The Great Hack, this is “not just about one company”. The film how digital technology much of it wrapped up in the public privatised partnerships goes to the heart of how far Big Tech companies partnered with the state may be deeply threatening our human rights and underling genuine democracy.


September 17, 2018; The Labour-led Government is extending New Zealand’s deployments in Iraq and New Zealand’s commitment to Five Eyes Cyber security and intelligence alliance and our military who are being resent to Afghanistan and well include the NZSAS special forces.

October 2nd 2018Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi dissident. Saudi Arabia, the government’s human rights violations at home and abroad failed to deter the titans of global capitalism from feting Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) as he peddled his grandiose Vision 2030 blueprint for diversifying the kingdom’s economy away from oil. 

Until Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered.

Kashoggi was murdered not just for his criticism of Saudi elite but because he exposed that Vision 2030 sold to the West as the King goal to modernise Saudi Arabia with a sustainable exit strategy from oil was in reality a blue print for making Vision 2030 leaders the world leading manufacture of smart weapons and it was to be tool to entrenched and fortify their repressive brand of totalitarianism. To be fair Kashoggi as more in line with his uncle the CIA gun runner who aligned himself with the pro Osama Bin Laden’/ bin Laden side of the religious divide in SA and not the reformer side MBS is on. Bush Carlyle side of the religious divide in Saudi Arabia and not on the pro Vision 2030 ‘reformers’ side King Mohammed Bin Salam and Trump and Lockheed are on. 

Vision 2030 is central to the ideas promoted by the Helen Clark and can be tracked back to November 2015 when Clark, as the head of the United Nations Development Program, attended Reaching the Last Mile, RLM, Forum, at the Louvre in Abu Dhabi. During the event Clark singled out the role of 5G based technology, artificial intelligence and big pharm; Last Mile is promoted under the patronage of His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, and in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The UAE policy focuses publicly on fighting Climate Change and creating sustainability is called Vision 2030. In reality Vision 2030 core is orientated around building a smart technology based defence industry. The UAE own vision 2030 document states. Its a not so much a vision but a nightmare and when Jamal Kashoggi reveals this fact to the world he will be murdered after he is first tracked using the same technology Clarke’s patron then use to hunt down their own daughter technology Clark is keen to have us believe will herald in a brighter fairer world and of course secure New Zealand new markets.

“Abu Dhabi already has a core of infrastructure required to develop a successful aerospace sector. The Emirate will concentrate on developing its capabilities in the manufacturing and maintenance of civil and military aerospace equipment and parts, defence electronics and other equipment… There is also a good deal of synergy between the core economic sectors that have been singled out for investment and growth. For example, investments in education and healthcare will pay off in all sectors by improving human capital. In particular, education will help boost industries that require research and technical expertise, from pharmaceuticals and healthcare to telecoms, aerospace and defence….The Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 was designed with advice and opinion from development experts in Norway, Ireland and New Zealand”.

The UAE Vision 2030 policy plan cites consultants including New Zealand Trade Enterprise diplomats Mr. Timothy Gibson; Chief Executive Mr. Jonathan Kings; General Manager Investment, Europe & ME, Mr. Cliff Fuller; Strategy Advisor, Mr. Guang Yang; Strategy Advisor, Mrs. Olga Speranskaia Strategy Advisor

The UAE close ally Saudi Arabia UN Agenda 2030 policy is also called Vision 2030 and publicly states it plans to use smart technology as the means by which Saudi Arabia could being exiting the Fossil fuels industry.

Like the UAE Vision 2030 its technology hub is partnered with New Zealand Australia for innovation and is viewing the Pacific as a manufacturing hub and source of migrant workers. The Pacific is also the front line of the emerging seabed mining industry hub for rare metals essential for the defence industry. However murdered journalist Jamal Kashoggi is one of the critics who has warned Vision 2030 real goal is to make Saudi Arabia the leading second generation smart weapons manufacture in the 21st century backed by arms firms such as Lockheed Martin and nations including New Zealand. And this is is why Kashoggi got hacked to little pieces by Lockheed Martin’s ally Saudi Arabia after using Shadownet based technology known as Pegasus which has being outed as behind the assassination of activist, independent journalist (such as Kashoggi himself), anti war campaigners, and organised crime witnesses and whistle blowers after state based security technology in the hands of the private sector.

Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 envisions creating 40,000 new jobs in the defence sector as the new state-owned defense contractor would produce half of the Saudi forces’ weapons requirements by the end of the next decade. The Saudi Kingdom in addition plans to start exporting to all parts of the world. In May 2017, US President Donald Trump and King Salman bin Saud agreed on contracts and memorandum of understanding worth $110 billion in arms sales to Saudi Arabia and it strategic partners. Apparently war has no impact on climate change. Or more accurately no one in the Bills Gates and Full Bright Program backed corporate media is in a hurry to point out the absurdity of a global sustainability program being used to make weapons of genocide.

October 2018: India Operation whitewash, which involves the use of the Indian KALI project, becomes public knowledge. Local Pakistan media suggest its responsible for triggering an avalanche which hit a Pakistani military base on the 7 April 2012. All that if officially known about Project White Wash is that it is Directed-Energy weapon. overseen by India’s Defense Research and Development Organization, under the Ministry of Defence of the Government of India. No knowledge of prop types or variant is available. Most Indian Defence orientated publications have treated the ‘White Wash’ story as based in at less some seed of truth.

KALI means Kilo Ampere Linear Injector, it also the name of the Indian God of Destruction. It is a linear electron accelerator system being developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) as a Directed-Energy weapon. Officially it has not been battle-tested. On 14 July 2018 Parliament asked to government whether there is any proposal to induct KALI 5000 in the armed forces, then former Defence Minister of India Manohar Parrikar replied in written to the Lok Sabha that, “The desired information is sensitive in nature and its disclosure is not in the interest of national security” Government also refused to give any information of testing KALI laser weapon.

October 31 2018: 440-mile-long (708-kilometer-long) record of a mega-flash that zigzagged over Southern Brazil.

November 5th 2018: 12 earthquakes (the highest 4.9) strike Philippines at a depth of 10km.

November 9th 2018: M 6.7 – 120 km NW of Olonkinbyen, Svalbard and Jan Mayen Nory Artic Circle depth of 10km

November 2018-22: Norway 4DSpace (part of the international Grand Challenge Initiative – Cusp (GCI-Cusp): The solar wind gives rise to a strong turbulence on the top side of the polar atmosphere. This leads to interference in radio signals propagating through it. Solar storms may give rise to disturbances blocking navigation and communication systems. and even impact the earth seismic, volcanic and lightening based activity. 4DSpace is a part of the international Grand Challenge Initiative – Cusp (GCI-Cusp). GCI-Cusp is a project, that umbrellas 12 rockets (one Japanese, ten American, and one Norwegian). “Cusp” is the scientific term for the energy funnel from the solar wind down to the Earth’s atmosphere. Every day Svalbard lies under this energy funnel, a window towards space, for several hours. The daytime aurora above Svalbard visualises the footprint of the CUSP energy flow. Scientific instrument are carried on six of the 12 GCI-Cusp rockets. Five of these have already been flown through the daytime auroras above Svalbard. The main efforts in the 4DSpace project are directed towards the Norwegian rocket experiment, investigating plasma turbulence.

November 26 2018: 145 pilot whales have stranded and died on a remote beach on Rakiura/Stewart Island New Zealand located near the rapidly expanding Awarua bay Starlink HAARP linked radar dishes and antenna farm.

November 30 2018: approximately 80 – 90 whales at Hanson Bay Chatham Island New Zealand.

December 2018 Report from Satellite today confirms Rocket Labs involvement list stating that An SRI International cubesat space-weather mission, the Ionospheric Scintillation Explorer (ISX), was launched into space on Dec. 15 2018

“as one of the payloads on the most recent Rocket Lab launch“. The mission, supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), aims “to investigate regions of natural ionospheric turbulence. According to the release, these patches of disturbed ions and electrons corrupt radio transmissions and wreak havoc on essential Earth and space-based communication and navigation channels”.

December 2018: 4 earthquakes strike Vanuatu simultaneously at a depth of 10km 6.3,6.4,6.5,7.5 (Tsuami warning issued) plus a 7.1 quake took place in South Georgia Islands Antarctic Circle depth 133km 2018-12-11 02:26:29 UTC

December 2018 China, Russia join hands to modify atmosphere in experiment which has military application: The report says a total of five experiments were carried out in June. The modified atmospheric zone is more than 500km high over Vasilsursk, a small Russian town in Eastern Europe where Sura, an atmospheric heating facility built by the former Soviet Union’s military, is located. The experiment was backed by a Chinese electromagnetic surveillance satellite. The results were reported to be “satisfactory” by the Chinese scientists. Military forces across the world have for long been in a race to control the ionosphere. The USA, after learning of Russia’s Sura base, developed the HAARP facility nearly four times that of Sura. And now, China is said to be developing an even larger and more advanced facility in Sanya, Hainan. Source: WION 

According to some critics, the day is not far when these powerful facilities could even affect the operation of human brains and be used as a crowd control, pacifiers, or enablers of aggression and be emotions. As nations compete for greater control questions over the ethical use of advancing technology remains unanswered and increasingly seem a topic deemed not of significance to corporate or state based media.

2018: New Zealand university research group report a US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) “

 (RBR) plan could cause major worldwide disruptions to HF radio communication and GPS navigation.

On June 25 (2020, two years later) the Pentagons DSX satellite begin performing a series of basic research experiments including investigating the physics of radiation belt remediation techniques. In another experiment called “Global Lightning” The DSX satellite launched on June 25 (2020)from Cape Canaveral, Fla. It also conducted a test in which a SpaceX ‘5G’ communications terminal onboard an Air Force Special Operations Command AC-130 was used to communicate target coordinates from Advanced Battle Management System ABMS sensors through the Starlink com in the USA and Australia.

DARPA reportedly envisions RBR as a way to protect low-Earth orbiting (LEO) satellites from damage caused by severe solar storms or even from high-altitude nuclear detonations. The New Zealand-based research group suggests, however, that policymakers need to carefully consider the implications of the project. Lead researcher Otago University Roger says RBR could significantly affect radio propagation from several days to a week or longer;

We’ve calculated that Earth’s upper atmosphere would be dramatically affected by such a system, causing unusually intense HF blackouts around most of the world..Airplane pilots and ships would lose radio contact, and some Pacific Island nations could be isolated for as long as six to seven days, depending on the system’s design and how it was operated.” GPS would likely also be disrupted on a large scale”.

The University of Otago researchers collaborated with UK and Artic nation based scientists from NATO nations in preparation. ARRL Propagation Report Editor Tad Cook contacted Rodger to learn more about the RBR proposal.

Rodger told him that RBR “is a serious project, that ‘money is starting to appear to investigate it in more detail,’ and “US scientists with military connections are treating it seriously’,” Cook said. 

Source: US satellite protection scheme poses global communications threat Physics Otago University

2018: Deputy PM Minister Winston Peter’s announced that no New Zealand would not be asking the USA to declare whether a long range nuclear bomber, a B52, was carrying nuclear weapons. This follows the Jacinda Adern led Labour government inviting the USA to send the large nuclear weapons capacity carrying bomber to be part of the 2018 Wings over Wairarapa. It came as the Adern’s government signed off on the tenders for a proposed twenty billion dollar spend up (over ten years) made under the National government. Lockheed stand to be one of the benefactors of that deal.

2018: The Dooms Day clock is moved from two-and-half minutes to midnight to two minutes. This was the closest the clock had ever been to midnight since 1953, when it was moved to two minutes to midnight after the U.S. and Soviet Union each tested their first thermonuclear weapons.


2018: New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) post John Key confirms the continued donating of government funds to the discredited Clinton founded charities. Nearly six million had being donated to a spin-off of the Clinton Foundation to Hillary Clinton’s, the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), a non-profit organisation created from the Clinton Foundation with the stated goal to reduce HIV/AIDs in Africa. Since the 1990’s NZ and Australian Authorities have donated more than 400 million in charity to CARE Australia, AusAid and The Clinton Foundation. None of those charities feature in my books in a flattering manner.

2018/2019: Inland Revenue being investigating 13.4 million documents the Paradise Papers from an offshore law firm and a trust company in Singapore which revealed where the super-rich keep their money. Among public figures linked to the documents is the Queen’s private estate which has millions of pounds invested in the tax havens, the BBC reported. Around GBP10 million ($NZ22m) of the Queen’s private cash is said to have been tied up in offshore portfolios, the BBC reports. The cache of documents also includes half a million records from Asiaciti Trust, one of the firm John Key’s lawyer worked with to try and shut down an investigation of New Zealand as money laundering gangsters paradise, the firm based in Singapore specialises in off-shore services for clients.

2018: The Pacific’s stability and prosperity impact directly on New Zealand’s national interests. New Zealand has significantly lifted its ambition and investment in the region through the Pacific Reset policy. The Pacific Reset emphasises engagement, partnerships, and collaboration, and a greater focus on soft power, public diplomacy and people-to-people measures. It has resulted in an increase in New Zealand public diplomacy in the Pacific, including a new broadcasting initiative, and enhanced domestic public diplomacy.

The Pacific Reset also reflects New Zealand’s response to the increasingly contested strategic environment in the Pacific in which more external actors are competing for influence. This calls for close cooperation with Pacific Island countries, Australia, the United States, and other partners with historic links in the region–countries such as Japan, the EU, UK and France–to uphold values that we share and want to promote in the region. Though ironically President Bill Clinton reinstated New Zealand’s status from a ‘friend’ to an ‘ally’ in 1996 by designating New Zealand as a Major non-NATO ally meaning the effectively privatised US driven Pacific Reset is based on the northern hemisphere ambition of our Western allies as opposed to necessarily for-filling the needs and values of its South Pacific members.

2018, New Zealand, Australian, and US senior officials stepped up Pacific-focused cooperation. This has already led to enhanced collective efforts with Pacific governments – on infrastructure, efforts to enhance maritime domain awareness, wider military cooperation with Pacific islands states, combating illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing and other transnational crime, and humanitarian and disaster response. New Zealand and the United States to work together in the parts of the Pacific closest to New Zealand such as Samoa, Tonga, and the Cook Islands, whether in infrastructure, disaster resilience, or human development. 


2018 red flags on NZ cyber security began to ring loudly in Waikato when an engineer discovered the wastewater was discharging into the Waikato River. Turning off the wastewater station’s pumps “required access to its computer software”. This “required a password” (but not a password that was user specific) meaning the change was deliberate. Anyone with access to the computer terminals within the greater Hamilton city area that were connected with this software could have done this. The Council was however unable to find out who changed that setting or how they gained access. The following other cases of sabotage relating to what will soon become a hot topic under the banners of three waters include;

  • January serial arsonist strikes Port Hills Christchurch 2017 2019
  • February serial arsonist strikes Nelson 2019.
  • January 2020 – November 2019 numerous fires strike Otago several can be identified as the work of arsonist.
  • January 2021 serial arsonist strikes Northland.
  • January 2022 Fire up the Waitaki valley Otago Canterbury.

January 2022 – Lower Waitaki customers lost drinking water temporarily after a treatment plant was damaged by fire. More than 700 customers on the Lower Waitaki water supply were placed on strict water restrictions following the fire, which broke out at the Richmond treatment plant. The cause was still being investigated. Waitaki (owned by Meridian), was fed by high winds which blazed across grassy Department of Conservation land and parched farmlands to destroy over fifty homes in the Alpine village of Ohau (which means windy place in Maori).

Lynch, James Robert, 1947- :'National - Older generation, Think big, Muldoonism'. 17 February 1986
Think Big “This will cost us a little bit of our sovereignty”

Today Ohau is favoured by wealthy retirees, scientist and life block dwellers, who tend to vote either Red or Green. Earlier in history it served as a workers village for employees of the Ohau power substation A-B-C that connected to the Tekapo Hydro power station. The station was commissioned in 1925 (construction beginning 1938), when South Island needed more electricity to sustain an expanding population. It was then sold off to Meridan after electricity was privatised in the 1980’s under Labour who capitalised on the ‘Revolt of the Colonels.’ The revolt refers to the rebellion in National’s own party ranks after then Prime Minister Muldoon partially rescinded his policy of privatisation of NZ electricity. An idea he hoped would provide New Zealand all its ‘Think Big’ energy needs but cooled on when he began to realise borrowing to build infrastructure, “which will cost us a bit of our sovereignty” as Muldoon stated, was an error. Muldoon however was over ruled by his rebellious caucus, led by Nationals Minister of Energy Barry Brill. Brill went on to head the board of directors for several power and energy companies and chair the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition a Climate denial organisation friendly with Fonterra Dairy. Brill can be viewed as curmudgeon of the order generation Blue Order ‘Boomers’. Meanwhile the electrical assets were privatised and then sold off Bolsheviks Biscuit Company style so punter givens free shares would sell their shares under valued for a few hundred dollars which they inevitably paid back as power prices where increased under private ownership.

South Island meanderings…December 2017 (Part 4) Omarama-Lake Benmore-Deep  Stream Walk-Kurow-Waimate – whichwaytomorrow

Ohau is located in the Waitaki known water of tears river of power . Its nick name is in reference to its hydro history and the many bloody conflict that range from Maori tribal conflicts to Maori crown disputes and later its role in building New Zealand unions (that helped Labour become one of New Zealand’s leading political parties). The later due to the brutality worker who built the hydro dam experienced. The Maori name Waitaki “water of tears.” refers to tears shed by Tane, god of the forest, for Tangaroa, god of the sea and the high concentrations of glacial silt suspended in the water (and the reason for the river’s distinctive milky hue) which gives the water its high mineral content. It is to put bluntly the good stuff.

INVERCARGILL, NEW ZEALAND – JULY 31: Snow blankets farmland between Mataura and Clinton on the Old Coach Road on July 31, 2016 in Invercargill, New Zealand.

The Ohau fires follows on from several fires in Central Otago/Southland in 2020 that run adjacent to two core life lines of the South Island and New Zealand. One is the central irrigation lines that draw from high country lakes and the second is the transmission power lines that reach Tiwai aluminium smelter in Southland (the back bone of the Southland economy which in turn produces over 28% of NZ’s GDP) and pass via Mataura, where electric lighting for public use was first introduced by way of a private coal fired station in 1894 and then served The Southern Frozen Meat Company and produced power for Mataura paper mill which was the location at that time for 10,000 tonnes of high explosively and toxic Aluminium smelter waste.

$100 million line upgrade ups capacity | Otago Daily Times Online News
COVID-19 Recovery (Fast-track Consenting) Referred Projects Order 2020 to upgrade existing 220 kV electricity transmission lines and substations to increase the electricity transmission capacity between the Otago-Southland region and the Waitaki Valley; Clutha Upper Waitaki Lines Project (CUWLP)—Works and Workers’ Village (the project).

Other 2020 Otago fires include;

  • August 31 2020 fire at Mataura Paper Mill caused by arcing power lines blamed on birds .
  • August 31 2020 grass fire near Lee Stream-Outram Rd (SH87), which is were power lines service the Waipori hydro-electric power generating complex (located in the Waipori River Valley), fire appliances responded to after there was “some concern” over strong northwesterly winds.
  • August 31 2020 in Middlemarch, a fast-moving grass fire on the Rock and Pillar Range DOC Rock and Pillar Scenic Reserve, in proximity to transmission lines, and which likewise was fulled by wind and wilding pines. It includes a fire near Lake Pukaki, near Twizel, which burned through more than 3500ha of land – again much of it wilding pines – on August 30. The cause of the Pukaki fire is unknown but it started in proximity to the river bed where transmission lines cross an serve the Tekapo Ohau B power house.

Mackenzie District Mayor Graham Smith says the fire, that swept through Lake Ohau, burned “completely out of control” on Department of Conservation (Doc)  land because it was poorly managed. Smith represents a lobby of voices namely pro National supporting farmers who are calling for better management of Doc land to prevent such blazes from burning out of control in future. These farmers are not interested in the role that Meridan may have played, with at less two fires that can be directly attributed to transmission lines (with several other fires nation wide can also attributable to transmission lines), they seek to point the finger at the Department of Conservation Minister Eugen Sage of the Green Party who sits just on the 5% threshold needed to return the Greens to Parliament ten days out from the a general elections.
The Old Blue Order is squaring off against the New Red Green Order. Each has an agenda as the passion for power heats up and water ownership is gasoline on the fire as the ‘new normal’ seek to assert its dominance over the ‘old skool’.

Eugenie Sage (@EugenieSage) | Twitter
The wrong kind of trees being allowed to grow in DOC lands
where power transmission and high winds can spark fires.

Mr Smith is part of a lobby group made up largely of high country farmers (many of are Crown lease holders) calling for better management of DOC land to prevent such blazes from burning out of control in future. He said he would be raising the issue of un-managed grassland sewn with wilding pines as major factor in fuelling the fires with the Minister of Conservation, Eugenie Sage Green Party.

Ms Sage visited Lake Ohau village and stated Nature doesn’t start fires except by occasional lightning strikes, it’s managing human activity that is the key”. She agreed there was a need for a conversation about ‘‘land management in the bigger picture’’ in future. ‘‘Federated Farmers, I think, was making a push for free grazing,” North Otago Federated Farmers high country chairman Simon Williamson, a farm owner between Omarama and Twizel, said “All this ground that’s been locked up and hasn’t been grazed is becoming a hazard to life. The fuel loading in the land is just huge.”

Federated Farmers: Chasing hard data on irrigation effects - NZ Herald
Grazing, drinking, fighting fires, it all about water.

Mr Williamson said having two fires in the past month highlighted the dangers of retired land “People are saying they want to lock everything up and create a safe habitat, but you’re not locking it up when it’s not being grazed or managed … you get one spark and it spreads and burns everything in sight. It’s really disappointing. We’ve been warning of this for a long time … once upon a time it was all grazing land. There’s a mindset that grazing is bad and it kills wildlife, but the reality is these massive blazes are going to happen more and more and spread further and further.”

Climate change is being listed instantly as one of the factor behind such fires and the November 2019 mega fire that ripped through more than than 4500ha of land in the Deep Stream area of Otago. Which came as Dunedin residents were asked to continue to conserve water and suggestion for residential water billing and smart meters were raised (and with drawn quickly in the face of public out lash. Deep Stream, one of two important reservoirs for Dunedin, was affected by the fire. Dunedin’s former Chief Executive Sue Bidwell would feel the ended to comment when on social media I pointed out the role played by geospatial mapping in accelerating privatisation and that the date for the tender of these suggested water meters, later announced for commercial uses during the first Covid lock down, predated the post tender public announcement of opening of tenders which had already being assigned according to the DCC own website. When I ask Miss Bidwell to clarify what part of my statement she was specifically critiquing she failed to reply.

The Deep Stream catchment, which provides 80% of the city’s water supply. Mr Dyer said testing on Deep Stream to determine contamination levels began with samples sent to Australia.

It comes as the ODT reports ‘A technology upgrade could save Dunedin City Council commercial water customers cash”. Council 3 Waters contract delivery manager Chris Jones said the council was about to start a trial to upgrade water meters for ‘‘non-domestic, commercial customers’’ to new, smart, meters.

The Scottish born Mr Jones previously worked for Fulton Holgan Sep 2013 – Dec 2017 until taking up employment with the DCC according to his LinkedIn profile where he“was responsible for business growth and development across multiple contracts in the Central Otago region specifically in the Water and Waste Water Operations and Maintenance space… including business growth and development”.

Through out New Zealand it is clear water management was on the mind of government and the private sector. In August 2019 Auckland City Council signed a $2.4 billion construction partnership with Fulton Hogan and Fletcher Construction “for the delivery of water and wastewater infrastructure for Auckland over the next ten years.” This is part of a national infrastructure pipeline of $129b over the next 10 years. Infrastructure New Zealand, which represents the industry, says the contract is a positive development for the wider sector as it guarantees long term tender contracts for critical infrastructure providers .

New Zealand to invest $129b in infrastructure over next decade ...

Finance Minister Grant Robertson in December, pre-Covid 19 crisis, outlined the Government plan to borrow $12 billion in extra infrastructure investment which coordinated with major public sector reform measures announced in November 2019.

The next step for fixing the public service

It would replace the State Sector Act 1988, with the new Public Service Act. Under the new act, interdepartmental boards or “joint ventures” will be established to address high-priority issues, bringing together chief executives from relevant government agencies. “The boards will have the power and budgets to collaboratively deal with challenges such as reducing child poverty, improving mental health services and addressing climate change”. The boards would have the authority to employ staff and “enter into contracts”, and will report to a single minister.
Policies which all compromise the ‘value chain and policy sequence’ of public tender process as they exasperate the entry point that define corruption vulnerability.

Keith Shorrocks Johnson [ Wellington New Zealand ]: Developing ...

As for the idea of long term tender contracts “By committing to a long-term programme of work, rather than one-off projects, Watercare is giving the certainty that construction companies like Fulton Hogan and Fletcher Construction need to be able to invest in skills, drive efficiencies and innovate,” says the organisation’s chief executive Paul Blair.

In a post Covid 19 press release , made public in May 2019, the reason for infrastructure spending changed with Ministers Twyford (Transport) and Shane Jones (Infrastructure) now setting out the government’s intention for the construction sector including additional 3 billion plus borrowed for infrastructure rebuilding. The government’s plan comprised of the commencement of “advance payments to contractors engaged in government transport projects and an announcement that the government is considering significantly reforming Crown Infrastructure Partners (CIP)”.  The government would speed up “the consenting process for key construction and infrastructure projects”. The goal of these announcements was “clearly outlined as a stimulation effort to mitigate the economic impact of the Covid-10 pandemic”. So much for the value of efficiency and innovation.

The Otago fire of late November 2019 began at the edge of Department of Conservation Te Papanui Park on Old Dunstan Rd near Middlemarch and burned 4664ha of remote tussock and scrub. About 1100ha of the land is managed by the Department of Conservation and most of the rest is owned by the Dunedin City Council. A small amount of land affected, includes the Meridian wind power farm (where the fire is believed to have begun) and part of the 21,000ha Te Papanui Conservation Park. Speaking to a central Otago gold prospector, familiar with the terrain first hand he reports “the land is cleared under transmission lines but this is also were the wilding pines sprout up and provide fuel for the fires” which the prospector confirms often come from arcing power-lines and cause fires.

South Island meanderings…December 2017 (Part 4) Omarama-Lake Benmore-Deep  Stream Walk-Kurow-Waimate – whichwaytomorrow

Beneath the issue of who is to blame is the issue of water and land control and its an argument that Ohau Alpine village residents are very familiar with as pro Doc Labour Green urban lifestylers squared off against big dairy that traditionally voted National.

In 2019 The Lake Ohau Alpine Village community task force (TF) became angered over lack of data and “inflammatory comments” made in a report to the pro dairy Waitaki District Council (WDC) on the planned upgrade to the village water supply. The conflict between the two interest group had been ongoing between the two parties since December 2018 when WDC announced plans to upgrade the village water supply to make it compliant with the Health Act and the New Zealand Drinking-Water Standards. Dr Phil Driver, advisor to the TF, a 2019 South Canterbury candidate for Environment Canterbury who has a background in water management and compiled a submission to the 2018 meeting that states “it is very rare that I get angry [but] the WDC’s continuing gross misinterpretation of the Lake Ohau Alpine Village water supply makes me very angry … it also makes many of the village’s very well qualified people very angry”. Driver who also served on ECAN’s The Orari-Temuka-Opihi-Pareora Water Zone Committee (OTOP) first got involved with the Canterbury Water Management Strategy in 2009. 

Infrastructure New Zealand - Home

Dr. Phil Driver is founder and CEO of Open Strategies Ltd (Christchurch, NZ) There is little to be found on Open Stragies except one of their clients is Major Projects Infrastructure who are partnered with Infrastructure Project Authority (IPA)United Kingdom government’s centre of expertise for infrastructure and major projects. The Authority will play a significant role in the £600 billion the UK plans to spend on infrastructure in the next five years as part of the UK Covid 19 Response package. While the report ‘A New Independent Infrastructure Body New Zealand Treasury October 2018′ cites the UK’s IPA as one of it models for a proposed proposed “independent” infrastructure body, based on public private partnerships and promoted by the likes of Meridan, Price Water House Cooper and KMPG. In 2019 The New Zealand Infrastructure Commission was born with an emphasis on energy, transport, and water.
Driver said that besides his own water management qualifications, the TF includes three lawyers, one of whom is an environmental lawyer specialising in water management, and the owner of a company specialising in water infrastructure in Australia and New Zealand.

Driver says WDC’s report contains “unsubstantiated assumptions” about a bore-water source, fails to adequately support claims that nearby sewage ponds are not a risk to potential bores and that the proposed design is based on a “massive overkill” of water quantity. “The size of what the council is proposing to produce is just a massive overkill of water supply and our suspicion is they have picked that very large volume in order to disqualify the current source.”
This is also known in toxic waste disposal circles as pollution, dilution, solution a means of hiding waste by literally in this case watering it down.

January 2021 several suspicious fires plaguing lead to people being evacuated in Northland With peat fires burning in the wetlands burning months onwards with no significance rain arriving to dampen flames. One fire is at Ahipara a man lake was built to help the Northland iwi TeRarawa to convert up to 400ha of dairy; can store 350,000cu m of water for use in summer when water is in short supply. The lake is cited as an example of what could be achieved when iwi, Government and councils worked together. A regional council consent allows this privatisation of water to draw up to 121 litres per second to be drawn from the Awanui River during high flow.

Water privatisation lobbying increases as total of 13 suspicious fires occur within a seven-month period from October 2020 onwards draining water which is summer months is in short supply in Northland. It comes as Far North Mayor John Carter declared his “outrage” following the Government’s announcement to mandate the contentious Three Waters Reform Programme in 2020 during Covid Local Government Minister Nanaia Mahuta confirmed the reform would go ahead which would see the creation of four publicly owned water entities across the country by 2024. She announced the case for change was too compelling to ignore and was needed to ensure all New Zealanders had access to affordable, long-lasting drinking, waste and storm water infrastructure.– “It is clear that without the establishment of these publicly-owned entities we will continue to see a frail network and contaminated water in many communities,” Mahuta said. “To delay will only push the problem on, increase future household costs and put livelihoods at risk. These reforms have been long signalled and in our manifesto we committed to tackling big issues that others have long neglected in order to future-proof New Zealand.” According to the minister, several Far North Councils drinking water supplies did not comply with the Health Act or meet the drinking water standards in 2019-2020. This was made even more critical by frequent drought and water shortages during summer periods.

Firefighters in the far North used phosphorus-based fire retardant its impact on water quality was not raised. The firefighters also used large portable dams placed in strategic sites for both helicopters and fire trucks to use. Deliberatly lit fires along the Awapoko river Doubtless Bay Water Supply provides water to Mangonui, Coopers BeachCable Bay, and Taipa with lakes and is also used for seasonal fire fighting purposes. Doubtless Bay is also among one of only eight private/community drinking water schemes that service between 501 and 5000 consumers. (Five are New Zealand Defence Force bases with the other three being in Opaki in the Wairarapa, and Milford Sound in Fiordland) The Discussion paper Economic Regulation and Consumer Protection for Three Waters Services in New Zealand notes of the need to eliminate such providers who it argues over burden water use note;

“It would be difficult to justify the heavy compliance burden if of applying economic regulation to small private suppliers like marae or small community suppliers servicing fewer than, say, 100 people on a regular basis. These suppliers are unlikely to be capable of complying with economic regulatory obligations, and any benefits from applying economic regulation would likely be small given the owners and consumers are likely to be the same people.Putting all of these factors together, our view is that the application of economic regulation should be restricted to the new Water Services Entities and not apply to community schemes, private schemes, or self-suppliers”.

A man and a woman are charged for an arson charges over two Nelson fires  Mar 07 2019. Media reports refer to a man, 34, and a 24-year-old woman, also face arson charges over a fire on the side of the road at “Pigeon Valley”. That fire was discovered by a member of the public and quickly extinguished. It led to a police pursuit involving cars and a helicopter that saw the two suspected offenders caught near the Nelson Sun Club naturist camp . Police said the man was also being charged with arson over a fire that started on the side of the Moutere highway last week, in Pogeon valley causing extensive damage to a pine forest and triggering the evacuation of 97 properties.

Media dispatches, made at the time, describe forestry contractors alerting police to the suspected arsonists after attending the fire begun earlier. Other media reports talk of the contractors tailing the offenders (given name suppression) and it suggests the fire fighters were on the alert for suspicious activity. The man was initially reported to have been held by the forestry contractors, but had made off from the scene in a car, before his vehicle which had become tuck in a river bank was intercepted by six police vehicles and a dog team soon after. No further media reports surfaced of these arsonist ever appearing in court. This is a replication of events in Nelson in May 2021 where apparent agitators arrested after delivering provocative racist hate speech flyers in mail boxes likewise never seem to appear in court suggesting the parties charged were later released without a prosecution being actually laid. Subsequent media reports now list the Pigeon valley fire as not being caused by arson but where sparked by an agricultural contractor disking a rocky paddock igniting dry grass in the paddock which then felled by southerly winds spread on to a steep recently harvested hillside of forestry nearby.

The arrest (and apparent release) of arsonist apparently blamed for Pigeon Valley (and then not) took place as a fire taking place at the same time frame in the Port Hills fires, in Christchurch, was also being treated as ‘suspicious’. That blaze was at the same location where several houses burnt down during the 2017 Port Hills arson cases (three fires one of which which was initially blamed on power lines but later believe also to be arson – a man in black and red van remain police person if interest) In the weeks leading up to three 2017 Port Hill fires, there were a number of arsons of vegetation within a 1-1.5km radius of Early Valley Rd. In the last week of January 2017, there were shed and house fires in Milns Rd, Halswell, a vehicle fire on William Brittan Ave, Halswell, and a rubbish skip fire at Oaklands School. On February 5 there was an arson in vegetation on Kennedys Bush Rd, Halswell. FENZ failed to respond to Christchurch Press Official Information Act (filed before thePress went to print) asking if these were beleived to be connected. The week before the upper half of the South Island would be left without vital rail links after a 300-hectare fire near Castle Hill delibertely lit burned on public conservation land near the railway bridge over Broken River.

New Zealand Patrick Gower also appear to sniff something was not quite right when he reported police where investigating whether a later fire in Redwood Valley was deliberately lit, and where asking for a man seen running with his dog in the area to come forward. “Furthermore, two other fires – on Rabbit Island and Walter’s Bluff – since the initial  major one are believed to have been deliberately lit. The initial fire has (now) been blamed on a spark from machinery. But if this latest fire was lit intentionally, it means there are arsonists on the loose responsible for three potential fires.”

The same day Gower reported that (January 18.1 2022) Dunedin crews were called to a suspicious fire in toetoe in the Silverstream area, the loation of an awueduct, before returning overnight to control a flare-up. A spokesperson said they were asking Silverstream residents to restrict water use in their houses as the reservoir filled. 


2018:Yahoo allegedly attacked online by Russian hackers. The insinuation is they wrk for Putin. The U.S. then charged Sushchin Igor with one of the largest cyber breaches in history. The media likewise widely reported Sushchin is an intelligence agent with the Russia’s Federal Security Service—the successor to the KGB. Not so widely reported he was also working as security director for Renaissance Capital, the Russian investment bank Renaissance Capital, lead by Critical Infrastructure and Smart City Entrepreneur, New Zealander Stephen Jennings who paid former President Bill Clinton $500,000 for a one hour long speech in Moscow in June 2010.

Karim Baratov’s of Canada was also charged in hr Yhoo hack. His lawyers said their client hacked only eight accounts for the Russians hackers and did not know that he was working for Russian agents connected to the Yahoo breach. Baratov was arrested in Canada and later agreed to forgo an extradition hearing and face the US charges. The Renaissance agents, Dmitry Dokuchaev and Igor Sushchin, used the information they stole from Yahoo to spy on Russian journalists, US and Russian government officials and employees of financial services and other private businesses, according to US prosecutors.

Dokuchaev is described in Western media reports as an officer in the FSB Center for Information Security, known as “Center 18”, which is supposed to investigate hacking. According to the Washington Post, which first reported news of the charges, he began working for the FSB not as hard zealot of Communist Russia but to avoid prosecution for credit card fraud. Dokuchaev was one of two “FSB agents” arrested in December 2016, according to Russian news agencies, and he was charged with treason over alleged cooperation with the CIA, motivated by greed, asthe Russia government also charged the two Russian “intelligence agents” identified as Dmitry Dokuchaev and Igor Sushchin for treason.

Jennings today is one of the key players in the smart cities being developed in Africa, such as Eko Atlantic and Tatu organisation, in partnership with the Clinton Foundation which Australia and NZ have together donated 50 million to date (along with 150 million for climate change by NZ and 50 million for development in Africa from CF spooked chocked partner CARE Australia who provided cover for Russian Antonov flown under the name Pacific Express hired to deliver aid which TVNZ reported as in fact owned by arms smuggler operating out of Auckland ). Jennings is the biggest investor in Rendevour Africa which is developing seven new smart cities across the continent: two in Nigeria (Alaro City and Jigna), another two in Ghana (Appolonia City and King City), and individual cities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zambia and Kenya. Overall, they cover 120 million sq m in total. Jennings is also the chair of the New Zealand Initiative (formerly known as the Business Round Table), the chief lobby group who drive Local Government New Zealand a major player in the government’s current 3 water plan.

The Government plan to make it easier for private companies to take over water and wastewater services from regional councils began in 2009 when Local Government Minister and Act leader Rodney Hide yesterday said “flexibility in delivery of water services” was part of changes to the Local Government Act 2002. The Government with Act (First founded by Roger Douglas the father of Rogernomics), as a partner, was announcing its plan to extend the 15-year limit on water-service contracts to 35 years and allow companies to build, own and operate new water and wastewater treatment plants during the contract period. The 2002 law also hoped to stop councils controlling the management of privately run water services, which would be over seen by central government. Green Party local government spokeswoman Sue Kedgley said the changes would effectively privatise all aspects of water supply services. “This has the potential to be hugely harmful to the public.. This theft of the public’s assets is alarming and dangerous. Mr Hide explained water management would be amalgamated into four super entities charged with investing $125 billion to $185 billion over the next 30 years.

LGNZ itself is a curious neo liberal intervention of Rogernomics (whom Jennings credits as one of his muse back when Jennings was privatising NZ Rail for NZ Treasury). Its an authority (not a department) which has a minister but no actual ministry. It is supported financially by and large by the critical infrastructure industry and industry lobbyist who can now be found as the beneficiaries of Covid and government funded economic stimulation package which our government has borrowed from offshore merchant banks. It comes as New Zealand pass the three water amalgamation legislation, the State Sector Reform bill, all of which empowers and enrich those the government now seeks to employ to manage it critical infrastructure and evolving smart city technology. The very same parties who can be found pushing water privatisation and smart cities ‘solutions’ to sustainability and climate change in New Zealand as meanwhile US dominated firms snap up the critical infrastructure here and in Australia need to make those proposal affordable to the public. In Africa smart cities have turned into a recipe for corruption and debt manufacturing and have being used as trojan horse by which the private sector can privatise and create a monopoly over public resources that address housing, food and water security.

In 2017 Clinton, shortly after she left the Obama administration, moved the state department to quietly “taking steps to purchase real estate in Nigeria from a firm whose parent company is owned by a major donor to the Clinton Foundation”. On March 20, 2013, William Franklin, an “international realty specialist” at the State Department, emailed Mary E. Davis, an American diplomat stationed in Africa, instructing her to “put on Post letterhead” an “expression of interest” by the department in purchasing property at Eko Atlantic never completed, the department now says – raised eyebrows because Ronald Chagoury is the brother and business partner, in the Chagoury Group, of Gilbert Chagoury, a Lebanese-born businessman whom federal records show has donated between $1 and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation. Gilbert Chagoury’s friendship with the Clintons can be traced back to the Clinton presidency.

In the mid-1990s, Chagoury donated nearly $500,000 to a voter-registration drive designed to help Democratic candidates, attended a White House dinner for premium donors, and met with high-ranking officials in the Clinton White House – including Susan Rice, now President Obama’s national security adviser – who were shaping US policy toward Nigeria. The State Department’s outreach to the Chagoury family, looking to buy property from the brothers, came less than a month after former President Clinton himself toured the Eko Atlantic project – for the second time. Franklin further instructed that the signed letter was to be “delivered to Ronald Chagoury”.

As Clinton prepared to collect his $500,000 payday in Moscow in 2010, Bill Clinton sought clearance from the State Department to meet with a key board director of the Russian nuclear energy firm Rosatom — which at the time needed the Obama administration’s approval for a controversial uranium deal, government records show. Arkady Dvorkovich, a top aide to then-Russian President Dmitri Medvedev and one of the highest-ranking government officials to serve on Rosatom’s board of supervisors, was listed on a May 14, 2010, email as one of 15 Russians the former president wanted to meet during a late June 2010 trip, the documents show. Clinton Foundation foreign policy adviser Amitabh Desai wrote the State Department on May 14, 2010, using the former president’s initials and forwarding the list of names to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s team.

Millions of New Zealand taxpayer dollars were donated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) to Hillary Clinton’s charity, the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), a non-profit organisation created from the Clinton Foundation with the stated goal to reduce HIV/AIDs in Africa.

An MFAT spokesman confirmed to the NBR that between January 2010 and June 2016, $7.7 million of taxpayer funds had already been donated and another $6 million was to follow, keeping to a pledge to donate $13.7 million made by the government organisation in 2013. A total of $145 million ‘pay for play’ contributions was made to the Clinton Foundation by shareholders of Canadian company Uranium One, a mining company with concessions in Kazakhstan and the US.

Uranium One sought to sell these concessions to the Russians, but the deal had to be approved by a government committee due to the implications to national security. But the deal went ahead any way.


1. The US version of Sergei Magnitsky scandal is fiction as Das Spigel maintains.

2. This means the billions in money laundered of Russian & Mexican drug money through NZ in 2009 can be now be tied directly to both the Clintons, the CIA, & Jennings Renaissance bank directly.

3. Most importantly we can now demonstrate CIA assets used Russian Hackers to make out like its Russia alone and not the CIA who were doing hacks and spreading ransomware.

4. The evidence, in contrast, that claims Russia and China alone are responsible for cyber hacking is of a low quality. No better than that offered up for Iraq and proven to be fake in 2001. Are we really going to go down that road again?

5. Those making the allegation have a credibility issue and having being caught lying to the public for decades as the Pentagon Papers, The Church Committee, The Iran Arms for Hostages Contra scandal, the BCCI Banking intelligence scandal, The Chilcott Inquiry and Wikileaks, all testify, among many other scandals involving the Five Eye Intelligence club. And to add to that picture many of those caught hacking for the USA (or who have been Russians who turn out to be working as guns for hire not for the KGB as claimed) are individuals linked to one if not more of the scandals listed above. This is literally the usual suspects.

6. The ‘witnesses’ to the official narrative being pumped out by western media within the Council of Foreign Relation umbrella are largely American corporations who stand to gain and have a record of helping the usual suspect commit the very crimes they are now accusing Russia and China of. Which includes attacks on not just on rival corporations or state forces but include illegal attacks conducted against the public.

7. The public leaks within Five Eyes and US intelligence to date may very well serve Russia China’s bigger picture goals. Yet currently the paymaster identified to date has been the non-state actors of corporations and organised crime whom US intelligence and Five Eyes have partnered up with as they conduct illegal operations, on both sides of the ‘iron curtain’ aimed at empowering and enriching themselves. Operations which do not make the world safer but have served as a major force in global and regional instability. It is organised crime that has being caught compromising Five Eyes, at its highest level, as opposed to state actors from Russia and China who have also being on the receiving end of such cartels

8. Western media has not learned a thing from the Iraq war and remain the tool of the Council of Foreign Relations which guides US foreign policy in accordance to the whim of US oil arms and banking sector and whoever they may be in bed with be it spies or just simply those with money to pay and play.

9. Cyber hacking is conducted by both sides. However the chosen western narrative has being to ignore that fact as they (they being the usual suspects) build a steady stream of blaming only Russia and China door. As a hacking event aimed at targeting specifically the public and critical infrastructure for profit is clearly in the wind.

The question of course, in the event that a forecasted 9/11 scale cyber event takes place, will the western media bother to look at who stands to gains from such attack or will they repeat the error of 9/11 and war in Iraq and simply accept the claims of those with an extreme history of conducting abuse for personal enrichment and their own agenda.

2018: Australian former Neo-Nazi and registered gun owner Ethan Tilling flew into Brisbane this year, he was returning under the radar of Australian authorities with newfound combat experience having fought in the Ukraine.

The 23-year-old former soldier from Brisbane was one of two Australian ex-Defence Force personnel identified by the ABC as having joined “thousands of ultranationalists flocking from across the world to take up arms in the eastern Ukrainian region of Donbass“. Ethan Tilling, is a former Neo-Nazi and soldier in the Australian Army and the other was an airman with the Royal Australian Air Force. There are no rules prohibiting Australians or New Zealanders from fighting in the Ukraine. Tilling claims he was first recruited to the Nazi movement by the Kiwi chapter of the Right Wing Resistance (and found of the New Zealand chapter of the National Front founded by Kyle Chapman whose N ew Way Trist was funded by the government from 1995 to 2014.

Chapman is also a friend of Kelvyn Alp a former National Front member whose net work Counter spin appear on Trump backer Steven Bannon net work. In the 1980’s the Iran Contra affair would receive support from two Christchurch based entities. The first being the Minerva Security a Cold War mercenaries outfit led by former special force of the apartheid South African Rhodesia regime and funded by high ranking national and NZDF officials. The second David Tipple, owner of gun City the firm which supplied the Christchurch shooter, who according to the anti war magazine Peace Link in 1991 helped supply Chinese made weapons to right wing guerrilla fighting in Nicaragua and the communist backed Sandinista.

In my book Stare Secrets (formed out of my investigation of NZ arms delivered to the Balkans in the 1990 for an earlier article I had written) I point out how part time New Zealand resident and Iran Contra (Project Democracy) cash bagman Richard V Allen, share holder of Yukos Oil (Nationalised by Putin for tax avoidance in the 1990’s) American Committee for Peace in Chechnya.

CIA backed rebels would be armed and recruit via the conduit of the mosque in Brooklyn, New Jersey and New York affiliated with such attacks as 911 d the Boston marathon. The Canadian based Mcleans Magazine for example writes how the CIA wold rubber stamp the pass port of Osama Bin Laden number 2 Dr Ayman Alzawahri as entered the US to recruit jihadist, with the CIA knowledge, to fight in Bosnia while Boston Marathon alleged bombers (who would engaged by the same Swat team who later where deployed as first responders at the Navy Shooting in Washington) had also helped recruit mercenaries for the US backed Taliban n of the 1980s as Bin Laden was then dubbed a freedom fighter and like wise CIA backed and jointly funded by Saudi Arabia and the USA.

The 9/11 terrorist would be funded by the Altaqwa bank in Lugarno Switzerland run by a former Neo Nazi Ahmed Huber. In the book ‘CIA Fight Against Communism Bolsters Radical Islam In A Mosque in Munich‘, Pulitzer Prize winner Ian Johnson explains how Western spy-masters recruited ex-Soviet Muslims (converted to the Nazi cause during WW2 when Hitler also funded the Al Bana Islamic Brigades) to be operatives in the propaganda war against the Soviet Union. These Muslims, in turn, created a community where radical Islam could gain a foothold in the heart of Europe. The Mosque became the center for the Muslim Brotherhood. Jonson notes while there’s no direct ties the Huber funded terrorist people who were closely linked to several terror attacks in Europe were active at the mosque.

Though Huber was primarily working for Iran, he was also involved in the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood. In 1988, Al-Taqwa bank was established in Switzerland by Youssef Nada and Ghaleb Himmat, senior activists of the Muslim Brotherhood, to fund Brotherhood-related projects worldwide. Huber and François Genoud, a prominent national-socialist activist (who had direct ties to highest official in Nazi Germany during WW2) and sponsor of Palestinian terrorist groups, also sat on the board of the organization. In the 1990s, Huber regularly travelled to speak at events of the Muslim Student Organization in the United States, an organization linked to the local chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood. After 9/11, the Americans placed Al-Taqwa bank and Huber on their terrorism list, suspecting the bank of having funded Al-Qaeda. Swiss judicial investigations failed to prove the American allegations.


  • On Al-Taqwa, see Sylvain Besson, La Conquête de l’Occident. Le projet secret des islamistes (Paris: Le Seuil, 2005); Lorenzo Vidino, The New Muslim Brotherhood in the West (Columbia University Press, 2010).
  • OBITUARY: Swiss Neo-Nazi/Islamist Tied To Muslim Brotherhood Dies At Age 80,” The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch, May 27, 2008,

Next Altawa is MIGA, the Malaysian Swiss Gulf and African Chamber (search) whom the United Nations and the U.S. government say has served as a hub of Al Qaeda finance: A terrorist chamber of commerce. Directors include Muslim Brother hood members Yousef partner Ahmed Idris Nasreddin. Another is Hayel Saeed Abdul Rahman Hayel Saeed. Hayel Saeed was born into one of Yemen’s most prominent business who founded the Hayel Saeed Anam Group of Companies, or HSA. Leaked copies of secret U.N. Oil-for-Food records, show that HSA subsidiary Pacific Interlink alone accounted for more than half the HSA group’s sales of relief supplies to Saddam, with contracts for such goods as soap, ghee and construction materials totaling at least $246 million. Pacific Interlink also belonged to the select set of companies chosen by Saddam and approved by the United Nations as authorized to buy Iraqi oil under Oil-for-Food — MFAT document secured by this author under the Official Information Act shows that 80% of the dairy items shipped to Iraq by third parties in Vietnam and Saudi Arabia came from New Zealand.

The scenario used to rort the UN scheme closely matches the plot of the Syrian Connection into the breaching of US trade embargoes by plucky kiwis and ex Rusian secret agents.

The book is written by former donations bag man to Winston Peters National arms dealer, mercenary recruiter (for Middle eastern state) and MP Ross Meurant when the mid 1990 would be come a director of Prok bank in Vanuatu along side former New Zealand Dairy Executive and munition trader Ian Robert (Vostock Exports), and former Russian KGB officer {from the anti Putin fraction of the FSB] Victor and Larissa Shumilov. Meurant admit he still works with the couple to day in Asia Europe and Yemen. Since 2009 Ross has been trustee and manager of Russian owned forestry and property assets in New Zealand. In 2020 Ross commenced negotiations with Russian Direct Investment Fund to secure agency of SPUTNIK V COVID vaccine for supply to New Zealand via the NZ registered company; COVAX NZR Ltd.

Wikileaks documents confirm New Zealand own role in the first gulf war was driven by Helen Clark not wanting to miss out post Iraqi tender contracts.

“Excerpts from the cable published in Monday’s Dominion Post provide evidence of the mercenary character of New Zealand’s support for the occupation. The document states that unnamed senior officials from New Zealand’s Ministry of Defence secretly told the US embassy that “it was not until Finance Minister Michael Cullen pointed out in a… Cabinet meeting that New Zealand’s absence from Iraq might cost NZ dairy conglomerate Fonterra the lucrative dairy supply contract it enjoyed under the United Nations Oil for Food program, that the prime minister found a face-saving compromise and sent combat engineers in a non-combat role to Basra, where they were embedded with British forces.”

“Another cable sent in 2005 confirmed that “[s]ending combat engineers to Iraq has enabled the giant New Zealand dairy exporter, Fonterra, to bid on lucrative Iraq-related contracts.” Fonterra is New Zealand’s largest company and controls about 30 percent of the world’s dairy exports”.

WikiLeaks cables reveal commercial motivations behind New Zealand troop deployment to Iraq

2018: New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) post John Key confirms the continued donating of government funds to the discredited Clinton founded charities. Nearly six million had being donated to a spin-off of the Clinton Foundation to Hillary Clinton’s, the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), a non-profit organisation created from the Clinton Foundation with the stated goal to reduce HIV/AIDs in Africa. Since the 1990’s NZ and Australian Authorities have donated more than 400 million in charity to CARE Australia, AusAid and The Clinton Foundation. None of those charities feature in my books in a flattering manner.

2018/2019: Inland Revenue being investigating 13.4 million documents the Paradise Papers from an offshore law firm and a trust company in Singapore which revealed where the super-rich keep their money. Among public figures linked to the documents is the Queen’s private estate which has millions of pounds invested in the tax havens, the BBC reported. Around GBP10 million ($NZ22m) of the Queen’s private cash is said to have been tied up in offshore portfolios, the BBC reports. The cache of documents also includes half a million records from Asiaciti Trust, one of the firm John Key’s lawyer worked with to try and shut down an investigation of New Zealand as money laundering gangsters paradise, the firm based in Singapore specialises in off-shore services for clients.


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