DCI is to build second 40 MW data center in Auckland as Microsoft is building three data centres (40MW) and there’s a Takanini data centre being upgraded to a 10MW facility just as Amazon are putting $7.5bn into a cluster (at least three) of data centres which will form an Amazon Web Services (AWS) zone, scheduled to open in 2024. Led to believe this is tip of iceberg. Neither Amazon or Google are revealing how many watts will be used. Spark currently uses about As of 2021, around 13.8 thousand gigawatt hours of electricity were consumed in the industrial sector in New Zealand.

Meanwhile WhatsApp Facebook Instagram planned data base (1.4 GW) on hold as Holland realises it will consume 10% of Dutch energy consumption and undermine Hollands climate change targets. What happened to Labour’s “Nuclear free moment” ironically under threat as Labour warned twice Rocket Lab could breach NZ legislation.

Not unrelated to that barley addressed issue is how much of this data will also relate to the space race and nuclear arms race and New Zealand’s role in militarising our own skies for our Five Eyes allies. To date little has being said about how facilities such as Elon Musk Starlink are under written by the Pentagon. With the current majority of Musk Starlink network of over 2000 satellites (will become 40,0000+) funded by the US military. The reason being as the second US Soviet Chinese escalates, as it has being doing so since US began Expanding NATO Eastwards in the 1990’s, the current arms race by piggy backing off civilian communication satellite systems (that past over USSR China) to extend the range of its communication and targeting systems.’

Data collected from such missions is downloaded to relay stations sch as the six station Starlink has already built in New Zealand such as the station in Hinds Ashburton Canterbury located next the main power line.

A further the question arises in a post CPTPP world (where trade deal, over sen under NY state law, include Investment State Dispute Settlement clause permitting government to be sued if profits are interfered with) how wise is it to base your energy solely on electricity as Russia shuts down energy supply to the West and offshore industries continue to buy domestic power companies (and critical infrastructure). This coming with the closure of Marsden Refinery, which was originally created by mass borrowing under the PM of National’s Robert Muldoon.

Under Muldoon era of the 1970’s, pre carless days and OPEC monopoly, NZ began privatizing electricity (ironically as we felt we now had alternative supply and the market could be opened up). Under Rogernomics of 1980s (under Labour) NZ began using a model invented by group of treasury officials including Stephen Jennings the man who privatised rail, the current head of the New Zealand Business Round Table (NZ Initiative) . A decade late Jennings wold use this model to pioneer free market capitalism in Russia when the NZ Experiment was literally exported following Perestroika and economic reforms in Russia. This would see state owned assets sold off like the NZ electricity firms had being first privatised beginning with the Bolshevik Biscuit Company (BBC).

The BBC sales worked like we would see in NZ where the state assets where broken up and turned into shares handed out to the public. At which point most lower socio economic groups sold their shares back to the private market before the share where worth anything out of economic desperation. The result was the cheap shares where snapped up by the private sector operating out of NY. merchant banks the driving force of the form of globalisation that Clark warned “could not be stopped”.

In Russia the Moscow based Bolshevik Biscuit Company became the model applied through out the former Soviet Union which out side of Russia would see the whole scale sell of critical This infrastructure included electricity communication and water (sold in St Petersburg to multi conglomerate water giant Veilo). After Rogernomics came Ruth-o-nomics (more of the same by a Treasury increasingly made up in the post 1990s of former employees of Jennings new bank in Moscow built on the back of his privatisation model) and then Helen’s ambitious model of Globalisation. The later coming as Helen lobbied government’s and the private sector for her NY job as top dog at the UNDP* and as Jennings was test running the Rogernomic based trickle down model in Moscow for Credit Suisse.

*Later as outed apologist for Saudi Qutar Emirates (Clark is Team NZ Ambassador incidentally) state’s human rights abuse. As the UNDP backed Vision 2030 was revealed (following the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Kashoggi) as cover for the bio and smart weapons aspiration of the arb states and their US based weapon manufacturers such as Vision 2030 principal sponsor Lockheed martin.

NY based globalisation continued with ex NY merchant banker John Key (who would back Clark run for the UN top job), backed by follow NY banker and ex NZ treasury Stephen Jennings and the American neo Conservative Richard V Allen. Allen is identified in Nicky Hager’s ‘Hallow Men’ as one of the strategist behind getting Key being elected PM in New Zealand in 2008*1. Allen a former National Security Adviser to Free market zealot Ronald Regan was also a share holder in Yukos Oil Russia one of the firm whose sales would be forced by the Putin following the 1993 October Revolution due to the failure of such firms to pay their far share of taxes.

*1 One source (unverified) claims this is part of Jennings 7 elections policy which plans to use social media algorithm (such as used by Cambridge Analytics and Trump) and media control to maintain 7 administration which will support neoliberal free market reforms. Mentioned in the context of Winston Peters use of similar firms to increase his to 2023 standing. The source maintain Peters poor 2020 performance based on Keys loose one win two formulary devised by his strategist team including Allen. Time will tell if this accurate.

The NY NZ Business Round table cabal behind Key would result in further offshore sales of state assets including New Zeland electricity market. This exceeded a 50% ownership of NZ electricity (if blind trust and Trust are accounted for) as NZ increasingly opened its door for a space industry that increasingly revealed itself as a high user of energy and resources with a large carbon foot print. Further much of its focus would be revealed as military in nature ditto the wave of high energy using US Tech firms such as Amazon, Google, Starlink, lining up to open their doors in New Zealand, would emerge as wanting to bring business that where high consumers of carbon and energy. A model of business where the public was expected to pay the carbon ecological cost as the private sector garnered the profit with minimal or zero tax input.


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