Wikileaks ID ‘CIA’ Arming Terrorists As ‘Generous’ March 15th QANON Disinfo Agent Kelvyn Alp Mines His Way Into Anti Mandate Leadership.

The rising moon faces the sickening sun, as the lights in the tower blocks go on, one by one,A big shot, overlooking this black iron skyline– Surrounded by his symbols of prosperity–Sits back in his new leather chair ripped off the back of some unfortunate beast. I’m smiling through my teeth. Anybody can be a millionaire, so everybody’s gotta try but by the laws of this human jungle only the heartless will survive. & down there–but for the grace of god–go I. Twilight Of A Champion — The The (Infected 1986),

Matt Graver (US DEA agent): “you gonna help us start a war” Alehandro (a hired assassin working for US government: “With who?” Matt Graver “Everyone”. Sicaro2 Soldado.


Gun used in the 2015 ISIS #Bataclan terror attacks in Paris was sold by #CIA-linked Florida company Century Arms according to Wikileaks September 13 2021 twitter post (link here)


Federal authorities (The highly compromised BATF to be precise) released later released information they claim shows that – contrary to an Associated Press report on Dec. 11 – the pistol imported to the U.S. by Century International Arms was not involved in November’s terror attacks in Paris. That doesn’t mean even if the US authorities are correct that one gun in question was put to good use. The same M92 semi-automatic pistol, one of 7 Century arms weapons used in the attack, mentioned in the Associated Press story turned up previously in at a crime scene in Mexico.

In 2021 The Mexican government sued United States gun manufacturers including Century Arms in U.S. federal court, argued that their negligent and illegal commercial practices have unleashed tremendous bloodshed in Mexico “It remains in custody of the Mexican Government where it is being used as evidence in a trial,” Seward wrote “The Mexican government argues that the companies know that their practices contribute to the trafficking of guns to Mexico and facilitate it. Mexico wants compensation for the havoc the guns have wrought in its country”. May of these weapons enter Mexico via the USA using routes, including US based biker gangs ala shades of Son of Anarchy, first established by drug cartel affiliated with Oliver North supplier of arms to right wing militia contra groups in the 1980’s. This is according to the Dyslexic Detectives own sources and as confirmed by the Intercept. Organisations which have become active in New Zealand since the late 1980s. My own ‘fringe’ claims on this link (dating back to the 1999) once deemed conspiracy theory are now deemed as correct by mainstream who how ever only identify such links as dating back to 2009 after North Korean arms found on a NZ leased Antonov exposed billion of dollars from Russian and Mexican crime groups was washed through Vanuatu based banks.

CNN, a usually conservative partisan based mainstream power house, columnist LZ Granderson noted in 2012 on the US intelligence arming of Mexican drugs wars part of the USA destabilisation policy noted;

“Heads should roll because of the Fast and Furious debacle…If it were an isolated sting, maybe. But it is at least the third incarnation of a gun-running scheme stretching across two administrations, which means we could be pressing to open Pandora’s Box. We do not want to open Pandora’s Box, not about this and certainly not about a bunch of other potentially scandalous things the federal government has been involved with. Fast and Furious? Please. We still don’t have access to all of the messy facts surrounding the Iran-Contra scandal that erupted during the Reagan administration. All we know is that weapons were sold to Iran in exchange for hostages and that the proceeds from those sales were used to illegally fund rebels in Nicaragua who were supposedly fighting Communism. Lt. Col. Oliver North took one for the team back then, and there’s a good chance Attorney General Eric Holder will have to take one for the team in the Fast and Furious controversy. And by team, I’m not referring to Republicans or Democrats, but rather Americans”

As the scene from Sicaro2 Solando paints the picture (Matt Graver: “you gonna help us start a war” Alehandro: “With who?” Matt Graver “Everyone”. Sicaro2 Solando) a weak and divided Mexico is good for US interests.

The article is radical as it suggests the public has to stop looking at their governments with partisan eyes. That it need wake up to the reality of a Deep State that controls, via it lobby power and wealth, both parties. To put the reporting in context this piece was filed around the time of Julian Assange WikiLeaks had just proved the Deep State was real not conspiracy theory. Then along came Donald Trump and QAnon and the public was again plunged into polarizing absurdity and forced to pick sides and cheer them on no matter what.

According to data from Interpol and Serbian officials, cited by WSW, the M92 machine pistol used in the November 13 terror attacks in Paris (after being seized by Mexican authorities) was purchased by Century International Arms and then re-exported to Europe.

Century is one of the largest dealers of surplus military weapons in the United States, Century Arms has close ties to the CIA and has faced accusations in America and Europe of involvement in illegal arms deals. The machine pistol, an M92 semiautomatic pistol, used in the French attack was produced at the Zastava arms factory in Kragujevac, Serbia. Factory manager Milojko Brzakovic told AP he had checked its records on seven weapons that it manufactured that were all used in the Paris attacks. It declared it had delivered several of these weapons inside Yugoslavia before that country dissolved into civil war in the 1990s, but it delivered the machine pistol in May 2013 to Century Arms, based in Delray Beach, Florida. This account was corroborated by Serbian Interior Ministry officials. In January 2001.

The company has been in the news before for questionable deals. Secret government documents released by WikiLeaks in 2011 alleged an Israeli arms dealer Ori Zoller under investigation sold a multi-million dollar shipment of illegal U.S. surplus weaponry from Guatemala to Century Arms. Ori Zoller played the middleman in the Century Arms deal. Zoller served as an Israeli special forces soldier and worked as an intelligence officer before moving into arms dealing in Central America. According to the Miami based Palm Post Zoller sold in 1999 3,000 AK-47s to the AUC, a right-wing paramilitary group whose heavily armed death squads have terrorized Colombia.

In 1999 I also detailed in my first book how the USA’s involvement in the Solomon Island ethnic dispute could be seen via the role of Century Arms in shipping arms to the Solomon Islands (believed to be destined for PNG), after first gaining approval from the US State Department.


Writing of another arms deal involving former surplus NZ army weapons, which former NZ FIRST donation bagman arms dealer and former policeman Ross Meurant was found to be involved in, researcher Owen Wilkes confirmed these weapons ended up in Yugoslavia. This was after Meurant was side lined from the deal having being publicly outed after using his role as MP to make a tender for army surplus weapons. Which was at this time were under an arms embargo following the Serbian – Croatian – Bosnian conflict. Meurant left parliament in 1995 to become a codirector in a Vanuatu based bank called Prok Bank that was run by Russian mobsters and ex Dairy board executives turned armed dealers whom Meurant admits he still works with today.

My investigation, which preempted what wold be reported by mainstream papers much later on, at the time was investigating CIA links to arms deals.


Specifically those which ended up in the hands of Islamic mercenaries fighting in Bosnia and formed the basis of my 1999 best seller State Secrets as I examined the NZ links to these CIA backed deals. Where as my former colleague, who I served with (while on attachment from 3FLD HQ) in the Force Intelligence Group Les Gee had previously speculated that these arms were as just as likely to have ended up in Fiji. I would write the exact location will probably never be revealed, yet in correspondence with the Defence Department ( FAC No.33799711, 3rd Sept 1991 14:51 No 413 New Zealand Defence Department), the initial recipients of the weapons Meurant had tired to buy first, can identified the buyer as Century Arms (who would later be involved in the shipment of arms to the Solomon’s) and UK based Dince Hill. The later the subject of an investigation in 1998 by Customs and Exchange in the UK for their role in supplying English organised crime syndicates with handguns. We now also have documents (136-138) which confirm Dince Hill was certainly supplying weapons to Bosnia. We also know weapons supplied to the Muslim forces, stored as Fort Eagle a US army base in Bosnia later ended up on the black market.

In 1998 the incoming government of the Solomon’s discovered to their horror that they were expecting the delivery of NZ$64 million worth of surplus military arms. The weapons included rocket launchers, a Cessna aircraft, and reportedly a helicopter gunship. Australian government sources were quick to announce (with out offering a shred of proof) that this armada of weaponry was going to end up in the hands of the BRA. The BRA was the separatist indigenous resistance group which had formed in Bougainvillea after reputed abuse by mining companies.

Companies which later got busted bringing in weapons and mercenary’s to put down the uprising, on behalf of mining companies, used Cargo Air a dubious Eastern European private freight firm based in Hamilton (See also Pacific Express in my book link above) New Zealand who can be tied to the former director of Phoenix TIG Bulgaria Simon Spitz. Spitz another ‘star’of my books’ is identified as running the Auckland based Pacific express which in 1991 TVNZ Rod Vaughan reported was involved in arms ship from eastern Europe. He was tied to the CIA in turn by the head of the Serious Fraud Office Charles Sturt in his 1995 book Dirty Collars.

On 15 April 1994, Rwanda war lord Colonel Gratien Kagiligi signed a $4.7 million contract (paid for with mining concessions), for rifle ammunition, grenades, rockets and mortars with Oriental Machineries Inc. of Hong Kong and China. The contract specified that the arms would be
delivered in C130 or Antonov 12 aircraft to destinations decided by the purchasers. The Russian-Israeli owner of TIG Bulgaria and Phoenix Air Bulgaria — who was operating in New Zealand until 1991, later admitted in a UK news programme that a British company based at Gatwick had chartered his aircraft to fly arms to Goma in 1995. He said that he assumed it was a government-to-government delivery: ‘We fly if the documents are right. We don’t check the papers…we just check the export certificates.’ (HTV Bristol, news team interview with Simon Spitz — also known as Shimon Lahav — aired 30 April 1998 ).


In New Zealand, according to New Zealand Customs intelligence officer Tony Spillane, the weapons had been sitting “mysteriously” on the docks in New Zealand for several months. The New Zealand government were quick to assure the Solomon government (as was the case with Australia as well) that they would do everything possible to ensure that the weapons originating in Singapore never reached the Solomon’s. The weapons however did exactly that, travelling from New Zealand, after travelling via Australia where they would not be intercepted either.

In 2006 at the request of Solomon Islands NZ destroyed the weapons – except they didn’t.
The Century Arms weapons were last being seen driving off into the jungle loaded on the jeep and caravan that was among the containers that sat on NZ wharf for months.

The weapons soon arrived, to the dismay of the local government in the Solomon’s.



And as they say in show business that was the end of the story: Not!

Quite aside from the improbability of the BRA being able to afford such weaponry, there was the matter of the US State Department’s role in the affair. For the shipment of weapons by Century Arms (of the 1991 surplus New Zealand Defence weapons sales) had in fact involved the direct participation of the US ambassador to the Solomon Islands & Vanuatu, Arma Jane Karaer. In the ensuing fighting between MEF and IFM rebels, more than 1000 foreigners living in the South Pacific island nation were evacuated and the country’s main revenue source, the Gold Ridge mine owned by Australia’s Delta Gold, was closed. Resource-related grievances rather than greed provide the main explanation for the takeover and looting. Key concerns
registered include a lack of jobs for locals and regional disappointment over the distribution of the mine’s revenue

Today mining interest are are advanced by Phoenix Mining whose interest in the Solomon from 2009 has being assisted by  Leonce Kealy a business associate of Kelvyn Alp a director in Phoenix and the front person for Counter-spin, a former mercenary and would be militia leader, with numerous links to the US and South American financed far right. Alp boasted Kealy was a former CIA analyst on his own facebook. This is not quite correct Kealy worked at Pine Gap for the Americans in Australia. Today is Kealey is an advocate of USA styled arms rights and Kealey is listed on his linked profile as a former administrator for the Aboriginal Community and liaison with mining companies in Weipa. The Weipa region is extremely rich in bauxite, with much of the surrounding land around the township leased to the mining company Rio Tinto.

In 2000 the Century Arm weapons were stolen from a police lock up by so called ethnic separatist cargo cultist and Christian Fundamentalist Malaita Eagle Force . The weapons were sent to the Solomon despite a plea not to send the weapons made by the Solomon government at the time who maintain the real motive of the Eagles was control of the Solomon’s timber and mineral resources.

ALP Phoenix International appears to bee host of companies who have the same share holders in what appears o be a complicated rod robin. The manner in which these firms are linked to the far right and US interest will be examined in later issues


Aucklander Kelvyn Alp is the one-time head of the “Armed Intervention Force”, a group of alleged former soldiers (Alp military claims are utterly bogus), which styled itself along the lines of the Eagles as a paramilitary wing of a separatist Maori government.

Alp seeks to undermine Maori activism and polarise society in what seem like and effort to undermine genuine sovereignty groups by making outrageous claims. He is the managing director of Phoenix International. A firm which want to open the Solomon Islands’ second alluvial gold mine on Guadalcanal. Kelvyn previously admitted on 60 minutes show to having worked as a mercenary for mining firms conducting hostile action, against indigenous groups in the pacific islands, aimed at undermining indigenous separatist groups for the benefit of wealthy investors.

Kealey book confirms how Kealy stopped an investigation into USA intelligence abuse within Australia.

Alp back in New Zealand has being instrumental in using Counter spin to causing disruption within the anti mandate movement his Counter Spin, the source of QANON misinformation, seeks to undermine the bipartisan movement from within so it fit the narrative pumped out by corporate media that mandate opponents are just a right wing extremist. That opposition to the mandates must be a partisan issue where your with for us or against us. It ask people to believe in the illusion that our main parties can be separated into left right and not simply backed by the same wealthy interest groups who seek too play both sides as it suits them.

Alp is not stranger to this author (see my letter to Nicky Hager) and our paths seem to keep crossing. The latest direct contact being shortly after March 15th 2019 when I chose to sever my links with my former colleague Vinny Eastwood after I out he was being funded by Kelvyn Alp and later Michael Stace ( a former American intelligence professional) and the NZPP.


This followed initial attempt by Kelvyn to engage me into following bogus leads, including stories of the army detaining people and pointing guns at their head following the Christchurch shooting.

As I became aware of Vinny’s links to Alp Vinny sought to move investigation away from Christchurch. Even though in my eyes it had only begun as I made such discoveries as the shooter had being armed by Gun City whose own David Tipple. Tipple I reported in my 1999 book had helped the CIA and Iran Contra groups arm right wing groups in Nicaragua supplying them with Chinese made weapons. Incidentally in 1987, former police officer and longtime Century Arms employee John Rugg told a U.S. Senate committee Century had also sold rockets grenades and other weapons to Contras as well.


In hindsight Vinny ‘s eagerness to stop investigating Christchurch directly (as Alp first attempt to have me chase wild geese was rejected) now begins to make sense. Because judging by Vinny’s radio schedule, which includes Kealy role as a guest on Viinnys show, the link between Vinny Eastwood and Alp dates back to 2011. This is also around the time Alp made the mistake of putting 10K in my account as a “gift” an act of ‘generosity’ which ironically caused me to take a deeper look into the founder of OURNZ Party and understand his claims of repenting his former skin head values should not be taken at face value. Alp win friends becuase he s generous with his cheque book.

Our NZ in hindsight appeared to be a vehicle which Alp hoped would give legitimacy to the far right by tapping into grass root issues. By latching on to issues once favoured by left wing parties. Parties who in turn have since drifted to the centre of mainstream politics and neoliberal values with big corporate donors. Who in doing so have created a vacuum nature cant abide and thus given an opportunity for the kind of QANON politics Alp and Kealey love to peddle.

It was Alp’s fraction who can now be identified as having removed in the planing stages a call for upholding of the 1688 from the Convoy 2022 mandate.

This is according to co founder of of the Convey 2020 Jess Hudson. This fraction saw 1688 bill of rights replaced with the UN based 1990 Bill of Rights. The later is set of laws was brought in by Labour under the election promise Labour would entrench human rights law once elected. In fact the laws protecting the bill were never passed and today the 1990 Bill of Right can be overwritten by Parliament following the constitutionally dubious 1986 Constitution Act and 2004 shelving of the Supreme Court after Clark misled Maori groups over claims of ownership of seabed and foreshore – the later laws in fact favour mining firms rights over first nation customary rights.

The 2020 Inconsistency Act – currently before the parliament along with the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996 (which will place regulation of GMO and medicines in offshore hands and undermine food labeling once defended by the Greens) amnedment bill. It is just one several bills being slipped into parliament while all eyes are on covid and nothing but covid.

Bills which further erodes the power of New Zealand Courts and Maori sovereignty by declaring any act of parliament found inconsistent with the 1990 Bill of Rights as declared by the courts will be forwarded to the UN Trokia for review as opposed to our own courts. A act which undermines New Zealand constitutional powers and again overrides the Treaty of Waitangi power of indigenous sovereignty and customary land rights used to call out such trade deals that over ride customary right. Deals such as the pro mining pro pharmacy TPPA. Trade deals which have being challenged, via the citing of customary rights, successfully under the Treaty of Waitangi and by the first nation people of Canadian.

Phoenix’s promised to split profits with indigenous landowners on an unprecedented 50/50 basis – which at first generated great excitement in the strife-torn Pacific state, where economic growth is stagnant and an Anzac-led military taskforce has been present since 2003 to prevent a resurgence of ethnic conflict and as interest in mineral potential of the Pacific states sea floor mounts. Share holders however soon maintained Alp failed to deliver on his promise and the mining company was in fact seeking to undermine customary landowners rights that Alp was simply a conman. Phoenix International obtained a mining licence amid controversy, with the head of the Solomon Islands National Union of Workers, Tony Kagovai, labelling Alp a “shady and dangerous character”, and criticising the Solomon Islands government for failing to properly vet the company, which has no previous mining experience. Since then, “cracks have appeared in the agreements with customary landowners on the proposed site, with one group vowing to deny Phoenix access, due to speculation Alp may be a “threat to… national security and sovereignty”.

Not that any of this sort of skull duggery is new. In 1980 Vanuatu Santos Cargo Cult led by Pentecostal church leader Jimmy Stevens was backed by Phoenix Foundation a shadowy group led by former US Special Forces and CIA officers (many of whom participated in the CIA’s Vietnam based assassination squad known as the Phoenix Program), who wanted to set up money laundering hub in Vanuatu, who attempted a coup. The government of Vanuatu appealed for aid from Papua New Guinea, which sent a battalion of soldiers to stop the rebellion after NZ and Australia proved reluctant to step in.

In 2019 a key person to the NZPP led by Jamie Lee Ross (who went over to NZ First) and Billy Te Kaha whose a good mate of Talley fishing good friend NZ First co leader Shane Jones, is Michael Stace. Stace like Alp can be linked to the CIA .

That can be documented via his LinkedIn profile which identifies him as a member of the AFIO an organisation established in the 1970’s by the CIA founded by University of Phoenix Professor and CIA director David Atlee Phillip ,who set the AFIO up to protect the CIA from left wing criticism. It did this by partly by planting moles within left wing anti CIA groups who would spout information that could easily be disproven or by conducting activity which wold ultimately discredit the left wing host organisation if they could not take it over.

The AFIO can be considered the forerunner to the QANON movement which using the CIA destabilising interrogation method White Rabbit has taken turf and issues once deemed the home of left wing grass roots and turned them into a parody which now appeal to the toxic racism of the kind of far right values which Alp a former skin head has targeted. Targeted as the left itself has drifted away from issue such as GMO, or being nuclear free, as James Shaw (a former spin doctor for Bayer Monsanto) has turned the Greens into a party which appeals to the Neoliberal vales of Ponsyby house wives. This is verse the days of Seeds of Distrust when the Greens and the left opposed the idea of untested GMO tech being forced on the public and called for greater transparency on issues such as the labeling of ingredient for food and medicine.

In the new norm far left is far right, far right is far left and the corporations keep sending guns and gold to ensure the process of polarisation is empowered. Thus the right of citizens will dwindle and the might of corporations and the big shots will grows. In the new norm “your either with us or against us” as the ‘right wing’ golfing partner, of alleged liberal Bill Clinton, George Bush once told his flock. His remarks follow the war against Iraq which would be waged on the basis of a lie that falsely linked Iraq to the Al-qaeda attack on the twin towers. When in reality the justification for this lie was to justify an economic hit job motivated by the consumer needs of ‘Team America’ (regardless of who they voted for) which now look to the Pacific and its minerals riches in away that Iraqi and Mexican (what ever their political ideologies might be) are only too familiar with.

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