Open Letter To Nicky Hager

Hi Nicky (Hager), a public letter just read your piece on Covid protest. In part I agree 100% with you on this.

Yet find it amusing the link to Kelvyn Alp & Trump Media is just being acknowledged when I reported on this douche back in March 19 2019 on this when Alp for the third time in my life tried to attach himself to me at the same time my former colleague Vinny Eastwood veered right and took NZPP American Michael Stace.

Please read Counter Punch article Conspiracy Panic

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Then dwell on just how many ex American spooks including Stace have popped up in NZ right wing politics of late.

And I feel Alp as I have previously said to you this was part of an effort to have me branded a white right wing supremacist and it’s not the first time he did it. Back in 2011 he popped 10 grand in my account which he said was a “gift”. I was going to run with Ournz which fell over (an NZPP test run) and I am glad it did. Alp claims to have turned his back on right wing politics were clearly not true as he began to slag of jews which is when I said thank you for the 10G I’m outta here.

Alp claims this cash, which he is very generous with, comes from his mine Phoenix Gold (now google Phoenix Foundation AFIO Santos uprising). Just after March 19, after I told Alp again thanks but no thanks, a nice old lady popped up and she was going to arrange for me to go on TV channels in the USA . This would have been a big deal for me. Except I noticed she was from Waihi where Alp and Outdoors have plenty of friends.

So I looked at her Facebook profile a lot closer. She was a British Right Wing Resistance far right member. These can be linked to the shooter, Kyle Chapman, the Pentagon funded Agov battalions, plus the Nelson Club to which Nick Smith and several former British SAS members plus those with water and mining interest belong to.

So I declined the offer and with it no doubt the considerable donations that went with it.

Today’s Alp’s Counter Spin even uses the font and design of my paper DEADLINE I have run for 25 years

Sue Grey & Alan Simons did the same. My original website was Ben’s World but I had to change it. Because Sue, days after being on my show, decided to call her website Sue World (my first clue which made me begin to investigate her).

Anyone who opposes the government now gets branded right wing and Nicky you kind of just joined the central government polarisation propaganda unit when you wrote that piece in a media outlet that got covid funding (Weird I got no funding and once again turned down the offer of cash).

I know you lost a lot of your fans who were offended by your assumptions on why they are protesting.

The Spinoff get $4000,000 for Covid Relief from the government to pump out pro government propaganda and they cant even get what my story was about correct or my CV right. No I am not a “free lance” writer but an independent non politically affiliated investigative publisher and broadcaster. One with four books 800 magazine behind my credit plus numerous radio shows. I have had that work translated into over a dozen languages and am cited in academia, published work and media as an authority on politics and national security issues in the thirty years I have being doing this — and that is all with out ever having asked for a government hand out or corporate sponsorship.

I also pointed out the Trump/Murdoch angle visa VIP boats who came here during lockdown.

Ironically the Spin Off, who you wrote your piece for, attached me to these conspiracy theorists (I am a conspiracy theorist just not a right wing one) who went on about just one of these boats [Epstein Murdoch’s Dancing Hare] and the fictional link to paedophiles and Satan that this rent-a-mob went on about. This was not my angle and more polarisation by the media with its own political affiliations also helped drown out the real story behind these lock down visitors.

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My own angel was the link these boats had to right wing media and US based tech lords with NZ govt contracts.

The QANON nut jobs however caused such a stink of absurdity this core point got missed by everyone including the reactionary left with its own triggers. And who thus are easily manipulated and duped as the right. Two puppets swing on the same strings.

I am still a greenie and not fond of 1080. I have had multiple vaccines. I am even less fond of its replacement, Brodifacoum made by Bayer.

Nor do I believe from my many chats with Rod Donald the legendary Green leader with his possum fur seat and rainbow suspenders (as we often caught the same plane) would approve of Green’s direction on 1080 or GMO. I strongly suggest you investigate the new laws on GMO labelling and how what comes in now will be decided overseas and what role Clark as head of the UNDP has shaped the turn around on GMO technology and due diligence. I also don’t trust DOC and again ask you to strongly look into their mining and offshore connections with those interested in exploiting our water and mining resources which also emerge in these fringe right wing parties.

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The planet is dying and one way or the other we humans are killing her. Yet where in all those IPCC documents and lear jet junkets is there a single mention of the military industrial complex? Why do the green say so little about the militarization of NZ space. Sure they mention Mahi Rocket Lab. But what about the 27 other sites in NZ that the Pentagon’s Space Force can be linked too ??

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is opera-snapshot_2021-11-13_234728_www.investigatemagazine.com_.png
I also investigated white supremacist groups including the government funded Kyle Chapman National Front, South African Mercenary groups run by Christchurch Old Boys, National Party & Defence big wigs, plus David Tipple the Owner of Gun City who supplied the Christ shooter with his weapons and use run full page advert in the Christchurch Press owned South Canterbury Finance director Humphrey Rolleston who has numerous far right and Pentagon connections.

Kelvyn Alp being dogging me for some time now. First time I heard of him was in Investigate 2000 Day of The Jackal written by my former publisher Ian Wishart (who also veered right when he saw the size of his possible readership). Oddly when I picked this magazine and read what I thought of the AIF I had never heard of them before hand me and Wishart parted company not long after that — a decade later somehow I got asked to be in party where the ideology was meant to be decided by the members. Turns out Alp was funding it and claimed he had left his far right days behind. Not long after that he dropped 10K in my bank account “as a gift” . And just before we got ready to run in the election Alp started talking about the Jews. Thanks Kelvyn for the 10K but Im outta-here you putz March 19th shooting Kelvyn pops back up and soon offer of TV time and cash began once more to emerge except when I investigated them I found they tied back to the Right Wing Resistance. Have never voted right wing in my life in fact I simply don’t vote any more such is my cynicism of politics these days.

Disclosure: total cash I took from those with right wing link since Alp’s 10k is $100.00. This is from a long term friend who husband is douche.

And I have previously defend Willie Huber a family friend who served in the SS as a combat solider who to the best of my knowledge was cleared by US Counter Intelligence of any involvement in war crime. In saying that I am now not so sure about some of my dad’s Christchurch mates of the 1980’s anymore. And if anyone did want to investigate New Zealand Nazi ties I would begin with Ahmed Huber and Fonterra South Canterbury Finance ties to Nazi banks in Lugarno Switzerland specifically All Taqwa 2. Kyle Chapman and the government financed New Way Trust 3.The National Party s1980 ties to Project Democracy & Again it links to Christchurch mercenaries and arms dealers with old school ties links.
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I’m gutted, the well funded right do go on about commie Agenda 2030 — which is absurd. Yet equally no one in the Greens talks about Agenda 2030 long list of vile corporate sponsors including Bayer whom James Shaw worked for as spin doctor. How is it we critique those who oppose what happening as anti vax Nazi (Im neither and feel) and yet no one ask question on how the Greens are now led by Bayer a firm who profited from the Holocaust and never apologised.

Have you seen what Dupont NZ guy has to say about Roundup and the TPPA it kind of proved Rod warning correct on why Toxins as solution opens the door to mission creep and subtlety programming. I have tried to dig it up with no luck. Yet here another aspect of how I see things (read below)

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And again I think these people are funding both sides left and right using the ‘strategy of tension’ the idea of polarising working class and middle class that first used by industrialist in Italy during the 1970’s I become so frustrated. This is not about vax anti vax it is way BIGGER than that but the reactionary left right keep it on this one small issue.

I for one won’t be surprised to see a right wing ground swell as there was a few years back with the TPPA. And like the TPPA the ground swell will get betrayed. ..First we took a step to the left and then a JUMP! to the right.

PS Weird the shooting took place on the same day as the cop 21 marches in NZ I was in Coromandel at the time investigating the mining industry political ties to left and right wing groups.


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HEY MONSANTO LEAVE THOSE KIDS ALONE: Turns out those student climate change strikes were not as spontaneous as our media is reporting (surprise surprise).”Monsanto (manufacturer of cancer inducing roundup) develops agricultural products to assist farmers in cultivating the land, but we know that in order to build a better future, the world will also benefit from cultivating responsible and motivated youth. Monsanto Cultivating Youth for a Better Future” Student rising up for climate change by going on strike, whoo-who awesome let’s get behind that said many who sanely think we need to fight this good fight. And soon word spread on the school yard. It’s cool to be Green and if you don’t think that you can’t hang with the cool kids.Um did any of us adults ever bother to find out where this ‘spontaneous’ movement actually sprang from? What would you think as a parent if I told you it was being fanned by some of the filthiest planetary vandals on the planet?

Will that is exactly what is happening.

In 2015, an “independent” group of students invited students from around the world to skip school on the first day of COP 21, the UNFCCC Climate Conference.

This was called ‘Climate Strike One’ and was organised by the United Nation Global Youth Network whose sponsors for this very ‘green’ teen slumber party included water privatisation monsters Nestle their defacto subsidiaries Coca cola and Pepsi, Starbucks, Du Pont Chemicals, Anglo-American tobacco, BHP Billiton, Shell Oil, Rio Tinto Monsanto and it parent Bayer just to name a few of its partners from a long list of corporate scum-baggery.

It also included Autodesk, a Canadian smart technology giant recently purchased by TPPA member Singapore state owned Surbana Jurong, China’s economic expansion partner in The Beltway Roads who last month (as NZ wakes up to reality of water privatisation that the NZ ratification of the TPPA has brought upon us), brought Snowy Mountain Hydro Engineering ltd. The latter is the brain of Australia’s Snowy Hydro Scheme which in turn is the absolute soul of Australia’s water strategy for the next century.

This is all being marketed under the auspice of the United Nation’s corporate dominated climate strategy known as Agenda 2030.Finance for the Surbana Jurong spending spree came from the China’s International Construction Bank whose directors in New Zealand included Jenny Shipley famed of the Mainzeal rort, Oriva (Food & Water) and is Vice President of the Club of Madrid who also promote the 17 goals of Agenda 2030 and the goals of its “partners”, Nestles, Coca Cola, Monsanto its parent firm Bayer.

Then there were the COP21 speakers; Tim Grosser, an economic hitman, who as senior Foreign Affairs bureaucrat helped to pass the TPPA under both Clark and Key Labour and National.

It was Metiria Turia, of the Greens who first called the TPPA a “Magna Carta for Corporations” that delivered absolute power (Dunedin 22/5/2015).

A statement made shortly before she fell/was pushed on her sword during last election and was replaced by James Shaw co leader of the Greens. Shaw incidentally is a former consultant to Bayer (Monsanto parent firm), the Hong Kong Shang Hai Bank of China and Price Water House Cooper (PWHC).PWHC (whom Shaw also worked for) told the New Zealand government that if it signed the Kyoto Protocols in 2002 it would make $3 billion a year. Only to tell us after we ratified the treaty that no New Zealand would lose $3billion. PWHC had made a $6 billion, per annum, gaff it simply called an “accounting error”.

Other speakers at COP21 Sean Kidney Climate bonds, Wayne Sharpe Carbon Trade Exchange and Carl Pendragon of Carbon Wealth.Yes the Agenda 2030 corporate controlled version of global environmental being sold our kids is not so much a benevolent Spock and Kirk spouting one planetary live long and groovy baby but rather a case of corporate Klingons chanting “nachDaq yInISQo’ qoH chev pong Qot” (only a fool lets his head be separated by lies) who are pushing a predatory form of fake environmentalism, via sophisticated marketing aimed at the youth market, that ultimately will deliver the very opposite results of it carefully crafted propaganda.

Hopefully our kids are smarter than the many adults who formed opinions without doing their homework first. One more reason to stay in school.


  1. Be careful, Ben. They call them jackals for a reason. They can and do get away with things, make things look like accidents, etc.


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