JOHN KEY BUDDIES RAMP UP TO MAKE BILLIONS -Major Cyber Attack Imminent & The Insiders Know It.


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says “a global effort to combat the rise in cyberattacks” the same week US President Joe Biden ‘confronted’ Russia’s Vladimir Putin over the harbouring of malicious hackers. Hacker which the west is alleging come from China and Russia who lay at the heart of the battle for tech superiority between China and the USA. Its battle New Zealand seems to keep getting caught in the middle of.

The same week Ardern warned of Russian Chinese hackers Adern had being having discussion with members of the influential US think tank Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) with whom she held a video conference last Thursday before (17/6/2021) morning.

Adern would stat in her post CRF briefing “Cybersecurity is a space where New Zealand and the United States have been working together. But I think building multilateral architecture in this space would be important, as will be the enforcement because actually it’s often hard for us to identify when things are being perpetrated by state actors,” she also noted the recent Waikato District Health Board ransomware attack  and said it showed “how devastating” such attacks could be.

The CFR is a primary member of the circle of Washington think-tanks promoting endless war established by ‘Left wing billionaire George Soros and right wing oil magnate and Trump supporter the Koch Brother. Last March 2020 I reported on how fund raiser Wayne Laufer luxury boat Gayle Force was one of the boat tied up next to Murdoch Media Empire three boats in the Auckland viaduct through out 2020 (along with boat belonging to Google top executive and Jeff Bezos)). Swiss Propaganda Research centre as part of there ‘Defend Assange’ campaign name the CFR as the chief lobby tool controlling the bulk of USA pro-war media narrative.

Ardern’s talk with the CFR comes during an intense week of global politics. “Group of 7” or G7 leaders held a meeting in the United Kingdom in the past week, with US President Joe Biden, United Kingdom leader Boris Johnson, European leaders, and Australian Prime Minster Scott Morrison. Where again the world leaders placed Cyber threat at the top of their itinerary.  Ardern was questioned by CFR members on New Zealand’s relationship with China, on cyberattacks, and domestic policies. Specifically this included the incorporation of wellbeing measures in Government Budgets, the 2025 smoke-free goal, and gun control.

The CRC also advised the Biden Putin summit was a “dangerous idea” and may have “backed fired“.

Either way this was good news for PwC New Zealand and the global cybersecurity company, Palo Alto Networks, whose executive include former Prime Minister John Key.

The two firms announced an expanded partnership with the aim of strengthening cybersecurity defences for New Zealand businesses. PwC’s Managed Cyber Defence (MCD) service, with Cortex XDR by Palo Alto Networks, is now available to joint customers in New Zealand, across Japan, and Asia-Pacific. The partnership will so PWC state “bring together New Zealand and UK cyber security teams from two global cybersecurity companies, giving joint customers an end-to-end, AI-driven, cybersecurity service helping to minimise and prevent cyber threats“. It comes as Price Waterhouse Coopers revealed their plans to spend $12 billion and hire 100,000 new people in areas such as artificial intelligence and cybersecurity by 2026, the latest move by a Big Four accounting firm to bet big on technology.

“PwC says the local partnership will serve New Zealand businesses and organisations across a range of sectors, including technology, communications, utilities, aviation, government, retail, and law enforcement. And a number of international clients primarily based in Europe and the U.S. will also be supported by PwC teams across Wellington, Auckland, and Edinburgh.”


Previously PWC where pivotal to the privatisation and politics of New Zealand Carbon market and the takeover of New Zealand’s electricity market.

The process of privatisation was carried on under the David Lange administration under the auspice of Roger Douglas and known as Rogernomics in the 1980’s – who also saw the undervaluation of NZ Forestry shortly before the first round of Treaty settlements.

Meridian was one of three electricity companies formed from the break-up of the Electricity Corporation of New Zealand (ECNZ) in 1998–99, taking over the Waitaki River and the Manapouri hydro schemes.

Meridian originated from the break-up of the Electricity Corporation of New Zealand (ECNZ) in 1999, under John Key- which saw it possible for foreign ownership of New Zealand electrical grid line as a result of the reforms of the New Zealand Electricity Market.

Meridian’s share of ECNZ was then corporatized as a state-owned enterprise with its own board of directors and with two Ministerial shareholders: the Minister of Finance and the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises. In 2008, the new Meridian issued and sold the first carbon credits issued and sold under program of the Kyoto Protocol. New Zealand joined those protocols after getting advise by Price Water House Cooper who told our government if we signed the protocols we would make 3 billion in profit – after being ratified Price Water House cooper stated they had made a 6 billion per year “accounting error” and NZ would loose 3 billion a year.

NZ is currently in the process of raising the price of carbon credits which equates to free money to hose who have invested in a market first established by no less than the Energy provider in directly responsible for the failure of the Houston grid in 2020 Enron. Enron first invented the idea of a weather based futures or derivates market known as “future weather trading” for the issue of acid rain. Today 2/3 of New Zealand carbon credits are now owned by an energy industry increasingly owned by offshore interest (mostly American) as New Zealand is advised that our energy solution to climate change will be too rely on hydrogenated electricity.


New Zealand’s best known political investigative report Nicky Hager writes of John Key (who is also widely known in New Zealand as the Smiling Assassin) and his government in the Guardian after Hager wrote a bestselling book about Key’s reign called Dirty Politics;

‘New Zealand’s National party resoundingly won a third term in government on Saturday, despite revelations in my recent book about a dirty tricks campaign run from the prime minister’s office. The book generated nation-wide interest and two major figures in the story were forced to resign. But as the voting results showed, it’s arguable that the dirty tricks had already worked, smearing and destabilising political opponents and paving the way to victory. His government has worked systematically to close down critical voices: academics, scientists, media and more. The government used its access to official information to devise repeated mini scandals for launch by the bloggers. Various news organisations saw the attack bloggers as easy sources of scoops and cooperated in these manufactured scandals”.

Before Sir John Key became PM he made his money as a derivative trader for Merill Lynch. That is the firm which along with PWC enabled the 1999 multi billion dollar energy fraud of Enron who robbed public investors of blind and lead the path towards total privatisation of America’s energy grid in the 2000s.

In 2019 Key having completed two terms as New Zealand Prime Minister joined the cyber security company’s Palo Alto board in 2019. Just as his government signed off on $20 billion in defence spending much of which will focus on cyber security plus a CFR endorsed ‘Wellbeing Budget’, which had the Labour government funding a $100 million on keeping “New Zealanders cyber secure and building a secure digital nation.”

This part of wiring NZ permanently into the ‘Matrix’ was headed by Kris Faafoi Minister of Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media. Faafoi has also signed off on a $50 million media Covid 19 subsidy to Kordia.
Kordia is a NZ government owned firm whose board of directors however reads like a whose who of telecommunications media management and infrastructure service providers corporate lobbyist.

Key joined as Palo faced controversy over executive compensation and results that fell short of investor and analyst expectations. In April 2020, post lock down, Palo Alto share were worth 120. They are now at 224 after a sudden down drive from 240 but are climbing back up with a 20% increase. Alto Networks appointed Key as they chose to expand its New Zealand business operations in order to better “prepare local businesses” for what they say are growing cyber security concerns.


Palo Alto Networks, Inc. (NYSE: PANW) is an American multinational cybersecurity company with headquarters in Santa Clara, California. The company serves over 60,000 organisations in over 150 countries It is home to the Unit 42 threat research team thats compromised of former cyber intelligence officers from agency like the NSA US Airforce and Army. Palo Alto Networks was founded in 2005 by Israeli-American Nir Zuk who began his career in cyber security working for the Israeli military. Palo Alto predicts that in 2020, the world will see alongside the role out of 5G the evolution of IoT associated security threats “we will see a growth in attack modes coming in via unsecured apps or weak login credentials.

Bomb scare forces Auckland workers out of Victoria St West office building  - NZ Herald

Palo Alto Networks has been in New Zealand since 2011 when it hosted a convention at the Sky City Convention Centre. Technology demonstration where the sponsors include Kordia (who evolved out of the the former propaganda arm located inside the New Zealand Broad Casting Authority during WWII), who can be linked to three alleged terror threats which all proved to be false alarms ‘deep fakes.’

These include;
2001: in Wellington outside it Tory St offices involving white powder (at the time of the 2001 US Anthrax scare – which later traced back to the US military biowarfare site Fort Detricks) .

2019: in Auckland where a bomb threat was made outside it offices.

2019 bomb threat in Dunedin by the University which Kordia is located next too. Also the site of the 2015 lockdown which followers threat made to the University of Otago on the same social media chart room used by the Christchurch Mosque shooter, the day after the attempted live streaming of Orlando shooting. An event which contradicts claim authorities had no idea attack like the Christchurch mosque shooting would happen in New Zealand and they were not monitoring the racist social media chat rom the gun had visited frequently.

Kordia’s subsidiary cyber security Aura Infosec like Palo is made up former spies and military specialist from Five Eyes the western cyber security alliance. It is part the gradual expanding of private interest into state security as the fiction threat posed by 9 Eyes in James Bond move Spectre becomes an emerging reality. In addition to hiring cyber keyboard warriors Kordia also employs psychologist and social engineer who specialise in motivating people in the ‘right direction’ See Also Kordia Ministry of Untruth

PWC & Palo Alto are not the only New Zealand firm gearing up for major cyber attacks with some sudden and serious spending on cybersecurity. NZX-listed logistics and transport company Mainfreight boosted its cyber defences in the year to 31 March as part of a close to $68 million investment in technology. Former prime minister Dame Jenny Shipley and three other directors of failed construction company Mainzeal faced millions of dollars fines to pay back creditors who lost out to the tune of $110 million when the company collapsed in early 2013.  

In 2021 John Key was a guess speaker at Crisis X where the 2021 theme was Surviving A Cyber Security Disaster” Other speakers include Mohammed Khan a Business Process Consultant for HP South Pacific (Australia and New Zealand) a key sponsor for the conference. Khan was also a speaker at the 2019 Crisis X Conference held in Christchurch in the weeks before the March 19th shooting where the conference focused on terror event linked to an online activity. It advised its clients on how opportunity could be seized from crisis if the crisis could master the “art of appearing sincere” Other speakers included controversial former top cop Rob Pope, Daniel Laufer a” global crisis management expert”, ex spook an Palo Alto executive Sean Duca, Tony Arnold of ANZ another firm Key connected too. Food Stuff have also being present at all crisis X conferences. There subsidiary Countdown became the focus of a knife attack in Dunedin in May 2021. This was used to justify the need for staff to wear body cameras even though such technology was already being trialled in Australia in May 2021 and follows Food Stuff parent firm Woolworths stated it anticipated coming food crisis at joint commercial and government conference held in Canberra in 2020

In 2018 Hewlett-Packard South Pacific nsuffered a net loss of AU$48 million in 2018. Most of that relates to failed investment HP made in China. It also came as HP decision to pull put of China was met by hackers, working on behalf of China’s Ministry of State Security, attacking the networks of Hewlett Packard Enterprise and IBM. The alleged attacks were part of a Chinese campaign known as Cloudhopper.

In 2020 HP has reported further declining sales and announced it would cut jobs and reduce executive pay, saying the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted supply chains for data-center hardware. Specifically a shortage of chip components from China. It revenue has fallen 16% to $6 billion in the period ended April 30, the San Jose, California-based company said Thursday in a statement.

John Podesta with Grant Roberson New Zealand Ministry of Finance Wellington February 2020


It was however in 2019 that the former White House Chief of Staff John Podesta warned New Zealand was a juicy Cyber target. Podesta was in New Zealand for an undisclosed reason (details remain sparse) and spoke just prior to the March 19th shooting by Australian gun man which targeted Muslims at prayer at two mosque in Christchurch. Podesta made his remarks during his trip to New Zealand and Australia where his brother Tom Podesta (Photo below) founded the Australian American Council ( a lobbying group backed by weapons manufacturers and energy companies including Lockheed Martin who are keen to dominate Australia domestic energy and mineral market ).

Similar warnings were made in Sri Lanka by Podesta college Samantha Fox shortly before the 2019 bombing of churches in Easter and again why Fox was three is unclear as like Podesta she was at the time of speaking no longer an official white house spokesperson.

That attack followed the Mosque attack which the BBC insinuated in several articles was the work of ‘terrorist for hire’ responsible for the 2008 Mumba attacks. Those who where selecting target linked to China Belt Road expansion in what could be seen as tit for tat as China refused to provide access to western firms and Council of Foreign Relations allied Georg Soros wanting to invest in export related industry within China. If the BBC is correct it raises images of the BBCI bank terror net work who Time Magazine Johnathan Gwnnye, in his book BBCI The Outlaw Bank, points out was as much about raising Islam to the level of power held by the Super Powers (by helping it accumulate WMD technology for Islam key states of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan) as Islam politics mixed with global finance as it was about  evading regulation or control by governments and helping their clients avoid paying taxes

In July 2020 this author reported how NZ was facing an increase in Cyber attacks. The first wave of attacks came just after John Key, the former Prime Minister of New Zealand (who worked for American bank Merrill Lynch) and following his stint as New Zealand PM worked for ANZ one the major banks involved in the Paradise paper money laundering allegations, became a director of the world wide cyber security company Palo Alto.

It follows Key’s time as PM where Key expanded New Zealand’s spy services mass surveillance (placing his friend Ian Fletcher in charge) and borrowed 20 billion to spend on defence . Much of which was invested in cyber warfare technology as he dragged NZ deeper into the Five Eyes spying and as Five Eyes expanded its brief to include trade and commerce. Key was also a major backer of New Zealand signing the TPPA with the cooperation of the following Adern Labour government.

In June 2020 I also reported (The Return of Inspector Bozo) how Key “who is now marketing himself as cyber security czar says State-based cyber attacks are not new, and people who do not take their cyber risks seriously could get an “awful surprise” . Key at the time was speaking at the launch of tech industry hub Umbrellar Connect on Friday. Key was speaking in the capacity as being a director on the board of USA cyber security giant Palo Alto“.

Key during his Prime Ministership had got to like playing solider and had also formed a loose “think tank” of what he called Free Thinkers to look at future security threat.

The group was made up Key old school chum Ian Fletcher, currently the head of the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB), General Rhys Jones the former head of the NZDF whose famed for loosing a defamation case against investigative reporter outlining New Zealand’s role in war crime in Afghanistan and for being in charge when a training manual was unearthed calling journalist “subversives” Sir Peter Gluckman, the ambitious Prime Minister’s Science Advisor who may in New Zealand accuse of having privatised academia. Oh and it included Therese Walsh? Well, the Chief Executive of the 2015 Cricket World Cup, Keith Turner, the chairman of Fisher & Paykel. The group is a collection of right wing conservatives, hawks, financial opportunists, and old boy school tie self entitlement.


I also reported this July 2020 how the New Zealand attacks tied to Russian hacking group Fancy Bear came only weeks after Russian IT expert Alexander Vinnik was arrested in Greece on an extradition order from the United States. Prosecutors alleged Vinnik a bitcoin banker for Facy Bears controlled a Bitcoin exchange which laundered billions of dollars for criminal networks. Vinnik denies the charges and fought the extradition for three years. In 2019 as part of the criminal proceedings The New Zealand police Asset Recovery Unit has announced it had frozen around $140 million controlled by a New Zealand company registered to Vinnik has been frozen in connection to the global investigation.

While 412 Lake Road Takapuna Auckland, was also the address used by SWISS FINANCE CORPORATION LIMITED which was subject to a 2011 New Zealand Reserve Bank warning.

A third firm linked to it on the ICIJ database Butterfield Trust can be identified as having being run by an Auckland director, Matthew James Butterfield,central to an RNZ investigation into alleged money-laundering. Buttefield was banned from operating in the tax haven of Guernsey in 2010, five years shortly before he started work as a trust and company lawyer in New Zealand. Butterfield appeared in a Colorado deposition hearing as part of a US court battle over a separate case involving alleged fraud, theft, money-laundering, tax evasion, assassination and Azerbaijan oil & gas. The RNZ investigation was part of Project Daphne, a multi-country journalist collaboration, carried out by the Consortium of International Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), to carry on the work of Maltese journalist Daphne Cauana Galizia, who was murdered by a car bomb on 16 October 2017 while reporting on Maltese government corruption and the Azerbaijan-linked money laundering. Daphne investigation known as the Panama papers would spur an even larger investigation into billions of dollars of money laundered, used to pay bribes paid and hidden so as to avoid taxes. The Colorado case includes an alleged plot to misappropriate $US74 million held in trust for “super rich” Russians. One Russian described as a billionaire politician had placed assets in a New Zealand trust set up in his son’s name.

The New Zealand addresses used by Vinnik is 412 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland , New Zealand. The same address, which this author has tied hundreds of New Zealand nominee business registered in New Zealand using the Panama Paper Data base and the New Zealand Companies office register via a4th ICIJ listed business Tundra Finance which in turn un-earthed the extensive cache of firms tied to this offshore front including but not limited to;

Company nameAppointed to roleCompany IncorporatedCompany Address
KAPITI CONSOLIDATED LIMITED28 Mar 200328 Mar 2003412 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland NEW ZEALAND
ASPEN CONSOLIDATED LIMITED28 Mar 200328 Mar 2003121 Kawaha Point Road, Kawaha Point, Rotorua, 3010 NEW ZEALAND
TULLOCH CONCEPTS LIMITED13 Apr 200513 Apr 2005412 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland NEW ZEALAND
ETERNAL DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED1 Aug 20051 Aug 2005412 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland NEW ZEALAND
ATOR LIMITED22 May 2008 – 20 Feb 2012 (resigned)22 May 2008412 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland NEW ZEALAND
DELPHI FINANCIAL SERVICES NZ PTY LIMITED14 Jul 2010 – 14 Aug 2010 (resigned)27 May 2008412 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland NEW ZEALAND
TRADING AND SHIPPING TRUST COMPANY LIMITED31 Jul 2008 – 8 Mar 2012 (resigned)31 Jul 2008NZTCS, Level 2, 60 Grafton Road, Grafton, Auckland, 1010 NEW ZEALAND
PREMIUM NZ HOLDINGS LIMITED14 Aug 200814 Aug 2008412 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland NEW ZEALAND
BENJAMIN CHARLES LIMITED14 Aug 2008 – 4 Nov 2011 (resigned)14 Aug 2008412 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland NEW ZEALAND
GOLDWATER COMPANY LIMITED18 Jun 2009 – 8 Mar 2012 (resigned)18 Jun 2009c/- Margaret Moore, 7 Summer Street, Ponsonby, Auckland, 1011 NEW ZEALAND

This network can also immediately be identified back to the 2009 SP Trading GT Group affair in which billions were laundered through NZ. A crime which headlines world wide and revealed New Zealand was a major cog in the global money laundering machine. I thought that was a bit to much for the hacks of New Zealand to cope with so keeping it simple I contacted major news paper and simply pointed out that Fancy Bear the group linked to the hacks could be tied to the million seized by NZ cops. The response to this fact (by local media) was not interested.

Subsequent investigation of what key Russia actors are up to in New Zealand showed a disturbing interest by both the ‘Russian’ hackers and the Russian underworld in New Zealand water and power infrastructure which I covered in my October post GOLD’ FINGER – The Theft of NZ Water & the vulnerability of strategic infrastructure This comes New Zealand pushed for greater reliance of electric hydropower of which today more than 51% (if you include service and support companies) by offshore firms dominated as the case is in Australia by US based firms. The issue of water energy and bitcoin and utility infrastructure cyber security has being constantly in the background of the 2019 Christchurch attacks from day one.


This author not is not surprised as the lack of local media attention in these big issue stories. For even in the case of SP Trading, the New Zealand press of course only jumped on the story after it became headlines over seas. Though SP Trading affair, the Paradise Papers all vindicates my own finding as published in the 1999 best seller State Secrets and it’s 2006 State Secrets II (which devoted a chapter to the sleaze of Christchurch Southern Canterbury Finance just prior to the companies ‘surprise’ collapse) which sprang out the Wine Box inquiry concerning New Zealand’s role into money laundering and organised crime involving New Zealand and the authorities. Subjects which I had begun to investigate in the mid 1990’s following my own concerns over inconsistency I noted from my time as a reserve solider attached to intelligence and after discussing these issue with other colleagues who felt corruption in New Zealand was more sever than was widely thought and as it was reported.

Twenty years later it highly significant to note Patrick Gower TV3 top journalist recent investigation of meth and the Sinaloa Drug cartel for TV3 once again vindicated my current claims concerning their activity here in NZ. In the context the SP Trading Wachovia Bank USA transaction identified the two largest players of the SP Trading transaction as the Mexican Sinaloa cartel and the Russian actors to which Vinnik New Zealand transaction can be directly tied (with official red lights over the address used by Vinnik date back to 2011.

Its my belief TV3 is now digging deep onto the Sinaloa links and we can expect this story to gain traction. Though how much that will deal with the white collar kiwi links is yet to be seen.

RCMP official charged with breaching official secrets law oversaw ...

Its an event (again not getting coverage by local media) which now sits at the heart of the current Cameron Ortis spy scandal in Canada.

Ortis a former analyst who leaked top secret papers to crime cartels including the Mexican Sianalo and Russia mafia has caused a massive row within Five Eyes security alliance. At the American end the allegation of corruption have being pointed at the “highest levels” with American senate making it clear that neither Adern or Key government are deemed without fault. That the US intelligence community beleives New Zealand is the weakest link and we got to close to both the Russian and the Chinese as our leaders played both side of the room.

Ortis risk exposing mass corruption at the highest levels within Five Eyes is described as “serious spy shit” this event is very much tied to US China battle for Pacific Asia domination.

Its a conflict in which NZ citizens finds themselves as piggy in the middle and on the front-lines of a brutal economic fire fight unfolding around them. That is to say their is no good guy bad guy to this story it is simply a tale about a power play being fought by large powerful fractions, none of whom have NZ’s best interest at heart.

It a tale with one common denominator and that denominator is power.


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