The Vidgen Book of Murder – The Enlighten Ones [section1]

“And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids! Scooby Doobie Doo.

CLARICATIONS of Terms & Intent:

I am not here to bash the occult (or anyone’s chosen belief systems whatever they maybe), or to be sanctimonious (If I had a halo it would be a rusty and dull one). In saying that those I write about are not guilty of watching thirty years olds in school uniforms, or ‘naughty nurses bondage outfits’. Rather they are engaged in the full blown abuse of children and teens subject not to both sexual abuse and extreme level of violence and sadism. Also lets not forget while some of the predators I look at in this do have genuinely occult (in the context they are genuinely pursuing what would be deemed to be authentic wiccan practices) in most case the esoteric involved are;

A) More window dressing/camouflage than the actual primary purpose being genuine ‘worship’.

B) In many cases the actual abusers where active members of the Catholic and Anglican priesthood and the so called label of satanic abuse involved;

1. Cases where the victim, due to age, has confused or associated the costume of priesthood with something more esoteric.

2. The offender has used the avatar of ‘Satanism’ as a manipulation tool, or as an alter ego, used to compartmentalise or act out their ‘fantasy’ (it wasn’t me it was the ‘demon’ in me who made me do it’).

I am not an occult specialist of the arcane ( I’m just a grubby muggle flat foot who hung out in some dodgy bars and knows some interesting people) which among other things requires a study of specialist languages, a study of quantum physics (not to be confused with quantum mechanic which all to often gets used to pedal pseudo science). My post is written from the point of an academically qualified political scientist (since were talking mumbo jumbo black arts) and as some one who has over thirty years experience in writing about terrorism (and if orchestrated mass ritualistic terror is not terrorism what is then?). Which combined with my qualification experiences in history, media, studies and art symbolism, I feeI qualifies me (along with my experience on writing for decades on the topics of abuse of power and covert organisations) to comment that one of the reasons ritual abuse gets misreported is due a combined mis-definition of what the term satanic cult means to begin with. A folly compounded by an attempt too incorrectly report this as partisan issue when it is simply is not a partisan issue.

So to clarify when I use the term “Satanic paedophile” I am instead talking of those who understand the power of theatre and mentalism (not magic) as tools for abuse. So in this context when I use the term ‘Satanic Cult abuse’ I doing so having first defined that term as the use of ritualised abuse in which esoteric beliefs, or prop’s, are utilised or employed by the offenders or used to engage, enact, camouflage, or cover up an act of sexual abuse in an organised institutionalised manner.


Mainstream is increasingly reporting that UFOs are not only real but even suggesting their a “Galactic Federation” meeting in secret with government officials. One wacky idea being given serious media time as supposedy serious people can be found telling us we should be taking this allegation seriously. Meanwhile post Epstein the mainstream can still be found treating the idea of ‘satanic’ abuse with disdain and scorn and writing about it is considered a career death blow for any journalist in mainstream channels silly enough to try and raise it?

Though the reality of UFO’s and specifically the idea actual aliens walk among us are claims which are inevitably offered up with not a shred of proof. Or at less none reaching the levels of proofs Nasa Astronomer and Ufologist Carl Sagan set when he first said “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary levels of proof”. For the idea being currently pushed by Pentagon officials and politicians like John Podesta gathers speed that ‘aliens are here’ has received zero scientific backing. Nor have its promoters provided any meaningful evidence that actual close encounters of the third kind (actual aliens encounter)) have taken place.

Jeremy Corbell the New Age pseudo scientist the Corporate media are taking seriously. Nice skull Jeremy wink wink nudge nudge.

In contrast the same media seem reluctant to discuss the idea that yes their is a network of globally powerful individual who use ritualised ‘satanic’* abuse for the goals of self gratification, black mail and securing power over others.

This is despite the fact the actual evidence of such cabal operating really is not that hard to find. Well at less when it is compared against the volume of quality work which argues UFO’s are space ships for aliens who walk amongst us. Stories which have being promoted by Jeremy Corbell and Luis Elizondo.

Elizondo claims to have worked on a secret government project for the US government. There however is no evidence he worked for the government on a UFO program, much less led one. His claims he worked for the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, known as AATIP is disputed by those who can themselves document that really did work for AATIP (so you think they might know who the boss was right?). Regardless Wikipedia attribute him as the boss of AATIP even though this in fact has not being documented as a genuine fact.

The footage was released by a company called ‘To The Stars’ founded in 2017 whose board of directors reads likes a whose of former intelligence officers including Jim Semivan, a senior intelligence officer with the CIA, Steve Justice of military contractors Lockheed Martin (the chief financier of New Zealand based Rocket Lab), Christopher Karl Mellon (born of Mellon Oil dynasty), a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Défense for Intelligence in the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations and later for Security and Information Operations. Mellon formerly served as the Staff Director of the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Mellon claims in Corbell’s video that he met with an unnamed individual in the parking lot of the Pentagon and was handed a package containing three videos recorded by U. S. Navy pilots between 2004 and 2015.

It gets better ‘To The Stars’ partners also included Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge who names appears in the John Podesta, the former White House Chief of Staff, UFO wikileaks emails in the context of a proposed “Sekret” project to be aimed at the youth market and his promise to keep the names of those advising him (Podesta), on how to market the story, secret. The Wikileak emails lists the media sources of those who were cooperating with the project as including Rolling Stones, Washington Post, New York Times.

See also STORM AREA 51 Spontaneous or Engineered Kool Aid? social media algorithm manipulation & social engineering.

Corbell’s own back ground is listed as quantum studies (the metaphysical belief or pseudo science that seek to relate spirituality, or mystical worldviews to the ideas of quantum mechanics), Jujitsu and “Warrior Yoga”. His other documentaries include Patient Seventeen a movie about alien implants, involving Bob Lazar the widely discredited Ufologist who claims to have a degree from MIT & Cal tech. A claim disputed by MIT & Cal tech who say they have no record of Lazar as having being a student. Similar background checks of the few names, who have suddenly gained instant media credibility (as the US military and American Media believe not just in Aliens and Flying Saucers but that aliens actually walk among us) raise similar red flags. Especially as the primarily corporate media pushing this story selectively gloss over the fact that confirmation that the visual footage released is authentic does not mean the ‘ufologist’ analyst of that footage and it audio content has being accepted by the authorities in itself.


But lets get back to the misreporting of ritual abuse cases by the same corporate media who tell us ‘satanic’ sex ring conspiracys are silly as in the same breath they expect us (Or at less the teens who walk among us) swallow ET Tabloidstyle trash journalism as if it were a pullitzer wining new story while offering zero proof, in terms no real qualitity empircal evidence is actually offered to support their claims.

Wikipedia ( always a useful measuring stick for what the primary dogma of the day believes) notes incorrectly the right wing conspiracy theory movement known as Q or QAnon, which originated on 4Chan in 2017, has “adopted many of the tropes of SRA and Satanic Panic. Instead of day care canters being the center of abuse, however, liberal Hollywood actors, Democratic politicians, and high-ranking government officials are portrayed as a child-abusing cabal of Satanists”.

In part this is push back as the largest so called satanic abuse case (which I wont be covering here) Pizzagate is directly linked to John Podesta of the Obama administration and thus claims of ritual sexual abuse have being politicalised. And thus like the unknown origins of Covid19 any argument which is perceived as being attached to the belief of the pro Donald Trump camp has being rejected out of hand. Such is the politics of the current day where we are encouraged to form polarizng tribes who can only see in black and white, ‘Us orThem’. Though in the case of Covid its now being realised that the theory a pathogen may have come from lab was in itself not a wild theory but the actual issue critics had with this idea was that Trump jumped on an issue to exploit it opportunistically for this own agenda. Once he began selling the concept his political opponent rejected it simply becuase Trump was saying it.

Before Trump emerged convicted Hollywood sexual abusers include Harvey Weinstein donated more than $1.4 million in political contributions to the DNC since the 1992 election cycle. Those donations are related to claims earlier allegations against Bernstein were washed under the carpet. Another pro DNC supporter Bill Crosby raped over 34 women as Hollywood looked the other way. So institutionalised child abuse is a liberal thing right?

Well No.

African American bands such as the Disposable Heroes of Hip Hop say for starters abusers like Bill Crosby represented a class of African American leaders who convinced African American to ignore the DNC adoption of right wing economic neoliberalism and its impact on lower socio America in exchange for power and patronage of the DNC. Before we accept Wikapedia allegation that those labelled guilty of satanic abuse by right wingers are liberals (becuase their patronage of the DNC) we have to first ignore the right wing neoliberal policy of the DNC to begin with.

The second fallacy is the blame is partisan. There is plenty of data to connect well-known figure, within US circles, from both the DNC and Republicans. While around the world those linked to child trafficking with (for the purpose of this work) an esoteric connection come not just from the equivalent of the neo liberal DNC and the neo conservative GOP but they also come from the very unliberal ranks of aristocracy and even as we shall see in later sections from the far right where Satanist not only don’t vote for the so called liberal politics of the DNC but can be found not only chanting ‘Hail Satan’ but also saluting with a ‘Heil Hitler’.

This later aspect also deals with the reluctance of so called ‘liberal’ media to put some of the older and obvious lightening rods of upmarket uptown racist white male in the frame (such as the Ivy league gentleman clubs and Greek alphabet ring alumni) as neoliberalism uses the spectre of so called woke politic to wages a jihad against the working class and any one who opposes a corporate model based on extreme capitalism. Capitalism the real predatory wolf which lurks beneath the robes – hijacking of so many progressive causes ranging from environmentalism to gender equality and diversification.

In the following essay I wish to present ten cases where Satanic Abuse (as I define it) can be seen to have being solidly documented.

Ten case which allow us to reach the following conclusion; It extremely unlikely aliens walk amongst us but there is certainly no question that a club of self entitled monster is a solid and provable bipartisan reality

Contrary to the Democrat friendly press and the Republican slanted QANON propaganda machine Epstein Lolita was bipartisan it flew Democrats Republicans and even Royals. The only things its paedophile owner cared about was power and the means to obtain more power be it through knowledge or money.

BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE & OTHER SUPERCILLOUS EGO MANIACS – graduates of the ‘invisible college (aka The House of Slytherin).


The relationship between the University and the Patrician, absolute ruler and nearly benevolent dictator of Ankh-Morpork, was a complex and subtle one. The wizards held that, as servants of a higher truth, they were not subject to the mundane laws of the city. The wizards said that, as followers of the light of wisdom, they owed allegiance to no mortal man. The Patrician said that this may well be true but they also owed a city tax of two hundred dollars per head per annum, payable quarterly. The wizards said that the University stood on magical ground and was therefore exempt from taxation and anyway you couldn’t put a tax on knowledge.

The Patrician said you could. It was two hundred dollars per capita; if per capita was a problem, decapita could be arranged…The Patrician said he was talking about easy terms. They wouldn’t want to know about the hard terms. The wizards said that there was a ruler back in , oh, it would be the Century of the Dragonfly, who had tried to tell the University what to do. The Patrician could come and have a look at him if he liked”.

The Patrician said that he would. He truly would. In the end it was agreed that while the wizards of course paid no taxes, they would nevertheless make an entirely voluntary donation of, oh, let’s say two hundred dollars per head, without prejudice, mutatis mutandis, no strings attached, to be used strictly for non-militaristic and environmentally-acceptable purposes.

The Unseen University City of An- Morh-pork by satirist Terry Pratchett Disk World

Cases included;

1. NXIVM was an American sex cult who engaged in sex trafficking. Based in New York, the home of course to Jeffrey Epstein. The group was shown in court to have been a recruiting platform for a secret society that used pseudo new age beliefs called “DOS” in which women were branded and forced into sexual slavery.

As of April 2019, five people associated with NXIVM including co-founder Seagram heiress Clare Bronfman pleaded guilty to various charges. Its founder Keith Raniere was convicted in federal court of sex trafficking and racketeering on June 19, 2019. On September 30, 2020, Clare Bronfman was sentenced to six years and nine months in federal prison. As of September 2020, it was estimated about 50 to 60 people remained “very loyal” to Raniere who was sentenced to 120 years in prison in October 2020. It followers included media celebrities Alison Mack (Smallville), Kristin Kreuk (Smallville), Sarah Edmonson (Stargate), Nikki Clyne Battle Star Galatica, Grace Park (Haiwaii Five O reboot).

Mark Vicente, a documentary filmmaker and former high-ranking member of the group, testified at the trial of NXIVM head Keith Raniere that Clare Bronfman, the billionaire Seagram’s heiress and alleged benefactor of the organization, approached him and a few other members of the group to help her make a contribution to a Clinton campaign. (NXIVM donated about $29,900 in March and April 2007 for the 2008 election, according to a story from the New York Post.)

2. Epstein Orgy Island

The names in Epstein famous black book were certainly a bipartisan collection of the wealthy powerful and self entitled and included the likes of actors Kevin Spacey, pharmaceutical and tech entrepreneur Bill Gates, former American president Bill Clinton, former President Doanld Trump, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and Prince Andrew, Donald Trump.

Jeffrey Edward Epstein an American financier credited with designing the now disgraced Clinton Global Fund (which has received funding here in New Zealand from both Labour National and numerous well known businessmen connected to the Christchurch Foundation). Epstein was convicted as a sex offender in 2018 having begun his professional life as a teacher before switching to the banking and finance sector. In the later he worked in various roles, working at Bear Stearns before forming his own firm later linked to inside trading and money laundering. In some ways the true story of Epstein which has recived little attention even by those on the QANON Pizza Gate Make America Great brigade who man funtion seems to be to make the notion of a deep state (as first raised by Julian Assange – who was left to rot in jial by Trump) a bad joke no one takes seriously.

In 2005, police in Palm Beach, Florida, began investigating Epstein after a parent complained he had sexually abused her 14-year-old daughter. Epstein pleaded guilty and was convicted in 2008 by a Florida state court of procuring a child for prostitution and of soliciting a prostitute.

Epstein served 13 months in custody having only being convicted of two crimes, as part of a controversial plea deal. A deal formed after federal officials had identified a further 36 girls, aged 14 years and older, who Epstein had raped or abused. Epstein was arrested again on July 6, 2019, on federal charges for the sex trafficking of minors in Florida and New York. He died in his jail cell on August 10, 2019 after camera in his cell where found switched off. The medical examiner ruled the death a suicide with Epstein’s own lawyers having disputed this verdict. Regardless upon hearing that news stand-up comics and many of Epstein’s friends in high office breathed a collective sigh of relief.


The ‘temple’ on orgy Island donned with a phoenix/owl.

Epstein had nurtured and developed an elite social circle who assisted his ability to procure young women and young girls who were then sexually abused by Epstein and his inner circle.

A circle which let us not forget at one point (for quite an extended time frame) included Donald Trump. Trump like Clinton flew regularly on Epstein now famous Lolita Express.

Lolita being the name locals gave to the private aircraft which USA Federal prosecutors say that Jeffrey Epstein used to traffic women & underage girls to his residences in Palm Beach Florida and his private Island in the Virgin Islands, which with its distinctive Greek branding and esoteric touches was referred to commonly as Orgy island.

Further the Clintons, Trump and Epstein (who had all being closed friends at one point) would also all do their banking at the New York branches of Deutsch Bank and JP Morgan which Epstein had being affiliated with when working for Bear Stearn and had first begun money laundering and cultivating a net work of powerful friends by making himself a ‘fixer’. Some one useful to have around for their ability to provided the rich and gluttonous with what they needed be it girls or tax evasion.

The Epstein’s jet, got it nicknamed the “Lolita Express” by locals on the U.S. Virgin Islands hideaway where Epstein allegedly hosted orgies involving young broke women and rich old men. The name Lolita draws from The film/ book of the same name which about follows Humbert Humbert, a middle-aged literature lecturer who becomes sexually infatuated with Dolores Haze (nicknamed “Lolita“), a young adolescent and today it is now a commonly known term for a paedophile. This fact seems to have not bothered quite a few of Epstein friends, such as Bull Gates, who continued to fly on the Lolita express and visit Orgy island even after details of his first conviction as a sex offender became public knowledge.

Prince Phillip a third degree Mason (at less) at the Bohemian Grove

‘Orgy Island’ with it now famed mausoleum (in fact a music room) decorated in an Egyptian theme is strikingly similar to the design in Tutankhamun’s Nemes headdress. In addition to a number of sculptures of speculative occult nature.

Though the conjecture of the gold bird sitting on top of the ‘temple’ being the Owl of Minerva seem more valid. For the owl is linked to Bohemian Grove and is where Harvard Skull & Bones and Yale’s scroll & Key alumni meet to ‘sing Teutonic pagan beer songs and play ping pong’ with each other and their esteemed like minded guests. Goodfolk like the racist Prince Phillip, or those considered deep thinkers or alternatively had deep pockets and had the means to entice people into flattering their oversize egos. Epstein’s, who certainly had deep pockets, had a known obsession with Harvard. Epstein’s held a burning desire to be seen as part of this club which he perceived as ‘deep thinkers’ and part of the elite’s special club of enlightened folk which Epstein believed he should be part of.

More significantly the ‘temple’ (its golden dome and exterior added to the design and construction after original designs were submitted an approved by authorities in St Jameson) on Orgy island is in reality a small scale homage to the Harvard affiliated MIT’s Great Dome built in 1916 as “a symbol of the classical ideals of education and excellence.” That this  was not accidental. Epstein other secluded property Zoro Ranch is named after the secret alumni of MIT The Z Society formed in 1892 and is the oldest still-secret society at UVA Harvard and other Ivy league institute in a complicated and inter woven hierarchy that orientate around the The Association of Greek Alumni of American Universities.

The American fraternities effectively mimic the School Houses of the British private schools which (and in the manner of Sorting hat of JK Rowling’s fictional school for Wizards Hogwarts) lumped students together based on their abilities, social classes, and family connections.
A deliberate process which ensure those students were groomed for their place in society. These university alumni’s in turn form the back bone to the sororities or fraternity (familiar to any one who has ever watched National Lampoon’s Animal House) who give birth to the ‘Ring Clubs’.

The Ring clubs in terms of style and packaging mirror ‘friendship’ or masonic gentleman clubs of the 19th century and they borrow heavily from the customs and culture of European universities (especially Cambridge and Oxford). This includes their secretive nature, their esoteric flavoured rituals and secret hand signs or recognition codes that are based around Greek and Roman mythology and esoteric customs. Or at less how those myths and customs were interpreted by 17th 18th century scholars and romantic classical artists of the era who first gave birth to the idea of invisible colleges or secret societies being established inside the inner sanctum of established old family universities.


The older and more connected those rings clubs were the higher their prestige wealth exclusivity and nepotistic nature became. In this trend they again mirror the hierarchy of ‘masonic’ based societies which orginated from Europe. In the Masonic network the lower orders have little or no idea of their role as simply feeder clubs to the higher orders. The later recruit selectively and carefully in a highly graded system which is deliberately established with a sophisticated vetting system.


One which aims to wean out those who lack the desired qualities, blood lines, or disposition required of higher orders. As an example the ‘Blue Lodges’ tend to recruit from working or blue collar or true blue ranks. In term of influence and sway in wider society such lesser lodges have little influence on society than say the bottom runs of rotary or lions clubs (which are not masonic but are often used by lodges as a recruiting grounds).

It is not until you get into the higher ‘Royal Lodges’ or Orange/Purple Black Lodges, where its not just the issue that lodges seem cultish and ‘spooky’, that you find the members of these kind of lodges are in their own right people of influence. It is at this level you encounter the kinds of people who got powerful by becoming experts on knowing how not to share power or let outsiders into their inner confidence (inner temple) with out careful vetting them first.

The Duke of Kent Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England.

*The Scottish Rite is an appendant body of Freemasonry and “is meant to increase a Freemason’s knowledge of the fraternity and the lessons that it teaches” disputes Charles was a Mason. However as their many aspects of the Scottish Rite that are disputed by others in turn the allegation is cited.

Senior members typically tend to come from old families. The older your family the higher your rank within the hierarchy of the lodges themselves – as a general rule of thumb. With lesser lodges providing a deflection to outsiders like the wall of a citadel ring interlocking to provide a multilayer of defence to counter infiltration or surveillance from the outside.

Unsurprisingly Epstein’s friends, the Royal family of England, whose own power base can go back literally thousands of years, has a long history of family members (not all royal members decide to join), who decide to become Freemasons, who end up as high ranking members. For example the Duke of Kent has been the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England for over 50 years. This makes the Queen’s cousin the most senior Freemason in the English hierarchy of Freemasonry for over half a century. Other Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England included George IV and Edward VII King.

King Charles II,  became allegedly an early senior mason when exiled in 1649*1. While the origins of The Royal Society which James funded also lies in the idea of the Masonic inspired ‘Invisible College’. An idea parodied in English satirist Terry Pratchett ‘Unseen University’ and JK Rowley’s Harry Potter’s Hogwarts School For Wizards. The later being a magical place of higher learning, a sanctum sanatorium, where enlightened folk practiced ‘true’ ‘magic’. The parody’s paint a picture of an unseen world of pseudo-intellectualism which remains blind to ordinary “muggles” (and even once inside not all the doors of “Hogwarts” open unless you come from the right blood line, house, or know the right ‘spell’). Whatever the slang term used for the Invisible College these days it in reality today remains a metaphor for the idea that knowledge and power should not be shared and that only some people have the required qualities and genetics needed to see and understand such ‘important’ knowledge.

The Invisible College when dragged into the sun light for closer inspection is simply the kind of creepy fascist elitist narcissism which has since then given birth to the American fraternities reputation for toxic obnoxiousness including its fame for binge drinking, celebrated vandalism and frat house date rape traditions. One which has helped entrench much of the greed, racist, bigotry, patriarchal and misogynism, that we have come to associate with both colonialism, unbridle capitalism, and right wing white supremist toxicity in the western world.

The Crypt Yale University Skull & Bones – one of the elite ring clubs of the Greek Society Phi Beta Kappa headquarters built to mirror a masonic lodge.

In fact these houses are only replaced in terms of their level of hubris and arrogance by the sense of Epstein’ like sense of gross self entitlement which radiate from the inner temple of Greek Alumni’s invite only ring clubs. As the ring clubs form the heart of the Matryoshka a Russian doll inside a doll.

This is especially true of the legendary founding secret societies of Yale’s Skull & Bones, Harvard University’s OWL Club, MIT’s Z Society, and the cross alumni post university Bohemian Club famed for its so called ‘Satanic’ rituals.

The Bohemian Club a case of the initiated enlightened ones’ reliving their glory days at the Ivy League universities (which Epstein the New Jersey chop shop boy so desperately wanted to be associated with), where they repeat the theatre and drama of the Ring clubs rituals – which as noted before – tends to be wrapped in esoteric fancy dress complete with ‘satanic’ looking ‘wizards’ robes.

They are not actual wizards in terms of having real magical power. And yet those robes are a symbol of the power they do wield due to their position in society (Aka the Wizard of wall Street).

Charles II was like Epstein a patron (regardless of whether Charles was a Freemason or not) to a group of scientist, intellectuals, professionals, thinkers who met in secret to conduct observations and experiments. Today we would call what they were doing science but back then it would have been seen by the bulk of the populace (the unenlightened) as black magic. The Invisible College in some ways makes Charles the founding father of the modern universities alumni net work system which inturn feed the Univerisity fraternities, the ring clubs and other interest groups, who have tapped into these alumni not to fulfil the original goal of advancing science and humanitarian interests but rather to advance their own ambitions and egos.

Many of the society’s founders belonged to Freemasons’ lodges who during the terrors of the English civil war and the stanlist like rulership of James nemesis Oliver Cromwell (1642-51) were subject to brutal persecution. For this reason the discussion of politics was also off-the-agenda as several of the founding members came from the dynamically opposed sides of the political divide. One throw back from this period is that, 360 years on, the discussion of politics within lodge rooms is not formally permitted. Though of course what happens outside the Lodge’s grounds, where members recognise each other by their secret rites and hand shakes ,is between individual members – summed up again in satire this time from Monty Python’s famous “wink wink nod nod say no more” joke. As in Kelvyn Alp’s son is called raven ‘wink wink nod nod say no more’.

Epstein used cash to open the doors where the old school tie or a posh blood line usually did the tricks

Epstein called himself a “science philanthropist” and he used his ‘charity work’ to get closer to this social circle of what Epstein saw as acess to the elite. So in that way if he could not be part of this old boys net work then he could at less replicate it in a form that paid homage to the things he most admired about high society. Epstein would in many way replicate the modius operandi used by UK paedophile Jimmy Savile had integrated himself to the Royal family nearly sixty years ago.

Like Savile Epstein brought his way in using sex and money as he donated handsomely to Harvard (and other prestigious old boy alumni and scientific bodies). As he wooed the ‘nerds’ on his own private myogenetic based fantasy island full of obliging young nymphs and hidden cameras. At one point, Epstein was allegedly giving as much as $20m a year to fund scientists.

Further institutions and researchers including MIT continued to take Epstein’s money even after his 2008 conviction. Epstein would even use this money and influence at Harvard to use the university’s name and art and theatre alumni connections to groom potential victim from Harvard affiliated dance and art schools. Young prey would then be brought to his mansions, ranch and island decorated in the symbolism of the social elite Epstein craved to be a part of under the false impression Epstein wish to help them advance their careers.

Logo of Bohemia Grove a private club an ‘invisible college’ affiliated with the private alumni of Harvard’s Skull & Bones and Yale’s Scroll & Key commandeered by prominent San Francisco-based businessmen, who provided the financial resources necessary to acquire further land and facilities at the Grove. However, they still retained the “bohemians“—the artists and musicians—who continued to entertain prominent international members and guests

In February 2006, Epstein applied to renew his Visiting Fellow status at Harvard. Epstein — a prominent Harvard donor with no educational qualifications wanted to continue his “studies” on “power, reputation, and deception”. The blog the Harvard Crimson notes his “application was approved — then, months before classes started, he was asked to withdraw, though not without a full refund. The would-be fellow had been charged for sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl. His complete estrangement from Harvard appeared imminent and unavoidable. But it wasn’t”.

A decade later — following his conviction for yet another set of sex offense charges and Epstein’s death in jail — a review of the University’s ties to the disgraced financier reveals the extent to which Harvard was “actively complicit in Epstein’s pattern of abuse”.

Between 2010 and 2018, Epstein enjoyed a privileged position at Harvard. He held the keys to a private office on campus (complete with a Harvard university phone line), where he had meetings set up with Harvard academics upon his request. In 2014, following a request made by Epstein’s publicist “to boost his image”, Epstein was granted his own page on Harvard’s Program for Evolutionary Dynamics website. A link was also set up to Epstein’s foundation website, which featured fraudulent claims about his charity work. Epstein so the Crimson reports “visited our institution over 40 times and as recently as 2018” — all while Epstein’s serial sexual abuse of minors, most of whom were 13 to 16 years old, was public knowledge.

A partial list of the biggest scientific names linked to Haravard who remained in Epstein’s orbit (according to the New York Times) after his initial arrest included best-selling author and frequent Lolita Express passenger ; evolutionary biologist Harvard’s Stephen Jay Gould; Harvard’s George M Church, a molecular engineer who has worked to identify genes that could be altered to create superior humans and Harvard’s Bill Gates. Gates endorsement of gene editing techniques is well known as the fact Gates’ willingness to meet and then socialise with Epstein when had already pleaded guilty to soliciting an underage girl in 2008 was a contributing factor in Gates 2020 divorce.

Nazi styled eugenics and the Owl it emerges are very old and close friends.
Should we really be that surpised at this fact.


At the Zoro lodge Epstein would talk to the scientists he had wooed with his private mansion parties (for rich listers and ‘beautiful people’) only and his self serving donations to ‘science.’

Topics Epstein like to discuss included “race degeneration” and his plans to seed the human race with his own DNA by impregnating women at his vast New Mexico ranch Zoro. Zoro like Orgy island is decorated in pseudo esoteric flavours and was picked becuase it is very very very remote.

Dozens of Epstein’s acquaintances on public record describe how Epstein desired to curry favour with accomplished scientists so as “to pursue his interests in eugenics and other fringe fields like cryonics”. Else where Epstein expressed openly his fetish to reshape the human DNA using only desirable DNA.

The most famous of which took place at a dinners attended by neighbours of the Dancing Hare (the boat Epstein’s girl friend and co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell father Robert Maxwell use to own before being brought by the Murdoch family), the super boat docked at Auckland Viadock next to well known spiritualist and gold dealer Michael Hill’s The Beast, and other boats owned by American mining billionaire (who where also patrons) of Donald Trump, Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page and Jeff Bezos. *

* The Rocinate is the boat I believe is owned by Bezos – other source dispute this but the fact remain it public recocord Bezos was in New Zealand at the time these boats where all docked togethr at the viaduct and was also seen at Michael Hills esoteric sculpture littered golf course in Queenstown.

Bezos is known for, funding the alien ‘god like evolution’ TV sci-fi series The Expanse. simply becuase he liked it (The Rocinante is the space ship crewed by the fictional heroes of the series). While themes discussed at the Epstein dinners included UFO’s, Aliens and Mind Control. Another idea which found favour at the Epstein table was the notion that were already living in cyberspace, a ‘computer’ simulation constructed by God-like aliens (another backdrop theme to The Expanse).  A philosophical form of techno Gnosis which freed up individuals moral social code on the basis nothing we do here counts as its not real. So in essence the topics did not so much cover actual science (which Epstein was said to get bored of quickly) but was the kind of pseudo science quantum studies that seeks to fuse metaphysical beliefs concerning technology to a form of spirituality, or mystical worldviews. In other words it favoured the ideas of quantum mechanics as currently being sold by Podesta, Corbell and the To The Stars crew, now being sold by the Pentagon and Hollywood and even the mainstream news to both Republicans and Democrats. Namely the aliens are coming and they will be gender neutral man machine hybrids.

If you follow that idea to its full legal conclusion I find myself asking, as an aside issue, as corporation abused the abolishment of slavery to give themselves more rights but less accountability will the issue of diversification do the same. Give birth not to the desired out come of genuine liberalism namely greater tolerance and genuine diversitity but ultimately deliver a neoliberal outcome in the form of abolishment of constituionally entrenched human rights.

In our rush to be enlighten will we actually end up enslaved and in the darkness bound In the Land of Hi Tech Mordor where the shadows lie.

The guests at such Epstein dinner would knight themselves as the Third Group. Third Group is a term used to referred to individuals who see themselves as the ‘cool’ kids. They are literally part of a global elite whose education and global view placed them above the rest of the populace. A populace viewed by the elite as non magical muggles. The Third Group’s access to money and knowledge opens doors to a circle of influence shut to most of us. The Third Group has sought to be a 21st century round table of, scientists and tech lords of the forth industrial revolution. A new money, version, of the Bohemian Grove the first post university ring club established as an informal gathering of old money financiers and bankers.

In short the Third Group is a privatised Invisible College. As the New World Order of new money sets out to mimic the formula used by the Old World Order.

The Cool KId’s On The Lolita Express & Billionaires Dinners represent the new Invisible College.

The Edge Foundation, whom Epstein patronised, states itself “third culture consists of those scientists and other thinkers in the empirical world who, through their work and expository writing, are taking the place of the traditional intellectual in rendering visible the deeper meanings of our lives, redefining who and what we are”. 

It continues the ideas presented on Edge “are speculative; they represent the frontiers of knowledge in the areas of evolutionary biology, genetics, computer science, neurophysiology, psychology, and physics. Some of the fundamental questions posed are: Where did the universe come from? Where did life come from? Where did the mind come from? Emerging out of the third culture is a new natural philosophy, founded on the realization of the import of complexity, of evolution. Very complex systems, whether organisms, brains, the biosphere, or the universe itself, were not constructed by design; all have evolved”.

The Edge Foundation confess in its own words to base itself on “the Invisible college” who it notes “emerged in the early seventeenth-century Invisible College, as a precursor to the Royal Family patronised Royal Society”, an esoteric institution that provided an environment in which forward “thinking men” could challenge the received opinions of their day.

The Invisible College acted independently of church and state, and outside of existing academic institutions, it was the defacto mid-wife to what has since being refer to as ‘The Enlightenment’ which gave birth to the hybrid ideas of science and spiritualism entwined as a “Golden Dawn” a new age of science and spirituality.

The Invisible College as the Foundation states was based “on enlighten and knowledge” as its founders defined that term following the creation of the real life gnostic based Illuminati of the 15th century, assumed by or applied to various groups of persons who claimed to be unusually enlightened. The word is the plural of the Latin illuminatus (“revealed” or “enlightened”). It is important to stress here the idea the Foundation would mimic the goals of the Illuminati is the Foundation’s idea and not this author’s belief.

Another inspiration the Edge Foundation acknowledges, comes from the same pedigree of ‘enlightenment’, The Lunar Society of Birmingham. The LSC was an informal club or Invisible College of new industrial age enlightened thinkers which included Freemason James Watt, Erasmus Darwin, and Benjamin Franklin. The Edge states it offers “the same quality of intellectual adventure” as LSC. 

The Edge acknowledges it was formed directly from a little known New York based The Reality Club that was likewise an informal gathering of well funded intellectuals and artistic bohemians, former university ringsmen, who met from 1981 to 1996 in the spirit of San Francisco Bohemian Grove Bohemia Club (also a gathering of former ringsmen).

The motto of the Reality Club “arrive at the edge of the world’s knowledge, seek out the most complex and sophisticated minds, put them in a room together, and have them ask each other the questions they are asking themselves” It was created by its founding member the late artist-philosopher and self confessed mystic and occultist  James Lee Byars: who based his works on “the amalgamation of the ceremonial function of Shinto monks, the liturgical function of Catholic priests, and the ritual function of native American shamans”.

These are the people who will “rewrite” our global culture the Edges website booms proudly.

Epstein convenient death precluded the possibility of pursuing criminal charges and a judge dismissed all criminal charges against him on August 29, 2019.

Regardless Epstein, who had a decades-long association with daughter of Robert Maxwell a powerful media mogul (who taught Maxwell to use information and social connections as weapon of power), story is not over. On July 2nd 2020 Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested by the FBI. Maxwell is named as Epstein recruiter maintained a years-long friendship with Prince Andrew, Duke of York to whom she had introduced Epstein, as she acted as Epstein Pimp.

Epstein would be to Prince Andrew what Jimmy Savile had being for King Charles III.

A ‘fixer‘ who helped the elite but for all his money and power was never really a fully fledged member thought he might use those connections to impress and influence others. And as long as that served the elite interest they played along accordingly.

III) GOD SAVE THE QUEEN SHE AIN’T NO HUMAN BEING — Those Creepy Blue Blooded ‘Reptilians’.

There Zadok the priest and Nathan the prophet shall anoint him king over Israel, and you shall blow the ram’s horn and cry, ‘Long live King Solomon!’” the coronation hymn for King Charles III.

3. Jimmy Savile and other ‘Reptilian’ Pedo mates of King Charlie and Prince ‘Randy’ Andy.

“Most of the narcissists are geniuses and masters of Psychology. But they are using their knowledge to eradicate, rather than to help humanity.” ― Mwanandeke Kindembo, Treatise Upon The Misconceptions of Narcissismille sexual abuse against children involved not just Freemasons but had “satanic” themes and involved UK based. celebrities.

Savile in one of his legendary wizard robes he liked too wear as Savile mimicking Golden Dawn (who believed in Ayran Supermen the Vril) Magician Alister Crowley.
Prince Phillip hobbies included Free Masonry UFO’s and reincarnating as a “deadly virus, to contribute something to solving over population.”.

Fact number one; The Royal family has had close and repeated ties with high society’s paedophiles on numerous occasions.

The most famous BBC kingpin Jimmy ‘the fixer’ Savile who, during his lifetime, was well known in the United Kingdom for his eccentricities his ability to help out his wealthy mates and was generally noted for his charitable work especially with children causes.

Savile, was knighted accordingly for this public perception of his character in 1990.

God save the queen she ain’t no human being
There is no future in England’s dreaming
Don’t be told what you want don’t be told what you need
There’s no future no future no future for you!!
The Sex Pistols Warned Us.

In late 2012 reports then surfaced that documented how Savile had sexually abused hundreds of individuals throughout his life, with his male and female victims, ranging from prepubescent to adult.

By 11 October 2012, allegations had been made against Savile to thirteen British police forces, which led to the setting-up of inquiries into practices at the BBC and within the National Health Service. On 19 October, London’s Metropolitan Police launched a formal criminal investigation.

It would be called , Operation Yew tree (also called the death tree named after flora preferred by Celtic druids and pagans) and cover the historic allegations of child sexual abuse by Savile and his inner circle spanning close to half a century. Gutter press not naming sources described this as a ‘Satanic’ child sex ring. The claims lurid in description (but lacking even basic evidence) are solid on one count.

They do make clear Savile ,whose abuse in the 1960’s and 1970’s was an open secret at the BBC and had got away with crimes due to his powerful connections.

But as for Savile being Satanic where is the proof?

Of these only the International Business Times 2013 report has seemingly credible sources to support allegations that the BBC star dressed in black robes during the rituals which allegedly took place in the basement of Stoke Mandeville hospital, in 1975.

Savile in his famous Wizard Robes.

The International Business Times, whose primary source was Valerie Sinason, the psychotherapist who interviewed children abused by Savile, claimed “Savile was not only abusing all children with or without disabilities in group settings or in hospital settings, he was also invoking belief systems, doing rituals, making children believe that he had extra powers and that if they didn’t obey him they would be published in an after life.”

The various accounts of Savile’s alleged ‘Satanism’ make it clear Savile was not serious about his satanic worship. Rather he saw this as simply as a means to heightens his victims anxiety and thus his power over them. Savile appeared more interested in the psychology of power and deception than in having any genuine interest in spirituality or the occult. IBT reported no action was taken by police to investigate such claims. “No Stoke Mandeville hospital spokesman was available when contacted” by IBT UK.

Police however did looking at allegations made against three doctors in hospitals with which Savile had been associated who emerged as having being involved in the abuse of young people in their care. By 19 December 2013, eight people had being arrested for questioning, as partof Yew Tree, and they would later bailed, as part of the Yew Tree inquiry. They included Gary Glitter, and Australian Entertainer Rolf Harris who like Savile were also close friends of King Charles and post Yew Tree would be convicted for paedophile activity (Glitter’s child offence convictions record dates bate to 1997 and extend to the 1970’s).

It has being alleged (but not proven) that Savile was a high level Freemason. A claim Freemasons themselves deny. Savile’s friend King Charles like wise was accused of being a Free Mason. Though the New York Times reported in 1998 that Charles in fact declined the offer (when invited to join) unlike his father Prince Phillip the Duke of Edinburgh who started his life in Freemasonry in 1952, at the age of 31. Though their is little doubt about Charles love of esoteic and espcially the legend of Kng Solomon upon which masonic lore is steeped in.
Ditto another of Charles friends Arthur C Clarke was said to be a Freemason who own status as a celebrity paedophile was alleged by the Times in the 1990’s (but resulted in no legal action taking place) and who shared with Phillip and Charles a deep interest in ancient astronauts and esoteric spiritualist practices affiliated with the legend of King Solomon.

1* Phillip was initiated into Navy Lodge, No 2612, on 5 December. (On 6 March 1953, HRH Prince Philip progressed to the Second Degree of Freemasonry, before advancing to the Third Degree on 4 May 1953. The United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) issued his Grand Lodge Certificate on 7 May that same year and he has remained a member to this day)

Fact is not all secret societies or paedophile rings lead to Free Masons. While in turn the actual scale of Masonic influence alone (good or evil) on society is debatable in the context of how much power the general rank and file of Free Mason various lodge actually has in society. Masonry in my view sits only slightly above the status we reserve for say Rotary or the Lions. A club for wanna be ‘beautiful people’ as opposed to say the A+ lister Bohemian Grove or Epstein Edge Foundation where old money rubbed shoulders against billionaire tech dosh.

It also very important to stress that not all lodges are created equal. For example in Eleanor Caton’s fictional Illuminaries the author writes “Moody was a Cambridge fellow, born in Edinburgh to a modest fortune and a household staff of three. The social circles in which he had tended to move, at Trinity, and then at Inner Temple in his more recent years, had not at all the rigid aspect of the peerage, where one’s history and context differed from the next man only in degree; nevertheless, his education had made him insular, for it had taught him that the proper way to understand any social system was to view it from above. With his college chums (dressed in capes, and drunk on Rhenish wine) he would defend the merging of the classes with all the agony and vitality of the young, but he was always startled whenever he encountered it in practice“.

The paragraph points out Moody in fact belongs to three separate kinds of social based alumni (Cambridge, Trinity & The Inner Temple) whose entrance, membership and confidences would have being gained in chronological order based upon the candidates introduction and vetting of his application based on his education, class, family and other societal determined factors.

Yet regardless within the Common Wealth nations Freemasonry, with it robes pomp and rituals, is the base stone of entry into a alumni fraternity very much with its own pecking order and ranking system. It was deemed a means by which the ambitious middle classers could climb the social ladder within the UK and it Common wealth colonies (while Catholics based nations looked towards elitist alumni societies such as Opus Dei and a young Jewish scholar at Yale might join the Shabati instead).

In Savile’s England, in the era of his reign, the lodge (whether Savile was a member or not) reputation as bridge for nepotistic abuse would regularly be lampooned as a result by UK comics and Satirist including the Sex Pistols, Irving Welsh, Hale & Pace, The Two Ronnies and Monty Python. For example the legendary “Architects Sketch” is a Monty Python sketch, first seen in episode 17 of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, recorded on 18 September 1970 and originally broadcast on 20 October 1970.

The sketch proper begins (on videotape) with ‘Mr Tid’ in an office with two “city gents” (Michael Palin and Terry Jones). On a table near the window stand two architectural models of tower blocks. Mr. Tid informs the City gents that he has invited the architects responsible to explain the advantages of their respective designs. First to arrive is Mr. Wiggin (John Cleese), who describes his architectural design and modern construction, and then explains his killing technique starting with a conveyor belt and “rotating knives”. It turns out that Mr. Wiggin mainly designs slaughterhouses and has ‘misunderstood’ the owners’ attitude to their tenants (or has he?).

When Mr. Wiggin fails to persuade them to accept his “real beaut” of a design, he launches into an impassioned tirade against Freemasons. When they still reject his design, however, he begs the increasingly uncomfortable city gents to accept him into the Freemasons. Once Wiggin has been persuaded to leave, the second architect, Mr. Leavey (Eric Idle), arrives. As Mr. Leavey describes the strong construction and safety features of his design, a tall tower block, his model collapses and catches fire. The city gents assure Mr. Leavey that provided the tenants are “of light build and relatively sedentary” there should be no need to make expensive changes to the design. After his design is accepted, the model explodes. The city gents exchange bizarre Masonic handshakes with Leavey. Wiggin reappears at the doorway to tell the audience, “It opens doors, I’m telling you.” This leads into a filmed section about “How to Recognise a Mason”, in which Masons are shown engaging in such bizarre behaviour as hopping down Threadneedle Street with their trousers around their ankles. Finally, there follows an animation in which an announcer attempts to “cure” a Mason (an animated cut out of Chapman) through behavioural therapy with a picture of a nude woman; when the subject says, “No”, the enraged announcer crushes the mason with a giant hammer.

The skit is a satirical reference to the Ronan Point a 22-storey tower block  in East London, built on the ‘The Freemasons Road Estate’ on aptly named Butchers Road in Newham, which partly collapsed on 16 May 1968, only two months after it had opened. A gas explosion blew out some load-bearing walls, causing the collapse of one entire corner of the building, which killed four people and injured 17. It takes place 45 years prior to the June 2017, fire in the 24-storey Grenfell Tower block that saw 74 people die as a result of the same sort of alumni based nepotism. In 2018 The Telegraph UK reported that the London Fire Brigade has accepted a “controversial” donation of a whopping £2.5 million (US$3.5 million) from the UGLE’s London lodges for outfitting two ladder trucks with extended aerial ladders to reach high-rise building fires, “like the horrific Grenfell Tower” blaze last July;

Paul Embery, of the Fire Brigades Union, told Channel 4 News that there were concerns over donations from “secret societies”.We don’t want to sound uncharitable but our concern is that this is really a slippery slope,” he said.

“The idea of private companies or secret societies effectively purchasing front line emergency service vehicles and having their insignia – free advertising effectively – we are really concerned that could lead to a greater inflow of private money into what really is a private service”.

Freemasons’ symbol will appear on fire engines after controversial donation UK Telegraph 13 April 2018

The Architect sketch was perhaps the first time in UK television history that Freemasons would be associated with the nepotism of the old boys or old school tie net work of cricket club and First 15 (rugby) cronyism. It was how ever following a series of public scandal involving the lodges including the John Stalker Affair and The John Palmer Affair (where UK gangster boss John Palmer, was alleged by The Times to have been protected by a clique of high-ranking corrupt Metropolitan Police officers), the Hillsborough disaster cover up, the Alan Wright scandal and corporate media had to acknowledge the growing concerns by the public that Free Masonry, as a conduit for malicious activity, was a legitimate threat to law and order. Example: On one occasion Palmer’s companions avoided arrest after being discovered in possession of a silenced Uzi submachine gun and 380 rounds of ammunition.

The widely reported and varying masonic scandals eventually accumulated in Operation Tiberius (named after the Roman Emperor who use sodomise and rape boys and women during so called sacrificial ceremonies) and focused on police officers, who were Free Masons, who faced allegations of child abuse, fraud, physical assault, racism and murder.

Anova by DYRBERG/KERN the CEO an odd family stepped in pure hinky and esoteric
Fisher was also a key player in the UK psychic new age movement Golden Dawn.

PM necklace ANOVA by Dyberg Kern — an interesting board of directors at DB e.g. Caroline Søeborg Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille amember of the Board since 2008 CEO of Casalbi Aps. Chairman of the Board of 2Bm A/s .Deputy chairman of Odense theatre, member of the board of a number of other companies, including Dyrberg/Kern, coop A/s, Noir, Lego and Vækstfonde, plus Illuminati II.
According to Illuminati II offi
cial page “Illuminati (plural of Latin illuminatus, “enlightened”) derives from the Latin word Lumen, meaning light, shining star or torch.

According to the same website the word Illuminati was first founded in the 17th century by a group of scientists who challenged the conventional thinking and advocated reason as the primary source of legitimacy and authority. “This period is called the Age of Enlightenment. Inspired by a new way of thinking and challenging the existing way of consuming in the fashion industry”,

Illuminati II was created to offer an alternative to exploitation of the environment and poor labour conditions while still encouraging consumers to buy but with a conscience. That is why the concept is called Illuminati II: The second enlightenment period”

Caroline was until 2016 married to Count Michael Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille of Egeskov Castle (Oak Forrest) where the family established a masonic lodge. Their family crest is based around druid worship.

The necklace Adern wears is drawn from the mathematical symbol for variance or specifically an ‘analysis of variance’ (ANOVA): a collection of statistical models and their associated estimation procedures used to analyse the differences among group means in a sample.

ANOVA was developed by Ronald Fisher statistician, eugenicist racist and a founder of neo-Darwinian synthesis. Fisher was also a member of the Society for Psychical Research and the magical cult the Golden Dawn which drew heavily from the study of esoteric psychic phenomenon and the occult for many of his ideas for genetic evolution and statistics.
Danish Count Michael Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille of Egeskov whose Castle (Oak Forrest) where the family established a masonic grand lodge reserved for aristocrats and old European clans. Their family crest is based around druid/Hercules figure associated with the Greek & Danish Royal family.

Tiberius would lead to further police reforms over seen by a former Freemason and fixer supreme Sir Ronnie Flannagan a member of the  Loyal Orders, the Royal Arch Purple the inner Lodge of the Orange Lodge*.

Flannagan resigned from the Masonic Order “so people would trust him to be impartial” (Irish News, 4.11.1996, p.1).

Flangan would be assisted in this task by the daughter of high ranking New Zealand police officer, diplomat and Mormon Church elder who Flanagan was mentoring as she developed her own career as a ‘fixer’ and master of spin. The so called socialist (yeah right) who however has a taste for very expensive royalty endorsed jewellery Jacinda Adern New Zealand’s current PrimeMinister. Adern’s own education in the black arts of spin wizardry (Communications Waikato) having being paid for with a Masonic scholarship.

Remember how I keep telling you not all lodges are equal?

The Royal Arch Purple recognises only two degrees, those of Orange and Purple. It is a necessary prerequisite for entry into the Royal Black Institution. The later of whom many Freemason have not even heard about.

The Arch was first used in 1795 shortly after the formation of the Orange Order and was the original system put together by the founding members of the Orange Order. The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland disliked the ritualism of the Royal Arch (which is rooted in more pagan based rites than other lodges). The Royal Arch Purple degree was practised in secrecy for a period after the Grand Lodge (in Dublin) deemed the degree illegal. However it was kept alive by the Lodges around County Armagh as it was the system of ‘travel’ closest to the original ritual put together by the founding members of the Orange Order in 1795. The Grand Lodge maintains their position in not recognising the degree to this day although it now, rather grudgingly, recognises the Royal Arch Purple as an official Order. It was granted its Royal title by the Duke of Cumberland, King Ernest Augustus of Hanover

The Duke of Cumberland Ernest Augustus had been Grand Master of the Orange Order in England until it dissolved itself at the request of the King William IV following a government inquiry into public disorder in Ireland caused by Orange marches.

The Royal Arch Purple Degree was established as a separate Order and is widely practised as a natural step of advancement from the Orange Institution to the Royal Black Institute the Imperial Grand Black Chapter Of The British Commonwealth founded in Daniel Winter’s cottage, LoughgallCounty ArmaghIreland. Members refer to each other as “Sir Knight”, whereas in the Orange Order members are referred to as “Brother” or “Brethren.” It is more closely linked to the Scottish rites and the origin of the name black-mouths, a derogatory name given to Irish of Scots descent (from where the nickname used in Dublin to this day for Northern Ireland is the ‘Black North’).

The Black Lodge in contrast has declined all request to open its archives to non initiates and initiates alike.

So Savile may or may not have being a Mason either as a Brother or a Knight. Yet just as Epstein was unlikely to have being a part of Harvard’s inner temple ring club (no matter how much he craved to be) Savile craved to part of something special and worldaway from his working class origins. Neither were ‘Satanist’ in the literal sense of the word but theirlove of ritual and pomp was as much about their own psychological damage as it was about using prop to heighten terror in their victim and enhance their own sense of power and importance. A child is unlikely to know the difference between a masonic robe, wizards clocks, bishop habits, or a ‘satan’ worshipper. Or whether the nasty men doing nasty things to them are really Freemason/Satanist or just playing fancy dress as a means to add their goal of terrorising their victim and thus achieving dominance over them.

Regardless there were certainly close parells to the Metropolitan Masonic based Operation Tiberius and Operation Yew Tree (which also documented wide spread abuse and collusion between the criminal classes and the police who simply used the lodge to camouflage their associations from prying eyes ). While the scale of Savile’s child abuse, be it Satanic, Masonic, or simply dress ups, was only made possible by his exalted position in high society. The protections afforded to him by those in power , those who not only belonged to the old school tie net work (apron and all), which served to ensure the status quo is upheld, whose friendship Savile specifically sought out and cultivated. Those whom Epstein and Savile admired and sought to mimic.

The Metropolitan Police stated Yew Tree involved over 400 lines of inquiry, was based on the claims of 200 witnesses, via fourteen police forces across the UK. It described the alleged abuse by Savile and his high society friends as being “on an unprecedented scale”, that the number of potential victims of child abuse as “staggering”. By 19 December 2013., Yew Tree would interview 589 alleged victims, of whom 450 were allegedly abuse by Savile ( & 139 cases also involved his high ranking friends). The report of the investigations undertaken jointly by the police and the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), Giving Victims a Voice, was published on 11 January 2013. It reported 214 confirmed acts by Savile formally recorded as crimes, involving children as young as eight.

Prince Phillips Heraldry the druid holding a oak tree club (or is it a yew tree?) also a symbol of Hercules the superman. The Shield shows a combination of the Greek Royal Arms (a white Cross on blue for Greece along with a shield of the Danish Royal Arms (three blue lions on a golden background) on top to show their own descent from the Scandinavian Royal Family

During the ‘fixers’ lifetime, two police investigations considered reports about Savile. The earliest in 1958, but none had led to charges. The reports had each concluded that there was insufficient evidence for any charges to be brought related to sexual offences.

In October 2012 it was announced that the Director of Public ProsecutionsKeir Starmer, would investigate why proceedings against Savile ‘the royal favoured jester’ were dropped in 2009.

To date, a decade and half later, no answer as to why the 2009 inquiry was halted has ever actually being produced. The Yew Tree scandal was however a major factor leading to the establishment of the wider-ranging Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, (IICSA) which would look at who else had assisted Savile was announced by then Home Secretary Theresa May in July 2014.

It also had a role in prompting the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry set up in October 2015 phase four began in 2021 and will focus on childcare establishments run by male religious orders and public boarding schools including Gordonstoun and Fettes College, attended by Epstein black bookers the former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair and Prince Edward as will as King Charles (Savile’s mate), Prince Andrew, Charle’s father Prince Philip of Greece, now the Duke of Edinburgh. It students even, in fiction, at less included the Empire’s top fixer secret agent 007 James Bond. King Charles has previously spoken about how he hated his time at Gordonstoun there and is reported to have described it as “Colditz in kilts.”

In 2015 more than 100 ex-pupils from Gordonstoun presented the school with a list of demands in relation to bullying and sexual abuse, incidents involving pedophile teachers including a serial rapist. A subsequent investigation stretched as far as New Zealand with one offender not brought to trial, because he had died in a conveinetly timed car crash in Kenya five years earlier when the inquiries first began. Other offenders where not prosecuted as the Crown would not seek extradition citing the alleged offenders age. Former Commonwealth colonies were found to have provided a home for several predatory paedophiles sacked from English private schools – some who went on to offend again on numerous occasion and who where then able to procure employment within the private school old boys network.

The Inquiry’s earlier investigation into institution funded by the state, to ‘look after’ children as the church was used as a dumping ground for the nation’s unwanted or those deemed in need of ‘guidance’ found epidemic levels of abuse of the most extreme nature. Noting for example that between 1933 and 1984, children who had been in the care of Sisters of Nazareth orphanages had encountered sexual abuse “of the utmost depravity‘. Former colonies including Australia, New Zealand, canada,were found to have provided a home for several UK outed paedophiles priest and even nuns.

In February 2015, the IICSA inquiry was reconfigured as a statutory inquiry to be chaired by New Zealander Justice Lowell Goddard.

Goddard would quit after her critics claimed she was incompetent. Goddard denys that maintaining she was thwarted in her efforts. Dame Goddard said that she was prevented from selecting her own staff and pointed to the fact at how the Shirley Oaks Survivors Association withdrew from the IISCA over concerns about its true independence.

Similar claims of being obstructed from above were made by her predecessors Baroness Butler-Sloss and Finoa Woods. Little has happened since except in 2018 The Guardian (not widely known for it tin foil conspiracy tones) reported that Freemasonry hierarchy continues to block reform within the police force, prevented women and black officers progressing professionally.

The Guardian lay the blame for this at the feet of two specific lodges (as opposed to blaming all of freemasonry) “set up to recruit at the Palace of Westminster who are continuing to operate: one established for members of parliament and staff in the Commons and Lords, and the second for political journalists”

The specific ‘Royal’ Lodges whose specific function seem to be garner influence and recruit those who might act as lobbyist for the Freemason inner circle of grand masters, clearly recruited from the older, wealthier and more connected families and established college house alumni of the old boy network. As opposed to the ‘true blue’ lodges filled with balding white overweight men from boring middle class suburbs who make up the majority of the lodges general rank and file and have as much to do with the illuminati as the recent spate of ‘UFO’ sightings on corporate media TV channels has in fact to with actual aliens.


4. The disgraced paedophile bishop Peter Ball like Rolf Harris and Epstein also made himself apparently “impregnable” by cultivating friendships with the Royal family King Charles and other senior establishment figures who later rushed to support him when he was accused of sexual abuse. Ball, the former bishop of both Lewes and Gloucester who died in 2019, boasted of his role as “counsellor to royalty”. Cliff James, one of his victims, says Ball cultivated friendships with powerful figures including Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, peers of the realm, senior judges and headmasters of leading public schools, charities and orphanages.

Like Savile the former bishop was investigated by police in the early 1990s, which resulted only in a police caution. In 2015, he was convicted of sexual offences against 17 teenagers and young men and jailed for 32 months during which Charles continued to support his friend. Ball was released in February 2017 after serving only half his sentence. Ball would be included into the long fought for long denied (and obstructed by the state at every point) inquiry into child sexual abuse (IICSA), which conducted a case study into how the Church of England handled allegations against Ball.

Like Savile’s Yew Tree few would actually be held accountable as a result of the IICSA inquiry. The inquiry however documents and proved unequivocally how members of the establishment, including the heir to the throne, the then archbishop of Canterbury and a senior member of the judiciary, had rallied to give support and protection for Ball when he was outed as a paedophile.

King Charles told Ball in a letter in February 1995, two years after the bishop had accepted the police caution, which was read to the inquiry: “I wish I could do more. I feel so desperately strongly about the monstrous wrongs that have been done to you and the way you have been treated.”

In its report published the IICSA concluded that the church had put its “own reputation above the needs of victims of sexual abuse,” and that Charles and other members of the establishment were misguided in their expressions of support for Ball.


5+. Christchurch & Institutionalised Pedo Rings…. to be continued.


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