Ben Vidgen look at Murdoch paper links to current story being stirred up in Auckland and the Murdoch own ties to the Auckland marina and Dancing Hare.

Vidgen highlight the Murdoch ties to Dancing Hare when there boat were in NZ parked next to Dancin Hare earlier in the year and Murdoch 10,000 reward for information on where Ghislaine Maxwell is. Then debunks the so called cyanide claims after speaking to regional headquarters Richard Twomey and confirm America cups planning under way despite the covid 19 crisis.

Again the real story is not its pedo boat or even tied to Maxwell but how come their appears one rule for VIP who want to enter the country and another for those who are not well connected and wealthy.

And Vidgen focus on the shady background of the UnIted Nation (not United NationS) “marshals” who steering Dancing Hare story away from 5G AI Agenda 2030 Big Data and Saudi biotech weapon links of this boat and the related Google Boat Sense and Rocinante – which overlaps with Amazon Jef Bezo. Bezos has being in NZ flying in on private jet as have other Big tech AI mogul as well as those seeking to gain market advantage from covid 19.


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