Poison Warning Skull Crossbones Symbol Rust FX Tin Metal Sign :: 11.5 x  17.5 inches - American Yesteryear Metal Signs

Regional Fire HQ rang me back as requested.

The chemical test at the VIA duct was Hydrogen Cyanide not Hydrogen Sulphide as commander first thought when I spoke to him on the phone yesterday. But commanders Richard Twomey 21c wanted to qualify that correction with a couple of follow up points,

1. The tester which test the air, nick named “the explosive detector” showed predominately Hydrogen cyanide but it also included other chemicals.

Knowing your atmosphere - International Fire Fighter

2. The area is tested routinely as it is the location of the old tanks and is soaking is all sort of horrid stuff. The fish smell people smelt was most certainly not cyanide but one or more other chemicals and such smells “have being noted for decades”.

3. The Fire department did not call for back up and left soon after testing 2.5 million parts in a million the danger limit is 10 parts in a million. Your literally talking about source of cyanide in close proximity to the tester that is in minute quantities.

4. The testing was done on the old tank farm property not the pier.



  1. Kia ora I have a true and quite shocking encounter that was a grave injustice done to our family in the first week of Lock down. Cause by the NZ Police. I also have all the proof and have saved everything to confirm our story. I have tried contacting all the NZ media and our Northland Mo Matt King and put out a public cry for help. But no one seems to want to help us. Please will you just hear our families story first. Then decide if you would like to print it or not. Thank you. Have a safe and blessed day šŸ™.


    • Tammy sorry to hear that yet I don’t think mediawise I can offer you anything that will help. Your free to send me an email mediadownunder@gmail.com outlining your plight but the sounds of it this is not the kind of story Im qualified to report on and as alt media forum who focus on getting bigger issues public awareness I don’t think I am really the right tool for what you need. What I can offer you is some media consultation on how you can get a voice if not one else is willing to do that. For whats it worth their are many in your exact boat.


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