Why didn't Sauron find Bilbo when he put on the ring like Frodo ...

The narcissist keeps it victim off balance by hitting them repeatedly with trauma.

News Headlines Are Feeding Our Coronavirus Anxiety. Can It Stop ...

So they remain in their child state trapped in flight and or fight able to keep calm sit back observe ponder and then respond with appropriate adult behaviour. Effectively the narcissist make his victims a mirror image of himself tapped in rage, narcissistic conceit, intolerant. unable to self appraise.

Each week a new terrifying headline for us to get triggered over as we react instead of respond in our socialmedia echoc chambers of choice. Take your pick 911/TPPA/Climate change panic, Forrest Fires, Ebola, Islamic terrorism, right wing terrorism, left wing terrorism, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton John Key, Jacinda Adern, Covid 19 George Floyd. Always a crisis on hand to feed the angst, feed the anxiety, so in our fear we cant breath. We cant see any one else point and just as we calm down and being to look at the deeper issues of which the list above are just the symptoms. Then wham we get hit again and sent back to our fear zones.

Helter Skelter 20141213 Square V3 Photograph by Wingsdomain Art ...

The narcissist is the cult leader whose secret is that the power of the cult of personality apply’s not just to his followers but to his dis-tractors as well. Who in their rage unintentionally give the narcissist power. The feed them what they seek the most to be at the centre of attention as they uses their anger to justify the narrative they write for them selves as the victims not the persecutor.

And instead of dealing with the deeper issue we instead find our selves shadow boxing the mere symptoms as with each crisis the fear triggers pulls us back down and the cycle of codependency continues. One riNg to bind them all one ring to blind them all in the land where the shadows lie.


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