Patagonia A Chocolate Lovers Paradise.

BENZNZ: Giant Eagle & Magic Lore. Second Breakfasts

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Will rested and ravenous I decided to treat my self to special breakfast I had promised myself when I fist arrived in Wanaka the waffles of Patagonia which on a Sunday morning was proving popular with family’s.

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Mind you it was bit touch and go when I though I had my wallet stolen – no just being a dick and left it in Whitchoulls.

Still bloody amazing to find that the police station was not manned and the phone to use in urgent times was not working. One of the largest police stations in Central (even bigger than Queenstown) the local bobby however only worked weekends and tried to avoid nights. Good to know if your a would be crim I guess. Noting a decent coffee could not cure.

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My waffles, with ice cream that you could cut like fresh butter served with fresh cream, was fantastic – so of course (still ravenous) I had to something else and went for the banana split. Which however turned out to my undoing and I only worked my way through half the chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, treat.

Its a tough job but some one has to do it.

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Opening hours:Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat-Sun 9am-6pm 155 Ardmore St, Wanaka, Ph:(+64) 03 443 2380

Mon-Thu 8.30am-8pm, Fri-Sun 8.30am-9pm 2 Rees St, Queenstown Ph:(+64) 03 409 2465

Opening hours:9am – 5pm Address:31 Ramshaw Lane, Arrowtown, Ph:(+64) 03 409 8636

From Ben’s NZ The Real Middle Earth (2015)



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