A BIT OF MUSCLE A tale of A class A Crowd sleaze

Party pills like these 'Pink Mitsubishis' contain dangerously-high levels of MDMA, and also caffeine, according to Know Your Stuff. Photo / Know Your Stuff

The Herald reports Police are refusing to say whether the death of a man on New Year’s Day, and the hospitalisation of three others from the same Hamilton house, were drug-related, despite reports of a bad batch of MDMA.The man who died at the Casey Ave house in the early hours of New Year’s Day was reportedly local man Chris Waikato Matatahi, known as CZN. Police are yet to formally release his identity. A bad batch of the illegal party drug MDMA, commonly known as ecstasy, is being blamed online for Matatahi’s death”.

In 2009 CZN was convicted of robbing a dairy. The Mitsubishi label has also surfaced in Blenheim sold by local Mongrel Mob dealers during 2019.

In 1999 best seller State Secrets I wrote the following about the Mitsubishi MDMA brand being sold by those further up the hierarchy of the underground Empire than CZN;

A further Australasian/Israeli connection to the drug trade was brought to my attention in 1996, when I was informed that Australian federal police were knee-deep in a major investigation into a Sydney-based Israeli ecstasy/heroin syndicate. Later, in January 1998, I discovered via yet another report from private sources that at this same time Ecstasy was being distributed from Japan through an Israeli cartel, said to be operating in connection with the Ecstasy manufacturers – a Yakuza syndicate located in Northern Japan. This second source claimed the Yakuza/Israeli tie became known with the stabbing of a well known New Zealand rugby player. The attack apparently lead to friction between New Zealanders staying in the region and this clan of Israeli. If such an attack occurred it’s news to me. Yet, in May 1999, a brand of Ecstasy bearing the Mitsubishi diamond logo appeared in Christchurch, believed to have originated in Japan. The brand quickly became unpopular, because of the unpleasant side effects of this particular batch. This brand is the same variety, according to Customs, that former athlete Simon Poelman was found with. Poelman’s supply had come from Amsterdam, but may have been manufactured in Asia. They don’t know for sure. Confirmation of an Israeli drug connection finally arrived with the seizure of $A5 million worth of Ecstasy in a raid by Customs and police in Sydney.

(Update Andrew Klass Poelman, 55, appeared in the Wellington District Court today charged with five counts of possessing and supplying methamphetamine. In 2004, Poelman was jailed for 10 years for drug dealing to the tune of more than $600,000. He admitted three charges of supplying a class B drug, having a class B drug for supply and having a Class A drug, methamphetamine, for supply. His brother Simon was jailed for 5-1/2 years in 1998 for importing nearly 2000 Ecstasy tablets inside a stuffed rabbit. )

Topic: Drugs | Dangerous Minds

This followed the seizure of $A400 million worth of heroin on a beach north of the city. An Israeli national and a South African “coffee” importer were arrested in connection to the Ecstasy raid, which netted the second-largest haul of its kind in Australia (The Press, October 23, 1998), in trend with the escalating quantity of narcotics flowing into Australasia. In June 1999, New Zealand authorities arrested two men in Wellington, described as “South African security officers”, in connection with the seizure of Ecstasy, packaged as a light-blue paper tab*1.

…. The two were in fact former South African police officers, believed to be carrying out an initial run. What was not reported in the paper was that the arrest also involved a member of the Highway 61 gang. The question for Customs is: how did two South African security goons manage to get introduced to NZ’s criminal fraternity in the first place? 115 Another source intimately involved in arranging a $500,000 narcotic deal alleges that the NZ Ecstasy now arrives via Australia (thus replacing the more pure European Ecstasy which until recently dominated NZ Ecstasy supplies) entering NZ by commercial air flights. From this point it is, according to my source, distributed via agents working for the Auckland gang formerly known as the Headhunters, now calling themselves the ‘Mob’ who are also alleged to control Central Auckland’s sex industry (from the connection of certain accountancy firms, and in turn their connections to NZ based gangs involved, I find this a plausible allegation). 

*1 Post printing I was informed they were in fact blue pills stamped with the 007 brand.

LES MILLS LIVE | June 28th, 2019 | Fitt Los Angeles

In light of the gang’s links to White’s suspected homicide and their ties to certain strip clubs, the sad story of Leah Stephens (which again had narcotic overtones), the gangland link to Maori activist Murray Renata’s slaying. Other sources alleged that a certain ‘suicide’ that occurred in Waikato in 1998 was in fact yet another Headhunters slaying connected to the loss of $500,000 worth of LSD, Ecstasy, and Marijuana earlier that year. According to yet another separate source the above deal was not a singular affair but part of a ring that dealt in bulk sales as described by the original source. The same source would allege that Australian – NZ flights were made possible by the Mob having an inside man working within Customs. Such claims are not impossible, given that in 1987 “…a senior policeman was found to be passing on information from the (Wanganui computer) to an Auckland drug ring”, according to Consumer magazine, Issue #276.

The Big Read: Inside the Head Hunters - NZ Herald

The ‘Mob’s’ involvement in the Ecstasy trade also reared its head in the 1999 trial of Kim Van Lent who, with several others, was busted in New Zealand’s biggest-ever E-sting. Interestingly, Trent Beetham, the son of former political leader Bruce Beetham, was named by prosecutors in Van Lent’s High Court trial as another major drug dealer, but he was not charged. Despite this, Trent Beetham’s involvement gave the secret police sting its name: Operation Polotik. Metro magazine journalist Tim Wilson wrote “Van Lent must be one of the few people to have been invited to both Les Mills and the Headhunters Christmas Party.” 116 In this case the ring used both European and Australian Ecstasy, while using American banks like Chase Manhattan to launder the drug money. The scale of drug trafficking within New Zealand is phenomenal. One veteran Customs officer reports “we’re rushed off our feet. I’ve never seen anything like it in my entire career.” 

In 2011 a member of the 1999 drug ring, which sold to Auckland A crowd Robert Graham, 47, was convicted on Thursday of a “sustained and frenzied attack” on former Law Society of Scotland executive Leslie Cumming, 68, in a lane near the victim’s Edinburgh home. Cumming was repeatedly stabbed and beaten in the January 2006 attack and needed 40 stitches in his face. An Auckland judge, who was Graham’s lawyer before Graham skipped New Zealand where he worked as even promoter for Red Bull, while facing drug charges, said he was astonished his former client was a convicted hit man.

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In 2016 Yoram Kalev, 48, from Roseneath in Wellington, orignally from Hazorea Hazafon Israel a personal trainer at a Les Mills gym was jailed for importing methamphetamine, with a potential value of $1.4 million, into the country from Hong Kong in neck pillows.

In March 2020 A 27-year-old Chinese national appeared in Manukau District Court today after he was linked to the importation of at least 17 packages. In total they contained around 46 kilograms of MDMA (also known as ecstasy), six kilograms of ephedrine, and one kilogram of methamphetamine.

Lawyers Guns & Money: Why prohibition, drug & guns is simply a ...

In April 2020 two Kiwis were arrested after 20 kilograms of methamphetamine was found in a carry-on suitcase at Auckland Airport. Customs found 20kg of methamphetamine, with an estimated street value of $8 million. The same month in New South Wales a New Zealander and alleged 35-year-old accomplice who holds dual British and South African citizenship, were charged with importing $750 million of P into Australia. The operation began after New Caledonian authorities took an interest in a vessel whose crew told them they had sailed to New Caledonia from Mexico, Australian federal police said in a statement.

Mexico has surfaced in several large scale New Zealand drug bust. See my stories Lawyers Guns & Money & Five Eyes Compromised were I also on encountering a gang in Raglan bearing Mongrel Mob colours but a Sinaloa cartel scorpion patch later identified operating out of a gym in Otautahi.

Possible Australian link to Canadian official charged with ...

Raglan is where Sean McKinnon, the brother of Australian federal Police officer Emmeline McKinnon was murdered in a gang land styled shooting (replicating the July 2019 Canadian murder of Lucas Fowler, the son of Australian Federal Police officer Chief Inspector Stephen Fowler) in December 2019. It is also less than 150 km from where drugs including 300 million in Cocaine and half a billion in meth. The ninety mile beach drug bust is linked to the Australian imported Comacheros who used the same encrypted Phantom Secure phone net work busted by the Australian Federal Police. A cracked secret global communication network responsible for the exposing corrupt intelligence analyst Cameron Ortis in 2019.

Its believed Ortis had helped organised crime gangs murder uncover officers, by providing classified information that allowed gangs to track their victim by turning the victims own phones into a tracking device. Ortis had also over seen the billion of dollars money laundering investigation involving Russian and Mexican cartels using New Zealand and Australian banks. Otis arrest has caused a tsunami within Five Eyes ranks as becomes clear corruption reaches the highest levels of New Zealand and Australian society and political circles and causing concern among other Five Eye members.




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