A step to the left and then a JUMP to the right…I’ve Got to take Control.

I just saw a turd dropped by Brad Flutey on line.

Withstanding Flutey just plagiarised my 2019 article title on this exact topic (Right down to ending his video with the pop song of the same name). not being an original thought, Brad of course got the whole point of my article wrong as he is in fact guilty of the very thing he attacks. As he focus on the person (worshipping Trump despising Jacinda) and not the real policy at issue beyond the Punch and Judy puppet show that get played out in this phoney left right wing conflict.

The right-wing record of Jacinda Ardern's government in New ...

Flutey who helped toxify the Yellow vest movement in NZ (as has happened overseas to a lesser extent), so it became not about opposing the centralisation of power but about wearing silly red hats* and pretending New Zealand is the USA. He is another megaphone for the baloney false left right narrative played out in the US, between corporate back DNC and corporate back Republicanism, which he wants to import to New Zealand political landscape.

A carefully controlled polarising drama aimed at shutting out the genuine counter cultural-ism needed to address the imbalance caused by growing corporate hegemony of capitalism.

The U.S. Goes AWOL on Brexit - The Atlantic

*It opposition to the global migration pact was far right racism at its best as opposed to highlighting the scheme was literally the idea of rogernomics spin doctor Mike Moore who as the UN Migration envoy took his WTO pro big business trade deals ‘World Without Walls’ and dressed the mutton up as lamb. World Without walls was an idea despised by the left wing groups, workers rights, environmentalist and indigenous groups a like who opposed in 1995 during the anti-corporate riot in Seattle sparked by the pre TPPA WTO free trade talks led by Moor then chair of the WTO.

To be fair it was not the reactionary right who got Trump elected.That credit goes to the corporate backed DNC when they cut Bernie Sanders throat (twice), leaving genuine liberal voters nowhere to go.

Flutey (who admit to having regular briefing with Winston Peters and thus outs himself as a NZ First apparatchik ) and his far right cult of toxicity is the other side of the pincer movement. Redneck throw backs reactionaries to dumb to work out when they are walking into an ambush that goes beyond this election alone. A science fiction double feature if you well.

If you continue to let society operate in the false left-right ...

‘The Left’ (actually neo-liberalism) hammer us with neoliberal rogernomics and green spin all the while marketing themselves as socialist (and thus love it when Brad obliges them)

‘The right’ flank call Jacinda a dirty socialist as they omit the role of socialist like Norman Kirk who sent warship to protect protesters, the wise men of Waitaki who gave us 40 hours week and health care, Big John Seddon safe work places.

All the while Flutey and his hicks fail to high light the role of rogernomics and that Jacinda backers are not the KGB but rather the same corporate lobbyist who also fund Nationals the Greens and NZ First simultaneously.

Policy Proposal: Corporate Lobbying - Salem-News.Com

This general reactionary toxicity has already sunk all the minor parties . Who in a circular Mexican firing squad have zero chance of making 5%.*

* My own research find curiously that many of the alternative parties are in fact funded by mining dollar interest.

Meaning your voting options (assuming you want your candidate to win a seat) will be basically Labour pro TPPA or National TPPA or NZ First pro TPPA or Green (anti TPPA but pro Agenda 2030 the corporate hijacking of genuine environmental policies and issues).

When I look at whats going on I am reminded of the Noam Chomsky quote “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum – even encourages the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there’s free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate”.

noam chomsky quotes - Google Search | Noam chomsky, Stupid people ...

How does that idea play out in the world of modern communication?


The general script on corporate controlled mainstream media is devoid of genuine liberal or left wing (socialist) concerns such as the privatisation of water and health, the public sale of land and forestry, Labour signing the TPPA, (let not forget with National help) are ignored and the election theme on mainstream news instead has becomes National is crap and wear maga hats (which brad loves) let vote Labour.

This is (in general terms) the propaganda for the Middle Class and post 40’s.

While the script on corporate controlled social media (and a few right wing mainstream commentators and bloogers) is memes borrowed from conservative reactionaries which hammer Labours for it breaches of civil liberties and constitutional breaches but omits the fact much of this was also carried out by National and Act. Ditto Nationals use of green spin (they did after all invent the Blue Green Concept ). Or that ideas such water privatisation and asset sales (when this mentioned which is rarely) is also what we can expect of National.

This in general terms the propaganda for the working class and under 30’s

Ron Paul Urges America "Oppose Fascism Of The Right & The Left ...

Or put more basically no where do we see the idea hey guys maybe the issue not Nationals crap or Jacinda a “pretty communist” but they are all crapped and all cut from the same cloth. Dear I say its an embryonic fascist cloth. And yes fascism can be both left and right wing.

The audience frustrated (as they might know all the details but intuitively now that urine smelling wetness they are feeling on their head is not rain) become polarised and reactionary as they turn on each other.

Cult of Personality Painting by Josef Pena

Group A laps up the ‘Jacinda is so awesome’ and any opposition to this idea has you labelled a Trumpist. Group A is a victim of the cult of persa-ba-nality.

Group B laps up the crap ‘Jacinda is a socialist’ (Im not sure how many of you know the International Socialist Organisation dissolved last year due to a civil war resulting in the take over of the party by neoliberal Blair based Third Wayers ). They then began to absorb the conservative reactionary language, then their toxic ideas, based on an incorrect understanding of political definition and a selective account of history*,as they focus on the person not the policies of the current Labour government.

Group B is also a victim of the cult of persa-ba-nality. And that they think another ‘hero’ (cough) Trump is the cure that simply reinforces the cultism at work.

Overview of socialism

* For example reactionary conservatism overlook how socialism in Russia got bastard first by Lenin backed by oil companies and then by Stalin who again froze non party workers wages [creating a two tier class wage system] again in the interest of industrial sponsors. A move replicated in Nazi Germany whose National Socialism we came to know as fascism. The German Russian models of socialism was a variation of what became known in the 1990’s as Third way politics. A pro free market, pro privatisation, ideology advocated by the 1984 New Zealand Labour government known as Rogernomics and then replicated by Tony Blair during the era Jacinda worked for Blair (in a role secured by Helen Clark as NZ literally exported Rogernomics, also known as the New Zealand experiment, to the world) as a policy adviser.

Number wise what does this joint spin job mean for this coming election and the next? Will it means a step to the ‘left’ followed by a JUMP to the ‘right’. Ramped up centralisation as the continued accumulation of wealth and power into the hands of few.

Results of the 2017 New Zealand general election - Wikipedia

A Labour will get elected with an over whelming mandate and the Greens will be reduced to rubble (actually a good thing as maybe they might begin to realise it time to dump the whole blue green and be real green (possum fur ties and non gm fruit pies).

NZ First will move further to the right (reactionary conservatism) and probably increase it voting base. National will do like wise.

Post election Labour will use it mandate to ram home further neo-liberalism and people will begin to see through the neo-liberal mask.

This will be assisted by NZ First who will market itself as the champions of all thing “alternative” and do so loudly and trumpishly.

Safe in the knowledge that as opposition party in election term, controlled solely by Labour, their not a chance n hell their policy will get through or they can stop Labours now more overt rogernomic styled government.

The curious case of the #National2020 newspaper ad that National ...

Meanwhile National will reinvent itself as miraculously post election it suddenly gets it shit together and a smiling hero will emerge (I am guessing Chris Luxton) who oddly will suddenly get a lot of friendly corporate press.

So next election voters now feed up with a Labour party that did not prove “more caring” that did not “do it” will vote National back in supported by a now more right wing based NZ First.

As once again voters fall for the cult of persa-banality instead of focusing on policies and that all these parties (large and small) are all backed by the same thing big corporations and uber capitalism whose ultimate goal is monopolism which in political speak emerges as fascism not socialism.

Business Lobby Cartoons and Comics - funny pictures from CartoonStock

Brad and his mates have got it wrong Jacinda not a socialist (I wish) or more correctly her cabinet most certainly are not and by hammering that lie they are in effect helping her big business backed pr marketing people.

But then again that the whole pint in this Punch (Trump) and Judy(Cindy) show where the audience is hypnotised to focus on the puppets and ignore whose pulling the strings in this phoney left right repeating dance that for the next two election can be summed up in the Rocky Horror Picture show famous lines of another pop song “I’ve got to take control ..it just a step to the left and jump to the right. Put you hands on your hips and let all do the time warp againnnnnnnn”



  1. Hahahahaha none of this makes any sense Ben, none of your “articles” do. How can anyone plagiarise anything of yours if they:

    1. Don’t read your shit
    2. Cant read your shit

    Get Grammarly and an editor, a really really good one.


    • Brad your funny: you do realise that this response on this page (along with the other numerous unprovoked multiple abuse attempts on my LinkedIn profile, youtube, facebook page (until I inevitably block you) shows);

      A) You obviously do read my shit and there fore you just proved your both a liar and moron in one spectacular example of why loosers are so good at scoring own goals.

      B) I really don’t give a shit.

      Meanwhile Brad since where on the record let me also point out as your Outdoor Party actually got less votes than Billy Bullshitter nut job NZPP your not really in any position to give advice on how to make people sit up and listen. So butter cup if it is all the same to you and your looser ways I’ll keep trucking doing my thing (e.g. actually achieving my goals) while you keep sitting in your own feral looser juice as you stew and obsess on the success of others as loosers are inclined to do – have a nice day you dysfunctional putz,


  2. Haha, nice non-PC response Ben. I notice he didn’t deny plaguerising your stuff. At least when I nick your stuff I give credit to the author!!
    Regarding the claim that Ardern isn’t a Socialist. Well, she was previously the head honcho of Socialist Youth, and according to her Wikipedia page she self-identifies as a Social Democrat (or was it a Democratic Socialist, I can’t remember?).
    So (serious question not shit stirring) how is she not a Socialist? Surely even Third way is a form of Socialism?


    • Yeah but as I always counter does not mean a lot when the ISO was itself outed as a CIA front.
      Here is what the socialist have to say of the pet lefties who went along with CIA doctrine and not popular in actual socialist circles.

      No becuase it still fits the parameter definition of Fascism (e.g a totalitarian one party system (if you accept the two party system we have now is farce) partnered up with Capitalism).

      I actually modelled that issue last night and concluded (once I ran the scenarios) the debate should not be left or right, capitalism verse socialism, but simply is the status quo democratic or fascist with understanding fascism can be both left and right where as socialism has to be left wing. But as you don’t have an example of functioning ‘communist country’ that are not financed by corporations seeking wage freeze and monopolies run by one party state in reality its cant be actually be called a socialist government but is simply tolatarian based fascism. In each of your Neo liberal Third Wave the money comes from big business (out to achieve a monopoly) and as movies like Some One Else Country show the two party state democracy is an illusion with all economic calls in reality coming from the banks via the treasury. I would term it embryonic fascism and will ultimately as power centralises become fascist.



      • Thanks. Great response. What “they” call Socialism is in fact totalitarianism. I have some very actively Socialist friends who tell me that China, North Korea, the old Soviet Union etc are not “true” communism (or any form of Socialism) for the very reasons you state. Considering human nature I doubt there ever will be a truly Socialist utopia.
        Personally I believe a functioning body requires a left and right side working together, A point made in the Fritz Lang classic Metropolis. Once we divide left and right the body is disabled and chaos ensues. Certain wealthy interests recognise this and use it to their advantage at the expense of the masses. Of course its all smoke and mirrors and the two party system is a mere puppet show. The left and right hands are attached to the same body.
        As for Ardern, while she identifies as a Socialist, I doubt she truly works for Socialist interests.
        Anyhow, before I start waffling on, thanks again: Your response impressed.


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