THE STRATEGY OF TENSION – The False left right paradigm.

This five minute video break down the strategy deployed by the few to create polarisation amongst the many (left vs right dogma) explain superbly. But note after 3 minutes the video becomes subjective as opposed to factual. Posted for it definition of an idea as opposed to accuracy of claim made after the 3 minute point.

Gladio alive and well.

How the 1% polarize the working class right and middle class left to their advantage. How vested interest retain control.

Jacinda Bridges/ Trump DNC team A Team B.
Two sides of the same lobby controlled coin.

The False Left-Right Paradigm & The Illusion of Choice

Your with us or against us.
No ground for dialogue.
No room for finding middle ground.

TPPA | Snoopman News
GUEST BLOG: Oliver Hailes – Never again! Sign our TPPA petition to ...

How Third way politics (driven by treasury -driven by global banking lobbyist) infiltrated both Labour & National.

The Third Way after the ‘success’ Rogernomics & Ruthonomics the New Zealand experiment was exported offshore. Its best known public example was the UK government of the 2000’s left by Tony Blair.

BBC News | UK Politics | What is the Third Way?

Which blended socialist idea with Thatchers/Reagan neo-liberalism approach and gave us The Third Way.

Tony Blair quote: Our task is not to fight old battles, but to...

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