WWII was against an Fascist undemocratic regime. A Third way ideology who used cudgels of curtailing free speech and censorship to build an murderous empire, supported by big industry including IBM a fore runner to apples and Microsoft. The same forces trying to ram big data and big pharma down our throats now via the use of Goebbels based marketing and information dominance to create “a new normal”.

What Companies were Associated with Nazi Germany? - Answers

Public safety and the protection of civil liberties are not exclusive.

Protest at sea | The Standard

But yes folk get it wrong.

Rogernomics was never based on socialism and neither was Lenin’s USSR. (Norman Kirk was about socialism and his version I for one have no problems with). Their version of socialism was in fact what is called the Third way ideology as form of State Capitalism.

Capitalism IS in crisis | occasional links & commentary

Third-way ideology is the partnership between big business and a centralised party system controlled elite the model we political scientist also some times call fascism.

Jacinda’s marketing people like it when you call her a socialist. With standing the International Socialist Organisation, whose youth arm Jacinda once headed, collapsed last year due to an internal protest about how it had being infiltrated by third way politics.

Jacinda Ardern is no radical, but the 21st-century face of Blair's ...

Why is calling a Jacinda, who use to work for the Third way UK poster boy Tony Blair, not deemed an insult by her OWN marketing people.

Because it is the very brand she her core voters to identify with.

In contrast the marketing folk want anti corporate protesters to be seen as right winger. So that standing for democracy and protesting becomes a dirty word. The feral behaviour of NAZIS.

The third way seeks to create a new normal as to what socialism (or ‘$ocialism’ as it is spelt in the 3rd Way corporate sponsored lexicon) means.

Joseph Goebbels Quotes. QuotesGram

In the marketing play book of Third way politics the idea is the ‘left’, who push right wing pro big business policy are the goodies. And and the right (or at less their version of the right) are the baddies who say no to big business greed.

So let steal the play book back and turn the tables on the propaganda goons.

Attacking ‘socialism’ makes people forget Labours pass sins. Namely their links to right wing Rogermics.

Sharon Murdoch on Twitter: "Tales From the Parliamentary Crypt ...

And it make us forget the good of socialism as it was spun by a real socialist like Norman Kirk and before that folk like John Seddon. Socialist who gave us 40 hour week safe jobs and a quarter acre of our own to call our personal kingdom. Socialist who would have spat on the TPPA and seen it for what it is anti democratic procorporate charter.

GUEST BLOG: Oliver Hailes – Never again! Sign our TPPA petition to ...
It's Our Future: Kiwis against the TPPA - Givealittle

New Zealand's democracy hangs by a thread as Parliament's ...

If you want to truly piss JASPINDA off and derail the Labour National back TPPA play book we need to call it for what it is, the fascist lap dog of global bankers, big pharma and big tech, who want it all.

Hashtag #normankirk sur Twitter

Ben Vidgen a political scientist and a guy who works in marketing and media

Least we forget.

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  1. Just a point that irks me personally. We wouldn’t call John Key “John”. We wouldn’t call Simon Bridges “Simon”. We don’t call Andrew Little “Andrew” so why oh why this insistence on calling the encumbent Prime Minister “Jacinda” as if we all knew her personally? Surely that’s all part of the agenda to make her seem like our friend and part of her “team of 5 million” (which sounds distinctly communist to me!).
    I agree that Socialism comes in many forms and it’s all too easy to lump them together and brand them as “Communism”. What really bothers me though is the growing chasm between Left and Right, a kind of radicalism on either side looming, which is not a healthy way for a society to function.
    One can argue all day about the pros and cons of Socialism vs Capitalism, I think we need elements of both in order for society to function: “The mediator between the head and the hands must be the heart”

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  2. Haven’t noticed any radicalism from the left lately, Martin. Seems like the left has been abandoned by the unions, and the churches. As a real lefty, I’ve got no one left to talk to but Ben here.


  3. Biggest challenge in addressing issues raised by this sort of article?

    Getting people to suspend disbelief long enough their instinctive gag reflex does not reject their instant cognitive dissonance.

    Well, that’s how it has worked for me, at least.

    Bit by bit though, if we just keep bearing witness, enough facts eventually filter through to finally make us seriously question what’s printed on the label; whether it be breakfast cereal, or, for an example from this article, the International Socialist Organisation:



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