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The Palantir involvement in Cornoavirus soft ware needs to be seen in the context of Vision 2030 and the Israeli experience were Benjamin Netanyahu right wing fraction has being weaponising the coronavirus and big data to secure an election advantage and consolidate their own power base. Palantir who have an office in Tel Aviv and work with numerous governments, as the CV19 Queenstown meeting report, analyse and can manipulate data. However data collection software like Israel’s NGO Group Pegasus virus address the issue of how tracking data can be harvested from public data and used or abused for self interest of powerful. The Israeli website Jacobin noted

March 16, he asked the Knesset intelligence committee to approve the use of a hitherto secret national database compiled by the Shin Beth and comprising private personal data on every Israeli citizen, both Jewish and Palestinian.”

The Israeli NSO Group,data base had in fact being built pre CV19 “In the aftermath of 9/11, Israel’s Knesset secretly assigned its domestic intelligence agency the task of creating the database, which was ostensibly meant as a counterterrorism measure. The data included puts Edward Snowden’s alarms about the NSA’s mass surveillance to shame. It not only contains the names, addresses, and phone numbers of every citizen; it also records every phone call made, and the recipient of these calls, including name and phone number. It uses geo-location to track where every citizen has travelled within the country, and it maintains records of all online activity, including internet searches”

Netanyahu was clearly exploiting the tacking app to illustrate to the the public “his indispensability”. He wanted Israelis to view him as the strong, steady leader who could carry them through the threat posed by the epidemic. Netanyahu wanted the public to focus on how his secret spying platform would save them while overlooking it potential to enslave them and its already proven record of human rights abuse and being popular with warmongers.

Rothschild Boulevard 46, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel. Palantir’s Tel Avv Offices

Netanyahu was using CV19 and the previously secret mass surveillance program (tied to the assassination and silencing of critics by dictators and organised crime) to save his career, as the opposition plotted to form a government that would exclude him from power and leave him vulnerable to a criminal trial on three corruption counts. The move to use big brother big data to make people safe unfolding as a spy scandal brewed silently below the headlines, in which an Israeli citizen was accused of spying for Iran arrested in Iran where Hungarian intelligence officials had just hinted at the Islamic state intentions to “weaponsise’ for a second CV-19 panademic having being advised by “other nations”.

A seeming replication of the 2001 anthrax scare where the source of intelligence, which identified for local Czechoslovakian police officers 9/11 terrorist Mohammed Atta as meeting with an Iraqi military intelligence who handed over a flask of anthrax , eventually emerged as Israel’s military intelligence the Shin Beth.

Only one problem with the Israel’s military intelligence identification of Mohammed Atta.

Atta was currently in Florida getting a speeding ticket on the same day as the alleged meeting now known too have never happened. While the anthrax which early press reports, fuelled by vice president Dick Cheney (as USA looked for an excuse to go to war with Iraq), blamed on the 9/11 terrorists would be identified by the Federation of American Scientists as having being produced at the US military laboratory.

Specifically Fort Detricks, which is currently closed amid an FBI investigation into missing bio-warfare samples and a tit for tat claim by the USA and China that CV19 originated in laboratories in each other countries.

A scenario complicated by Israel’s own state private enterprise strategic partnerships and rising power of big data tech firm and non state actors and their own complicated relationship with Saudi Royal families interpretation of Vision 2030 and mass surveillance tracking technology.

Coronavirus outbreak: How Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok ...

A story which like Anthrax was originally pushed by Israel and quickly dismissed when first aired in January 2020 (the orignal author focusing not on state players but rogue NGO actors) but is beginning to reemerge at the time of writing, pushed by the Jeff Bezo owned Washington Post (albeit who are hedging their bet saying the source of the reports focusing on China state owned laboratories came from the Trump administration) who also played a chief role in pushing the fake new of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq back in 2001 for which it later apologised for it part in promoting pro war propaganda.

“The ODNI issued its statement after The New York Times reported Thursday that Trump administration officials were pressuring intelligence agencies to say the virus leaked from a Chinese laboratory. Critics of the lab-origin theory have cited a scientific study published in the medical journal Nature Science in March that concluded the virus most likely mutated naturally from an animal to humans. The article is mentioned by The New York Times. However, the Nature report also noted that China has been studying bat coronaviruses similar to the SARS-CoV-2 virus at level two security laboratories and that an earlier deadly pathogen, the first severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) virus, had leaked from laboratories. “We must therefore examine the possibility of an inadvertent laboratory release of SARS-CoV-2,” the study authors concluded.”

Similar biowarfare investigations (instigated pre CV-19) surround facilities in Texas, Harvard, New York and in Winnipeg between the months of August 2019 and January 2020. January 2020 August 2019 August 2019 January 2020

Not that this stopped, back in 2001, the USA and it Saudi Arabian UK and Israeli right wing buddies from going to war against Iraq on the basis of the false intelligence that became fake news pedalled by the mainstream corporate news that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and had some how being involved in the twin towers attacks carried out by Saudi born jihadists.

Troubling few have ever bother to focus on the core fact that it was Israel who framed Mohammed Atta as as receiving the Anthrax samples (a claims now regards as fake news) on June 2, 2000. A frame up put in place a full year before the 9/11 attack by Atta and his Saudi born cohorts were carried out.

9/11 and the World Trade Center: Propaganda Can't Melt Steel Beams ...

A piece of information that has startling ramifications when considered in terms of its timeline and how the mere hint of biowarfare created enough fear in the masses hyped by mainstream papers to spark a war that in the end kicked civil liberties to the curb and made a fortune for the dogs of war coming close on the heels of the 9/11 attacks


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