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Have being quoting Webster on virus since 2005-6 acknowledges risk of cross contamination if vaccines applied to pathogens who have mutated surprised has not raised that issue here.

This guys obnoxious but the information is startling.

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But one production firm, Luxembourg-based manufacturer Eurofins, told UK labs on Monday that deliveries would be delayed as core parts had been contaminated with coronavirus, the Telegraph reported.

Medical authorities unsure how many testing-kits they have.


Police can enter home to make sure your in isolation.

Law Order, Military Deployment, Censorship, Human RightsVS Public Safety

WSW political bias present but good research.

Troops coming home.

Specialist deployed. NZSAS expertise in bio-warfare biological threats dates back to WW2 when NZ soldiers were part of task force assigned with tracking down nazi scientist. More recently deployed to Ukraine far east authorities detect bio and radio-logical threats on black market. Also know to have being deployed in first gulf war when former solider nick named ‘red’ kicked out of Iraq after accused of planting locust eggs. was working for charity contracted to CARE Australia whose role as front for western espionage documented widely Kosvo, Iraq and Somali conflicts.

Will also supported by E Squadron: The principal role of E Squadron (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) is to render safe all explosive ordnance, including improvised explosives and chemical, biological and radio-logical explosive devices, found in New Zealand above the waterline.

Lest We Forget 3'x2' (Remembrance Day) - World Flag Shop

Policing the police some police not breaching social distancing some not wearing masks.
And its important we continue to value our freedom hard won by those who suffered real hardship\, in the past, for us today LEAST WE FORGET.

Police confirm their role as a transporter of the virus.

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Civil Defence Act 2002 what government can and can’t do.

Impacts on crime

Well last longer than four weeks (see also troop deployment for confirmation)


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World Hereford Conference March 12/03/2020 source id as UK visitor.

No photo description available.

No 1 source of CV-19 World Hereford conference QT. Sponsor Boehringer one of the firm contracted to find a cure. Amazing odds eh? 4;03PM 1/04/2020

Those attending taken on North Island South Island tours before and after conference.

Sponsors include those making money out CV-19 emergency

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A spokesperson for Boehringer Ingelheim said: “We are actively working to ensure replenishment of wholesaler warehouses to meet the demand of hospitals across the country. We have also authorised overnight orders to distribution centres that have had inventories wiped out by hospital demand.…/d06962ce-6af7-11ea-800d-da70cff6e4d3

Merck and GSK were further ahead than Johnson & Johnson or Sanofi Pasteur. Yet it’s the latter two that have scored lucrative government deals for the coronavirus. All four companies are part of a consortium, which also includes Novartis, Boehringer Ingelheim, Eli Lilly and Gilead Sciences, nominally cooperating to develop vaccines, diagnostics and treatments.…/johnson-johnson-scores..

Hereford Conference VIPS

Bluff source woman Invercargil QT contacted to UK visitor

“As of today there are 24 confirmed and probable cases linked to the conference, held from March 9-13. Another two people from overseas, who had been at the conference, were previously revealed to have tested positive. The Southern District Health Board said earlier it believes more cases connected to it will be found. After attending the conference, some of the 400 participants went on to travel around the South Island as part of a pre-arranged tour. Before the conference some attendees travelled around the North Island. A cluster is where there are a group of Covid-19 cases who are linked together because they have been in the same place together. All clusters are being investigated by public health officials. Public health staff quickly follow up confirmed cases as soon as they are identified. They also work to contain clusters and prevent the disease spreading any further.”

Christchurch (source agribusiness)

Marlborough source back to US military games.

The Ministry of Health has revealed two Covid-19 clusters are linked to Marlborough.
One relates to an Air Force rugby team trip to the United States, affecting nine people – three of whom are in Blenheim, and the other involves six people at Alzheimers Marlborough. The website says six of the nine Air Force cases are in the last 24 hours, with one in the last 24 hours at Alzheimers Marlborough.…/coronavirus-moh-website…

2nd potential developing cluster linked to police & military traced back to US sporting event.

Marlborough Alzheimer Aberleigh Rest Home and Dementia Care – Dementia Care … › Facilities › Service › DisplayService › FaStID Blenheim 7201; DHB: Nelson Marlborough; Phone: (03) 578 7966; Fax: (03) … Dementia Care New Zealand is one of New Zealand’s highly regarded aged care providers. … Roman Catholic Holy Communion is also held once a week.

Hamilton CATHOLIC ASESSI REST HOME HAMILTON “We stood down 27 staff and four of them have tested positive and we’re still waiting for results,” Mr Fick said. “They have to stay away for 14 days from their last contact with the person that was infected. “The other issue is they don’t test every person. They only test those with symptoms so if you have no symptoms they don’t test you. “Ideally we’d like every staff member, every resident to be tested but it’s not realistic.”

Atawhai Assisi currently has
40 rest home rooms and a 46-
bed hospital, while Tamahere has
43 dementia care and 41 rest
home rooms, 108 villas, and 12
rental units.…


Health officials are investigating three clusters of coronavirus cases in Auckland, including one where a man caught the disease while skiing in the UNITED STATES then returned and infected three people.

Maristt College (Catholic)
Subject 0 female teacher follow up was she at Matamata or..

Spectrum care Auckland 3 cases. Old people Home. Health officials failed to tell a disability service it was linked to a cluster of Covid-19 cases before publicly outing it online

Family of infected not given protective geare (PPE)

Our PPE guidelines in relation to Covid-19 remain unchanged,” they said.

The ministry advises community carers not to wear masks or goggles, gloves or aprons or gowns, in most situations. The Association of Salaried Medical Specialists said senior doctors who work at District Health Boards (DHBs) rejected the guideline about not wearing a mask when a patient was not showing symptoms, and wanted that changed. Issue were also raised about pricing of ppe kits.

A Spectrum Care worker in Wellington was also infected. Meaning one of 16 in Wellington identified as group who went to the USA


Port of Otago sale announced during crisis. Originally Michael Guess said Port of Otago sale mean to pay for the Stadium budget blow out (which took place as forecast in part because land was sold to DCC at above 600% it value)…/dunedin/port-otago-may-be-privatised

A further portion of Napier (originally sold to pay for climate change infrastructure) to be sold to cover CV-19 losses.

in November 2019 Labour facilitated the sale of thousands of hectares of farmland to overseas forestry companies and by-passing the Overseas Investment Office in the process.

Many of these buyers will in turn get a boost on their sale as Govt plan to increase carbon price meaning exiting carbon holders shares will increase meaning effectively they just got a bunch of free money. Meanwhile in early March the submission for the third reading of bill aimed at creating a central ministry for water control to be manged by the private sector was passed


Pre 5G reporting

5G tower spring up around NZ

Economic fall out

Image may contain: possible text that says 'Anonymous 03/26/20 (Thu) 17:21:08 ID: 4ba8c8 (13) No.8576490 >>8576515 Mnuchin just bankrupted the Fed (Goldman Sachs, JpMorgan, Chase, etc...) Shit, it's started Anons. The market liquidity is now controlled by Steve Mnuchin and the Treasury Department. That also means we ALL central bank requests for credit for ALL 186 Foreign Nations. Folks, a power transfer just went down. The world just went asking Rothschilds for credit to Steve Mnuchin and the US Treasury for credit swaps. boom'
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5G Emergency network installed during lockdown

Current state circa mid 2018.

Evidence of emf broadcasting and activity over known area of electromagnetic interest.
Rhuapehu temperature increases.

Actual Location of 5 Towers in NZ,172.6521152,8z?fbclid=IwAR0NRpZq2FZjszoE0f3mLuinFhxUn2Y2xuw0iOgduHEFsLKiBcYguAPZnQ4

Petition of Jennie Brown: Stop 5G until independent testing proves it safe for humans and the environment

For those who think idea of 5G enhancing the risk of Cornovirus I began thinking of emi (tapanui flu) and it relationship with emf radiation. So I went looking to see what the relation of emf with immune system was. Yup emf effects our immunity

“Pathophysiology. 2009 Aug;16(2-3):157-77. doi: 10.1016/j.pathophys.2009.03.004. Epub 2009 Apr 23.
Disturbance of the immune system by electromagnetic fields-A potentially underlying cause for cellular damage and tissue repair reduction which could lead to disease and impairment.

Johansson O1.
Author information

“A number of papers dealing with the effects of modern, man-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on the immune system are summarized in the present review. EMFs disturb immune function through stimulation of various allergic and inflammatory responses, as well as effects on tissue repair processes. Such disturbances increase the risks for various diseases, including cancer. These and the EMF effects on other biological processes (e.g. DNA damage, neurological effects, etc.) are now widely reported to occur at exposure levels significantly below most current national and international safety limits. Obviously, biologically based exposure standards are needed to prevent disruption of normal body processes and potential adverse health effects of chronic exposure. Based on this review, as well as the reviews in the recent Bioinitiative Report”

[] [C.F. Blackman, M. Blank, M. Kundi, C. Sage, D.O. Carpenter, Z. Davanipour, D. Gee, L. Hardell, O. Johansson, H. Lai, K.H. Mild, A. Sage, E.L. Sobel, Z. Xu, G. Chen, The Bioinitiative Report-A Rationale for a Biologically-based Public Exposure Standard for Electromagnetic Fields (ELF and RF), 2007)], it must be concluded that the existing public safety limits are inadequate to protect public health, and that new public safety limits, as well as limits on further deployment of untested technologies, are warranted

Professor Olle Johansson of the world renowned Karolinska institute in Stockholm submitted a paper to the Swedish government on the dangers of microwave technology in 06 (I think it was).
His paper was ignored by the lunatics in power and his funding from the state was “pulled”
His presentation at the Open Mind conference in Copenhagen was an eye opener.

Geo Politics

“The launch was approved because the $1.4 billion AEHF-6 satellite is essential to national security, U.S. military officials said.

The China allegation saying virus came to china via US military attending military games.

THE USUAL SUSPECTS (work in progress)

These are same people linked to Wuhan patient zero.
These are same people linked Cameron Ortis Huawei 5G New Zealand money laundering scandal.
These are same people linked to Paul Wella spy arrest in russia.

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Defence Threat Assessment linked Paul Wella US Marine (Nato) on trial for espionage in Russia also linked to visits to Winnipeg Harvard Bio Nano lab at centre of arrest of Chinese US Nationals on espionage. DFA appears to have connection to the Iranian weapons ‘rat line’ (used to sell black market arms in return for defence tech) and patient zero a NATO diplomatic driver accused by China of starting the Wuhan virus.

The U.S., Irish and British ambassadors took the unusual step of attending the opening hearing. Whelan a security specialist for Detroit automaker Borg Warner holds British, Irish and Canadian citizenship. The trial was treated as top secret by the Russian authorities but linked to theft of tech secrets and is taking place behind closed doors. Whelan boss CEO Roger Krone who sit on numerous defence related board is currently under investigation for selling missiles in Syria and Sudan. And I believe have a fairly solid case that document that downing of Iran aircraft, NZ SP Trading and the 2009 discover of arms aboard a Russian fighter resisted to NZ firm (Cameron Ortis mole and murder of anit corruption investigator Sergei Magnitsky) and an illegal US pipeline to Syrian Iran.

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That pipe line is connected to the downing of at less two airliners one in Iran which carried numerous defence based scientist and western industry researchers and one in Kazakstan related to death of those investigating corruption and tied to the US controlled Syrian Iranian arm line.

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The common core of this is what Pullitzer winner Seymour Hersh called in his retirement speech the civil war taking place in the US/NATO between corporate lobbyist and fundamentalist (The Crusaders) and West Point officers (The Rocks) seeking to stamp out corruption and never ending war.

Investigative reporter Seymour Hersh describes 'executive ...


This is an interesting piece not because of the claim.
But the diplomacy. (make sure you check out the photos in my comment section).

Since that claim Trump has backed down from calling this the “China virus”. Yesterday White House briefing made it clear the official US response was put the blame of this allegation on a low level bureaucrat not China leadership who Trump referred to as “good friends of America”.

This does not mean the disease is not a bio-weapon a view rejected by the typical drop kick commentators that the MSM media refer from the academic discipline of sociology and psychology as opposed to say speaking to actual biowarfare experts like Alexander Koushminov (sic) the former NZ Ministry of Health Zoonotic specialist (air and water borne infectious diseases) who states bio warfare is used on unsuspecting public all the time. Kouzimonov should know the current senior policy strategist for the Waikato Council whose own water resources are at the heart of water privatisation attempt by private firms including coca-cola (a UN Agenda 2030 strategic partner on water sustainability – a euphemism for water privatisation) is a former KGB bio weapon expert with keen interest in chimera (designer virus) based Ebola viruses who authored the book Biological Epionage which stated covert bio warfare took place regularly.

Kouzimnov journey to New Zealand follows his defection from the KGB during the Cold War of the 1980’s. Kouzminov failed to secure similar postings in the US as the agents vetting Kouzminov during his defection were not convinced that he had switched sides and or did not have another agenda. Kuzminov as generally being regarded with distrust by the FBI ever since. Yet in 2014 Kouzminov tested more than twice the legal drink-drive limit has been let off a conviction on the grounds he would lose the right to travel overseas as a consultant for several foreign intelligence agencies.

Kouzminov was also chief executive of the Robert Graham Institute, part of the Waiwera Group owned by fellow Russian Mikhail Khimich who owned the Waiwera bottling company and water park north of Auckland, has been placed into liquidation in October 2019 an is subject to at less one investigation (from the NZ Companies Office) due to financial irregularities.

In Feb 2018 Hamilton water was contaminated by an event in which cyber security was hacked (mainstream report now have being altered to say turned off by mistake — though this is an vent which we have commented on many times during which we referred o long standing press report which confirmed the hack).

In 2014 $12.7 million supercomputer owned by Niwa has been targeted by a computer hacker believed to have come from China. The computer holds data on weather, climate and water. During the hack NIWA went to it back up which is located in Hamilton.

Hamilton was just one of several centres in 2018 to experience a raft of events which endangered water supply and has led to the creation of government controlled water regulation authority Taumata Arowai whose legislation is currently in the third bill stage in parliament submission taking place shortly before the lock down.

New Zealand’s timely water privatisation bill, has taken place at the same time key telecommunication has being rolled out world wide and in space. Namely not just the roll out of 5G (which represents not just technological advancement but provides the global infrastructure for a world in which the the global elite can prosper without the need for labour or the need to negotiate with its workers) but the launch of Elon Musk star link satellite network which allows the military to assimilate civilian based telecommunications.

Moves which took place as the Cornovirus timing proved impeccable in terms of fitting perfectly with a raft of market developments which include 9 billion in share dumping share buying of airline stocks, biomedical firms, telecommunication that took place just before the lockdown. Factors which must be cross referenced against pre virus oil dumping by the Saudi aimed at hurting the US Russian economy and the impact on China’s Steel productions (Wuhan is China steel production capital), leading to China slashing its tariffs on steel by 75%.

It all adds to a picture where the who and even why of of CV-19 as bio weapons scenario remain unidentified. However that does not mask the fact the geopolitical sequence of events paints a very clear picture of coordinated asymmetrical (multi layed and multi-directional) war fare in operation. Warfare coordinated to time with this specific global crisis. And why the specific whose and why remain in the shadows, in the land were people like Kouzminov live, the White House statement makes clear the US does not consider China’s national government (or more precisely its politburo) the threat and the White House may even be mulling over the 64,000 question raised by the Chinese ‘low level’ bureaucrat. Namely where is patient zero whose identity has always being critical in resolving outbreaks an is deemed the first law of counter disease combat.

If we accept this premise then we must now also review the actors involved, in terms of winners and loosers of the fore-mentioned well times stock transaction (the economic warfare arm of this attack). Our players are not the traditional actors of state verse state but (TO SIMPLIFY A COMPLEX SITUATION) state verse the multinationals.

One side national actors of Trump, Putin, Xi Jinping who seek to preserve national sovereignty and have popular support and backing of their military*. On the other globalist financed by banks and multi-nationals who promote (market) an appealing brand of global peace, cultural diversity, racial harmony and justice who then symbolised their intent to reshape global politics and create more evolved form of humanity by unleashing a virus which may well see the elimination of 10% of the global population. All for the greater good of course.


* The military is of course made up of different fractions as well. Pulitzer wining journalist Seymour Hersh spoke of this close to his retirement describing at Press Council speech held in Dohar of a “civil war” raging inside the Pentagon – one side backed by pro-corporate nepotistic crony’s the other West Point professionals (Trump was New York Military Academy cadet NYMA which is seen as a junior arm of West Point) who loosely purse the General Walter Bedell “Beetle” Smith doctrine which despise military corporate lobbyist.

A move which Trump’s January 2020 ‘castle twitter’ has being seen to refer as cleaning out and purge of un-loyal military fractions from the white house.

A claim that can further be matched by real document-able actions. Namely the Janaury 2020 appointment of Kevin Vereen to the office of Provos Marshall General (PMG). The PMG is the only US law enforcement officer capable of arresting a president in the event of impeachment. Vereen appointment was marked by Vereen’s relative inexperience to an office usually occupied by veteran officers with proven criminal investigation experience. The office is usually held on average for a few years. Vereen replaced David P. Glase who held the office for less than a year. Glase was redeployed to U.S. Army North command (who have proven critical in removing the Sinoloa cartels and and handling the incarceration of the cartel’s state side leaders) as a Deputy Commander of General-Operations. Glase’s new posting is an effective demotion and again goes against the norm.


This post is not an endorsement of one side over the other.

Both camps have blood of innocents on their hands and represent a clear and present danger to the idea of the rights of human to choose their own path; both pursue a Hunger Games style agenda of totalitarianism steeped in an indoctrination of your for us or against us, us or them.

This is a simply a report on the fact that yes geopolitics indicates this was a bio-warfare attack (and even if not that has not stopped the opportunist making advantages out of crisis) and whether middle class sociologists or psychologists, living in comfortable suburban homes courtesy of their commitment to the status quo (that has served them so well) with zero expertise in either geopolitical or the reality of bio-warfare, like it were no at war.

In fact as of 20/03/2019 the US has officially declared it was at war.

An act critic will say refer to the virus not an actual enemy. This is true on the surface. Yet it does not counter the fact the act allowed Trump to then have the power to order the Fed to buy the cheap oil dumped on the market, a week before lock down, as means of hurting the US economy – an act of war, albeit economic warfare. An act which would not have being possible had Congress and the Senate not accepted Trumps argument for why America need to consider her self at war.

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No photo description available.




5G Vodaphone executive blow whistle on CV1-19 & 5G video removed.


Sharen Rayner community leader Kaikoura.
“The case fatality rate or CFR is calculated by deaths ÷ cases x 100. So the more cases presenting lowers the CFR. Strangely enough we only have a certain amount of testing kits. So not everyone who poses symptoms are being tested. By keeping the case numbers down makes the CFR look higher! Which means the statistics they’re showing arent accurate. Currently 1 death ÷ 647 cases = 0.0015455951 × 100 = 0.154% CFR. It also seems there are other countries that only have a certain amount of kits “


Phillips & Bayer goons seem to have taken an interest in me.
Philips entry is categorised founder portfolio manager.

The CEO is Frans van Houten whose family founded Phillips in 1881 member of European Round Table of Industrialists

Kevin Barrow is General Manager for Philips Healthcare for Australia and New Zealand, effective 22 August 2014.

Philips has six factories in China that produce a range of imaging products including ultrasound machines, respiratory masks, and CT scanners, Reuters reported. Royal Philips NV is ramped up production of ventilators to double output within the next eight weeks and is targeting a four-fold increase by the third quarter to meet demand from hospitals overwhelmed by patients suffering from the coronavirus.

Mr Musk purchased 1,255 ventilators from three manufacturers – ResMed, Philips and Medtronic – last week. He said his company would be giving all its ventilators away “whether we buy them or build them”. This however regardless will also drive Phillip stocks up further. Philips Foundation is working with teams in Kenya, South Sudan and Italy to help support healthcare systems that have been “deeply impacted” by the outbreak.

Phillips Healthcare Informatics Solutions and Services division is building its Philips HealthSuite digital platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Jef Bezo Amazon CEO mystery trip to NZ (watch this space very soon) and our report on absence of testing in the face of the World Health Organisation lead statement that testing is the number one tool to contain the pandemic have being my primary reports on line during the linked search stalking of my page.

Worth noting for the record that other stalker of my online traffic include the NZ embassy in London and NZ embassy intelligence and human resources personal and the US State Department. Who I am sure will find this info interesting and have better tool to track the numerous other serach have appeared this week listed as private but identify as health and care.


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