A TRILION DOLLAR MOTIVE: Lockheed Martin Rail Fire & Lithium.

“While in Bethesda an office flaming youth group singing. Firemen calling in. Lockheed Martin Marietta. Do you like me I guess. End of the lesson time 
Fugazi Do You Like Me 1995.


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To get into space you need a lot of rare metals the more you need the more you drive the market. The engine on its Electron rocket use high-performance electric motors and lithium polymer batteries to drive its turbo pumps. Rare metals drive the space race to get into space to mine more rare metals. And that NZ surrounded in rare metals so much the better. Then again so is Antarctica. There money to be made in this market which will give Lockheed the chance not just to be able to make and sell products but corner the very energy market the space race runs on. Its a Trillion dollar opportunity. Further it offers not just wealth but immense power to boot as that technology increasingly controls every aspect of out lives from transport, banking, communication, energy. The core infrastructure needed to run smart cities and survive in to-days world.


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Mining Value Networth Australia
To improve precision navigation, a second-generation SBAS will use signals from both GPS and Galileo, and dual frequencies, to achieve even greater GNSS integrity and accuracy.

Research partners

Lockheed Martin will provide systems integration expertise in addition to the Uralla radio frequency uplink. GMV-Spain will provide its magicGNSS processors. Inmarsat will provide the navigation payload hosted on the 4F1 geostationary satellite. The Australia and New Zealand Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information will coordinate the demonstrator projects that test the SBAS infrastructure.


The military industrial complex Australian lobby group founded by Tony Podesta

As I said its not just about money it also about power.

Saudi Arabian Culture mission read also

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Visiongain assesses that this market will generate revenues of US$2,543mn in 2019.


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  1. As usual, superb dot-joining and none of it surprises me. High speed inter-city rail and suburban light rail have always featured prominently in the whole 2030 Agenda business and always hot on the heals of “natural” disasters and subsequent infrastructure rebuild plans, and usually with the military-industrial complex lurking behind the scenes (as per Christchurch and Booz-Allen-Hamilton)
    Delighted to see you included the mineral resources of Antarctica in with all this, which is something I’ve touched upon in self-authored articles at Uncensored but within a more esoteric topic relating to Elite obsession with the Southern Continent.


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