SOUP OF THE DAY: Milk & Blood Money.

Afghanistan detainees in SAS operations sent to organisation notorious for torture Jon Stephenson 20:15, Jan 13 2020…/afghanistan-detainees-in-sas-oper…

Stephenson along with Nick Hager broke the story on the murder of civilians by the SAS, which led to an inquiry you heard zilch on in the days following the Christchurch disaster. Because our presence in Iraq (were we have no right to be) shows how her concern for human life bullshit and pretense. Pure branding with no substance behind the packaging.

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And of course we can expect Ja-spinda will not surface now to answer Stephenson latest findings or acknowledge trade, not humanitarian values, is what driving her caucus of greed. Or of course our confusing role of no to climate change but yes to war toys and planet destroying military alliances.
Equally confusing as no to Huawei but yes to Chinese free trade.

Let not forget why New Zealand’s in Iraq and Afghanistan to begin with as wikileaks confirmed what many of us already knew.

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Those smart enough not to be fooled by the cult of persa-ba-nality and spin know Ja-spinda won’t front up to Stephson findings because she only emerges when she get to play dress up when she can be SEEN to be doing good and their political mileage to be made.

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John Key the Smiling Assassin
Ja-Spinda the girl whose talk never matches her walk.

Both are marketing icons of a right wing bullshit machine which rely’s on brand tools and gimmicks used to sell our country values and social fabric down the drain for a few shitty milk deals. Their targeted demographic the frail and feeble middle class who only read headlines and want to believe their lots okay. For as long as they can be sold that lie they will shut their eyes and only look at the packaging on the soup can – what ever the soup of the day may be.

The art of spin doctoring.

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