The Art of Giving & Taking

‘Victim support apologise to Christchurch mosque shooting families after meeting never happened’

When I spoke to Abdullah Azzim the man who fought the Mosque shooter he stated “they are very good at being seen to do something” but the reality they had done nothing once the cammeras were off.

Dean Dunbar Pike River activist noted on social media “Airport gateway motel is were victim support have been staying, each individual has there own apartment, brand new rental car, conference room at 600 doll a day, restaurant and room service, the amount of money and time been spent has got the attention of the media who are trying to find out how many millions have been spent so far, and the results of that.They backed off the staff number’s a few weeks ago, skeleton crew remains”.

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Billie Winter on social media noted quoting Thomas Sheridan ‘money laundering and tax avoidance scam – biggest dirty secret in modern art’. Some millionaire donates this and writes off the full cost as an endowment.“Thomas Sheridan They can also self estimate. Basically they can have professional photos taken on this and get her to sign it. Then donate the photo to a regional museum and then claim it is now worth a million dollars due to its ‘controversial nature

In 2008 Prime Minister (now the CEO of Paradise Papers plagued ANZ) Key changed tax laws so donations now get 33%.33 preivously 2.5% with no ceiling limit (previously 5k).

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The high end art market for work brought by donated to trust has since ballooned to see how the whistle blowing (Jarrod Theobald former IRD worker) on this scam and it connection to things like Clinton Foundation Christchurch Foundation was shut down see


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