BEST OF BENS WORLD: 16/11/2019

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The global elite (Monsters Inc) & why we must adress the bipartisan gluttony found on both side of the poltical divide in a world where self entitled soicopath narcist rule in both the left and right wing circles with the support of mainstream media competiting for market domination.

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The betrayal of Hapu as Iwi side with the corporation in a land grab not seen since the maori wars. A series of links which collectively demonstrate the dirty politics of Waikato

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Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.

Christchurch Shooting series. Canterbury Tales II

We investigate Christchurch’s beautiful people and find they are not so beautiful.

We check out the authencity of media reports concerning bomb threats and look at a blue print for a total media take over.

General monster hunting. Hic Sunt Draconess (‘here be dragons’)

Kaikoura & Agenda 2030 – A Land grab in action.

Best selling author Ben Vidgen sixty minutes rant on Kaikoura, the TPPA, New Zealand seventy year role in top secret and geowarfare based ‘electron bomb’ (second generation weapons) and other sppoky stuff right in our own back yard. Below the visual aids to that briefing.

FIVE EYE$ The Compromising of The West’s Entire National Security Apparatus downunder.


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