NZ “Presidental” Alert System???

How many of you noticed the alert said “Presidental Alert” becuase US The National Emergency Management Agency or NEMA (previously the Federal Emergency Managment Agency FEMA) took over the automated communication alert system Civil Defence (soon to become the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) under the PM’s jurisdiction) in 2016 on shortly before the Kaikoura earthquake on November 16th.

‘Presidential Alert’ is the name for an emergency text alert system used by US agency FEMA – which pioneered the concept of pushing a message to every cellphone. › 2019/06/26 › new-emergency-agency-comin.

“The purpose of this warning order is to provide advance warning of Exercise Tangaroa, a Tier 4 (national) exercise under the National Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) Exercise Programme. The exercise will be led by the Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management (MCDEM) and will be conducted over three dates in 2016 (31 August, 14 September, and 28 September 2016). Your agency will be formally invited to participate in early 2016….Particpating angencies include (“but not limited to”) Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), CDEM Groups and local authorities, Ministry of Transport/New Zealand Transport Agency, New Zealand Police, New Zealand Customs Service, New Zealand Fire Service, NGOs – Red Cross, New Zealand Defence Force, Media (MoU Partners), Ministry of Health (including Ambulance, and District Health Boards), Bilateral partners plus the – Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) from the USA.…/ex…/exercisetangaroa2


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