Cyndi Pan masseuse therapist, acupuncturist.
Phone (04) 801 8840 027 627 2936 276 Wakefield St Wellington CBD.

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Wellington is a busy place and it’s easy for the stress and stimulation to get on top of you. To survive you have to learn to feed not just your belly with healthy food but your well being as well. To this end I head to Renew Massage on Wakefield St (almost opposite Tepappa). Cyndi Pan, originally from China, is the daughter of medical practitioner and is trained in both acupuncture and massage which she employs along with other technique. This includes Gua Sha, a form of energy work, long accepted in China as effective that. the tool is a shape crystal (onyx is popular) that gives off vibration like a tuning fork when you flick it with your nail.

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Her practice is not just about healing or pain relief but rather undertake a holistic approach that offers clients a chance to learn and diagnosis deeper issues. Be those issues of the body mind or heart. She does not view her self as just a healer but an educator who teaches her clients how they can reel in continuous health and well being long after my visit as I’m given some simple but useful tools with which to heal my self.

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In saying Cyndi has uncanny ability to target areas were I’m in pain without being told. As she targets these areas, without excessive force (some of her lighter and brief touches I note have huge effect on me immediately and months after treatment). She suggest anger and sadness are causing me to hold on to pain and are associated with issue in the liver and lungs. Its 2019 and among other issues in my life I have just covered the march 15th shooting in Christchurch and witnessed the impacts and response of the tragedy which has brought so much pain to so many and seemingly polarised the country. She could not be more correct is she tried. In the next few weeks taking on board what she says I reduce my coffee alcohol and I increase my consumption of water, green tea, every day not only is my vitality seeming to be increasing but the sense of sadness and outrage caused by recent events and so many of the world’s injustices is abating. We cant change the world but we can choose how we choose to see it.

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Her philosophy simple “I try to make the world a better place by reducing people pain so they can see the beauty that in the world and not just focus on the negative things that poison our minds and heart”. Cyndi is available seven days. Her usual hours are 10-7 (but if you ring in advance Cyndi will accommodate appointments outside those hours is she able too)

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