There is no better way to bring people together than desserts” Gail Simmons.

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The Art of WEDelicia Blenheim.
4 Scott Street Open 7 days Ph: 027 286 6261.

A gentle spring morning in Blenheim home of wineries and the Waihopai spy base. Out side rain drizzles peacefully as inside your greeted with the soothing sounds of chilaxing Latin music, ambient local art and people laughing at Exploding Kittens.

Perhaps it is at this point I should explain I’m having breakfast at Delicia a gelato and gaming cafe located in Blenheim. Exploding Kittens is the name of of just one of the many games being played by customers of all ages, including classics like monopoly, chess, backgammon, to more modern games like Risk, Catan and the fore-mention Exploding Kittens. It also includes comfortable couches, magazines and books such as the The Art of War where historic general Tsun Tzu writes an army is only as good its ‘sense of togetherness’ (what the Chinese call Gung Ho).

While the other historic commander Napoleon tutors that soldiers can not march on their boots alone and at Delicia you don’t have to.

Patrons around me enjoy coffee and milkshakes as the menu includes the usual breakfast cafe classics (with a few tweaks such as my egg Benedictine served with manuka and smoked bacon), Frajtitas, plus an army of dessert and treats like waffles and ice cream sundaes.

And of course delicia’s secret weapon is its home made gelato that is conjured up by co-owner Peter Bristow, a wine maker by profession.

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Delicia have recruited a loyal following as people enlist in the opportunity to pop into the cafe, or the local farmer market (held every Sunday), to try his flagship draw card. They include Henry Blomfeild exotics like coffee, turmeric, sauviougn blanc, rosie, as well as classic flavours like chocolate and vanilla. The path too victory is complicated but don’t worry at Delicia the staff are drilled in font of service and kitchen duties and thus can fully assist you in your tactical choices. In addition to being able to brief you on the Cafes vegetarian and vegan options which extends to both it food menu and gelato options.

Delicia asides from being available for functions, also do specialty cakes for all occasions and battle fields (in all weather seasons and terrain), are open seven days with Wednesday being their popular gaming night. Peter and co-owner Andrea Paz Munoz Ibanez (thus the South American influence). plan in the near future to add other specialty nights as the cafe evolves aro

Delicia is open 9am to 5pm most days. Wednesday & Thursday 9am to late.



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