November 5th

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Southern Magpie — same peroid as NZ Police Counter Terrorism Exercise Operation Guardian and Airforce exercise Wise Owl. Planning for Exercise Southern Magpie 19 began in 2018 with police, the ADF and the Commonwealth Department of Home Affairs working closely with a range of stakeholders including La Trobe Valley infrastructure owners such as “Alinta Energy, AGL Energy, Basslink and Snowy Hydro Limited”.

Snowy Hydro is the company led by Colonel Professor Thomas Leech, the head of Operation Seal, post WWII when it was then used to mask Australia’s secret nuclear weapons operations cordinated inside Lucas Height (subject to bogus terror threat in 2000) and today conducts geoengineering research specifically stratosphere aerosol spraying using low level crop dusters and snow dams. Snowy Hydro is critical to Australia’s water needs. Wise Owl takes place as new space tracking radar in Otago used to detect space debris was announced. Snowy Hydro in all likelihood conducted the orginal geoengineering eperiment conducted in NZ as part of Project Crow Flight whihc also had links to Woodburn Airforce base Project Long Bank located in Blenheimn in the 1970’s not far from Waihopai spy base today.

The Basslink electricity interconnector is a 370 km (230 mi) 500 MW (670,000 hp) high-voltage direct current (HVDC) cable linking the electricity grids of the states of Victoria and Tasmania in Australia, crossing Bass Strait and mirrors for all intense purpose the Cook Striaht cable The undersea electricity cable, which connects Tasmania and Victoria, failed last Saturday. Last Monday, investigators found a failure in the low-voltage cable, had caused the interconnector’s Direct Current Protection system to trip. We have seen several system failure prior to March 15 including last weekend New Zealand air control system failure. The last system failure resulted in the creation of new system owned by US millitary contractor and took place as US NZ Airforce and Nasa experiment taking place under project SOFIA (also active currently).

Magpie forms part of the Australian Government’s investment in counter terrorism capability through the Australia New Zealand Counter Terrorism Committee (ANZCTC). The ANZCTC allocates around $1.8 million per annum to conduct counter terrorism exercises nationally. It come after nuerous bomb scares and terror alerts (ncluding yesterdays port event) in which people are arrested but not charged and their is no media up follow up to the events which simply addd to people fears. It comes as police announce ARC armed flying squads which are to have new toys and add to the 17 mllion spent by Jacinda Adern on step up social media surviallance and controls.

March 15 took place as people in Christchutch and else where began to be aware of the role of poltician and property developers (involved in the rebuild of Cch) links to firms involved in the charity industry, land developmet and water privatisastionrole in dubious property transactions as case of fraud and moey laundering involving Christchurch properties began to surface in over seas media. This includes London property banker.Andrew Pearce who employeed trustee working at Saundner Brown and Robinson 130 Kilmore st and London banker Robert Mora who owns the proposed Kilmore Towers located next to SBR. Mora also own property in Cramner Square as does relected mayor Lianne Dalzeil Christchurch mayor Lianne Dalziel in February failed to disclose a family connection to water bottler Cloud Ocean Water, admitting there was a conflict of interest she “should have managed”. Dalziel had come under major public scrutiny, until March 15, when it was discovered that the law firm Davidson Legal, run by her husband Rob Davidson, is representing Cloud Ocean and offered to use personal contacts to lobby politicians. “That offer has since been revoked” according to Dalziel.

La Trobe University is also home to the T.I.G.E.R. satelite station and has links to HAARP and SuperDarn over the horizion radar its sister station is in Awarura bay (with new satelite debris tracking at Naseby). Operation owl seen focused on low level flights in Otago which you use for low level reconissance or counter insurgency styled operations. HAARP also hosted experiment at the Uiversity of Canterbury specifically Hop 1 and Hop 2 buoys, at Birdling Flats and i relation to the Grosser Laser ring stored until recently in the Cashmere Tunnels behind St Margarets where last week a fire broke (the ame weekend I investigated the Hospital grouds) in a disused part of the hospital believed to be where two police officers, particpating in the exercise that coincided with March 15 shootings, who would detain Mosque shooter Brenton Tarant, had also being located. The fire in the hospital was algedly carried out by a teen with mental issue and mirror the act of arson conducted at Antonio House 265 Riccarton Rd, Upper Riccarton, and the scene where Red Cross body tags were located.
Mosque defender Abdull Azim confirm police failed to secure the scene to establish who was and who was not present on the day. Presumably this also the case with Riccarton where video analyst confirm action of shooter on the day but where however the action of firing down the road toward a car yard do not match ballistic expectation (no bullet holes in the car yard)


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