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As of thirty minutes ago DEADLINE heard of the attacks on Saudi Arabia oil refinery. Sorry folks were going to war with Iran but then again the entire worlds being at war since the end of the Cold War when we swapped nation to nation logger heading for the asymetrical warfare. Whats does that mean?

In the old Chinese book on warfare “Sunzi – the art of war” we read: “The place where we want to fight must not become known, so that the enemy must prepare for attacks in several places; so his troops are scattered in many directions, and the number of those we face at each of these points will be relatively low. (…) If he sends reinforcements in all directions, he is weakened everywhere.” Believe it or not that the Big Orange racoon quoting the historic Chinese military genius. Or more likely one of his hawks who use Trump as their sock puppet.

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The day before the attack on Saudi Arabia largest oil refinery Trump was blaming drones attacks on Iran.

So no, if you believe wars are no longer fought nation to nation but by plays waging asymetrical warfare “the enemy must prepare for attacks in several places” in a landscape domiated by neoliberal progressives and neo conservative oligarchies involving states and NGO’s, this is one you probably cant blame on team Podesta but as we said this is snap analyst so once we know more we will readress this major crisis: in means time expect oil prices to sky rocket and your worse nightmares to become reality. As the saying goes the shit just got real (also read Tom Clancy Red Storm rising as Im sure the architects of this attack have already done so).
We can’t say what really happened as its too soo. But we can make an educated guess who the players are from following events carefully foreshadowing this event as in recent days DEADLINE forecast a coming crisis as result of terrorist attack against target aimed to specifically target economies.

So who in the line up of suspects of interest?

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The drones the Yemenese usa (still need to confirm this) are Chinese not Iranian.

Yet that does not mean alot when we consider the case of SP Trading 2009 in which a Russian Antonov registered to a NZ paper company was found loaded with weapons destine for allegedly Iran. In fact part of flow of weapons in which North Korean small arm flooded conflict zones. To paraphase the movie the International ‘small arms make up 99% of the world volume of weapons sales but are only 1% of the turn over. However banks prefer these as it allows them to control the conflict in return for mineral natural resource concessions such as oil. And if you control the conflict you control the debt. Reality is those weapons were likely headed for Saudi Arabia part of contra deal in which North Korea gets weapons made components for it missile program. In Chinese case this includes stealth weapons and drones.


Without question the men who told us Iraq had weapons of mass destruction will be doing their best to make sure the finger points not just to Iran but to any one they deem a rival.

Based on what we have seen post Christchurch in Sri Lanka and attacks on China owned investments in Asia this year by the same terror cells which private intelligence firms like Stratfor correctly designate as more guns for hire (reminescient of the BCCI ‘black network’), than terrorists in the true sense of the word , who aim to crippling China (Saudi not ally but partner of convienence in Yemen) and slowing down its Beltway iniative, it would be convient is China could also be implicated. If correct this adds to the picture of antipated major event in Hong Kong which we at DEADLINE believe will be small arms and possible accurate sniper based.

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This would give it the finger prints of events in the Ukraine which have implicated the Podesta brothers, via association of the strategy these power players advocates. And of this is were its gets complicated despite their loathing of Trump they concur with ‘Big Orange One’ Saudi good Iran bad.

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The events of Hong Kong and goals of creating scarcity be it water, oil, minerals also fit with the Soros doctrine. And while this bad for Iran its good for the invesments of George Soros and his new partner the oil maganate the Koch brothers.

And finally a war with Iran would suit Iran far right as long as Israel did not have to bear the brunt of conflict alone and could best case scenario get others to do their dirty work worse fight along side, but be independent of a, coalition led by NATO. Sadly also serves wahabbi Islam goals as America is bogged down in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Pacific and US South America border “If he sends reinforcements in all directions, he is weakened everywhere”.

A few links below to give you a feel of how this has being brewing and whys it comes as no surpise as the high stake poker game that uses human lives as chips reach it peak.

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