THE HUNGER GAMES: Ihumato & the Amazon peeling back the layers of Labours Betrayal from the TPPA to Mining & Weapon Manufacturing.

Yessenia Funes article The Amazon Forest Fires Are a Form of ‘Genocide’ writes “for the Amazon’s indigenous peoples, the destruction of their home is nothing new. It’s an unfortunate reality they’ve had to deal with since the Portuguese pillaged their lands in the 16th century. Now, under far-right racist maniac President Jair Bolsonaro, this devastation is building to a new fever pitch as the ongoing fires in the Amazon Rainforest show. And this inferno is almost certain to impact Brazil’s indigenous peoples in ways the rest of us can only imagine. Their home—literally—is on fire”.

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And yet like Neoliberal French President Macron’s brutality against anti corporate globalist protesters, tyranical Saud Arabia butchery in Yemen, Julian Assange arrest for the crime of exposing the neoliberalism fascism as a wolf hidden inside a lamb, our own government will say nothing and do nothing as the world remain unaware of the Neoliberal credential of our Prime Minister which hark back to Rogernomics and a concept exported to the likes of Blair and Clinon from Victoria University Wellington New Zealand by WTO Director (See 1999 Battle for Seattle Codex) and former UN Migration envoy Michale Moore and Sir Roger Douglas in the 80s to Tony Blair in the early 2000’s. A decade and half before Jacinda then a senior spin doctor for Tony Blairs Third wave was recurited by Helen Clark and placed in the hands of her groom Phill Goff.

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Phil Goff being the individual who along with follow Labour candiate and former UN envoy David Searer crossed the floor on the TPPA giving National the vote it needed to sign the TPPA (CPTPP).

*Quick note I dont see the UN as a force for beneovlent globalism due to the massive influence of corporate lobbying and it control over UN Funding.

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The TPPA (The Pacific version of TPPI) beaing treaty whose real goal is to booster right wing based free trade and neoliberalism.

And Goff for his part got rewarded for his betrayal with the mayoralty of Auckland Super City [which I guess makes him King of District One], on the back of migrant voters (shipped into control wages and influence electoral demographics). Folks who through no fault of their own have no, or little, real awareness or education of the need to preserve New Zealand’s social history. it heritage sites, or its role as a liberal nation with a legacy of trying to give a fair deal for all new and old alike and not just the professional classes.

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Seriously I am begining to thing the whole anti Trump is just a tag team wrestling stitch up (especialy as the DNC want to kick Iran but and be duddies with Saudia Arbaia as well).

Image result for TRUMP SAUDI ARABIA
Image result for OBAMA SAUDI ARABIA

Yup the next candiate gets in and we liberals will all be so relieved its not Trump that no one will pay attention to say the USA quietly entering the TPPA and the next thing we know the ISDS (investment state dispute settlemt) clause are awake and were all Brazil ‘the movie’ and it rain forrest rolled into one.

Massive super cities full of ‘diversity’. Meanwhile the country side become increasinly bare and we find so called progressive governments have no problem building pipeliness across sacred land or carving up traditional food areas of the indigenous people to grow fake meat burgers courtesty of UN Agenda 2030 partners like Bayer (Monsanto) for the richwhite folks in district one to use an apt Hunger Games allegory.

*1 No doubt Meat will get the blame for the Amazon when the real culprit is any form of agri bussines involving smart tech, milegaage, packaging and pesticides, as pushed by Bayer (Monsanto) under the Agenda 2030 model.

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And if you think thats nuts let me remind you of Textor and Crosby who deliberately had National, the champion of agribusiness throw the 2008 election in preparation of the three term John Key ‘dirty politics’ government.

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Which bring me back to the here and now and Air NZ Chris Luxton who is too be Naitonal 2.0.

I don’t see him in this term frankly as the Neo Cons will need their buddies the Neoliberals to do one more term of prep work in the cities before they can really get down to the business of cracking skulls (and if you dont think thats coming you really are in lal la land).

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And thats what we have one big Neoliberal ( I hate Trump but my fiscal policies are still right wing) NeoCon (love Trump and my fiscal polices are right wing) dominated tag wrestling apocoypitic utopian landscape.

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We have no one out there fighting for the indigenous people or the working class.
The contenders are those who fight for the 5% and those who are in the 1% club. But where is the voice of the 99%?

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In fact under current globalist narative, as assisted by a corporate media, ‘extremist’ is the buzz word. You put it next to the phase ‘white supremacist’ asa term applied not ust to thugs and boot boys but any one opposing neoliberal corporate globalism who are incorrectly lumped in as Trumphead – smear by asscoaition. Though in reality in New Zeaand that tainted brush model does not quite work so well as the Maori hapu and anticorporate globalist activist converge together in solidarity on Ihumatao to say NO !! to the Corporate IWI and their profit seeking Neoliberal buddies.

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And I would like to point out here in New Zealand 95% of the seventh generation kiwi population have sufficent blood in them to claim status as Maori so thats not a case me cheering apartheid or talking special interest group but basically means all ‘kiwis’ especially if we include our nephew and niece of the eight generation.

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The Treaty, a truly unique and wonderful legal document of constitutional contractual partnership should more than be adequately serving all of us. If it were not for an iwi leadership in bed with big bussiness and the main parties who serve the business world’s staus quo and push the idea Supercities are good for every one.

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Thus in one regard the best thing to come out Ihumatao, as I see it, is in some way is role it plays in educating us all of the difference between Hapu (local) and iwi (tribal) and how the iwi has become so corporatised it no longer serving the people of the land but the shareholders chasing big dollars in the super cities. Confirmation of that can be seen as the Maori Corporate iwi are dominated by names like Fletcher, Holt, Stewart and families with old school ties and funny handshakes (and influence as old as the Masonic squares on Marsden influenced chief’s cloacks as you often see in Goldie paintings [ever noticed those?] who partner up with big business and spit on their HAPU as they chase directors wages.

In a recent case Lynette Stewart weighing in on my social media page saying of Ihumatao know leave it to the “intelligent leadership” of iwi.

A quick perusal of her bio identified her as the sister to Winston Peters a former Labour Candiate with reallies in National as her iwi Ki A Ora Ngatiwai can be found with a Fletcher and Holt on the Trustee and sure enough also a history of sub development (Winston Quarry) forged ahead without proper hapu consultation. While the charitable trust she sits on ‘I have a dream’ corporate sponsors include the Mediworks (TV3 Radio Works owned by US energy hedge Fund Oak Tree), ANZ, Platimum Home which is in turn partnered up with several Fletcher’s subsidaries.

Further North the same relationship saw iwi leadership partner up with Iron sand giants. It was a deal were they not only zero profit but the local hapu lost their traditional homes to boot.

Image result for Taharoa ironsand hapu

The only thing which really suprises me is the haste with which this is being done in light that the propose Maori Land Court’s reform Bill ( which would have given the corporates the right to exlude the Hapu) has yet to be pushed through. Despite having the review work already done by former Brierly privatisation specilaist Patsy Reedy the National government’s appointd Govenor General who admits she does no know alot about Constituional Law (and yet was picked to sit on the Land Curt Review panel).

Image result for maori land court reform te ture whenua reedy

Traveling north, recent event relating to a Homicide near Raglan, of an Australian surfer, crystalised my understanding I realise even the increasing weaponized gangs dont anwer to local hapu leadership. Rather they answer to families higher up the food chain so on one hand you have local famlies trying the best to deal with the scourge of meth. While on the other hand the protector of the iwi the familys of iwi paramount chiefs are in similtaeously in bed with big business and the gangs who disempower them.

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All the choice jobs and government tenders go to their mates and the locals gets what left over in a case mirroring America’s ‘Indian’ owned Casino industry.

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And that in turn leads to a situation in which everything goes to the cities.

So while organistion such as the Roundtable (Institute NZ) and Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ) talk about localisation what they really mean is pumping up a globalism strategy, aimed at eroding natioal soveringity, which works around the elite controling the cities to centralise their power and wealth. Case in point Lianne Dalziel runs for mayor as she advocate privatisation and Christchurch’s smart city will assure the city role in “global governance”.

Image result for Lianne Dalziel global governance

A scheme spear headed but the Rockefeller’s smart city 100 Resilent City program.
Which by the way is not so much a political action group but a hedge fund Rockefeller set up for Rockefeller empire to generate profit. Its role driving up demand for smart technology to ensure the profitably can be ensured for deep sea bed mining ventures (the rain forrests of the deep). It however has failed to generate the forseen profits and Rockefellers now look likely to bail from the scheme.

Image result for resilient cities global governance rockefeller

Which bring us to Stephen Jennings, Institute NZ, the ex Credit Suisse banker who having raped, econmicaly, Russia silly banked rolled Key run for power and the driving force behind smart city and urban development in Africa. Schemes which have (are) run into problems as the development money is;

Image result for smart cities africa clinton

A) Stolen with the help of global investment banking (see also Andrew Pearse Credit Suisse Mozambique, Tatu City, Clinton Foudation, Stephen Jennings & Clinton Foundation). On that point just think of the amount of toxic debt, Fanny Mac, generated by the subprime mortage market bad loans affair and add a couple of extra zeros.

B) Replicate the ‘error’ of Enron Sir ‘Mr coal’ Robert Ogden (another of Key’s buddies) energy efficent coal burning plant. Sold to the developing world at the end of the 90’s they were falsely marketed as a means to fight global warming until they got switched on and every one realised no one in the developed world could afford them. End result more debt more consolidation of power and wealth in a few hands, more pollution.To day Ogden empire is based not on coal but buysing and selling debt.

Image result for enron coal plants debt

Back in NZ were the Labour government claim Ihumatao is a Maori issue to be fought to be soughted out by Maori despite;

i: That really being 95% of us seventh generation Kiwis which our governments are meant to represent so basically it is an issue which affect all of us and makes Jacinda remark a poltical cop out – no surpise there. Especiallly as Jacinda sells th corporate iwi as local and attempts to make the actual locals (hapu) seem like unwlecome outsiders in a bit of carefully crafted spin the public relation graduate who cut her teeth as senior adviser to Tony Blair, the poster boy for Neoliberalism, has become famous for.

Image result for labour supports iwi  ihumatao

II: There is plenty of legislation visa conservation and enviroment for goverment to intervene. Sadly that would take the office of the Mayor of Auckland (Phil Goff Captain supercity) to enact it as they blame central government headed by Jacinda.

Image result for ihumatao heritage legislation

Yet Labour’s own inital press releases, combined with current statements made by the like of Lynette Stewart, a Labour candiate and Iwi leader, state Labour is backing the Corporate iwi. Not coming out in support of the wider populace who have called upon the government in the face of iwi leadership failure. Meanwhile the brought corporate iwi leadership unsuprisingly backs globalistion plans like the Labour introduce TPPA which Noam Chomsky perhaps the greatest genuinely liberal obsever of our times denounces as tool to enhance Neoliberalism right wing fiscal controls over the workers.

Image result for tppa maori

A scheme which gives corporation more power than any of us. A scheme introduced by Labour in 2008 and scheme where Labour and Jacinda Adern then lied out right lied to their electorate when they claimed they would walk away from it.

Prelection staments made during the lead up to an election, when most people were not even aware it was Labour the supposing caring progressive party who introduced the bill of rights for corporations.

Labour desperate to win the election jumped on the anti TPPA platfom literaly because thats what the people (who they are meant to reprsent ) wanted when WE all stood up collectively and said NO!! to the TPPA in 2015.

It was a move that won Labour the election. Yet once elected Labour went straight ahead and promptly passed it with Captain Super City Phil Goff, Jacinda mentor and David Shearer the UN Agenda 2030 lobbyist from within.

Image result for tppa labour election victory

NO to the TPPA is what all the hapu around the land said to the Corporate iwi Maori leadership under the banner of FOMA (Federation of Maori Authority) , the pro Maori Land Court reform (for benefit of corporate shareholders), simply ignored them.

Again this is not Maori bashing far from it. This is me pointing out how rich Maori pricks are collaborating with rich white pricks to rip of pakeha and maori ( The 95 of us whose families have being here longer than 7 generations) alike.

The issue is an economic one not a race issue as much as the progressive Neo Liberal might spin it. Their model of ethnic division might work if your on 75k a year living in a cool smarty city. But Agenda2030 diversification model other wise happily throws indigenous populations under the bus be it Standing Rock, Haiwaii, Ihumatao or the Amazon. If your poor welcome to the wonderful world of economic apartheid.

Image result for free trade  amazon indians indigenous

Ditto the Labour government and their buddies in the Green (led by former Bayer (Monsanto) consultant James Shaw, talks about climate change and the enviroment alot but their action demonstrates their liberal talk does not match their Neo Liberal walk. Three case in New Zealand prove that with out a doubt.

Image result for jacinda rocket lab
Super City Mayor Phil Goff , Pro TPPA PM Jacinda Adern, Star Trek star William Shatner, the US Ambassador and Rocket lab founder Peter Beck, at Lockheed Martin Rocket Lab public launch of the New Zealand space agency which is rapidly turning into a US military bitch whose carbon foot prin we will have to pay.

1. Lockheed Martin and Fayrichwhite role in Rocket Lab were ultra fast Hypersonic Rockets [basically the working research proto types for the US tactial nuclear weapons and a new arms race], are to be lauched every two weeks from once was nuclear free Aotearoa to fill space with corporate money making crap. Iwi made that call not the hapu (note the journalist uses word iwi but the context demonstrates the wording should have probably being hapu).

Yet no one explained whose paying for the Rocket Labs Carbon foot print (shit we already pay for Tiwai Points carbon useage), as the surrounding mineral rich land of the North Island’s east Coast is busily being brought up by Fayrichwhite help with iwi support. Withstanding the past role of Fay Richwhite in screwing the railways which had heavy economic consequences on the hapus of the East Coast.

Image result for "space rocket launch" "carbon footprint"

Rocket Lab is also a tech heavy industry and thus is also driving the demand for smart technology development industries and sedbed mining as sure as your chance of tripping over a little green scooter when wondering around an LGNZ influenced city (signs your in smart city hell: it has cycleways wether or not it needs thems or the cycleways stuff up parking in areas of town owned by local business to the benefit of corporate owned malls, has a newly built stadium wether it needs one, is increasingly in debt due to vanity programs and will have to sell of cash producing assetts which we will be told is to help fight climate change e.g. Port of Napier).

Image result for tuvalu seabed mining

2. Jacinda rushed off recently to Tuvalu on one of her many carbon unfriendly jaunts ( a bit like former Bayer (Monsanto) consultant New Zealand Green Party leader James Shaw) and the next moment were paying 150 million for Climate change development and yet the panet continues to head towards an extinction level disaster. Meanwhile the protest signs being hoisted in by the indigenous people on the islands is not save us from climate change it is save us from mining companies.

And why do I think thats the government visit to Tuvalu is disingenous and is not really about climate change and indigenous people rights and why were idiots to think Jacinda oBlair is heads a truly liberal government?

Image result for seabed mining lockheed

Will because Tuvalu and the Cook Islands is where Lockheed Martin (who by the way now also control Antartica – were the USA is doing massive military build up on NZ soil as it seeks to beat China for the right to rape Antartica’s minerals), subsidary UK Seabed Resources Ltd plans to set up shop as part of its plans to seabed for the needs of super smart cities sold to us on the basis of being ecofriendly. All the while Lockheed Martin forgets to mention how those same minerals and smart technology can be used to make weapons for wars and space exploration that are very eco unfriendly.

Image result for lockheed seabed mining protest

UK Seabed Resources Ltd believe Seabed mining will be a trillion dollar industry but first they need to create a market becuase deepsea mining not cheap. There is all that infrastructure to be built. Luckily we can say it for climate protection and get the unsuspecting tax payer to foot the bill instead.

Image result for seabed mining trillions dollar

And if I have any doubt New Zealand plans to get in on this cash cow just take a good hard look at Jacinda’s appointed High Commissioner to the Cook Islands old girl Tessa Temata. Mrs Temata was a UN envoy who was chief executive in a PNG mining security company who just happens to be also be a specialist in smart city development.

Image result for tessa temata

In the 90’s Michale Fay (Rocket Labs semi silent partners) had plan to develop Pacifc economy (using cheap labour), under the guise of aid development and marketed through sports with nice friendly corporate logos. This is idea is now called called PACER and is part of the UN (corporate controled) Agenda 2030 program. It basically wants to set up the Pacific for mining and smart technology manufacturing which will sold to us as green when its clearly not. If you take a quick pick at the Chathams you will also find a new big wharf development going in for the same purpose.

Image result for chathams wharf

3. Labour being working with countrys like Saudi Arabia to develop our dual purpose (can be used for military and civilians) smart technology industry since 2008 when Saudi front person tony Texeria met Clark alongside industry captains. Saudi’s goal under UN Agenda 2030 is to bece the worlds leading smart weapons manufacture withe the help of UN Agenda 2030 NZ program Trade 2030.

Sample of that New Zealand technlogy include;

Image result for vision 2030 saudi weapons sami

3. Labour being working with countrys like Saudi Arabia to develop our dual purpose (can be used for military and civilians) smart technology industry since 2008 when Saudi front person tony Texeria met Clark alongside industry captains.

Saudi’s goal under UN Agenda 2030 is to become the worlds leading smart weapons manufacture withe the help of UN Agenda 2030 NZ program Trade 2030 which is were big business goes to get in bed with government and iwi corporate entities.

Image result for trade 2030 new zealand smart technology
20.01.2008 Taupo, New Zealand, Tony Teixeira, A1GP Chairman with David Clare and Helen Clark, Prime Minister of New Zealand – A1GP World Cup of Motorsport 2007/08, Round 5, Taupo, Sunday – Copyright A1GP – Free for editorial usage

Sample of that New Zealand technlogy include;

Image result for libercell

A)LiberCell Motorola who sold Liberian dictator Charles Taylor encrypted communication used to buy weapons in exchange for mineral and timber concession made with like of Texria and Sandline (Tim Spicer of the famed PNG mining and mercenaries debarcle) and Russian arms trafficker Victor Bout.

B) Radiola NZ were New Zealand employees (former soliders of the NZSAS)) of the NZDF award winning the company, who make encrypted technology, ended up in the hand of Sudanese war lords according to Wikileaks and the Washington Post. (PTF-R006-06),_13_Sep_2006

C) In 2009 I even tried to alert the media of two giant Antonov aircraft (call signs RA82047 and RA82075) with a history of shipping weapons illgeally through Shannon airport in Ireland and Holland (part of the weapons for ore network), linked to arms deals and renition troture flights by the CIA would be landing in NZ to pick up America Cup (an event instigated by initally Fayrichwhite lets not forget) Team Emirates yatchs.

Image result for america cup antonov emirates

The vessels, I later learned use encypted technology made by New Zealand’s Tait Electronic who help supply both Saudia Aabia and Brazil military and police forces.
The vessels and their ‘spare’ parts, were to be delivered to Valencia in Spain via Saudi Arabia.

Despite having their serial numbers to confirm my claims not one person in media land showed interest in a story of America Cup yatchs involved in gun running. The planes came the planes left and the next day Team Emiates ran a full page advert in all the main papers. So there is a very good chance the Amazon arsonists and their mining agribusiness buddies are using encrypted technology stamped with Made In New Zealand based on the reality of Neoliberalism – the tag wrestling prep bitch and partner of Neoconservatism.

Image result for maori land court reform te ture whenua reedy


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