STORM AREA 51- Seth Rogan’s New Movie. Based on true events.

It started with an audacious plan 470,000 protesters storm Area 51 and free the aliens. It ended up with 47 teen nerds armed with Nerf guns, fireworks and a bunch of spectators who just wanted to get laid and party down.

Look out Pentagon Spring Break coming to Area51


Image result for sexy alien costumes

Staring Seth Rogan , Jesse Eisenberg, Bill Murray, Malin Akerman, Sammuel Jackson, Tommy Lee Jones, William H Macey
Produced & Directed by Seth Rogan.

Image result for aliens retro
Image result for aliens retro

470,000 Nerds in search of aliens and a really big party take on the US Military?
Oh this will be fun.

Prognosis of the 470,000 who say yes 87,000 were serious.

Except 67,000 don’t live in the US and their mum won’t lend them money to fly there. Of the 20,000 that are in the USA 18,000 wont be able to make it (mum says I have to clean my room — yeah Alvin but your 38).

Of the 2000 who do and can 1500 will be supporters (pop corn munchers) Leaving 500 elite pimply squeaky voice warriors armed with Nerf Guns and a diet of American fast food to liberate the ‘aliens’ with no element of surprise.

But in the end it boils down to the 46 plucky comic-con fans and one cute girl .

I feel a based on a true sorry comedy of errors movie script coming on. Some one call Seth Rogan and the other guy who usually cover comedies involving gawky American virgins. But yes a wee bit of my inner nerd is rooting for them. And wishing this actually was real.

May the farce be with you.

And their is one serious note to all this bit of belly laughing hi-jinks. They’re right they do have the numbers. Something to think about mass action via an occupation of fun – we cant change the world but no one says we have to take their world seriously.
The power of PARTY??

Note – this article not meant to be too serious just a bit of fun

But dam it really would make a good Seth Rogan movie.


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