Join COLFO & help the class action suit against the ‘gun confiscation.

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This is not about having a American style gun culture, or loving MSA (silly things).

It’s about due process, fighting back against malicious spin, and accepting government’s who attempt to ignore its citizen voices, As they chose to respond to a crisis with action aimed at impressing the international stage and not listening to it’s all its sovereign citizen’s concern with fair and balanced leadership in a time of crisis.

An action which what ever your positions on guns may be is proving disastrous as they were warned it would be as they acted hastily on bad advice which came with an agenda. One which had little to do with public safety or addressing the government and it’s agencies own culpability and responsibility for events on March 14 2019 which have impacted on both the Islamic community of Christchurch and all citizens of New Zealand regardless of ethnicity, religion, eco-social class, or demographic.

It’s about not letting the persons or persons behind March 14th rail road us in to a world of their choosing. Were our police must be armed and it citizens not trusted with fire arms because our government expect us to trust them when clearly they no longer trust us. Do you really want that to be Aotearoa future path?

Join COLFO and help with the class action suit against the ‘gun confiscation’ – and sign up…PLEASE SHARE TO YOUR TIMELINE



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