Roger Morris (Remo) a former police officer turned anarchist and artists is interested in the of terrorism and symbolism of psychological operations.

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Roger Morris REMO was born in 1954, Central Otago [Teviot] Aotearoa, NewZealand . The family lived 7 years in the high country, then down to the Clutha flat for 4 years.  His Mother and Father were sheep farmers. In 1966 the family moved to Christchurch [high school] and Akaroa, to continue farming.  After which he, or me, since I am writing this; at 17, in a completely uninspired move and against his parents every wish- an act of rebellion and simplicity – went to Wellington in 1973 to train as a NZ Police cadet. Then as beat police, Christchurch (P4640) before travelling [OE] in 1975 to experiment in other aspects of life than being a target. 


REMO believes we do need to challenge the status quo and the official narrative and reject the cognitive dissonance of neo liberal angst which put profit and self deception before truth and humanity.

An energy of fear the which has become in trenched, with encouragement, in the status clinging professional middle class – as they attempt to hang on to their own declining status. They wilfully remain ignorant to the lessons of the pasts in a world were wealth and power is being increasingly centralised by an economic elite whose existence is not theory but simply an economic reality. Their actions hurl us into an approaching unavoidable dystopia made up of haves and have nots.

Examples of lesson forgotten include the Gulf of Tonkin incident which ignited the Vietnam War via by fabricating evidence then sold as true by the corporate media. The Pentagon Paper which exposed their lies.

The United States legendary MK ULTRA Congressional hearings of the 1970’s which showed yes a weird little group of cold war warrior – many who sit in power today – were engaging in the dark arts using cults, pseudo esoteric rituals and even sexually molesting children as lab rats as they learned the art of control and polarisation lay in using fear porn terror as mean of triggering behavioural modification. It aimed at igniting the fear flight response as method of social engineering in which out outcome ripe for manipulation could be easily anticipated and exploited if your victims were keep in the child brain via stimulation of their flight fight responses. Verse the difficulty in pulling off deception when your target remain calms and uses it higher adult brains functions not to react instantly with a highly emotional response but instead remains calm and thus defuses crisis instead of stimulating it further.

These highly documented but little mentioned exposure of illegal activity focused on the psychological operations intended to polarize groups dis-empower societies and neutralise the Counter Culture movement of the sixties.


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1977 Official Cover of what would become the US Military and intelligence communities bile for Psyops/

Then there the 1980’s George Bush/ Ronald Reagan Iran Contra affair in which again the US manufactured state sanctioned terrorism to fight proxy war with plausible deny-ability until they were exposed. There is the Rainbow Warrior state sanctioned bombings.

It included folks like left wing peace researcher and physicist Owen Wilkes whose highly publicised and now forgotten exposure showed how the US military regularly used NZ as a testing ground for next generation weapons even including the use of Geowarfare project Longbank (Wilkes; Protest random Books 1973). A disclosure which in the late 1970’s generated an entire anti war campaign against US bases and military related facilities that led to Long Bank and other facilities Wilkes put under inspection closed..

Facilities not of science, as they get marked by their spin doctors and friendly non-inquiring corporate media, but death which these days pop up in New Zealand unchallenged like cancerous deadly mushrooms grown in Disneyland – as our own state spends more and more on buying war toys and less on schools.

For example you have the US Navy Rocket labs used to launch high orbital technology critical to America’s dangerous goal of military domination in the Pacific – backed by the white collar money laundering tax avoidance criminal’s Fay Richwhite and Michael Fay. Their reputation rank and yet we hear nothing from so called professional media, these paid chimpanzees of saccharine a$$ kissing but admiration for this Mickey Mouse war toy.


SMASH YOUR TV – you will feel ‘marvelous’ if you do: The last person in the corporate media to challenge this head on TV was John Campbell who was subsequently punished and put on the bench as his rating, high paying Campbell Live got axed at the request of corporate media sponsors. Because John broke the rules and dared to bite the hand that feed it.

Oddly following the March 16 shooting as John gushed WE ( sorry ‘THEY”) are one’ and held up members of the victimised Islamic Christchurch community you heard not one question on John about what their views were on who was behind the Christchurch event or 9/11.

That was one conservation John for his progressive liberal charm did not dare have with those who truly deserved the opportunity to share with all of New Zealand their experience of western persecution well before 9/11

A conversation the neo-liberal will never allow to occur on status quo controlled television. Any ore than you can expect to hear Jacinda Adern critic Saudi Arabia on its abysmal human rights record any time soon.



ZIONISM IS NOT JUDAISM: It ignores the 2004 Mossad run in with the SAS which took place with drawn guns in the wreckage of Christchurch Earthquake.

As for the second time Israel was found poking around in NZ looking for the means to create false identity for its spies and paying close interest in the events in Christchurch earth quake. Not once but twice Israel spies were caught red handed enraging in identity theft, cyber crime and poking around the fringes of New Zealand military funded academic research.

While in general criticism of Israel is to seek retribution from those who use the clock of relegion to accuse those who critic of being bigots while a Zionist heavily influenced corporate media makes no attempt to highlight that Zionism is not Judaism or that the far right of Zionist Israel itself has extensive history of working with white supremacists and fascism including World War II were Zionist sought a treaty with the Third Recih, the Iran Contra where the Ayran Brotherhood worked happily along side Israeli members of the World Anti Communist Legaue (as the WACL also armed Islamic militants in Afghanistan with the assistance of the USA Saudi Arabia). As today Israel America’s ‘liberal’ right wing and conservatism seek to both arms the anti Russian Neo-Nazi the Mosque Shooter Brenton Tarrant was associated with.

Two sides one coin.



These are events which demonstrate the allegations of False Flag events including 9/11 and the Christchurch mosque did not happen in a vacuum which REMO works illuminates.

That suspicion of the official narrative is well deserved due to past extensive recidivist behaviour of those who engage in these sophisticated acts of terrorism and psychological operations. The forces which own corporate media (such as Mediawork owned by American mining and energy hedge Oak Tree or the Press part owned by Christchurch Foundation old boy Humphrey Rolleston,) who attempt to pigeon hole conspiracy realist scepticism of folk who are often major financial contributor to the organisms they work for despite a mountain of evidence.

The line between corporate based media and corporate lobbyist you can hardly see it. As they blare (Tony Blair perhaps) they are liberals then say nothing about the imprisonment of Julian Assange Chelsea Manning for the crime of producing primary documents – the holy grail of journalism – that highlighted the right wing rot within the Democratic ranks and extend into wholesale corruption.

Evidence un-refuted that they the corporate media give at best lip service too as they focus on generating false Clinton/Obama VS Trump conflict and omit how at the end of the day both group want the same thing: MORE!

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Rather the conspiracy realist is a counter culture evolution (not a revolution which simply revolves a broken record) a move by individuals to take back their own personal power as they shape their opinions based on hard cord historic fact. The extensive back ground and well documented history of deception which is simply not hard to find unless your a thumb sucking naive coincidence theorist who craves comfort and the rewards of conformity.

Actions from the Bay of Pigs CIA coup to Australia hideous nuclear weapon test horrors which the educated book reading liberal left use to know about and champion.

Yet which due to the toxicity and psychological operation of neo- liberalism on the public relation front, and in our places of learning (where Orwellian double speak has become the norm), through corporate media appliance of information dominance on line, has now being associated (incorrectly) with “extremism” and the racially tainted perception of neo-conservatism as automatically (no evidence needed) associated with white supremacy as the corporate media reap the lie until the masses think its true.Which makes out its left-wing but in fact is simply the other side of the same right wing fiscal coin desired by neo-liberalism whose hip craft beer drinking followers chase the wages of conformity with every bit as zeal as their old plumper conservative ‘rivals’.


Once again the agents of of the status quo weaponize public opinion via control of the official narrative: which as example of the neo- liberalism creeping into the professional class can be seen recently were a psychologist (not a political scientist or actual expert in counter terrorism) suggested that it was “dangerous” for the public to question the official narrative as this author found himself the subject of police intimidation supported by a follow member of the fourth estate.

A shocking statement to appear in the papers of supposedly democratic nation (which as I report previously – as it involves this very author – and his colleague was a story with a back ground of deception and false fact as the writer, who shared good relations with the police, chooses to not share with public key details).

It underline why an understanding of the ideal of counter culture and the need to actively challenge this cognitive dissonance is desperately needed today.


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