Letters to M – shaken not stirred. Events in Chch March 15 Work diary notes. Mossad, secret tunnels and other stuff that will blow your mind

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Leave Me Alone said The Grump Bum: An interesting chat with a mate who use to be a copper who also got a bee in his bonett about March 15.

Spoiler alert if you just want to want to cut to the chase and get the scoop on the Mosque shootings skip down about eight (6) paragraphs – next two photo

ps this probably need a proof but was written between mates so will be a bit rough.

Intro: I am one guy and to be honest one guy whose got a dame flu that wont go away. Anyway in between making a living, covering other stories and the flu people like my mate M have being emailing etc non stop wanting the gross inside scoop or basically wanting to sit in the back seat and till me how to do my job. Not with ill intentions but because every one feels so powerless about this and they want in some sort of way help.

Bless them but I am not actually getting any work done.

And to be honest I am getting fed up as I have to keep defending my self and explaining in a personal detailed briefing why their idea are great good bad terrible and even then, having come to me for what went on, it still ends up getting rejected because I wont tell them what they have already made up in their own minds already.

Very frustrating and actually very traumatizing.

I think people forget some time that real people really got hurt in this terrible event. That in fact the hurt is continuing as the detonation of this event tears into the social fabric and acted as a polarizing agent from everything from religion to arguments over what a rugby team calls itself, and the rights of people to speak their minds (even when their views may upset others).

I find that it very hard and very very depressing because knowing my subject (terrorism) as I do. So I know their still more hurt to come,, eve though the gun man in jail his true carnage is still unfolding.

I am largely powerless to prevent it due to the very emotional state this event has cast people thinking process in.  Its a real pieces of dark magic this bastard cast and 99% of people are not getting just how skilfully this person or his associates pulled off an event.

As the damage unfolding ropples way beyond the 51 people who were killed on March 16 and impacts those who were physically injured and those who as friends, co-workers, relatives and the wider community and the finally the nation as a whole will continue to suffer as well long afterwards: as one the intention of the architect of this act of terror and psychological warfare.

Terror is the art,of manipulating through fear, not those necessarily attacked directly, but those who left to act as witness to its consequences.


I decided on a compromise my mate M an ex copper and he comes and ask me questions like every one else.

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I decided on a compromise my mate R an ex copper and he comes and ask me questions like every one else.

So with R permission here we go — just bear in mind these are informal chats between mates in these email every thing should be deemed opinion and ideas as we brain storm and consider many angles nothing that appears here is cast in stone and we find out more we may change our opinions or minds later on.

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 R:  ea, compression ( me explaining to R in last email why the video is real not a hoax) . I don’t argue cgi.  that all open for expert contest under rules of evidence. BUT where did those 28 bullets go he fired down Deans Ave footpath. Whats the range of that weapon ? I’ve seen footage ‘having a degree of accuracy at 1000 yards.’  Blenheim road/Moorhouse Ave Deans Ave intersection 800 metres from AlNoor ?

Prestige car yard across the way nothing hit anything there. 

Its the Bullets Not the casings interests me. And I gotta say, tactically, in the middle of that carnage, firing 28 times down that way, 3 back up the other and 16 all up down the side at maybe one person max reckons he counts down there, is the question.I’d stake my life no exit impact where that woman was supposed to be shot. Not when I was there.

And you’d have to wonder at the “Luck” of this guy, to pick the very week massive AOS drills ongoing and get in there under their noses ., able to plug in the live-feed right after major media platform outages with algorithms to stream unsolicited..
Did you ask anyone at the Mosques If there had been any prior AOS connect with Mosque leadership over proceeding days? Drills etc.

Have you seen the iPhone clip of what could only be described as casual exercise placements going on at what looked like Linwood? 

Open Your Eyes & Look All Around You
Not At The Hypnotising Screen the Illusionist waves in front of you.

MY REPLY The other point why its not CGI I have being trying to get through to people is the choreography aspect – when we interview people and they describe what happen it matches with what we see in the video -snap.

For it to be CGI the program would have to be psychic and include so many real life unpredictable details it be impossible to fake it:

Case in point the Silver Toyota, that the corporate media is most certainly aware of but wont talk about except in connection with a rather shitty piece of journalism – with the police encouragement I suspect – which they connect to the white supremacist Kelvin Arps incorrectly (Arps is an ass but in this case I feel is a politically convenient scape goat in): we see it drive away in the video. That’s an action can then be confirmed as having occurred as we see the press photo of the same car being allowed to leave the police cordoned just after the shooter himself has just left. 

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If it CGI why would you put something into the video which ultimately incriminates you? We know from alternative sources (photo above) that the car does exist and was originally parked were we see it the video. 

Image result for terrorist cctv cameras subaru

Details which are also corroborated by the two nearby hotel CCTV which catch the shooters vehicle turning up and corroborate the time at which it did show up confirmed a third time in the brew shop (Shout Out) next to Linwood where again the time on his clock, which when calibrated against it own time failings (it was set four minutes behind actual time of the shop eftpos which is based on real time) correctly match up with the two hotel near the Al Noor Mosque and thus give us ultimately three independent sources to confirm the time sequence in the video as being what occurred in real time and confirm the official police time line as actually accurate ( in saying that I get a nagging feeling I cant prove that the official narrative still out by about 30 seconds in the initial action of the shooter and I am not sure but I think that will turn out to be important  — but for the moment I will work with that time line until I can prove other wise).

An Apparent Absent of Pyrotechnics.

The 28 bullets …bugger you R..lol…yeah they are the one MAJOR flaw in my own argument ( and trust me I have looked at every angle of this). They need to turn up some where.

The plan had being to wait until the court case took place and see if the police addressed that aspect and see what evidence they produced ( along with a chance to review the shell casings and if they are not mentioned, or they are absent, zero in on that very fact and ask why is this not being addressed. 

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Believe it or not I once got shot at ( sounds far dramatic than it actually was)  not far from this spot so I know it well. Their are a lot of trees etc and what not in between and I am assuming in such a crime scene they would have cast a circle of ex dimension and have guys in blue boiler suit on their hands and knees, going through every thing like a fine combo so those bullets casings must turn up some where and if not yes we have a problem. (ad m latest remarks)

I could actually ask the shooter lawyer this as I have a direct access their but have decided to keep away from that source until the trial is over. Just in case I end up doing something which ends up prejudicing the case … 

Impact with the woman you would state “your life no impact”/ me and Vinny Eastwood stood on that very spot and saw nothing.  https://www.thevinnyeastwoodshow.com/

T my army ballistic person, who I also got to check the area, reckon their was slight impact but less than what he would expect to see.

So the score is three people Men Vinny and yourself saw nothing when they looked and one  person reckons he did and he had a trained eye – so we will say he counts as two votes— blast we have a tie …will almost. Point being its inconclusive.  Ah you just told me your brother was there too, Two sets of eyes 4:2 Okay so not a draw. Back to the drawing board I guess.

On the other hand the woman’s shot Ansi Alibava (below), 23 is quite real. Verifying the existence of victims in City Christchurch size really is not a very hard thing to do — yet one more of the things many who say its fake are not bothering to do as they pronounce their expertise and devotion to the ‘truth’ them demonstrate what blow hard’s they are as they cant be bothered to do the actual leg work/ research before making claimed based on their opinion not the actual fact.

Ansi Alibava was an agricultural expert from India and as you know M bullets are a funny things they don’t always behave as we expect them too.

So its not infeasible that with a heated barrel causing instant impact on projectile trajectory the bullet hit her not directly downwards as he fire the kill shot as she lay on the ground having shot her across the yard, but at a slight angle which then ricochet in side the skill and exit in upwards angle instead thus no pit marks – I will be interested to read post mortem notes on her entry exit wounds.

But you point out in rebuttal there were two shots and these things can smash up concrete easily. Yup we need more information on her wounds.

There are 8 people on the list of dead ever in IT, finance, avionics (military I suspect), agriculture ( and again we have a Sri Lanka link here) who stand out she is one of them. I would like to flush out their back ground details more as it may emerge these killings were not as random as they first seem.

Image result for Ansi Alibava

ABRACADABRA – I know an illusionist trick has being pulled and the camera’s very much part of the con as the illusionist uses it to pull us in one direction. I am just not 100% certain what the con is. What are we meant to see and what were not meant to perceive. Illusion as you know is the art of deflection. So what has the illusionists planted in our mind through the content were deliberate exposed too and what important clue has he distracted us from?

Real people died, the video in my view is real (in fact the video authenticity an very important aspect of the con the illusionist behind all of this is pulling I feel) or at least the action filmed are. Whether certain aspect have being altered manipulated I can not say for certain – but I fail to see what the point would be other than to blow your own cover.

At the Linwood Mosque I certainly have not a single doubt any thing happened there other than what we have being told. And through an intermediate I spoke to one of the women who prepared their bodies for burial she confirms 51 corpses with real wounds:

Yet we also had a flood at the hospital, were shooting victims were taken, shortly after (with a woman wondering around pretending to be a doctor who turned out not to be: just to illuminate how tight security was) which destroyed all the electronic records relating to when people first come into a hospital and get their details taken. That just got wiped and until recently all records for out patients has had to be recoded manually. 

Actually that same Christchurch hospital also had a fire on top of flood since March 16th. What’s next locusts?



Seriously WTF! The coincidence just keep piling up.

Occam theory basically goes when you have not got all the data don’t go for the elaborate scenarios — go for the simplest possibility and you will probably be right. 

51 people got killed. Yes 
51 people got buried YES.  
51 people got buried in Christchurch NO!.

Sadly the super quick repair and burial of the victims was culturally understandable but I fear it has to a dege

Are any of the people on my people of interest list also people who were not buried here but got flown over seas for burial else where YES. So now you have dead people who in affect potentially could be resurrected with the right manipulation of documents. Do you see where Im going with this?

We have no idea if those who got buried — because of the fire — are the same people who got shot. The hospital fire flood coincidence allows the opportunity for identity theft or identity replacement in hospital were un-accredited ‘doctor’ are found wondering around freely for some time before people realised she was not a doctor.


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The Bone Collectors: And on that angle I know Israel offered to send  medics to help in the Sri Lanaka attack ( in fact they were in Sri Lanka since December 2018) and the Ukraine. The Ukraine where Israel’s Mossad, not for the first time in history, can be associated with Neo Nazi and even training and arming the Neo Nazi Azov battalions Brenton Tarant the mosque shooter himself is associated with. The medic represent an organisation headed by the former head of Mossad,


Mossad , Israel’s intelligence service have a unit I nick name the ‘Bone Collectors’ who use medics and human relief rescue specialists to infiltrate intelligence operatives that are specialists in identity theft rummaging through crisis spots for things like sensitive documents, passports and birth certificates real vultures — imagine if you could details off victim and wipe hospital computers hey presto you have got your self a shell identity. I think it was in the Belan terrorism event one of the alleged terrorist turned out to have being recorded as having died five times officially.

Incidentally the Bone Collectors also have a connection to Chch to during the earthquake when  a couple of Israeli tourists got killed ( I am actually writing from the place they stayed at when they were in Nelson before hey went to Christchurch).

Not sure if the victim were themselves Mossad but the units they sent to recover the body and do forensic at the hospital were most certainly.

It ended in us the government knowing they were here and calling them out for the second times in seven years for using New Zealand to create fake identities. At which point guns got drawn all round and their was heated testosterone pumped face off between the Mossad agents armed SAS detail who had being tailing them. 

Government denied the SAS were involved but

A) Confirmed “armed officers” (not not armed police officers) “escorted” the medics out of the red zone.

B) At this point our cops were not usally armed and our soilders only carry weapons when deployed to conflicts not when in engaged in civil defence duties.

So that kind of gives the game away on how unique this is.


This little made for TV fracas then proceeded into the public domain when Fred Tully the editor of the South-land Time (and I suspect he had being speaking to either ex police officer Wayne Idour ‘Idour Investigations’ or Wayne’s mate Fred’s ex SAS ‘USA” friendly mate ‘Tex’) ran the story of the showdown.

How these guys were not only spies but while in custody they actually jumped across the interview table and were found trying to stick a memory stick into the cops main frame (the implication was they put something in or they were trying to take something out). 

“The police national computer has been under scrutiny in the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake in February because of fears Israeli agents loaded software into the system that would allow backdoor access to highly sensitive intelligence files”.  

“Three Israelis were among the 181 people who died when the earthquake destroyed most of Christchurch’s central business district on February 22. One was found to be carrying at least five passports”.  

“An unaccredited Israeli search and rescue squad was later confronted by armed New Zealand officers and removed from the sealed-off “red zone” of the central city”.

You will note despite an official denial of the SAS being involved the “unaccredited” rescue unit was confront by “armed officers” not armed police officers.

Aunty Helen got very cross and strong word were said and then hey presto all the annoying Israeli backpacker who came here literally in the battalions load after finishing their army training pissed off and took their tourist dollars to Madagascar instead. Sorry that the other time Israel got caught trying to steal pass ports in New Zealand in 2004

“Two Israeli nationals had been arrested after trying to fraudulently obtain New Zealand passports in 2004, and the Israeli government had reassured the then-Labour government that it would not happen again”.  

This time around in 2011 it happened on Key’s watch .

Image result for cryptopia heist

Computer Games – Establishing A Beachhead.

The police also denied they were hacked “police this morning said their systems and the information contained on them were secure, and were subject to regular security audits and intrusion checks…”These systems are regularly being updated and reviewed, and we are confident that our data and network were not compromised during the Christchurch earthquake response or subsequently.’

Sadly our police really are a bunch of arrogant pricks and their ignorance never fails to surprise me. You just have to look at the fiasco of Pike River disaster and abysmal police evidence handling of cyber=data (and other evidence), or the January 2019 $32 million Christchurch based crypto currency theft.

Jezz their a lot going in Christchurch these days.

The which also took place right under the polices nose (demonstrating the level of confidence you should have in their earlier statement that “systems are regularly being updated and reviewed, and we are confident that our data and network were not compromised“) as they were actually investigation New Zealand’s largest finance based currency theft hell bank robbery in kiwi history. An incredible event that hardly got a peep in the MSM from the corporate owned papers. The hackers were able to come back and continue stealing crypto coins as the police investigated the initial hack of 16 million and the cops did not spot a thing.

In the Bone Collectors case Israel would have used something akin to Promis a dormant or sleeper file which lies undetected until woken up.  At which point it can borrow not just into the planted system but to any networks that the original system is linked to. 

A second unit also linked to identity theft,was a forensic analysis team sent by the Israeli government welcomed in Christchurch by the government initially. They worked on victim identification in the morgue. The SIS began to have suspicions about this group

when it began investigating possible links between the cache of passports found with Mizrahi, the immediate flight of his three companions, the high-powered Israeli interest shown in the earthquake, the unexplained behaviour of the supposed “search and rescue squad” and a mysterious seventh Israeli, in New Zealand illegally, who was first reported missing in the quake and then, weeks later, was reported to have left the country.
They were also interested in the Facebook tribute page set up for Mizrahi that has attracted only five “likes” in the more than four months it has been on the social media site”.

Image result for sas mossad new zealand

That article continues “Intelligence agencies have become hypersensitive to sophisticated hacking after the malware “agent.btz” was infiltrated into the computer systems of United States Military Command three years ago. The US believes Russian agents were responsible and Deputy Defence Secretary William Lynn has described it as “a digital beachhead” for a foreign intelligence agency to attempt to steal data. Attempts to remove the malware have so far been unsuccessful – new, more potent variations of agent.btz are still appearing”.

Which bring me to your “able to plug in the live-feed right after major media platform outages with algorithms to stream unsolicited.. ” you do recall the global Facebook Google crash a week before. 

FB denied it was a DOS hack but I and other analysts remain unconvinced and if you were trying to plant a virus a system crash dos would be the way to do it.

The same phenomenon of net work failures also took place just before outages in South America also cause by a suspected hack.

If you simply Google “networks down” on the news section your jaw will drop from the share scale of cellular communication network failure that is taking place right now all around the world at the same period. Is this what they mean about establishing a beach head.

And we know the means of bringing down the feed did not work on you-tube and you-tube admits they don’t know why. In the end I think they actually stopped it by jamming it as people report not being able to use their phone in the very area the shooter’s feed failed (almost opposite police intelligence headquarters on Bealey Avenue). 

Image result for mossad medics christchurch


No I have not seen the phone clip of the alleged counter terrorism drill (can you send me link please = or any one reading this).
The exercise took place and does so regularly at St Margaret’s so staff their happily told me after I went to the hospital and conducted my own inquiries.

However M no I have not seen the phone clip (can you send me link please or any one reading this). However there was not one exercise but in fact three.

One was at Hospital the AOS counter terrorism drill.

The second was army and was actually a snipers exercise at Milton. This is about 30 minute drive from either Mosque but basically on a direct road to St Margaret (if you follow the road from Milton). Nor was it posted on the polices usual public notice board as is the custom. It included snipers from NATO Nations and “Hong Kong” What struck me as odd here is the last time I looked Hong Kong part of China so why not just say China.

The third exercise Operation Nocturnal Reach was the air-force flying high risk combat simulations and residents near Christchurch contacted the Press to report an anomaly high level of trafficking by military aircraft subsequently.

Image result for sas mosque christchurch

Christchurch Old Boys & New Zealand’s First Muslim:
Hold on to your hat M this going to flip you – another coincidence.
Turns out the St Margarets hospital hides a secret military base and much much more.

It has a ‘secret’ tunnel up to a house used by as army head quarter during world two – I need to dig a bit more around that and the drowning on alleged patient at the this hospital ( not the one they took mosque victims to) on the same day. One more amazing coincidence in a rapidly building series on mathematically defying and dizzy ‘co-winka-dents’.

I have now identified the house. It was originally owned by old boy Sir John Cracroft Wilson. Sir John Cracroft Wilson was an early settler in Christchurch who would go on to become a thrice-elected New Zealand MP. Cracroft Wilson was born in India in 1808 and worked as a civil servant in British India, including helping with the military suppression of the growing rebellions of the Indian people.

Colonial white supremacy strikes again

Image result for Cracroft Wilson estate caversham

In 1854, he bought a tract of land along the Port Hills, giving it the name “Cashmere”, an Anglicisation of his favourite place in India, Kashmir. Today Cashmere is the Christchurch suburb to live in if your wealthy and established.

Wilson brought many Indian workers with him to help in the establishment of his Christchurch estate including New Zealand’s first Muslim Mahomet Wuzera also known as Wuzera Moosleman, though most commonly he was referred to as “Old Wuzerah” a ‘stone cutter’ who lies buried in a Christchurch cemetery near the tombstone of former police commissioners and founding fathers bearing their Masonic rank and lodge affiliations in Christchurch. Memorials which reflect and testify to just how Christchurch Foundations are built on the bones of old Canterbury families and the old boys school tie connections.


Cracroft Caverns, also known as the Cashmere Caverns, are a series of large chambers in the hill of the Cashmere Christchurch New Zealand. They were constructed secretly during WWII in response to the Japanese threat, they were intended to house operational headquarters in the event of attack. The military commandeered the Wilson estate for their Southern Group headquarters, and work on the tunnels began in 1942.


Railways were built for access and for the removal of waste soil. Construction came to a sudden halt in 1944 as the threat of invasion receded, even though work on the bunkers was nearly complete. The weekend before the military left the estate, fire broke out and the Cracroft Wilson House was burnt to the ground.

Still trying to get an idea on how big that estate was and how other houses had tunnels. What got rebuilt and what still standing.

The entrances to the underground complex ( which connected to Wilson house an possibly other houses in Cashmere located near the estate) were sealed after the war and the existence of the caverns was largely forgotten until 1987.

TVNZ reporter Jeff Field using the archives at the Ministry of Defence, Field discovered references to the caverns in newspaper articles dating from January 1945.

The investigation was assigned to another reporter, Bill Cockram, who contacted the owner of Cashmere House which has been rebuilt following the fire. With the permission of the owner, excavations were carried out and the caverns were entered for the first time since the end of the Second World War.

Image result for ring laser gyro earth rotation

The caverns now became the home of a series of ring experiments on Earth rotation (fluctuation) monitoring. set up by University of Canterbury physics department, taking advantage of the extremely stable temperate in the caves.

The design is fundamentally that of Professor Hans R Bilger of Oklahoma State University with “Major financial support”, overall direction his the overseeing of manufacture has been provided by the Institut fur Angewandte Geod ¨ asie or the Institute of Applied Ecology and the Forschungseinrichtung Satellitengeodasie of the Technische Universit ¨ at M ¨ unchen ¨ (Professor M Schneider and Professor Dr U Schreiber). Its technology which has major military atmospheric and mining implications.

Further it actually can be associated with other military funded research projects in Christchurch conducted at Weedon Gunnery Range West Milton, Birdling Flats in Akaroa part of the HAARP atmospheric ionosphere US Navy research program in Fair Bank Alaska USA. American military funded projects all involved in what New Zealand researcher Owen Wilkes in his 1973 book Protest termed “Geo-warfare” in relation to his reporting on similar atmospheric focused military research being conducted in Blenheimn (were classified research dates back to WWII) by the US Air Force called Project Long Bank in the 1970’s – Work so classified even the New Zealand government admitted it had no idea what it did.

Wilkes, a widely respected researcher and physicist, was regularly cited by reporters, demonstrated in ‘Protest’ and other copious articles in the late 1960’s 1970’s how the US Military in association with Christchurch Operation Deep Freeze (The Antarctica logistical support base) and the National Science Foundation was funding several experiments into atmospheric research with powerful military implications.

In the 1980’s Canterbury student publication revealed how the research was still continuing via association with Pennsylvania University, who acted as the financial conduit for military funding to Canterbury University (despite promise by the University Chancellor) after Wilkes discovery of a secret chamber in Mt John Observatory used for missile defence research.

Pennsylvania University also run MARISATGOES the US Navy Space-warfare program funded satellite transmitting station based in Antarctica at the US Scot Amudsen, built in 1995, facility on the South Pole were the main Fair Bank’s HAARP signal intersects the South Pole Super DARN signal (and other intelligence related data) at a point just off the Chatham Islands.

This also is were the US Navy and New Zealand tax avoidance experts Fay Richwhite funded Rocket Lab Mahia Peninsula New Zealand facility that launches US military and civilian based technology such as Auckland University (targeted by Mossad in 2004 Quaketek) Quake Tek seismic and atmosphere monitoring technology, also has a relay station and were the signal is monitored by the US Canterbury military and Marsden *1 Funded Hop 1 and Hop 2 research programs coincidentally

*1 Ernest Marsden led the New Zealand scientists who worked on secret weapon projects for the allies during World War II including rockets, radar and the atomic bomb at same time New Zealand military scientists from New Zealand working within New Zealand University’s physic and engineering departments began developing geowarfare technology an intellectual treasure which soon attracted America’s attention not just for its ideas but the realisation New Zealand was an ideal place to carry out classified research being remote yet still part of the old boys net work with plenty of facilities available for their needs.






  1. Always too many bloody coincidences here in Christchurch. One leading to another…earthquakes and training exercises to terror shootings and training exercises. Very pleased to see that you haven’t fallen in with the “false flag” theorists: Yes of course the shootings were real as were the deaths.
    Good to see someone remembers the link between Mossad and the Feb 22 quake.
    Regarding the Ring Laser and Birdling’s Flat (SPEAR):
    Here’s another location to add to your list: The Weedons-Ross Road US Navy antenna. A location where there an awful lot of fires and car accidents…”coincidentally”. The AM radio transmission in my car goes bananas within a few hundred metres of that antenna setup! That location was home to the initial ionospheric radar reflection tests back in the 60s prior to Birdlings Flat.
    The deeper one digs, the more one realizes that Christchurch has been used a test bed for all manner of clandestine operations.
    And my family moved here to get away from it all…hmmm!


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