(Note this article was started by event prior to March 15 and has being adapted from pre March 15 social media post relating to these events)

Praise the Lord Pass the ammo here is a A-M of why the official narratives is a load of horse shit. Whats that mean? Will you read my story and decide yourself. And at the very less I think you will conclude we need a Royal Commission into the monumental cock up of our security forces that this tragedy underlines. For all the billions they received post 9/11 the spooks still seem securely stuck in their Penthouse and Pork-pies mentality; Time the public got to ask their own questions and its time the government goons were made to give straight answers.


Number one where are all these guns coming from?
Who brought these bombs and funded this well coordinated attacks? –  Extremely pertinent questions, whether you believe in the official narrative or except the worlds is a far more complicated place than the black hat white hat version of how terrorist events usually get told by folks who have no actual qualification (and thus simply accept the official account at face face value).

A; Less than a month ago we had a fully automatic weapons incident, in Christchurch, which was used as a precursor for suggestion our police need to be armed (In fact Greg Occonor the former Police Association President) has being banging that drum since 2015 when he first decided to run for elected office.

The Christchurch event of course gave a good opportunity for third parties to observe and monitor police response times and tactics.
Assuming there more to the Mosque than the official version.

& No this does not mean I believe the victims were actors(so lets get that straight right now).

B; A week ago schools in Tauranga went into lock down, resulting in armed police response. A woman was charged with weapon possession and discharging a fire arm in a public place. The same day, in Tauranga, the public witnessed police raiding a gang compound and seize pistols, a rifle and ammunition, and drugs. It has become so normal no one pays attention any more.

No one asks where are the gangs getting all these weapons in an island state, surrounded by water, far away from normal black market sources.


C: 48 House ago I observed as did most of the activists community a sudden and spike level of odd behaviour in our electronic communications indicative of our metadata being down loaded and that the surveillance state had notably jumped up a notch in its activity. It comes as the role of private security firm such as Thompson comes under increased scrutiny including their use of clearly illegal and sinister agent provocateur style methods and their cozy relations with big business friendly Primary industries. It comes as Clinton election manager John Podesta is in New Zealand and focused on a possibility of major hack on the 10th of March leaving for Australia the day before.
Its not certain what he is doing down here to begin with.

The hack and increased demonization of social activism are indicative that we were moving into a new phase in centralisation and power monopoly.

D) 24 Hours ago having called the hey ‘Facebook acting strange’ the entire system crashed and wallah just when it comes back online we have a mass shooting timed to coordinate with 6’oclock news reports on a Friday we when the media will be winding down. Thus ensuring that the official narrative can be controlled to fit with the agenda, watch the usual ignorant twats spout their right wing shit in the Weekend papers about a topic they have zero expertise and qualification in as they offer up their turd opinions as facts.

No guesses for what their slant will be.

E) A politician James Shaw (incidentally a consultant to Bayer (Monsanto) Pharmaceuticals) is attacked by a random stranger. This  results in politicians calling for armed diplomatic protection. It follows the 2019 $5 million security upgrade for the PM mansion.


These surge in political acts of violence come after 1080 activists have known for month that a gated community in Nelson, has become home to four high court judges, who have had armed protection made up of four soldiers detailed from Burnham military base. A fact which lead me to forecast an anticipated armed incident would take place in 2019 and be used as precursor for heighten state security powers.

This follows on from several post I made this year were I reported on the creeping appearance of ‘security guards’ at courts, WINZ, banks and councils. The guards not there for staff and public protection but so as to prevent the public calling the state to account.

And let me stress this is not just another conspiracy theory after the facts. But a series of forecast articles which have correctly and repeatedly anticipated the next step, hypothesis tested and proven correct.

Much like the Ashburton shooting (a genuine criminal tragedy I believe was exploited) and the highly dubious Christchurch shoot out (details remain oddly tight on this events) will be used to pass new laws that won’t actually prevent events like this taking place.

Oh on that note does any one have any information on the car that was roped off and cordoned outside Ashburton result in a traffic delays. Our witness who got a good look at the action close up maintains he believe the police had being defusing IED: an incident which has being covered no where else.

At this stage we only have one source – but if corroborated it certainly shreds the official narrative.


Case in point the fat unshaven slob I saw standing outside WINZ yesterday who was with eagle eyed alertness was leaning against the wall texting his mates: This fat over weight snapper head (not the equally gourmless kid snapped above) has as much chance of preventing a shooting as a wet paper bag does.  These chaps brings as much safety to our community as the police I saw strenuously looking the other way when dozen Mongrel mob bikes drove down the middle of the road followed by two car loads of gangsters yelling “Seig Heil”.

The event is now being used to introduce armed police around the country under the pretext of protecting mosque and temples around the country.

At the moment the response is wise.

But if they remain it can be certain armed cops won’t have any better idea of where the next attack by gangs, terrorist, or rage fueled husbands, will take place and it will not make society any safer.

Frankly I would not trust some of these cut out cops (not sworn in, badly trained, there to make up numbers with no real knowledge of the law) with a stapler and it will be a disaster.

It will however result in increased armed behaviour by criminal elements as it’s guaranteed to trigger an arms race, as overseas pattern and armed crime statistics have demonstrated for decades.

It will be interesting to see just how quickly our front line police have weapons at the hip. And if it instantaneous someone has explaining to do.

Its all getting very sleeping dogs.

sleeping dogs

For it will it means they were brought, before the event not after, much like the police’s 2007 mass riot equipment purchase and the army ‘crowd control’ 2011 shot guns purchases which come in the wake of Operation Koru launched on November 5th (the anniversary of the sacking of Parihaka by state troops) , and a wave of military exercises including the Katipo which have seen us partner up with the US in counter insurgency exercises.

These are all part of a public relation campaign to demonize social activism against sea bed mining and corporate hegemony and are simply a repeat of the script used in Operation Golden Fleece. An army exercise which looks like it was ripped off Sleeping Dogs and saw me temporary leave the service after witnessing my colleagues beat up a civilian volunteer during a training exercise.

I find it difficult, having experienced how the state can go bad first hand and knowing my history, that so many commentators think the state, or at the very less those who deem themselves the deep state, are not capable of dirty tricks.

Parihaka, Rainbow Warrior, Aziz Choudry, Thompson & Clark?

Shit its not like were without examples of the state security forces bad conduct and history of maliciousness.

As the Palmolive dish liquid ad went “your soaking in it marge”.

The shooting also comes as I am in the Coromandel and learn that activists and iwi have made it clear to government that if they try and bring trucks into this area rich in gold minerals and resources (and the center of an aggressive land grab) they will have no choice but to blow the road up.


Frankly I sympathize.

Violence against individuals I simply wont and do not condone (it never does anything but introduce more thugs) but the time of being nice is over. If the state is going to act like a thugs and play games (which are getting boring and all too predictable) then we need to recognize the threat as a clear and present.

Back to the idea the cops just happen to have a pistol for each copper lying about.

This might explain how gangs are getting so many weapons so easily they’re nicking the cops stuff  (who control NZ ports and generally plunder to order while Customs at Bluff and Auckland busily x-rays empty containers and is forbidden from searching high suspect ships by MFAT (statement by Public Servants Association 1998 ‘Port Wide Open’ Christchurch Press: see State Secrets for exact dates and references)).


A quick perusal of military style arms seized from gangs last three years show the AR-15 the weapons used by our police is the most common.

And aside from Gun City (also subject to several alleged burglaries and source of so called Operation 8 guerrillas in 2005) non stop sale of this civilian version the police are the soul source.

Glocks the police’s standard pistol and the police’s former standard issue 9mm browning are also common on the black market.

Gee I wonder where they got these from.

One more example of why armed cop’s is a dumb idea. Especially when weapons, ammunition, radio kits, scanners and vest, from our army and police are also turning up in gang hands

A point rammed home by a surprising absence of ballistic evidence on ammunition and weapons seized which would identify source of manufacture, who issued import export user end certificates, and stock batch numbers. All which help identify who sold and who brought the weapons before they ended up on the black market: real basic ballistic forensic which the police don’t seem keen to do.

fake cops.jpg

F) It comes just as the Bangladesh Cricket teams are visiting Christchurch and were at one of the mosques attacked. An event which will guarantee that the event receives high levels of press coverage that will consecutively impact on the government response. The shooting took place just as the cricket team was about to enter the mosque.

G) Operational anomalies indicative of actors with a professional skill set:

David Fisher, perhaps New Zealand only corporate employed journalist who does actual investigative work (and he does it well) reports “while some semi-automatic rifles can be bought with a basic gun licence, repetitive semi-automatic weapons with extended magazine capability of the sort witnesses describe need a special category of gun licence. It is meant to involve extensive police checks and background inquiries of the prospective owner”.

Fisher note it would be one thing if there was one lone shooter. Yet their now appears to have being two if not more. Which simply compound the key question how did they procurer weapons but avoid the security net designed to prevent such weapons ending up in the wrong hands.

The statement is verified by witnesses “There were a lot of bullets. I heard at least 30 or 40 shots … it was [in my opinion] a heavy semi-automatic or automatic machine gun.”

The narrative true to cases over seas such as the Washington Naval ship yard massacre, were the shooter also scrawled on his gun with the same kind of white paint, second and third shooter vanished after being positively identified by the Washington chief of police and identified as a confirmed second shooter. And like Washington the ‘he is a shooter no he is not’ took off on helicopter while secondary events led the journalist around by their nose making sure the illusion of people act on what they see worked perfectly.

H) What will not be addressed, unless there is a Royal Commission, a public inquiry, with public submissions, is where the offenders obtained their military arms. Update actually we think we know the answer to that and believe the answer will come in the next couple of days.


New Zealand is not Europe, but a remote nation surrounded by water, which makes the importation of black market weapons not an easy task. 

That weapons however are turning up with increasing regularity demonstrates we have border control issues.

Until that primary issue is sorted any attempt to prevent armed shooting by criminals or terrorist (who have to shop somewhere) by increasing state powers and arming security forces is not adding protection.

Its simply making the rest of us prisoners in our own homes.

I)Anomaly’s indicative of professional skill set: As headline’s blared ‘Hero Armed Police’ the Prime Minister briefed the public and confirmed that a man was seen entering the mosque “dressed like an armed offender’s squad member” (kit that all cost money and is hard to get here in isolated island state NZ) and a second shooter was seen entering another mosque in Linwood, a separate suburb in Christchurch. Police confirmed a “simultaneous attack” was launched across multiple locations. Three men and one woman have being detained. One of the gunmen is believed to be an Australian who has written a “manifesto” declaring his intentions.

Nope they retract that confirmation – again on target and in form from what we have seen else where.

A third shooter was reported at the Christchurch Hospital as first responders rushed victims to surgery and is in line with technique used by the IRA and studied closely by British Intelligence including the notorious Military Reaction Force who used acts of terror based on Sir Frank Kitson, “counter gangs” which were used to defeat the Mau Mau in Kenya. The MRF ultimately instead of demonizing terror (used to justify increased state power) radicalised hundreds of previously non-politically active citizens and lead to a prolonged struggle costing lives and hurting Ireland economy and political stability for decades.

No explanation for that shooter who has now simply being forgotten about by the rest of the media has come forth todate.


Kitson ‘manufactured bad guy’ tactics were also deployed by the Rhodesian and South Africa security forces in the 1980’s. The Rhodesian SAS worked closely with New Zealand own security forces and in cases later moved to New Zealand and set up shop here. This included Minerva Security a subsidiary of SM Andrews Ltd (an arms firm with a board of directors made up of National MP’s and high ranking military officers ) run by Christ College old boy Stephen Andrews and former Rhodesian SAS offices.

Minerva was the predecessor to firms like Ronin, Risk Security, which have mushroomed in Christchurch since 9/11 as the practice of police and intelligence service to  out source to private contractors escalates. Outsourcing proving to be a rouge elements not concerned with due process or acting within the law.  A force which reminds us of the Rainbow warrior and that state terrorism is not something which always happens somewhere else.


A number of IEDs attached to vehicles that were stopped had been made safe by the NZ Defence Force – more evidence that the group planning was sophistication and had considerable financial resources. Not to mention the Ashburton case and two again forgotten reports of bomb disposal in Auckland on the day and Christchurch airport on the 17th.

By 6:37 events escalated further, with reports the events had a Dunedin link and was the original target.

This is also where anonymous shooting threat was made four year before, resulting in consideration of a campus lock down, shortly before the break and theft of weapons from a local gun club latter that same year.  “Dunedin Street has been cordoned off and AOS are present after the Christchurch mosque shooter indicated on social media earlier today that he originally planned to target Dunedin’s Al Huda Mosque”. The Dunedin 150th student parade was cancelled as a caution.

By 9pm explosion were heard in Auckland Britomart there is no follow up and the public is left to be anxious and afraid. But the failure to point fingers at a terrorist incident unfolding means it look like forgotten backpacks left on train and blown up by nervous cops.

Update – no fed back on what happened here simply brushed under the table.

Its also remind me of the ‘explosives’ found on plane during a 1999 APEC conference where the explosives which turned out to be dummy training aids which coincidentally mirrored those also found in Christchurch at anti APEC conference held by those whom the NZSIS had being found spying on illegally including illegal entry to their premises.

I am more interested in the spate of fires (and will followup) which have broken out in Auckland and the exact identifies of the victim’s and the precise occupations.

Will we find some of the victims worked in IT are related to artificial intelligence, security and smart cities? In which case they can join the ranks of an increasingly large file that is growing in my on going cases pile. If this turns out to be the case, the occupation will show the killing were not as random as first thought and be proof of an intelligence operation verse work of insurgents.

Who was among the victims did classified or sensitive work, if any?

For this is common camouflage for professional hits involved in removing evidence in case of large scale financial scandal as we saw in the Mumbai killing.

This was  blamed on Islamic militant even though witness reported the shooters spoke Punjabi, victim were campaigning against corruption, and the shooters included a blond gun man and Asian with a Mohawk. Or Beslan were the ‘guerrilla’ stood to attention army style spoke with Russia accents and turned out to be on the record as already dead. Or East Timor where death squad,s using software made in Israel, targeted teachers, professional, potential leaders and then surrounded their killing with who ever was walking past to hide the fact the murders were hit jobs and not just random massacre.

J) Cyber security fail safes fail: One of the gunmen broadcast live as he shot victims – this is despite social media having the means to stop such broadcast if content was deemed offensive which is spotted and detected immediately by social media software.

No guesses what happens next.


Spark managing director Simon Moutter said the company was working “to close off websites attempting to distribute the footage. As noted this took place after recognised signs of system wide hack not just on Face book but in phone providers who have being notable network failure over the past two weeks.  We know from Edward Snowden expose such glitches indicative of hacks to an entire system where the break in take place by causing a system failure which triggers a reboot.

Update we remain suspect about an alleged video clip of the shooting which seems to have being doctored. Did some one use the event to help spread a virus? Operation overlap if you will.

Spark is also in competition with Huawei the Chinese intelligence affiliated network to roll out the 5-G system. Meaning this may equally about US Chinese aggressive competition to secure control over NZ natural resources. A factor which must be taken into account when reviewing the geo-political landscape and timing of the shootings and determining the various scenario and actors which may or not be present in such an event.

K) Finances: Media has turned to sanctioned experts including Paul Buchanan a former US Department of Defence Pentagon analyst.

Buchanan however is an effective and sensible intelligence analyst and notes “Obvious social media activity (of so called right wing extremists) dated back until at least February”. He astutely also notes “Intelligence agents would be working to find the person’s associates, and to work out if they were part of a wider cell. Other questions would be where the weapons came from, and how the shooters learnt to operate and possibly modify them”.

With that comes the next important question of any terrorist event who financed the trigger men – for that is the answer to the real motive.

DEADLINE has reported the links between arms and Christian David Tippler, who spent a year in the US Jails (a notorious hub of Christian white supremacist activist) in the 1990 for breaching US gun laws, previously.

Not to say Tippler is directly involved but its a fact to say there no signs of shortage of link between this god faring man and case of guns sold from his enterprise ending up in the hands of gangs.


In addition to several recent reports on the role of Christian right in NZ gang/drug scene (which provides a natural hub to Australia gangs, prisons, and Christian right) with extremist church’s and high level white collar activist operating behind the scene. Both hopeto use gangs to achieve their own lunatic agendas both in sense of their warped spiritual vision and their predictable greed.

Pullitzer winning Seymour Hersh talks of this very factor, at the US Press Club causing polarisation within the US army between West Point Generals who lawfully follow due process; The Rocks and the Crusaders, carpetbaggers motivated by greed and conservative bible belt politics.

The same elkin the 1980 first reared its head in the form of the Santos rebellion in Vanuatu backed by ex-American Vietnam veterans who wanted to set up tax haven on the Island and can be linked to the 2009 SP Trading affair which saw shipments of arms tied to NZ nominee addresses.  This was also tied to the Low Hutt Principality which is at the root of investigation into major banks in Australia committed by god faring respectable folk.

A heritage which in NZ popped up in Christchurch in the 1970’s when armed offender extracted a sizable arsenal including Thompson machine guns from Christian community located outside Cheviot Canterbury in the 1980’s.

It’s also believed gangs with former skin head roots have being received arms from heist’s affiliated to gun clubs in Nelson and Dunedin (and elsewhere) in which gangs were informed by members from within such club, or by obtaining club records, where weapons and arms were stored. Many of those members hold right wing views.

All events which DEADLINE has again being reporting on for the past couple of years as we noted the escalation of armed gang activity with ever increasingly sophisticated weapons increasingly arsenals in terms of weapons and ammunition seized by police, consisting with the forecast of what could be anticipated in the future as made in my 1999 book State Secrets, more of crazy Vidgen conspiracy theories which with the benefit of hindsight turn out not to be theory.

Those familiar with Christchurch right wing scene including the notorious Karl Chapman (who at one point received a grant from the both the Christchurch city council and the Prime Minister’s office related to crime prevention) know these guys could not organise a shag in brothel full of nymphomaniacs. A point undermined in Marc Ellis TV series ‘How The Other Half Lives’ where Marc Ellis heads into the Canterbury wilderness with a group of “hard core Survivalists” (Chapman) who couldn’t shoot a barn at close range to save themselves and demonstrated n national TV that these plonkers were as dangerous as a nerf gun.

More serious elements of Chch right wing, do exists, who have a gang pad in near the Ricarton mall where a Nazi flag can be clearly seen. However this clique, of largely interrelated individuals, show little interest in genuine political activity and have close association with gang activity and were associated by then Labour activists and now a Christchurch Councillor Yarni Johanson, in my 1999 book State Secrets, as the go to guys for a high level politicians (now employed in senior role in offshore organisations lobbying for globalist {free trade neo-liberal} causes) when he wanted to stir up bit of anti-gang activity or needed a distraction.

Bullshit you cry – yeah and the Mongrel Mob in Wellington were never called Rob’s Mob in testimony to their ties to the PM once known as the ‘Bookie from Tepuke’, who was given a joint mongrel mob Black Power guard of honour at his funeral (as appeared on the front page of the Dominion Times) and set up the P.A. schemes which saw the Tamaki Brother (as in Bishop Tamaki) importing Harley and Limos from the US into NZ as the Black Power built luxury fortified gang pads.


M) More spy powers;

David Fisher, perhaps New Zealand only corporate employed journalist who does actual investigative work (and he does it well) reports “while some semi-automatic rifles can be bought with a basic gun licence, repetitive semi-automatic weapons with extended magazine capability of the sort witnesses describe need a special category of gun licence. It is meant to involve extensive police checks and background inquiries of the prospective owner”.

Fisher notes correctly it would be one thing if there was one lone shooter. Their now appears to have being two if not more which simply compounds the question how did they procurer weapons but avoid the security net designed to prevent such weapons ending up in the wrong hands.

The statement is verified by witness statements “There were a lot of bullets. I heard at least 30 or 40 shots … it was [in my opinion] a heavy semi-automatic or automatic machine gun.”

Again these questions need to be answered on the basis of tsunami of electronic and security force legislation aim to escalate mass surveillance supposedly for our benefit.

Which however as failed as it failed us during the Rainbow Warrior Bombing when French intelligence blew up a boat belonging to peace activists in the 1987), three consecutive coups in Fiji, Solomon’s, Bougainville, all carried out by ethnic hate groups or separatists supported by Pentecostal based Christian churches and right wing business community leaders, keen to gain trade concession and control of the state’s national resource by regime change.


In such cases it resulted in implementation of a draconian system that weaponized the state, reinforced a corrupt status quo, and brought thugs in sun glasses on to the streets and handed the nation resources over to well resourced corporate pirates adept at Machiavellian manipulation.

If were not careful that’s what will happen here whether you believe in conspiracy or not.


Fisher is correct we need a Royal Commission – “in public, with open evidence” where everyone get to participate – were the government needs to be asked hard and even unorthodox questions and receive answers. The country deserves evidence and answers. And let’s not hear usual bullshit cop out of cannot say because of “classified information” or give a knee jerk reaction that sees armed cops and obnoxious American style Homeland Security which smacks of fascism that may in fact be exactly what the shooters financier seek from the get go.

Praise the Lord & Pass the Ammo.


Ben Vidgen is the author of State Secrets the 1999 best seller and State Secrets II an expose into money laundering and arms trafficking which forecast the Food For Oil scandal, NZ rising gangs, (specifically its ability to access to military weapons) drug corruption issues, nominee directorship money laundering for arms issues, corruption organised crime issues within South Canterbury Finances headquarters in 2006 and numerous firms since identified as participants in the Panama Tax Haven Scandal associated with NZ political right wing and neoliberal policies. Ben spent six year in army reserves in Artillery intelligence and signals, in addition to attachments in counter intelligence and field intelligence, before posting to infantry as a grenadier and training in reconnaissance.  Ben holds a degree in Political Science and History where he specialised in political violence and history of terrorism in Europe and the Middle East from 1960 – 1990s.


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