Gun City – Part 3″ Would You Buy A Used Car Off This Man – David Tipple Pimping Death.

David Tipple right. Guns are not the primary issue here.

As far as I can make out one name that pops up EVERY TIME whether it guns for gang, guns for so called (and that’s another story) guns for Maori militants, guns for terrorists or guns for deadly nut jobs. 

The name that emerges with clockwork predictability is Gun City

Gun City’s online advertisement encourages buyers to “pimp your AR-15” Supplied 22nd June 2016

I wrote warned the public about this guy 20 years ago . Police made a mistake so Tipple got off and claimed defamation cost to boot – does not change the fact their was an issue to start with. 

As was the case with Gray where the warning where made to police but again the police did not act. Mistake were made that had nothing to do with issue of existing legislation set up to protect us but which was not acted upon. So don’t blame responsible gun owner or responsible traders who did their bit. 

Back in late 1980’s when this first became an issue Gun City sold automatic french shot guns. Guess what militants had in their closets (as I wrote back then). Now Gun City “Pimps” ( GC own words by the way) AR-15’s guess what weapon keep turning up in gang arsenals. The 67 guns sold to gangs in 2014 by a guy going in and buying from GC, found in just one case will be the tip of the issue. 

So sorry but in 20 years only one dealers name has come up time and time again over 20 years of trying to warn the public (and forecasting correctly were this would end) and being ignored. 

“It’s like being a car dealer, you know there are going to be deaths with cars. What do you sell that doesn’t carry the risk of that?” Tipple told journalists back in 2015, after being asked about selling the ammunition later used in the Aramoana massacre.

David you are one dealer whom on the basis of your history I personally would not buy a used car off for sure.

I don’t approve of semi automatics – they are weapons for the silly vein and delusional and have no place in a real hunters collection. And say that as an ex solider and as a lover of wild food and someone who believes the last thing that should be going through an animal head is freedom as opposed to fear as they panic in abattoir set up to provide meat for super markets. AR-15 are not a hunters weapon. 

However when one name and one name alone keeps popping up you have to conclude. A clean up of the few cowboys, like Tipple might be a better place to start than using this as exploitative opportunity to put more controls on the people and make them pay for the action of only a few.

Back in 2016 Dunedin gun dealer Selwyn Shanks tried to warn us of the scourge within their midst peddling with out care or due diligence. 

Those who relied on the slackness of the arms officer not to check problem areas or pay attention to the chatter within the industry over certain dealers and certain gun clubs in Dunedin, whose reputations were known of by other shooters from other clubs who warned the police and were once again ignored. 

The government chose not to listen and now it wants to change the laws and make us prisoners in our home.

Here a better idea leave the laws alone. 

Like wise the police’s record of enforcing arms legislation to date, as too many case on record to date demonstrate, only reinforces a view they lack the competence and independence needed to be entrusted with fire arms. Leave fire arms in the hand of specialist police, picked, trained and properly psychology vetted, to respond when needed. More guns on the street in anyone hands is just a dumb idea period. 

Get the basics sorted first before begin even talking of arming police and telling us we need new laws. 

We did that already but it did not make us any safer so why would new law changes make any difference now when the culture that lay behind those errors, as event like Aramona, has not changed itself as the Mosque shooting demonstrate only too clearly. 

Clean your own house before you clean mine thanks


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