Shinzo Abe is a conservative and most political pundits call him a right-wing nationalist from Japan who lobbied for American tactical nuclear weapons to be base Japan. A director in Yamae Group Holdings Co Ltd and Mitsubishi Shoji Packaging. He had previously been the senior vice president of Mitsubishi Corporation. He was assassinated the day before the House of Councillors elections were scheduled to be held in Japan (on 10 July 2022) to elect 124 of the 245 members of the House of Councillors, the upper house of the then 710-member bicameral National Diet, for a term of six years. The assassination is expected to favour the right wing and garner them sympathy votes.

UPDATE `2.7.2022: Shinzo Abe — The Liberal Democratic Party and its junior coalition partner Komeito raised their combined share in the 248-seat chamber to 146 — a landslide majority — in the elections for half of the seats in the less powerful upper house. He said responses to COVID-19, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and rising prices will be his priorities. He said he will also steadily push for reinforcing Japan’s national security as well as a constitutional amendment to the U.S.-drafted post war pacifist constitution.. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida stands to rule without interruption until a scheduled election in 2025. Article 9, which renounces war as a sovereign right of the nation and declares, in the second paragraph, that “land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained,” is the amendment proposed by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe calls for keeping paragraph 2 but adding the country’s right to establish the Self-Defense Force’s right to have an offensive capacity . In March 3rd Shinzo triggered a nation wide debate when he called for nuclear weapons sharing with America not to be permitted on Japanese soil.

Tetsuya Yamagamie the man who was arrested in connection with the assassination of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on July 8 told police that he harbored a “grudge” against him, citing a religious organization which police sources will not name in the Japanese press (now being cut and pasted by western media platforms). “My family joined that religion and our life became harder after donating money to the organization,” Tetsuya Yamagami, who is unemployed, was quoted by the sources as telling police. “I had wanted to target the top official of the organization, but it was difficult. So, I took aim at Abe since I believed that he was tied (to the organization). I wanted to kill him.”

Yamagami, 41, a resident of Nara, also told police that he does not hold any ill feelings toward Abe’s political convictions. In addition, he told police that he was attempting to make bombs, according to the sources.*1 A man who identified himself as a relative of Yamagami told The Asahi Shimbun that his family had trouble with the religious organization.“His family fell apart due to the group,” the man said. “I am convinced that Yamagami suffered damage from the organization.” The suspect lived in an apartment about 3 kilometers from Kintetsu Railway Yamato-Saidaiji Station in Nara, near where he is accused of fatally shooting Abe. The prime minister was making a campaign speech on the street on behalf of a candidate for the July 10 Upper House elections, according. to reporters speaking to locals.


The assassin naval photo ID image

For about a year and half until May, Yamagami worked as a temp for a staffing agency based in Osaka Prefecture, operating a forklift at a warehouse in Kyoto Prefecture. A spokesman with the staffing agency described him as “quiet” loner, He conveyed his decision to quit the staffing agency in April, citing poor health.

Yamagami joined the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force,as a naval officer, after graduating from an elite public high school, according to the recruitment agency. He also told agency officials that he had worked for multiple companies as a dispatched staff worker or part-time worker after obtaining a license as a financial planner and real-estate transaction manager following his discharge from the MSDF. Japan’s Defense Ministry confirmed that Yamagami had served in the Maritime Self-Defense Force, as an officer, for three years from 2002. Authorities acknowledge this is where he learned the necessary skills to assemble and disassemble a firearm and shoot one while he was serving. The authorities however state he was never trained to manufacture weapons. A precursory glance shows however the weapon is a simple homemade device. Gun making schematics are available on the dark web . He was deployed to the artillery division of the Matsuyuki destroyer, which is based in Kure, Hiroshima Prefecture, western Japan, and other locations.


On September 17 2019 reported that former Prime Minister Abe Shinzo gave a praising message in a rally hosted online by an organization affiliated with the former Unification Church or so-called Moonies, notorious for its “spiritual sales” of costly goods and “group weddings” which have long been a social issue in Japan. The organization used Abe’s appearance in the event to recruit new believers and advertise their products, leading to the creation of new victims. The former Unification Church-affiliated NGO, Universal Peace Federation (UPF), held a large meeting on September 12 online. Following ex-U.S. President Donald Trump, Abe appeared on the large screens in the event and praised the UPF in his 5-minute speech.

Sean Moon whose mates include the WACL, Trump, Abe Shinzo.

Ditto a news search shows numerous article documenting with video footage of Steven Bannon, a king pin in Trumps inner circle, with more than 5,000 gun enthusiasts assembled for the second annual Rod of Iron Freedom Festival on October 9th 2021. This gathering of far-right ideologues and Second Amendment activists was organised by the sons of the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the controversial Korean religious leader.

Moon son, Sean Moon, recently bought a 40-acre compound in central Texas to serve as a “sanctuary” for what he says will be a war with the “deep state.” The property was listed at just under $1 million. Rod of Iron Ministries also has property in Delaware and Florida. According to a GoFundMe seeking money for renovations, the purpose of acquiring new land is to “expand God’s Kingdom to the Western and Southern regions of the United States.” Since the “church” was founded in 2017, the Rod of Iron Ministries has passionately supported Donald Trump and referred to QAon repeatedly. On January 6th of the Capitol Insurrection Mob Packed With Organized Extremist Groups (including according to research see my website for examples and source material) pro-activist who attended both left and right wig protest. And on January 5th and 6th, Sean Moon and members of his church showed up at the Capitol ready for violence



The former Unification Church (currently Family Federation for World Peace and Unification) is inseparable from the anti-communism rightist group International Federation for Victory over Communism. They represent the Japanese version of QAnon style politics as heralded in New Zealand by the likes of Kelvyn Alp’s Counter Spin, a former director in Phoenix International, a gold mine in the Solomon’s. Alp’s Counter Spin is hosted on Steven Bannon network GTV Media Group. an operation is closely tied to Falun Gong another cult.

Moon’s mana soared in conservative circles in the USA 1982, when the Moonies launched the propaganda tabloid the Washington Times. Some may say the Moonies pioneered the media platform used to by the later Qanon platforms made up of one third true reporting one third insightful reporting finished off with a dollop of outlandish hyperbole and distortion. They also pioneered the creation of pro-war pseudo academic think tanks to give their claims credibility.

In the 1970’s the Moonies were involved in a fake passport scheme involving Tonga which overlapped, via the WACL, with the dubious consortium of far right extremist, con artists, crooks and CIA dirty tricks contractors, known as the Phoenix Foundation. The Foundation in turn had direct ties to the CIA’s Phoenix Program Vietnam war assassination death squads, the Phoenix Program which was commanded by the WACL chairman Major General John Singlub. This group of far right Libertarians, after several failed coups in the Pacific in the 1970’s, would succeed in establishing money laundering and tax evasion hubs in Vanuatu, the Cook Islands and other South American and Pacific states nations. The government’s of said nation’s, in return for the promise of cash, provided a veneer of respectability to the Libertarian’s shonky donkey banks. Banks usually run by pseudo professionals whose chief executive’s had a habit of collecting fake degrees, wearing fancy dress, using false credentials and a generally going at life with a ‘fake it till you make it’ approach to everything – especially the actual amount of money/gold held in their banks (which as a general rule ran more on tick than actual collateral).

Tonga 1972 WACL affiliated Phoenix Foundation attempt to establish the Republic of Minerva (Flag & Currency top photo) by invading a small Island in Tonga. The architects of this plot ex-CIA, OSS, SAS, AFIO, and FBI agents, soldiers of fortune, wall street bankers, powerful industrialist, tax-dodge lawyers, tax-haven specialists, arms dealers, child traffickers, drug traffickers, mafiosi and straight-out hustlers. Many of whom were supporters of the World Anti Communist League chaired by ex General Singlaub the former head of the CIA’s Phoenix Program death squads who were first used in Vietnam and later during America’s secret and illegal proxy wars of the 1980’s known as the Iran Contra scandal. A 2019 US Embassy cable in Vanuatu recently reported that Phoenix Foundation, credited as the fathers of secret tax haven banking and destabilisation operations, were once more active in the Pacific nations and had their eye on crypto currencies.

1980 Vanuatu Santos Cargo Cult led by Pentecostal church leader Jimmy Stevens was backed by Phoenix Foundation and former US Special Forces and CIA officers devotees of Lassez faire economics attempt a coup. The government of Vanuatu appealed for aid from Papua New Guinea, which sent a battalion of soldiers to stop the rebellion.

Bottom left: AFIO member Michael Stace pays my former colleague Vinny Eastwood to run show promoting the Qanon NZPP led by Pentecostal preacher Billy Te Kahika

Bottom Right: Kelvyn Alps CEO Phoenix International a Ray Smith’ like shonkey donkey gold scammer and his associate in the Solomons Leonce Kealey a Pine Gap CIA analyst who played apart in Whitlam downfall. Alp would work hard to try and control the narrative of my investigation into the 2019 Christchurch mosque shootings.

STINK TANKS & GUNSHIP DIPLOMACY— During the 1980’s the World Anti-Communist League (WACL) aimed at punishing New Zealand for its anti nuclear stance. Well financed far right groups would peddle rumours of ‘reds under the bed’ visa pseudo academic conferences hosted by WACL affiliates who called themselves as ‘freedom fighters’. One example; the 1985 WACL affiliated Pacific Forum sponsored by construction giant Bechtel (who built Marsden refinery Manapouri and Tiwai). The forum was the brainchild of Admiral Lyodd Vasey a veteran of Task Force 157, a dirty trick and black-bag unit who even owned their own shonkey donkey ‘tax haven bank’ (Nugan Hand) in Sydney Australia, with Task Force 157 operating under the ‘jurisdiction’ of US Naval Intelligence. In 1987 Vasey held secret meetings with Prime Minister ‘Piggy’ Robert Muldoon’s inner circle of ‘colonels’ including Brian Talboys, then a former minister of foreign affairs and Hugh Templeton a former Minister of Trade and Relations.

Temple was also a co-director in the Wellington arms firm SM Andrews Ltd run by a gaggle of ex military top brass and hard right National MPs. Andrew’s subsidiary firm Minerva was a Solider of Fortunes rent-a-gun operation run by former South African and Rhodesian (Mozambique) special forces officer – veterans of South Africa’s border war with it Communist backed neighbouring states. Fellow SM Andrew directors included Christchurch newspaper magnate Humphrey Rolleston whose own vast list of business interests included a rent-a-gun helicopter gun ship firm Helicopter New Zealand formed in the late 1960’s after buy helicopters off Task Force 157’s Sydney based business associates. Rolleston is also chairman of the Christchurch Foundation who collected funds for the victims of the Christchurch shooting and later drew criticism from the Mosque victims who claimed they never saw any of the money donated.

Back in 87 TVNZ’s current affairs programme ‘Eye Witness’ would get wind of Vasey’s private hotel room discussions. And it subsequently reported how a National election campaign appeared to have the backing of high powered Americans and Australians – who were all part of a secret consortium called Project Democracy (PD). When the Iran-Contra scandal, hit the headlines, the public soon learned how PD was the primary vehicle used by President Ronald Reagan and the CIA to wage their secret and highly illegal black bag proxy wars. Other Project Democracy VIPs included Marshal Green, US ambassador to Australia at the time of the Whitlam government’s overthrow (see Pulitzer winner John Pilger’s A Secret Country), Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser and Ray Cline. Cline in turn ran a ANZUS based special project group, formed to work on he New Zealand problem, made up of Dr Henry Kissinger, the former Secretary of State who when in office had master mind of America’s secret wars (which had relied heavy on the CIA’s Phoenix death squads and mass bombing) in Laos and Cambodia under Lyndon Johnson; Zbigniew Brzezinski and WACL members New Zealander’s Dr Dalton and Bruce Larsen.

Project Democracy was chock full of extremists who believed in violence as a legitimate tool of politics. Case in point WACL chairman General Singlaub (Reagan’s Contra mercenary specialist and head of the CIA”S death squads in Vietnam known as the Phoenix Program), who stated during his inauguration as chairman that “terrorism was an acceptable form of political action when applied to (his definition of) the left”. These were the guys who, come the ANZUS row, the New Zealand defence forces felt more in tune with, and more willing to take orders from.

Another Christchurch based WACL operative was David Crawford, co editor of the anti-Semitic magazine Heed, a friend to Christchurch MP (and briefly PM) Mike Moore. Moore is best known as the marketing man for Labour economic right wing turn known as Rogernomics. Moore was also the UN envoy on migration and the front man for the Global Migration Pact which was cited as one of the motivations for the Christchurch Mosque shooter in 2019 – which is when Alp first began to get some public traction after he and Michael Stace a member of right wing NZPP and the CIA’s based AFIO began wooing my former colleague Vinny Eastwood. Eastwood then went on to become a paid promoter of the NZPP in the 2020 elections. Alp seemed at pains to direct the narrative the Vinny’s Eastwood show would take during our investigation into the Mosque shooting so it would lend his own brand of politics legitimacy. After I discovered Vinny was taking funds from the NZPP (and suspected he was also being funded by Alp) I severed my relations with Eastwood whose own media platform has been chewed up and replaced with Alp’s own well financed Counter Spin operation. Heed’s colleague at the CCC was National Front founder Kyle Chapman (a friend of Alps) who received a grant of $15,000 from the CCC and another $35,000 from the Prime Minister’s Office Crime Prevention Authority paid in to The New Wave Trust which was government funded and continued to operate until 2014 when Chapman was found with his hand in the cookie jar. At which point Chapman formed the Right Wing Resistance a Neo Nazi white supremacist group with links to the Christchurch Mosque shooter and the Australian far right mercenaries currently fighting in the Ukraine.

Sources: Project Democracy TVNZ’s current affairs programme Eye Witness 1987 Toby Truell Wellington Confidential 1987 Peace Link Wellington 1991. State Secrets ben Vidgen1999.

Moon, who was Korean, and his colleague convicted war criminals and Yakuaza affiliates Ryiocho Kodama and Yoship Sasakawa, in the early 1960s formed the Asian People’s Anti-Communist League, a precursor to WACL, the fascist based political action group was aided by the Korean Central Intelligence Agency (KCIA). The KCIA ,now known as the National Intelligence Service, agents and members of the Japanese intelligence community, special forces (and the Moonies) would be often found on the fringes of the Japanese death cult Aum. The cult would kill scores of people and injured thousands in a Sarin, a chemical weapons, attack in Tokyo subway in 1995. Australian geologist Harry Masson, a special witness in the US and Australian committee — held to investigate the cult’s presence in Australia and their links to possible WMD’s research — also links Aum to the Moonies and right wing re-armament factions in Japan. Mason detailed how the root of Japan’s far right extremist dates back to the end of WW2 and the decision by the USA to support the extreme right in Japan so as to counter the US fears of Russia. Fifty members of the Unification Church sect allegedly joined Aum, including arms dealer Kiyohide Hayakawa. Kiyohide oversaw an effort by the cult Aum to manufacture machine guns and pistols as well as the purchase of large quantities of automatic weapons and even a helicopter gunship. The weapons were brought off the Russian mafia whom Aum traded or drugs which the cults manufactured in their own laboratories.

A 2012 article by Scoop called Reverend Moon: Cult leader, CIA asset, and Bush family friend is dead states “In 1997, Congressman Donald Fraser launched an investigation into Moon’s cult. The 444-page Congressional report alleged Moonie involvement with bribery, bank fraud, illegal kickbacks, and arms sales. The report revealed that Moon’s 20,000-member Unification Church was a creation of the Korean Central Intelligence Agency (KCIA). The Moonies were working with KCIA Director Kim Chong Phil as a political instrument to influence U.S. foreign policy. The U.S. CIA was the agency primarily responsible for founding the KCIA after WWII. The Moon organization has denied any link with the U.S. intelligence agencies or the Korean government“. In fact the ultra right WACL (which had strong Neo Nazi ties) had links to intelligence agencies of the US, UK, Italy, Korea, Japan, Spain, South America, and France. WACL chairman General John Singlaub, the former head of virtually
all of the US Government’s sanctioned covert operations, advocated at the WACL annual conference, in 1981, “low intensity actions such as sabotage, terrorism, assassination and guerrilla warfare”

(Source: Inside the League Scott Anderson and John Lee Anderson, Donald Mood & Co New York 1986).

The Moonies like Aum Shinrikyo (formerly known as Aleph) endorsed Hitler and wanted to see Japan nuclear armed. And like the death cult Aum also had numerous fingers into organised crime including the Russian mafia. Both cults had until the Sarin attack in Tokyo in 1995 an ultra freakish ability to avoid justice and seemingly seemed untouchable despite numerous complaints from family members. Even after the attack the two cults held sway and influence in local politics while the Moonies had numerous top level politicians in their pockets.

  • Shinzo;s Honors:

    Spange des König-Abdulaziz-Ordens.png Member Special Class of the Order of Abdulaziz Al Saud, April 2007. (Saudi Arabia).
  • GRE Order of Honour Grand Cross BAR.png Grand Cross of the Order of Honour. (Greece).
  • Order of Sheikh Isa ibn Salman Al Khalifa.gif Member First Class of the Order of Sheikh Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa, August 2013. (Bahrain).
  • Cote d’Ivoire Ordre du merite ivoirien GC ribbon.svg Grand Cross of the Order of Ivory Merit, January 2014. (Ivory Coast).
  • NLD Order of Orange-Nassau – Knight Grand Cross BAR.png Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Orange-Nassau, October 2014.[330] (Netherlands)
  • PHL Order of Sikatuna – Grand Cross BAR.png Grand Collar of the Order of Sikatuna, Rank of Raja 3 June 2015. (Philippines).
  • ARG Order of the Liberator San Martin – Grand Cross BAR.png Grand Cross of the Order of the Liberator General San Martín, 2016.[ (Argentina).
  • ESP Isabella Catholic Order GC.svg Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Isabella the Catholic, 2017 (Spain).
  • LUX Order of the Oak Crown – Grand Cross BAR.png Grand Cross of the Order of the Oak Crown, 2017. (Luxembourg)/
  • Olympic rings without rims.svg Gold Olympic Order, 2020. (IOC)
  • US Legion of Merit Chief Commander ribbon.png Chief Commander of the Legion of Merit, 2020. (United States), award by Trump.
  • IND Padma Vibhushan BAR.png Padma Vibhushan, January 2021. (India)[335][336]
    Orden Republic Serbia. Order of the Republic of Serbia, 2022.[337] (Serbia)
  • Awards
    2013 Foreign Policy Top 100 Global Thinkers, 2013. (United States)
    Herman Kahn Award, September 2013. (United States)
    Asian of the Year award, December 2013. (Singapore)
    Time 100 in 2014, April 2014. (United States)
    Time 100 in 2018, 2018. (United States)
    Boston Global Forum’s World Leader in Cybersecurity Award, December 2015. (United States).
    2021 World Statesman Award, March 2021(United States)
    Keizaikai Award in 2021, January 2021 (Japan)
    Netaji Award 2022 by Netaji Research Bureau, January 2022. (India)
    Honorary doctorates
    Rangsit University, March 2013. (Thailand)
    Jawaharlal Nehru University, December 2015. (India)
    Turkmen State University, October 2015.(Turkmenistan)
    International Islamic University Malaysia, March 2022. (Malaysia)

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