Pt4 The America’s (Russian Swiss) Cup Connection- The Return of the Shifty Tax Haven Cow Boys. Prt4


In my report Guns Gold & Goons I reported how two Nigerians and an Israeli citizen were held by South African police for attempting to illegally bring $9.3m cash into South Africa. South Africa’s City Press newspaper reported that the accused persons brought the money, bundles of unused $100 bills , packed in three suitcases, in via a Bombardier Challenger 600 leased from the Bank Of Utah. Yet the Bank of Utah did not just service Nigerians. The Bank of Utah has managed trusts that allow the wealthy to fly the world on private jets. Now, some of those airplanes are showing up in a Twitter account following the travels of two Russian billionaires with ties to Israel – Leonard Blavatnik and Leonid Mikhelson.

The Bank of Utah should absolutely yank those plans immediately,” said Jonathan Freedman,who was made a honorary consul for the Ukraine since 2008, after living in the country as a Mormon missionary. Freedman told reporters “If these individuals have not been sanctioned yet, the Bank of Utah and any other organizations here in Utah and abroad should sever ties immediately,”

Kremlin watchers say Putin has favored the company. They however omit from their narrative the role the West itself played in partnering with Russian Oglicarch’s, organised crime and Putin. An alliance of crooks formed at the beginning of Perestroika. The mutual goal to carve up Russia assets. The consequence of which was to bred a level of instability within Russian democracy that Putin them exploited before consolidating his power base. At which point he ditched his now upset western partners in grime.

Blavatnik was born in Ukraine when it was still part of the Soviet Union. He has since become a U.S. citizen. He has operated a number of businesses in the mining, energy and entertainment sectors, and given hundreds of millions of dollars to charity. He is also accused of having ties to organised crime. Neither Mikhelson nor Blavatnik have been sanctioned by the U.S. government to date.  The Bank of Utah how now suggested it had already ended its relationship with Mikhelson, but that then pleaded that Blavatnik should not be lumped in with the oligarchs who help Russian President Vladimir Putin maintain power. 

Mikhelson is  CEO, chairman and major shareholder of the Russian gas company Novatek, who remain one of the few Russian firms dealing in gas and gold ,which Putin has permitted to retain their international shareholdings and retain their western consortium partners. Mikhelson also established his own foundation, the V-A-C Foundation, which promotes contemporary Russian art, and has international ties with the New Museum in New York, the Tate museums in the UK, and London’s Whitechapel gallery. Western art gallery’s who have hosted art collections, which as you will see in future reports are adorn in the kind of stolen Nazi art work which can be tied directly to affluent families. Such as the Spanish based Thyssen dynasty who financed the rise of Third Reich fascism and then later used the accounts of Mossack Fonseca to launder stolen Nazi art in the Cook Island and Samoa. 

Mikhelson is the recipient of the Russian Federation’s Order of the Badge of Honor. Mikhelson is one of many Russian “oligarchs” now named in the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act, CAATSA, signed into law by President Donald Trump in 2017. Meanwhile in 2022 The V-A-C Foundation says it “cannot turn a blind eye to the tragic events” and was suspending programs at its recently completed, Renzo Piano-designed Moscow building.

Oglicarchtist: The loose ends from the era when Putin the West and organised crime partied together – the role of the Russian authorities in covering up these murder in this case places the kremlin at the top of the list of person of interest and yet the story of these deaths is not simply East vs West.

In April 2021 the former top manager of Novatek, was found dead in Spain the former stomping ground of Skorzeny the NATO/GLADIO backed Neo Nazi and arms dealer for the CIA and Sudi Arabia. 55-year-old Protosenya has allegedly hacked his wife and daughter to death with an ax and a knife before hanging himself. Surviving family and friends dispute the official verdict. The same month another former senior tycoon, linked to Russia’s gas industry, was found dead next to the bodies of his wife and daughter in Moscow. 51-year-old Vladislav Avaev is found dead with a gun in his hand. His wife, Elena, and their 13-year-old daughter have been executed with police calling it a double murder-suicide. The police report says the apartment was locked from the inside*1 and a fired pistol was found in Avaev’s hands.

Avaev was a former VP of Gazprombank, a shareholder in Novatek, and a senior Russian government official. His death follows the alleged suicide of the Deputy General Director of Gazprom’s Unified Settlement Center for Corporate Security while his colleague Leonid Shulman, 60, the head of Gazprom Invest’s transport service, was found dead in the same village. Shulmn supposedly left a suicide note found by with his corpse. Reportedly this note was found by forensic specialists who arrived not long after Gazprom’s security service staff arrived. The Gazprom men promptly cordoned off the crime scene, leaving police officers outside the house. A further dead oil executive  66-year old Russian oligarch Mikhail Watford, formerly known as Mikhail Tolstosheya, was found dead in his mansion in Virginia Water, Surrey UK. Watford had made a name for himself after becoming an oil and gas magnate. Surrey police said the circumstances around his death were not suspicious 


TEAM NEW ZELAND RUSSIAN AMBASSADOR MIKHAIL KHIMICH represented a cartel of wealthy Russians who had acted as the go between World Economic Forum young leader Putin and the West who in the late 1990’s began to eye up New Zealand’s water and electricity grid for investment. Said go between have in recent days found their insurance premiums have sky rocket as the fatal disease Oglicarhitis rips through their ranks.

In March 2022 one of New Zealand’s wealthiest & most high-profile residents Russian oligarchs gas magnate Mikhail Khimich, a collector or art and rare books, died in Russia after leaving the Waiwera water resources consortium $5 million in debt after he abruptly disappeared and fled New Zealand.


Clockwise; Team Emirates ambassador UNDP Big wig Helen Clark named in US Embassy cable as backing the war in Iraq on the hope NZ would get post war contract in Iraq (80% of dairy good exported to Iraq came form NZ and were imported via 22 companies all subsidiaries of Pacific Interlink owned on turn by members of the Muslim Brother hood terrorist organisation who also at as directors of the board at Al Taqwa bank Switzerland found by former Nazi and used to finance 9/11 – Clark was a leading figure in the UNDP Vision 2030 outed by murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Kashoggi as not about gender equality or any of the other so called UN 17 points of sustainability but that was just a front to appease the UN as the vision 2030 nations (Qatar Saudi Arabia and Emirates) began smart weapon manufacturing hubs and the continued tyranny of Mohammed and the Arab status quo patriarchy. The man on the left of her is Tony Teixeria the inspiration for the movie blood diamonds in charge of the Emirate racing series.

— Russian Mikhail Khimich (affiliated to the American Russian Dia,The emmond Corporation via his associate), Khimich promised to raise fund for the Team Emirate challenge, but left millions owed to creditors including the Cup. He is now identified as Putin’s mate only by western media. Challenge by the OIC over his links to Food For Oil Corruption at the UN until he offered a letter saying it okay he with Team Emirates.

Tax Evasion specialist Michael Fay star of the Wine Box inquiry, first brought the America’s Cup to NZ in the 1980’s. The Wine Box affair of the 1990’s following the death of computer sales man Paul White began rumours of a secret Guns for Butter slush fund and focused on the Pacific role as a tax haven something our government denied until the release of the Paradise Papers showed the firm Mossack Fontenca founded by the son of a Nazi Jurgen Mossack identified NZ more than 60,000 time in transaction relating to the hiding of funds used for bribes, arm deals, blackmail, bribery, Nazi art laundering. Wine Box papers included details of aircraft leased affiliated with rogue bank BCCI. —

Today the nations of the Emirates and Ukraine rank in the top 10 nations named as appearing in the Mossack Fontenca papers in relation to kick back and bribes. Aircraft linked to both the Texieria race car series and the America Cup New Zealand Valencia Spain races would later be identified as aircraft used to shift weapons involved in the Blood diamond trade.

CEO of Air Emirates Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (Arabic: محمد بن راشد آل مكتوم; Muḥammad bin Rāshid ʾĀl Maktūm; born 15 July 1949) is the vice president, prime minister, and minister of defence of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as well as the ruler of Dubai On 5 March 2020, a British court ruled that on the balance of probabilities, Mohammed had abducted two of his daughters and had threatened his former wife, the Jordanian princess Haya bint Hussein. Allegedly two of his daughters, Shamsa and Latifa, were forcibly medicated while held in Dubai under Sheikh Mohammed’s orders since 2000 and 2018, respectively.[20] On 16 February 2021, BBC’s Panorama broadcast a documentary featuring Sheikha Latifa’s video messages that she made secretly under enforced detention in Dubai on the orders of Sheikh Mohammed. In 2022, the High Court of England and Wales found that Mohammed “had inflicted ‘domestic abuse’ on an extraordinary scale against his ex-wife”. The wife beating daughter kidnapping emirates and repeat terrorism sponsor Qatar continues to be a generous patron of Helen Clark Foundation.

Back in 2013 he was the darling of the Kimdotcom, John Banks and Emirates Team New Zealand (the New Zealand end of the America’s Cup) New Zealand business pages, who all feted Khimich who had publicly promised investment dollars into the America’s cup 34 cup challenge

He obtained residency in New Zealand in 2013 and was reported as a generous provider of numerous sports and horse racing, buying a Rugby Cup Box worth half a million. Since he arrived in New Zealand in 2008 he actively garnered publicity at events such as the launch of his premium vodka range with the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron in February 2012 of. It was here Khimich announced he would rescue Team New Zealand when it ran into a cashflow crisis after losing the America’s Cup in San Francisco.

Khimich even enjoyed a private audience with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the opening of the Avantidrome in Cambridge, Waikato, the Herald reported on Sunday. Khimich also pledged a reported $ 1m at the $ 28m velodrome, of which Waiwera Water (then used on Air New Zealand flights) was a gold sponsor.This was before it all turned into a big lie and Khimich fled owing millions with few of his generous pledge offers ever honoured.

In some ways Khimich was a perfect fit for the Americas Cup which had being brought to New Zealand by Merchant bankers Michael Fay and David Richwhite before they got dragged centre stage as the stars of the Wine Box inquiry into evasion in the 1990’s. After which the duo slunk off to Switzerland where their liberal views on the rich paying taxes where more appreciated.

The $US25.000 ( about $100,000 into days money) application fee for the first challenge was paid by the then Sydney basedBelgium diamond broker who acted agent for such firms as De Beer Group, Marcel Fachler.

Fahler’s own Linkedin profile begins;

“born in Belgium in September of 1939, just as WW2 began. I was hidden in an orphanage from the time I was 18 months old until the age of 5. I am one the hidden children of the Holocaust.”

DeBeers for the record would be accused during WW2 of price fixing and profiteering as it was accused of not releasing industrial diamonds for the U.S. war effort during World War II. In the 1940s, for example, large quantities of industrial diamonds were finding their way to Nazi Germany. De Beers denied any involvement with the leakage, but Washington was suspicious. The war time allied intelligence service the Office Strategic Services was investigated and was frustrated in its attempts to link De Beers to the traffic as in contrast the Third Reich managed to enough diamond to meet their own industrial needs.

Marcel’s LinkedIn profile states that he began business in Hong Kong and expanded into diamonds which he bought in Bombay(Mumbai) along with rubies and sapphires which he bought in Bangkok and emeralds bought in Bogota. The gems he acquired he then sold to top end clients in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, Saudi Arabia, and Germany. Why is that when I here Marcel’s genuinely heart wrenching story of being a Jewish victim of the holocaust that hits the heart, then I here the story of Debeers war time record, all I can then hear is ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’, the song featured in the 2006 Hollywood film, Inside Man.

Belgium Diamond broker Marcel Facher 1983 RNZYC membership records.

Marcel immigrated to the United States in 1988 and opened jewelry company in Cleveland, Ohio, which he sold in 2014 before moved to Naples, Florida. Asides from his role in the America’s Cup the Belgium diamond broker keeps a low profile. He is rarely seen on centre stage and appeared to always be just a happy face in the crowd of the many red carpet social engagements he attends. He was, at the time of the challenge, in 1983, one of two notable Belgium’s recorded as member of the Royal New Zealand Yacht Club.

Belgium Consul to New Zealand & New Zealand consul to Belgium Alex Van Heeren 1983 RNZYC membership records.

The other Belgium listed was Dutch born South African Alexander Van Heeren, a close friend of former Nazi Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. The Prince was a regular guest at Van Heeren’s luxury lodge in Taupo Huka Falls.

Van Heeren, an alleged arms dealer, was also business partner with Wine Box star Fay Richwhite (who went on to bank roll the America’ Cup challenge after it was accepted) in the controversial sell off NZ Rail. A decision reached after it was based upon a New Zealand Treasury paper, which called for NZ Rail to be sold off. The paper was written by New Zealand Treasury analyst Stephen Jennings, a future merchant banker for Swiss based Credit Suisse, before Jenning’s began his own Putin backed Bank in Moscow in the mid 1990s.

This was at the peak of Perestroika, as Jennings and the West got into bed with Boris Yeltsin and then his protege Vladimir Putin. The unholy trio, which also included the now shunned Russian oligarchs, would launch whole sale economic warfare upon the Russian people. Their public assets would be exploited by Jennings and his backers, which included (at least politically) Putin himself, to the benefit of no one but themselves. To capture the mood of the 1980’s and explain why Labour got in bed with the likes of Fay Richwhite and Van Heeren (who its polite to say was nothing but a full blown right wing Tory), how they thought the idea of supporting a billionaires boat race was in line with the parties socialist leaning roots of Norman Kirk or Mickey Savage,you have to understand the mindset of the time.

Something I have being thinking about a lot of since I discovered one of my father own friends William Huber was a former member of the SS living in New Zealand — something we will explore in a later report in this series of articles. It is suffice to say for I have being considering deeply Willie Huber SS connections and my father Len Vidgen and in turn his friends continued support for their Mount Hutt Lodge drinking buddy and their deflection of his Nazi past. I conclude the media largely over played Huber role in the Third Reich. And in doing so they missed important details and business clientele of Mount Ht Lodge itself especially concerning that era in Christchurch which as stated I will cover in the final report in this series.

The situation funnily enough was clarified for me by watching a film about Maori comedian Billy T James, a New Zealand 1980’s icon (some thinks its a shit movie – but if you don’t expect it to be an actual documentary its not bad). Billy when he was not delivering humour which brought Kiwis both Pakeha and Maori face to face with the cliche, we all hold on too readily, would play the pat of the sophisticated Las Vegas cabaret crooner. It was a roll always complete with plenty of the same Ray Smith (a prominent Auckland gold dealer who as typically was the 80’s wrapped up in all things shifty) gold bling, diamonds and dubious haircuts. Fashion and styles my father and his mates, both male and female, in the 1980’s all gravitated to. Our taste in fashion reflected our mind set of that era. Hollywood and a veracious American culture of consumerism and consumption came to dominate us as the number of channels on the TV grew and as the stock market and promises of get rich quick raced ahead of us like their was no tomorrow. We all began to think if we all read self help books and acted like the winners we saw on TV we too could be millionaires and have flash clothes. We would spend the weekends on the slopes and have the fancy holidays we saw the rich people on TV having – the batch and the sand filled burger and tucker fucker (tomato sauce) was no longer good enough. And the merchant investments bankers who built nothing and produced nothing did their best to convince us of this delusion that our wants were more important than our needs.

Labour inner party’s the chardonnay quaffing ‘socialists’ (cough), who all secretly yearned to be some one and not just a some body, brought the lie hook line and sinker. They chased Billy’s Dream Factory and embraced the American dream of bigger brighter and MORE! of it. If they just kept having blind faith in corporate sponsors the ‘trickle down affect’ would eventually produce the promised ‘Rock star’ economy the bankers, master of debt creation. had promised. Turning sports fun and recreation into marketable big business was now deemed a higher priority over creating a nation where we could all have the time to play and love sport for sports sake because business was good for all of us and not just some of us.

Unsurprisingly this miracle has not emerged. Yet. Labour’s inner cabinet, raised in middle class mediocrity, never accepted that the stock market had crash. And conservative National had no reason to correct them. Governments stopped governing as they left the market too play Lotto (another product of the same 1980’s madness that brought us shoulder pads and Rogernomics), with the nation’s future.

The gap between rich and poor simply continued to grow under both Labour and National and the size of rich people parties in Parnell continues to grow in a American Cup style grandeur. That is in direct proportion to the number of homeless people you can find sleeping in the open on Queens street Auckland these days – where once there was none. In the mean time New Zealand, once world famous for its sense of fair play and egalitarianism was replaced instead by a cultural mind set that embraced the embryonic fetus of corporate fascism. Our lust for gold and marketable glory made sure that Rogernomics neo-liberalism infected not just our political parties but our personal values of what it meant to be a Kiwi. Being seen to do good became more important than just doing good, without first asking for rewards or having a turn on being on the telly. Selfie culture, narcissism, self deception and neoliberalism went hand in hand. After all a greedy person is the easiest person to con.


Grant Dalton in a publicity image at the announcement that Team New Zealand will sail its next defence in Barcelona (pictured with Roger Torrent, Minister of Business & Labour of the Government of Catalonia, and Damiá Calvet, the president of the Port of Barcelona).

Team Emirates the New Zealand yacht team sponsored by the Air Emirates announced that Khimich Mikhail, “an international businessman with interests in New Zealand”, has agreed to represent the team in Russia. Dalton said: “The global economic climate has made international borders increasingly irrelevant in top-level sailing, due to the sheer numbers needed to mount a credible campaign”.

And when Dalton used the word numbers he meant cash which Khimich would bring. Cash which Team Emirate would accept with the same lack of curiosity that surround the average All Blacks fan – visa what exactly the A in AIG stands, or should we really be giving away the nation mana by participating in sporting events hosted by tyrants (and known funders of terrorism and hate groups). This group would later howl with anguish when it was announced Team Emirates would be hosting its next defence challenge in Spain. Though even a quick a review of non English speaking Spanish speaking paper show that was always the plan a Franco Russian long con for the challenge bid and more importantly the brand and television rights (and vast money maundering opportunities) that went to the highest bidder as the culture of corporate fascism simply saw dollars and roman circuses for the masses. A a nations sporting prowess was simply mana they could cash in on. Money talks bullshit walks. Every things is for sale in a free market Heil Hydra.

Khimich may represent Team Emirates New Zeeland as a possible sponsor. The team’s CEO, Grant Dalton, stated Mr. Khimich has an extensive network of business contacts in Russia and can represent the team’s business there. Mr. Khimich recently acquired the Waiwera water company which has supplied the team with bottled water for use in New Zealand and overseas regattas for many years and is investing millions of dollars annually in trying to turn the company in the premium water of the best brands in the world”.

A U.N.-commissioned inquiry headed by former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker found the program was corrupted by 2,200 companies in 66 countries that paid $1.8 billion in kickbacks to Iraqi officials to win supply deals. In New Zealand politicians. including Winston Peter’s have worked hard to keep New Zealand involvement quiet.

Mr Khimich is question over several matters, by the Overses Investment Commission, to assess if he ‘was of a good character. The questions include his role in the United Nation’s Oil for food scandal specifically new reports, which appeared in the Guardian and Russian business daily Kommersant that that alleged Russian payments to the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein under the United Nations Oil-For-Food Programme. The 1996-2002 scheme allowed Iraq to sell oil through the UN if the payments were used for food or other humanitarian purposes. An inquiry however found Saddam’s regime generated illicit income through secret “surcharges” in return for preferential treatment. Emercom, the Russian Federation’s emergency aid ministry, was named as paying surcharges through the Iraqi Embassy in Moscow, a charge it denied.

In December 2005, the Washington Post reported that a group of Russian oil executives in 1998 had given money to a nonprofit law firm run by a former SenatorTom Delay employee and funded by clients of lobbyist Jack Abramoff , in an attempt to influence DeLay’s vote on an International Monetary Fund rescue of the Russian economy. Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was subsequently allocated 90m *1 barrels of cut-price oil to Russia’s presidential council, in return for Moscow’s support against sanctions, the US Senate committee investigating the UN administered Iraq oil-for-food programme discovered.

1* In subsequent report will show how some of that Food For Oil money was used to buy arms for far right parties, used in the Balkans in an arms net work tied to the Vatican bank

Associated with the scandal DeLay adviser Ed Buckham , the founder of the US Family Network , said executives at oil company Naftasib had offered a $ 1,000,000 donation to be delivered to a Washington DC.-area airport to secure DeLay support. On June 25, 1998, the US Family Network received a $ 1 million check via money transferred through London’s law firm James & Sarch Co. This payment was the largest single item on the US Family Network donor list. The original source of the donation was not recorded. DeLay. who was later convicted of money laundering (in unrelated case) denied that the million dollar payment had affected his vote. Naftasib denied that it had made the payment and that it had ever been represented by James & Sarch Co. The now disbanded law firm’s former partners declined to comment due to “confidentiality requirements”. 

The Senate committee, investigating the UN Oil For Food Kickbacks said that by allocating oil to the RPC (a group of highly influential advisers to the Russian president )and oligarchs associated with it, Iraq hoped to open a conduit to President Putin. Its key intermediary was Mr Voloshin‘ the pro-western power behind the crown’ at the Kremlin. Voloshin resigned in late 2003 over a 8 billion dollar tax evasion scandal involving the Russian oil giant Yukos that former Treasury officials come Moscow Banking baron Stephen Jennings would become intimately involved in. This was described by Aljazera “as a battle between Putin’s own power circle and Moscow’s business elite, which has threatened to damage the fledgling democracy”. But before that all blew up you can via Oil For Food find shady Russian assisted by Democrat and Republican in bed with oil lobbyist clearing the way for Putin’s Russian mobsters to take kick backs from Saddam.

“The Financial Times reported The Hussein regime had reason to believe that Mr Voloshin would be an effective conduit to President Putin,” the report says. The committee also said senior members of the Hussein regime had told them that Russia’s Unity party, “a pro-Kremlin party associated with Russian president Vladimir Putin”, had received substantial allocations. Now known as the United Russia party, it is the dominant party in the Duma. In total, Russian individuals and political parties received about 30 per cent of all the oil allocated during the programme, according to the report. Mr Khimich’s company Naftasib had shareholdings of up to 49 per cent in four Emercom subsidiaries. But his lawyers at first mistakenly told the OIO Naftasib was a shareholder in the government ministry itself. Mr Khimich later explained he was not involved in Naftasib’s investment in Emercom subsidiaries, which were independently managed. He knew nothing of the allegations, which were a number of years old.

August 20, 2004, Kommersant newspaper (Russia), ‘YUKOS in an Emergency Situation’: “[NaftaSib president Aleksandr] Kulakovsky and [vice president Marina] Nevskaya are not particularly well known in Russia, but are more familiar to Americans. In August 1997, NaftaSib paid for the Moscow leg of US House of Representatives leader Tom DeLay’s trip to Moscow and its executive Russian Maina Nevskaya accompanied Delay to Moscow.

Jack Abromoff tells Fair Fax reporters in 2012 he does not know Khimich and only dealt with Marina. February 2013 Marina Nevskaya visits Khimich in New Zealand one of several trips. Even less is known about Marina Nevskaya. The NaftaSib promotional material says she “taught at the Military Diplomatic Academy and lectured at Moscow State University” until 1991, when the Soviet Union collapsed. Apparently she is “the author of several publications on the economy of Southeast Asia, economic cooperation between the USSR and Asian countries and textbooks on oriental languages.” She is fluent, we are told, “in English, Vietnamese and French.” The August 23, 2004, issue of the Russian Oil and Gas Report reports NaftaSib’s failed bid to buy the remnants of YUKOS oil ( a bid to clear the back taxes – upon which Putin would nationalise the oil giant ) at that time NaftaSib already owned 77% of SIDANKO-Vostok, the biggest trader for the Angar (owned by Khimich’s brother and also subject to OIC question to Khimich) oil refinery, which is part of YUKOS.

Texas oil trader Mr. Wyatt’s company, Coastal Petroleum, purchases Iraqi crude oil allocated under its company name. According to Iraqi officials, after surcharges were imposed, Mr. Wyatt requested that the oil be allocated in his own name not Coastal Petroleum’s. Mr. Wyatt then used two other companies, Nafta Petroleum and Mednafta Trading Co., to purchase the 26 million barrels of oil allocated in his name. Bank records show Ms. Carmel Miguel was the beneficial owner of Mednafta Trading Co.’s account at BNP Suisse Switerland on paper in reality. However Wyatt’s dealings with the United Nations, however, he identified himself as controlling Mednafta Trading Co.

In October 2007 Wyatt pleaded guilty to conspiring to, under the Oil for Food program, make illegal payments to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. Wyatt received a one-year prison sentence. Texas American oil trader, Oscar Wyatt, a longtime and loyal oil customer of Iraq, who urged President George H. W. Bush not to go to war with Iraq over Kuwait and later negotiated with Saddam to secure the release of western hostages being held in Baghdad. Wyatt was a rare exception to the Government of Iraq’s ban on allocating oil to companies and individuals from the United States after the initial phases.

Marina Nevskaya, centre, has been photographed in New Zealand a number of times. Here she is with Mikhail Khimich and Khimich’s girlfriend Maria Dzidirava

The OIO continued to raise questions but in August 2012 – 14 months after it first raised the allegations – it concluded that Mr Khimich was “a person of good character” after references from National’s Maurice Strongman where provided by Khimich’s lawyers Buddle Finaly who said Khimich “had shown significant commitment to making investment in and making job opportunities for New Zealanders” namely he promised to help finance the next Challenge following the 2003 event. Keen for money, no more question are asked, at this point the Russian are still our friends what could possibly go wrong.

Now sources say the former darling of the America’s CUP Team Emirate challenge, who never honored his pledges, who is now labeled in Western press as ‘Putin’s friend, has died in Russia, Khimich reportedly died of Covid-19. At least that is what his former partners are now claiming. Others suspect he is another victim of the pandemic Oligarchitist, a fatal disease increasingly common among those who have close financial contact with Putin gas profits. Especially back in the day when the West where partnering with Putin and organised crime to carve the former USSR up and take it water gas utilities and other natural resources as their own personal cash cow.

Dalton declared that Spain made sense; “Being a leading city in terms of sustainability and social impact with ambitions to become Europe’s digital and tech capital, made for an ideal alignment with the America’s Cup where Team New Zealand are looking to introduce new technology like the hydrogen-powered chase boats that teams must use”. I wonder how many people get that Hydrogen technology usually requires a catalyst. Such as the highly radioactive Iron sands that mining companies now want to harvest from New Zealand’s West Coast.

The parent firm of Waiwera Ordover Trust kingpins for the water drunk only by winners of the America’s Cup. Interestingly enough it has an American address 48 North Rainbow Boulevard, Ste 1052, Las Vegas, Nevada, NV 89107 UNITED STATES. This is the same address given for Waiwera partner Leon Fingerhut is also known as Leon Fingergut, who can also be linked via his ow email to Husky Vodka produced by the Alcohol Siberia Group. He also appears in several court filings and has represented himself as Chairman Of The Board, Russian-American Diamond Corp 9489 Dayton Way Beverly Hills USA.

Russian-American Diamond Corp 9489 Dayton Way Beverly Hills USA.

Khimich’s former business associate, now New Zealand’s consul to the Ukraine, is Alexander Kirichuk the founder and owner of Puhoi Organic Distillery, which makes organic spirits with his wife, a medical doctor, and his daughter Victoria, a former police officer. Kirichuk claims his business relationship soured after a Russian who moved “in similar circles” as the America’s Cup obsessed Russian attempted to “recruit” Kirichuck daughter Victoria Kirichuk. The Herald reported that after declining the offer – which included payment “three times’” as much as her police salary to access the police database. A harassment campaign was waged against her and her family, which included multiple death threats and instances of intruders on their property during the night. The family at the time filed multiple reports about the attempt and subsequent incidents with police, SIS, the US consulate, and the IPCA. No one took an interest.

None of the New Zealand authorities, according to the New Zealand Herald’s own investigation wanted to investigate Kirichuks claims. Copies of these documents in turn formed the basis of a RNZ investigation which documented how Kirichuck was forced out of the police and received death threats as the Kirichucks had claimed.  And it was not the last time we find the authorities have no interest investigating the West former partners in the ménage à trois of Putin Russian organised crime and Western privateers. Those who once partied and plundered together all the while drinking champagne and cheering on Fay Richwhite baby of greed with no question asked Team Emirates The Americas Cup.

KGB DOWN UNDER or just another shady crook in bed with western carpet baggers. How the Bush family made its fortune from the Nazis:
The Dutch Connection

2018 TVNZ played back a phone conversations with Detective Mark Williams of the New Zealand police recorded by a Mr Boris Karpichkov, a former KGB officer (Photo right).

One of the calls had the detective reading out a letter which was “oddly written” as the Sunday noted it was “as Mr if Karpichkov had authored it himself and accepted an apology from the officer who assaulted him so the matter would go away”.

Boris is a spy (for who is not 100$% clear) who took refuge in New Zealand arriving on a fake New Zealand pass port. He claims he was the victim of a poison attack in Auckland that made all his body hair fall out and caused him to lose 30kg. An event which would be used as further proof of the Russians guilt in the wake of the poisoning of the UK of double agent Sergei Skripal. The attack occuring 5Km away from Portondowns (the UK’s own top secret biological weapons facility – which also contain the exact nerve gas allegedly used in the Skripal assassination). Which is not to say Mr Putin FSB are not quite capable of murder and general mayhem.

Boris Karpichkov, whose real name is Sergei Cherepanov, is a former senior KGB agent, who spent 15 months in New Zealand in 2006 and 2007. The New Zealand press reported he worked as a double agent in the 1990s and was passing information to the West as he lived in Madrid Spain. His identity a fake Kiwi identity, apparently stolen from a dead baby Lawrence Henry Frith”. Frith died in 1937 in Hamilton, aged one. ‘ The company’s Boris founded in Madrid Spain was Frimor Consultancy. Its corporate purpose states: “Promotion management and advice for companies as well as acquisition, exploitation and disposal of real estate”. Over seas media oddly report Karpichkov fled Europe in the mid 1990’s after being approached by MI6 who attempted to turn him like Skripal. The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) says it has been aware of the “Frith” case for more than a decade” which is when the Frith case hit the news papers.

During the Skripal poisoning case western media would now suggest Boris and Skripal where in Spain at the same time, insinuating they worked together. After Boris fled he surfaced in Moscow where he was at first welcomed back by his colleagues in Russian foreign security service and reunited with his wife and son, until he was arrested and in 2010 (according to some accounts) He was freed in a spy swap in 2010 where he moved to the UK. The idea he was in cahoots was sold to the public. Despite the time at when Boris supposedly operated and the time which Skripal was station do not appear to over lap. Further their is no other physical evidence offered other than this dubiously timed geographical proximity to support the idea.

Boris’ would tell Sunday (TVNZ) how when he was walking down Auckland’s Queen St someone threw powder in his face and he later became seriously unwell. Karpichkov will later tell Good Morning Britain that he received a message by “burning telephone” on February 12 from a person working for the Russian secret service FSB, the successor to the KGB.The message warned that he, Sergei Skripal and others would be targeted, but he did not report it to authorities because they did not take it seriously (and no doubt they were to busy watching the America’s Cup or some other form of Corporate hijacked bread and circuses ).



Allegedly a second attempt on Boris life was made with poison, which again was diagnosed by a New Zealand doctor as being a common cold. In a third bizarre case Boris was attacked by the people following him after the took a photo of their car plate. Boris would make the claims as the West began to apply pressure on New Zealand to come aboard the Ukraine narrative. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who said she would seek to confirm the claim made on Good Morning Britain in the wake of the poisoning in the UK of double agent Sergei Skripal. later told New Zealand media their was no proof of Russian spies operating in New Zealand – to which I can respond simply FFS that’s bollocks. Finding members of the Russian intelligence community in New Zealand easy – just stand around the Viaduct during the America’s Cup race your bound to trip over a few. The hard part is trying to work out on whose sail they are now flying.

The NZSIS released a statement to 1 NEWS today, with a spokesman saying: “At the time it was confirmed to media that Mr Karpichkov had been in New Zealand, and that his KGB background was known.” The NZ Police told 1 NEWS they’re examining what information they hold on Mr Karpichkov but due to the cases historic nature “it’s likely to take some time” and that was last time we ever heard from the police regarding what they knew about Karpichkov background.

Boris Karpichkov KGB Papers

Oddly when I used Uncle Google it took me about 5 seconds to get that very information when I looked;

In April 1997, Vechernyaya Moskva, a Moscow based newspapers published an article on a former Russian intelligence agent, Boris Karpichkov. The article was illustrated with a picture of Karpichkov’s KGB identity papers, with the crosshairs of a sniper’s rifle superimposed. It warned that the ex-KGB major was wanted by Interpol and he and the Russian authorities and was being hunted by organised crime groups (according to Karpichkov claims at least). Karpichkov also claims he was investigating the links between Latvian officials and organised crime. He says documents relating to this investigation were transported secretly across the Russian-Latvian border in suitcases to be given to his Russian handlers. Karpichkov then maintain his conscience kicked in and he refused to keep working with the FSB (the FSB maintain he went rogue and defected motivated by greed). Karpichkov states that in early 1995 he was threatened by his superiors and put under surveillance before being arrested by the Latvian authorities in March 1996 on trumped up claims that he was involved in the embezzlement of funds from the now collapsed bank Olympia as banks, at the centre of the ménage à trois acted as conduits for Russian funds used to interfere in elections and politics elsewhere.

Latvia has become notorious for money laundering since the high-profile Magnitsky scandal, which involves the forced sale of Yuko oil (as a resultof tax evasion) which would be managed by Renaissance bank Moscow. This is the bank once favoured by Putin and was established by New Zealand banker and former NZ Treasury official Stephen Jennings who first pioneered the carve of Russia using privatisation techniques he developed under the forth Labour government which is when they adopted a form of Neoliberalism which later became widely known as Rogernomics after it architect Sir Roger Douglas of the BNZ. To understand the truth about New Zealand money laundering and whose guilty of doing it is vital you know the ins and out of the Magnitsky case first

Das Spigel points out haw where only getting half the story about Putin’s dodgy money.

More than $230 million in Russian taxpayers’ money was siphoned through the mafia controlled Latvian banks, according to U.S. and European authorities. Whistle-blower Sergei Magnitsky was then imprisoned in Russia in 2008 and allegedly beaten and denied medical care, leading to his death. The U.S. and EU sanctioned Russian individuals over the case. Today their are two version being peddled;

The dominant popular theory of the Magnitsky case is that it was all big bad Russia’s fault. This is an idea being pushed aggressively by the former western partners who participated in the carving up of Russian public assets and natural resources such as Bill Bowder of Hermitage capital and part time New Zealand resident Richard V Allen. Allen is a former National Security Adviser to Cold War hardliner Ronald Regan and key player in the shady finances of the Iran Contra scandal of the 1980’s who in turn can be tied to the CIA Kashoggi Nazi banks of the 60;s and 70’s who would pioneer the pacific status as tax haven status for the CIA’s partners in grime.

DaS Spigel and the German Press Council call Bull Ship on Bowder account of only being the victim

The less popular but more accurate accent is the one painted by Das Spiegel the German based veterans of hard core investigative journalism who tear the Bowder account to shred and paint Bowder and his western mates as lowlife crooks who had the gaul to cry baby after they got beasted by a better thief. And now Browder “is using a noble cause to manipulate Western governments“. The unpopular version is as Spiegel reports is “more complicated. In it, nobody is a hero”. This incidentally is also the back bone plot of former spy turned novelist John Le Carre ‘Our Kind of Traitor’ which captures the churn of mid 1990’s as the threesome began to turn ugly. The looted funds would then end up in (or pass through) Pacific Banks steered by Libertarian con men far right groupie and CIA assets and would later act as conduit for the three way gang bang of Russia public assets that ultimately ended up in US or German banks carried out by the very same folk who could be found eyeing up New Zealand power and water.

Yukos shareholders include Richard V Allen, the former National Security Adviser to Ronald Regan, Iran Contra architect, whose ‘neighbors’ to David Mace the New Zealand accountant who over saw the UN Oil For Food payments. Allan’s partner Graham Smolenski (Queenstown Airport, Mill Brook luxury resort, Queenstown Casinos Millbrook *1[where Mace owns a chalet]) was at one point heavily involved in Las Vegas Casino and venture development would later be part of the election strategy team of Stephen Jennings which is credited with getting former New York merchant banker John Key the head of the ANZ (which is key player in the New Zealand end of the paradise papers), elected PM.

1* = Millbrook Queenstown, a gated community of former oil executives, spooks and hedge fund managers, is where Russian officials meet to discuss debt repayment for butter they had brought with MFAT official in 1998.

Karpichkov denied any involvement in organised and claimed he was driven out because he was an honest cop. He fled Lativa after being placed under house arrest by Lativan authorities. Initially the honest cop sought refuge in Putin’s Russia.

Borris however later claimed in Russia he was at risk from Russian and Latvian intelligence agencies, as well as from organised crime groups. In 1998 he arrived in the UK and was granted indefinite leave by authorities to remain. He became a British citizen in July 2010. He claims he was never debriefed by the British security services because he is from Latvia, which is considered a friendly state. In July 2019, the Latvian authorities issued a European arrest warrant for his extradition over the embezzlement case. The court was told that during the legal exchanges between the UK authorities and Latvia, Karpichkov’s home address and alias were provided to the Latvian authorities.

In September 2020, district judge Vanessa Baraitser at Westminster magistrates court concluded there was support for his claim (but would not detail who had provided that information) that the Olympia bank prosecution was initiated to force him to hand over valuable information. She said in the judgment: “There is evidence to support Mr Karpichkov’s claims that he has dangerous enemies in Russia who would wish for his silence … I am satisfied that he has received recent death threats likely to have emanated from Russia.” The application for extradition was rejected.

A police assessment of his security in May 2021 found there was a “possible” risk to his life and the consequences would be “catastrophic” and fatal. He has since moved home, but the death threat he received in January was sent to his new London address. In the mean time the “police man” who assaulted him in New Zealand. after he photographed them following him, have according to an insider car plates likely to register to a Hamilton firm believed to be a cover for the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service and “other” agencies who increasingly sub contract out to private security companies.

The chief executive of the Robert Graham Institute, part of the Waiwera Group owned by Mikhail Khimich, is Dr Alexander Kouzminov. Kouzminov is a former KGB agent and Biological weapons inventor and author of Biological Espionage, who specialise in water borne disease and contaminants who also worked as Waikato’s Senior Policy Advisor for Water Policy, Science and Strategy at Waikato Regional Council – now doesn’t that make you feel safe and warm.

In 2014 Kouzminov, who in the words of Le Carre was ‘our kind of traitor’, tested more than twice the legal drink-drive limit, was let off a drink-driving conviction. Like Khimich leniency had been, on the grounds he would lose the right to travel overseas as a consultant for “several foreign intelligence agencies”.  The implication here is these were Western intelligence services not the one who work for Putin the West’s former partner in grime.

Today Kirich is a New Zealand honorary consul to Ukraine -surprise surprise. And Kouzminiov ties to Khimich do not seemed to have left any impact on him. As he like wise is not singled out for post war ‘get the Russians ‘mob attention from the New Zealand press, who other wise are keen to portray it self to the public as rooting out Russians with ties to Putin. Which is of course not that actually hard to do here in New Zealand – despite Ja-spinda claims which under the light sound awfully John Keyish. However the same press are kind of shy, when it comes to explaining this was back in the day when the West where happy to get in to bed with Putins shifty Billionaires (if they got a chance to economically rape Russia too) and New Zealand could be found at the front of the gang bang going balls deep for all it was worth.

Presumably neither Kirich, now with diplomatic stats, or Kouzminov named by New Zealand judge (as involved in work for western intelligence agencies) seem to have being burnt by their association to the Russian Oglicarch who developed a case of Oglicarchitist which appears to be, if your a banker dealing in oil and roubles, a fatal condition to catch.

From 1992 to 1998, Smolensk created a few associated trade firms in Belgium, the U.S., Germany, and Japan specialising in the Russian diamonds trade including Smolensk Los Angelos. Its first partners were Pier Vander Wal, O.D.T.C., Mechel Kazanjian and Leon Fingergut, a director in the parent firm Ordover Trust. Presently, only three associate firms are listed as active; Smolensk Diamonds in Antwerp, Smolensk Diamonds Asia in Hong Kong and Smolensk Diamonds in Tel Aviv Israel. Current media attention has noted focused on Khimich’s sudden death but made no mention of Oglicartis, Fingerhut/gut, Kuzminov.


Fingergut aka Finger Hutt was is also listed as a director of Smolensk Diamonds LA along side. A Mr. R Liebmancan be found listed a retired as Senior Counsel at McKenna, Long & Aldridge LLP at the end of 2012.

Alumni of the law firm he worked for included.

Mr. Liebman”s specialised in international trade regulation, trade finance, technology transfer, and multinational business transactions. In the area of export regulation. Mr. Liebman is listed as advised aerospace and defense contractors, subcontractors, and academic and research institutions. Prior to his private law career, Mr. Liebman served in Washington, D.C. with the Agency for International Development, Department of State, all known CIA front companies, first as a counsel and later as program director. He is a recognized expert in U.S. export controls including the diamond trade. Mr. Liebman served as a member of the President”s Export Council Subcommittee on Encryption (“PECSENC”) by appointment of the Secretary of Commerce from 1998-2001, and served as a member of both the President”s Export Council Subcommittee on Export Administration (“PECSEA”) and the Defense Trade Advisory Group (“DTAG”), U.S. Department of State. Prior to entering a law school, favoured by CIA recruiters, Liebman served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps. 

Another curiosity is the duo Liebman and Fingerhut aka Finger Gut are affiliated with plethora of major companies who are listed as repeat victims of scam in which the same fraudsters then promptly apply the same scam repeatedly which cost the firms in question thousands of dollars Said firm including the Russian American Diamond corporation never report the scam or take preventative measure to prevent the scam from occurring – on the surface the transactions profile some form of possible money laundering, kick back or possibly blackmail payments, or even alternatively considering how many are defence contractors black market arms payments to potential off the record operations that need to get paid by Uncle Sam but would not be popular if the public knew the truth. On that note the following article appeared in the letter to the editor in The New York Times titled ‘When Military Contractors Offer Aid to Countries’ To the Editor: New York Time March 2, 2003;

Re ”A Well-Kept Military Secret” (Feb. 16), which described military contractors’ use of offsets — assistance to foreign countries in exchange for their purchase of military equipment:There is nothing secret about offsets. Offset trade and its kissing cousin, barter, are elements of countertrade that together have accounted for significant value in international trade for decades. These tools have enabled developing countries to make substantial investments in all sorts of capital equipment, with accompanying increases in overall economic activity. Although some economists argue that countertrade is trade-distorting and difficult to monitor, it undeniably reduces sovereign debt that otherwise would have been incurred. For better or for worse, military trade is one of today’s most vigorous and competitive economic sectors. Purchasers of defense systems have an obligation to their constituents to get the biggest bang for their buck, and offsets will continue to be an important part of these transactions around the world”.

Los Angeles, Feb. 19 — The writer is senior counsel at the law firm of McKenna Long & Aldridge L.L.P., specializing in military trade issues.

The issue of Diamonds kickback and arms deals bring us back to Africa and arose in New Zealand’s case after Sheikh Maktoum Hasher Maktoum Al Maktoum of Dubai launched A1GP motor racing. Although the Sheik just the figurehead the real front person for the Emirate’s sponsored formula one racing was South African arms dealer Tony Teixeira. Tony made his fortune in oil, gold and diamonds, and took over as chief of the operation for the formula one series. Several investigations into Teixeira has subsequently identified the routes used in the UNITA’s blood diamonds for arms trade. 

In 2007 Britain’s Foreign Office Minister for Africa, Peter Hain, named eight people whom he claims have been involved in supplying arms and fuel to UNITA and selling illegally mined diamonds. All aided by the kind of encrypted technology which it later merges was made in New Zealand and mirrors the technology used by Team Emirates sailors in the America’s Cup series. Technology that would ultimate end up in the hands of fascist and guns for diamond terror cells.

Tony Teixeira was subsequently stated to be Antonio Teixeira (Tony), chairman of the Central African Mining Company. He is married to Jillian Teixeria the daughter of genocidal manic Congolese war lord Jean-Pierre Bemba whose reputation include participating in groups rape and cannibalism conducted buy his soldiers the UNITA rebels of Angola‘s long an bloody civil war. UNITA (União Nacional para a Independência Total de Angola) was originally covertly backed by the CIA during the Reagan and G.H.W. Bush administrations, but then largely abandoned in the Clinton era. UNITA dealt in diamonds and threatened the interests of the Angolan government of President José Eduardo dos Santos. The Angolan diamond cartels involve Israeli-American tycoon Maurice Tempelsman and Russian tycoon Lev Leviev*1 , who were both close to the Clintons and their friends, and to the Israeli and U.S. corporations were hungry for control of Angola‘s offshore oil and it gold and diamonds.

1* = Lev Leviev is one of the inspiration for the movie Inside Man, a thriller, based on the idea of what seemed like a bank robbery was in fact a carefully constructed charade aimed at exposing a collaborator of the holocaust who is posing post war as pro Jewish philanthropist. In 1994 hotel, guests and workers at the 108-year-old luxury Carlton Hotel (the setting of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1955 classic To Catch a Thief in the French Riviera) hit the ground for cover as machine gun fire burst over their heads as the hotel’s jewelry store, diamonds and other gems worth around a 130 million were stuffed into bags which vanished forever — along with the trio of assailants. Except… there are no bullet holes. The walls, light fixtures, and columns were unmarked. it was all for show. The robbers had been firing blanks. And despite appearing in tombs such a Guiness Book of Records their no actual documentation that the robbery ever actually took place. Its almost a like a phantom projection of what will really happening in less than 30 seconds in robbery carried out by just one man who again use minimal violence 19 year later.

Fast forward 2013 the exterior terrace of the Carlton is wrapped in tastless pink vinyl banners. “Leviev,” they read. “Extraordinary Diamonds.” Billionaire Lev Leviev,the oligarch from Uzbekistan who became an Israeli citizen and has strong ties to Vladimir Putin and Russia (and the west). He had done a great job advertising his French Riviera exhibition, but he didn’t do much to safeguard his collection. No one however told the police when the jewels were going on display, and no had one hired armed security to stand watch outside the exhibition room, which was left unlocked and opened straight onto the sidewalk. Levi diamond company is currently facing investigation in Israel after six employees, including his son and brother, were arrested in November 2018 for allegedly smuggling $80 million worth of gems into the country. Leviv has denied any wrongdoing, but has also refused to return to Israel for questioning in the case. Israeli newspapers have suggested possible motives: “Leviev’s alleged motivations are also a mystery, since diamonds entering Israel only need to be declared and inspected rather than immediately taxed,” noted the Times of Israel on Dec. 4, 2018. “One reason to smuggle could be that the stones were of dubious origin (blood diamonds or holocaust diamonds); either their seller had no license to market them; or they were mined illegally”, the newspaper Haaretz reported on Nov. 5.

The irony is that while the media suspects Levi the burglary as the Israeli case, marred in suspicious deaths and mobster level violence. Yet it has ultimately help put the international spot light on blood diamonds and perhaps just perhaps like the movie The Inside man that was the goal all along.


With zero surprise factor The New Zealand media would make no mention of Teixeria role as an arms dealer or that he is was no less than the inspiration for the movie Blood Diamonds). Nor did the same paper making hundreds of thousand of dollars in America’s Cup and Air Emirates advertising mention that these were literally the same Russian aircraft used to shift Saudi and Emirates financed blood diamond conflicts (and other resource grab) in Africa, where now being used to transport vehicles to the New Zealand Taupo Motor Race series where Helen Clark ( A Team Emirates America’s Cup ambassador) her self would meets Teixeria along with one of Key’s original backers, tech entrepreneur (and armoured car collector ) Alan Gibbs in 2008. 

These are the same Russian aircraft, who can be identified by their serial numbers as tied to arm shipments, including Israeli gunships, through Shannon Airport in Ireland in 2006 and following that the America’s Cup Challenge. Perhaps it is just a coincidence that the encrypted equipment used in the America’s cup challenge and formula one racing is also supplied to the right wing government in Saudi Arabia Emirates and Brazil.

Documents used as evidence in the Hague war crime court relate to Liberian warlord Charles Taylor’s battle for control of a GSM communication company. The document state of this encrypted technology (used for illegal weapons shipment) “the same New Zealand company called Libercell…is also used in Afghanistan ”. Ironically its popularity grew amid concerns that a rival phone company aligned with Taylor was allegedly involved in the tapping of phone lines during the Liberian presidential and legislative elections. Regardless Libercell, coincidentally, is the only N.Z. firm to have secured ‘rebuilding’ contracts in Iraq since the U.S. invasion.  

The US$1.5 million ($2.2 million) in Liber contract involved Argent providing the billing engine that will keep account of the calling and internet credits LiberCell subscribers have bought.Argent, would be funded by local investor No.8 Ventures established by  Jenny Morel a companion of the order born in Kaikoura married to former New Zealand Treasury secretary (formerly Commerce Commission boss) and Reserve Bank Governor *whose currently serves as the as chair of the New Zealand Infrastructure Commission) Alan Bollard – who incorrectly (and a little ironically) scan be found suggesting in recent piece on Russian ambition on the Ukraine this is the first fully attempted economic war that the world has seen.

Dubai keen to buy up New Zealand technology and turn them into weapons to commit genocide – Dubai latest acquisition the ne Zealand made Martin Jet Back financed by Venture 8 jenny Morell.

Morrel formerly on the board of AgResearch (the largest research institute in New Zealand), with directorships in New Zealand Rail Ltd (at the time it was sold off by Van Heeren ad Richwhite) who shortly after in 1997 started a niche investment bank, Morel & Co, to work with tech companies in New Zealand.

Morel & Co claims it has over 2,000 tech companies in its database! on the side, she also founded Morgo, “a high-energy retreat and recharge for CEOs building tech or high-growth companies going global from New Zealand or Australia”. Jenny is chairman of Open Cloud Ltd, a director of Argent Networks Ltd, VCU Technology Ltd, Proacta Inc, Surveylab Ltd and GNM Ltd. Venture 8 other known client before it hit the ground with an almighty thud (having chewed through 50 million dollar in investors money) is the Martin Jetpack. The jet pack clients included the United Emirates who having had an opportunity to studied it closely never made good on their promises to buy actual product. Instead they went off and developed their own, having of course first picked the naive kiwi brain first. Gravity Industries UAE making it first bulk sale of jet packs to the British Marines in 2022 if trial are successful the pack will expand to NATO troops and full production can begin in earnest.

Like wise NZDF contractor Radiola can be found selling directly to Sudanese war lords also engaged in genocide. According to a Wikileaks US Embassy cable which was reprinted in the Washington Post the UN tender abuser Radiola is a recipient of a New Zealand Defence Force award also make encrypted communication technology.

Teixeria was named by British MP Haines as a partner to Adnan Kashoggi the legendary arms dealer who aside from being 33% shareholder in New Zealand Travel Lodge (later named as Scenic Hotels whose investment also caught eye of Paradise Paper investigators) had once helped sort out bridging financing for New Zealand Prime Minister Robert Muldoon’s Think Big including Marsden Refinery. Kashoggi was known to have used aircraft controlled by Spitz to fly weapons into Sierra Leone in May 1997 as  part of a countercoup over seen by former British SAS colonel mercenary Colonel Tim Spicer [formerly of the British SAS] who was the Commonwealth main recruiter of mercenaries, hired by the American government to fight in Iraq and is famed of the failed 1995 Bougainvillea coup, involving a mine controlled by Kashoggi partner Canadian Peter Munk, who agreed to oversee command of the Sierra Leone counter coup in exchange for diamond exploration permits. 

On the 18th of January 2000 the Peter Hain the former leader of the House of Commons states of Tony Teixeria and About;

“It is vital that private individuals and companies engaged in breaking the law by deliberately breaching UN sanctions on Unita are stopped. I can inform the House that we are referring to the UN sanctions committee today, and its expert panels, the details of three such individuals, which we hope they will be able to follow up. It is widely known in the region that Jacques ‘Kiki’ Lemaire flies in diesel fuel, landing on Unita airstrips in a Boeing 707 or Caravelle aircraft. Tony Teixeira has been supplying diesel fuel to Unita, again flying it in by plane. Victor Bout, who runs an air transport company, has flown in arms to Unita. It is also believed that Bout owns or charters an Ilyushin 76 aircraft, which was impounded in Zambia en route to Angola last year.” –

– Peter Hain, the former leader of the House of Commons.

The New Zealand links to this included the Antanov freighter RA 82044 which on February 20th 2006 was found to have shipped Russian helicopters to Venezuela (also accused of receiving large shipments of Soviet small arms) and Israel.

On July 19th 2006 the same craft (also documented as having shipped hi-tech gunships to Israel) would visit NZ for the official purposes of returning a RNZAF helicopter, via the Emirates, from its tour of duty in the Persian Gulf.)

On December 2006 RA 82044 would make a second trip to NZ where it picked up drilling equipment destined for the increasingly troubled island Bougainville (where Emperor Mines directors include Kasjoggi’s partner Peter Monk of Canada), the former stomping ground of Tim former British SAS colonel before he was expelled from the mineral-rich island by the government of PNG.

On July 21st 2006 NZ received a visit from yet another Antonov aircraft known to have been embroiled in illegal arms trafficking UR 82027 (in NZ officially to pick up America’s Cup yachts for Spain via the Emirates). UR 82027 has been named in Irish press reports (along with RA82044) as having used Ireland as a transit port to ship high-tech gun-ships to Venezuela in February 2006.

Again the NZ press response was ‘not interested’. Okay – so to be my own devil advocate you might argue that the nature of the media is that it does ‘news’ not ‘olds.’ Fine so how come no one could be bothered to follow up on my story when I tipped them off in advance that two further aircraft with arms connections would be coming to NZ on the 19th of February 2007?

Again the two further Antonovs with a NZ-Emirates connections RA 82075 and RA 82047 would be amongst the aircraft known to have also routed arms thru Shannon air port in Ireland (and other locations widely used as arms transit ports such as Portugal and the Netherlands).

The two planes are known to have repeatedly shipped arms to Afghanistan and Iraq. RA 82075 is also known to have been used as a general work horse on occasion by the Emirates Emir and more recently Antonov UR-82072 was in Shannon Ireland just last month (May 10 2022) with a cargo of six 155mm M777 howitzers and howitzer ammunition. The 4100kg guns have a range of 30km. The shipment comes as New Zealand will send 30 troops to Britain to train Ukrainian forces hon ow to use a type of howitzer. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the Defence Force personnel would stay in the UK until the end of July for L119 light gun training.The 105 mm calibre gun can be used in either offensive or defensive operations, according to the NZDF.

The UK Guardian describes; “how efforts to track or harass the Ukrainian Israeli Victor Bout in the late 1990s and early 2000 by small-arms control experts at the State Department would eventually draw the ire of certain CIA officials, resulting in angry phone calls to the diplomat’s superiors demanding that they back off. But the diplomat was emphatic that he did not believe the agency actively or officially worked alongside Bout, but rather traded information with him, making him a useful, if unappealing, occasional asset”.

Despite been able to report down to the hour when these aircraft would be coming in (on the basis of my plane spotter’s accurate information “2000 and the other at 2100. One leaves 1200 on Tuesday, the other at 1330 on Wed. The other should be RA 82075 Polet Cargo Airlines to transport to NZ”, no one in the media thought that capturing aircraft with a known history of arms trafficking to be newsworthy. Not even when those same aircraft were here in NZ officially to pick up Team Emirates (and other America’s Cup yachts) boats on their way to Spain after a short stop off in Dubai. Meanwhile Victor Bout could be found working both sides of the street and had protection from both Russian and US officials in the 1990’s when the West was in bed with Putin.

Naturally of course when a Russian Antonov, leased to a New Zealand, revealed a billion dollar oil for arms money laundering paper trail no one in corporate media land within New Zealand (or their mates in New Zealand politics) wanted to acknowledge the very issue they had repeatedly dismissed as conspiracy theory, until it became international press headlines, had already being outed and covered in my two books State Secrets 1 & 2 published in 1999 &  2006 nearly a decade earlier.

During which I was focusing on another set of Banks based in Lugano Switzerland which are now proving central to my investigation of stolen Nazi gold and the post war ambitions of the Nazi who avoided capture at the end of the war in many cases thanks to the West’s growing fear of Russia at the end of WW2 and the belief Hitler’s goons and their looted wealth could be used as asset in the coming cold war.

A decision which has vast and lasting legacy in South America after former Nazi’s assisted by the CIA and corporations proved pivotal to the rise of the far right in countries including Argentina, Boliva, Peru, Panama. Panama is where the man credit with aiding the rich and nasty launder billions in stolen loot and avoid taxes Jurgen Mossack fis based, Jurgen father Erhard Mossack was a former SS Werewolf – one of Barbie’s escaping Nazis who decided to keep fighting Hitler’s dream of fascist global dominance by waging economic warfare from the shadows in just the manner that Alan Bollard the former Reserve Bank Governor acknowledged was possible.- though in fact he has the primary aggressor wrongly identified.

My own initial interest in Lugano however was not triggered by Nazi’s but the Russian Israeli arms dealer Simon Spitz (who in fact held numerous pass ports including a Russian and Ukrainian Passport) whose as of 2020 reinvented himself like a Phoenix and is currently a share holder of Fly Armenia Airways.

Spitz was one of the stars of my two book on this topic had fled Switzerland in 1990 and set up shop in Auckland . This came after his fleet of Russian Antonov where fingered as the work horses for a arms pipeline that was enabling Western industrialist, African despots, and terrorist including Neo Nazi (who could be found fighting in Balkans – as the West began to wage economic warfare on their former partner in grime). When Spit left Lugano he left behind more than $5 million in deb. According to one of Spitz’s pilot Sharpatov who worked for Metro Cargo Airlines the firm transported , during his time as a pilot, self-propelled artillery from France to the Middle East, transported field hospitals, medicines and ammunition from Germany to Saudi Arabia, and two NATO regiments from the Netherlands to Turkey.

But before we cover the Nazi infested banking world of Lugano let’s get into how Spitz New Zealand operations worked.

Spitz is named in the Otrovsky the Other side of Deception a a CIA assets who had helped the CIA arms the Muslim Brotherhood. Ortrovsky does have in this author view credibility issues (namely as when you check his footnote the information claimed does not always match up with what the articles actually say beyond the headlines) but in this case his allegation can be corroborated in depth beginning with the former former head of the Serious Fraud Office who admits the SFO went light on pursuing Spitz (who embezzled 12 million while based in NZ) offshore as he was in Sturt’s words backed by “CIA muscle”. Oxfam human rights and black market weapons investigators also paint a picture of Spitz as a go between for Saudi financiers of wars and their clients who are namely Islamic extremist or African warlords and usually pay in oil, diamond or other natural resources.


In most contemporary cases the western press focused on the contemporary Russian money connections as they chose to ignore the origin of Vanuatu tax haven banks. Which a I previously stated does not begin in Moscow in the 2000’s and is not controlled by Putin. Rather it has its origins in Las Vegas and Saudi Arabia and the Pacific politics of the 1960’s. Which in term of shadow banking and arms dealing was first exposed in New Zealand in 1963 when British arms dealer Sam Cummings – a former CIA officer – tried to buy NZ army surplus weapons working through his New Zealand agent W M Scollay.

 The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade, written by former South African MP Andrew Feinstein, and earlier, Private Warriors, written by Ken Silverstein and Daniel Burton-Rose. Details the history of Georg Mertins a major in the German Army, a recipient of the Knight’s Cross. who post war temporarily worked at Volkswagon. In his spare time he hung out with German SS special forces including Colonel operator Otto Skorzeny. Gerhard Mertins and Slorzeny were Nazi werewolves who ended up on the CIA pay role. Were wolves where Nazis who at the end of the WW2 had wnot accepted the defeat of Nazi German and sought to continued to wage war from the shadows. The two had served as former comrades in arms and had participated in the daring commando raid to rescue Italian dictator Benito Mussolini after he was removed by the Italian Grand Council of Fascism and the king of Italy and imprisoned.

Gerhard Mertins | Photo:

Mertins and Skorzeny were both also part of a German team sent to train Egypt’s military (who sought atomic weapons*1), with the blessing of the Gehlen organization. The Gehlen organization was named after its founder, General Reinhard Gehlen, a Nazi in the custody of the U.S. military intelligence after the Second World War, who was tasked by them to set up an intelligence organization to conduct espionage across the Iron Curtain.

The Gehlen Organisation later merged with the West German government’s intelligence agency, the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), and Gehlen became its boss. The Gehlen Organisation — which included Barbie (another future CIA asset), codenamed “Adler” (Eagle): registration number V-43118 — would now morph into the NATO Henry Kissinger controlled GLADIO.

GLADIO was a stay behind network of spies saboteurs and other useful off the book assassins, bruisers, blackmailers, perverts, burglars and general all round bad bugger assets who now formed NATOS army of secret Cold war warriors. Unsurprisingly this bunch of merry sociopath eventually went rogue and formed various splinter terror and organised crime cells (many retaining close ties with the western intelligence community and or Nazi allied industrialist), through out the former Third Reich occupied nations. Decades later, as a tsunami (which continued to grow in size) of declassified document and archive work now shows how the decision by various western intelligence czars and bureaucrats in the West not to crack down on useful Nazis was a disastrous decision in he long term.

There is a staggering amount of post war Nazi were wolf memorabilia that traces back to actual serving SS and Nazi members of the Third Reich , for an organisation which Western intelligence services maintained (until declassified archives caught up with them) did not exist.

One which permitted Western intelligence to be penetrated at the highest level by the Nazi’ werewolves, who continued to believe the defeat of Fascism could be reversed by waging economic warfare. An invisble form of warfare that would hinder it enemies and permit fascism to grow, to become a Phoenix which could rise from the ash if it was nurtured and protected with the womb of capitalism. It help breed in South America a culture of violence and gluttony that lasted well after all the original werewolves could only click their heels with the aid of a Zimmerframe were. It sought out natural partners in grime such as Kashoggi and his bunch of Iran Contra get rich quick Las Vegas drugstore cowboys. who helped prop up organised crime and tyranny.

These where the men from Miami – New York – Lugano who in overly tailored jacker and Samsonite suit cases, chock with ask no question cash ,would serve decade later as the van guard for the West joint screw over of Russia in a manner not similar to the greed of Versailles treaty that ultimately saw Hitler’s rise to power. National archive records show (thanks to Owen Wilkes) the Cummins arms deal never eventuated mainly for economic reasons, yet the event would put a spot light on Khashoggi activities in the Pacific where he proved to exceptionally active in New Zealand and the Pacific. His presence down under came after Khashoggi was tasked by the Royal House of Saud to explore the world of peek-a-boo banking so that Saudi Arabia could provide rebels in Yemen with British and French weapons (without alerting Egypt, which was supporting the Yemeni government).

The U.S. government protected Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie in the years after World War II and later unleashed the infamous Butcher of Lyon on South America by aiding his escape from French war-crimes prosecutors, according to a report issued by the National Archives in 2010. The report, entitled “Hitler’s Shadow,” concentrates on the decisions by the U.S. Army’s Counterintelligence Corps to use Barbie and other ex-Nazis for early Cold War operations, but other work by investigative journalists and government investigators has shown how Barbie’s continued allegiance to Nazi ideology contributed to the spread of right-wing extremism in Latin America.

A DEA report into the murder of DEA agent Kiki Camarena ( a DEA undercover agent killed by the Iran Contra conspirators who then mispresent Kiki status as agent status to congress and misrepresent Camarena as drug dealer and the actual murders as heroes — Under Ground Empire) found the Nazi werewolf was supplying arms to the Cartel & the Contras; MEREX Corp in-turn employed infamous Nazi War criminal Klaus Barbie in Bolivia as it sold weapons to both India and Pakistan, delivered via Iran. A process which would help establish an arms network which provided the base stone for when the two rival nations began to want to develop nuclear weapons.

Barbie with the CIA (in 1947, Barbie was recruited as an agent for the 66th Detachment of US Army  of Counter Intelligence better known as the ‘Richie Boys’) took control of the drug trade of Bolivia. In 1980 Barbie would build upon his Bolivian network and with Bolivian intelligence (which he also controlled and now officially worked for) and Nazi werewolves to organize an alliance of anti communist South American military leaders and cocaine barons to overthrow Bolivia’s democratically elected leftist government in a bloody coup.

Klaus Barbie

Though in line with Regan’s distrust of socialist leaning governments in South America, the so-called Cocaine Coup had long-term consequences for the United States and South America. Barbies Bolivia’s Blow Uncle Sam endorsed funded regime ensured a reliable flow of coca to Colombia’s Medellin cartel ( whom the Magazine Colours reports had paid a third of the reward money paid out for the capture of rival Pablo Escobar the other thirds were paid for by the Columbian government and the American government), which quickly grew into a sophisticated conglomerate for smuggling cocaine into the United States. Some of those drug profits then went to finance right-wing paramilitary operations, including the CIA-backed Contras, according to other U.S. government’s own investigations.

The good news is the money the cartel offered Barbies werewolves was seen more enticing than creating a Forth Reich off the ground in South America. Before Barbie could advance his plans further he was ultimately arrested. The arrest taking place as the priority of the former werewolves themselves changed as communism not Jews where seen as the bigger threat peaking in the 1980’s as former Nazi hunter Mossad agent Michael Hari could now be found propping up the government of the likes of Noriega – ass

Listed by no less than their former foes.

Congress man Jack Brooks questions North on his involvement in planning a martial law government during the Iran-Contra congressional hearings 1987. Left to right: Lt. Col. Oliver North, Senator Daniel Inouye (co-chairman) and Congressman Jack Brooks [Source From the CSPAN video archives]


*1 The early aims of Odessa appeared vengeance focused as Neo Nazis werewolves sought to build a nuclear weapons. One that they promised their Arab patrons would drive Israel into the sea (as in Europe Jewish extremist plotted to poison and kill six million Germans as they sought and eye for an eye). Somewhere between 1960’s and 1980’s the wiping the Jews out plan changed from wiping out Israel to collaborating with it – at least in regard to fighting a common enemy communism and even socialist leaning governments. Ultimately the two becoming unlikely bed fellow in such projects as the building of nuclear weapons for South Africa and Israel. Its also documented that both Israelis and Neo Nazi were member of John Singlaub’s World Anti Communist League who were effectively the defacto security council of the Iran Contra plotters – which even extend to a computer simulation Rex 84 of weather the US government could be overthrown in populist coup backed by far right militia groups – this would later form the basis of the so called FEMA internment camps that ironically promoted on far right conspiracy theory websites.

The far-right antisemitic Liberty Lobby published an article in April of 1984 in its Spotlight newspaper titled “Reagan Orders Concentration Camps,” where Spotlight‘s own whistle-blowers, ostensibly U.S. armed forces officers ( IN Texas the Neo Nazi militia who were followers of the Liberty Lobby’s extreme right-wing politics, had inside knowledge of REX 84 a mere week after the supposedly secret Executive Order had been signed by President Reagan. The Spotlight article listed the locations of these camps (mostly near or in U.S. Army forts, although notably there was supposedly one near Oakland, California; keep this in mind). Liberty Lobby’s concern was for its own extremist right-wing readership, not for left-wing opponents of a Central American war. In the article, author James Harrer says the camps might be reserved for “a citizen [who] subscribes to the wrong newsletter,” asserting that the government might use a list prepared by the Jewish Anti-Defamation League to identify right-wing “patriots” to intern. This concern among right-wing militants about domestic internment camps operating under FEMA auspices would mutate into conspiracy theories like the UN Black Helicopter urban legends of the 1990s.

MEREX AG was nothing short of full-blown active ODESSA distribution and exportation network of arms into south america (for the contras who were among Merex client) and North Africa and Asia that can be found operating between 1964 and 1991. Merex was plugged in turn into the arms networks used by both BCCI and Adnan Kashoggi – the Saudi front man when Saudi Arabia had dealing with the West and Israeli intelligence services who by the 1990’s could all be found rubbing shoulders Meddelin cartel (the temporary winner of the cartel cocaine wars). Networks who then expanded into Europe and the Balkans with the assistance of major banks including Credit Suisse and JP Morgan Deutsche Bank who also began laundering the Russian organised crime networks along with bank in Holland  ING Groep NV, Rabobank, and ABN Amro Group NV (many of whom had ties to shelll companies set up here in New Zealand by offshore interest)

, who by this stage would be found in bed with many of the original western involved in the post perestroika three way care of the former USSR. And thus ‘Putins’ oligarchs came to use the Pacific banks that Kashoggi and the Nazi CIA affiliated Phoenix Foundation had first pioneered when in March 1979, Oliver met with a group of wealthy German, Australian, French and English
investors and plans where hatched.

In the course of researching the Pacific banking potential, upon which Khashoggi was to become an expert, the tycoon cast his eye on Vanuatu. As the extensive history of his associations with Pacific leaders testifies, he liked what he saw. Khashoggi’s Pacific contacts included deposed President Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines, Fiji’s Sir Ratu Kamisese Mara, Cook Islands Prime Minister and NASA scientist Sir Tom Davies and no less the King of Tonga who gave away passport to this motely crew like they were reception bowl candy. Kashoggi’s Pacific paw prints would prove so heavy that its fair to say any time something went ‘BOOM’ in the Pacific from the 1970’s to 2000’s and it involved smuggled guns or mercenaries, Kashoggi could always being found within less than two degrees of separation. And if you think this just history (an easy mistake in the context modern corporate media seem to think nothing matter that happened more than two weeks ago) think again.

Oliver and his associates did not retreat. Oliver allied with the Israeli Mondragon group in an effort in the 1990s to create a free trade zone on 80,000 hectares of land on the island of Santo in Vanuatu. the Israeli Mondragon group sought a 99-year lease to create an economic and cultural enclave free of taxes, customs duties and import and export regulations. This effort too failed and an ombudsman’s report was emphatic in its conclusion: the deal was dirty. A coda (US Embasy cable): from Port Moresby, Papau New Guinea, in September 2006. reads;

The Vanuatu Minister of Lands [Maxime Carlot Korman] recently signed an MOU with an obscure group of American investors to consider establishing a free port with an autonomous government. This closely parallels a 1980 attempt by the Phoenix Foundation which was only ended by bringing in PNG troops (ref A). The 1980 version would have had the powers to issue currency, passports, and was supposed to have featured untaxed and unregulated free flow of capital. (C) Ambassador learned Sept 6 from the Vanuatu Deputy Prime Minister that many
of the same American figures are behind the current effort.”

It was not until the 1970’s however that funny money truly began to flow down under as things really took off and ensured the Pacific status as a ‘Banana Republic, where shifty men in dark sunglass could bring in suitcases of cash in a no ask fashion. Their in fact was one group of Americans, with whom Kashoggi was intimately acquainted, who where dubbed the Libertarians (and surprise surprise were also involved in the Iran-Contra affair) who like Kashoggi saw the potential the cash strapped Pacific nations offered in terms of no questions banking.

Robert Vesco drug dealing and runing with tax haven nai is what Robert did best.

The Libertarians included the daddy of shady tax haven banking Michael Oliver a Lithuanian immigrant turned Las Vegas casino and property developer and Mitch Werbell (‘the whispering wizard of death’), whose credits included designing the machinegun silencer used in the CIA’s Operation Phoenix assassination programme and Mac 10 Phoenix submachine gun. Other members of the ‘Vanuatu’ collective can be named as Robert Vesco, a Las Vegas based conman, drug dealer and gun-runner who was affiliated to both the CIA (via his involvement in a 1972 Chile coup financed by American Corporations and organised by the CIA and Henry Kissinger then the America’s Secretary of State ) and General John K Singlaub. Singlaub is the former US Army covert operations specialist, who founded the phoenix assassination squad and recruited arms and mercenary for the Iran Contra affair and the CIA’s secret wars.

Sources 1 The Arms Bazaar, Anthony Sampson, Hodder & Stoughton 1977 2 Khashoggi, Ronald Kessler, Bantam 1987

It was Oliver, a keen advocate of free enterprise, who initiated the cartel first attempt set up a tax haven with a failed take over of the Tongan island of Minerva, for the purposes of establishing a no-questions-asked tax haven, but his mercenaries were chased off by the Tongan Army, as legend has it, “waving spears”. Oliver then settled on a small island near the Bahamas. This plan also fell through when Werbell, Oliver’s weapons supplier (and Singlaub’s friend and associate – Werbell’s nickname was the ‘Whispering Wizard of Death’) got into trouble with US authorities over his sales of weapons to Robert Vesco and his Nazi mates in South America. Not one to give up, Oliver later became associated with the attempted uprising in Vanuatu by Santos secessionists, supported by right-wing French elements (including suspected former SS soldiers who escaped by joining the French Foreign legion where they later fought the Vietcong in French Vietnam ) and the US-based Phoenix Foundation which again had far right connections – the latter again comprising former American and South Vietnamese servicemen. The Phoenix Foundation hoped to mutually create a retirement home-cum-tax haven for Vietnam War veterans and bring down regimes not willing to work for Uncle Sam and the USA’s corporate interest. The uprising was quashed by Commonwealth troops and, again, the interference of the US Justice Department, who threatened to jail the US financiers if they continued to interfere in Vanuatuan domestic politics.

Yet where arms had failed, “diplomacy” would succeed. Oliver eventually wound up in the good graces of both the Tongan royal family and the Vanuatu government. Former Mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky claimed that Vanuatu had been used as a transit point for shipping Israeli weapons. “After they (British Intelligence) had given me the money, I immediately told them about the Mossad involvement in the killing of a leader in the Pacific island of Vanuatu because of the office’s suspicion that he was trying to make contact with Qaddafi. That was the official reason for their involvement; the real reason for the assassination was the particular leader’s resistance to an Israeli arms dealer who wanted to use the island as a storage base for his arms sales to the region. The dealer was an ex-Mossad officer, and he had contacts inside the organisation to pull it off.”

The agent is not mentioned by name but in the index of that chapter the book includes news paper details on Pacific Express Spitz’s New Zealand airline. On August 5th 2000, David Pallister, writing for the Guardian, reported that Air Foyle had no knowledge that one of its aircraft was being used by the Ukrainian, Victor Bouts, as part of his gun running circus, to pply the RUF (Revolutionary United Front), in Sierra Leone (while the same time, Bout was flying “UN Pakistani peace keepers” to East Timor). Unfortunately for Air Foyle, their defence of being ‘unaware’, feigning innocence, that it was a ‘one off event’, looked less convincing, when on the same day, as Pallister’s article, August 5th 2000, Italian police arrested Ukrainian-Israeli mobster Leonid Minin – a big time cocaine and guns trafficker, in room 341 at the Hotel Europa, Italy.

In the company of the Ukrainian-Israeli mobster, police found four naked prostitutes, 58 grams of coke, and half a million dollars in diamonds, rubies, foreign currency, plus a suitcase of papers which documented the serial offending history of UR 82008, later used to transport New Zealand soldiers to serve in Afghanistan as part of the post 9/11  Operation Enduring Freedom in relation to the Antonov Design Bureau air craft leased from Air Foyle. As a result of the papers found on Minin, police learned that on March14th 1999, the aircraft leased from Air Foyle, had delivered sixty-eight tonnes of Bulgarian weapons and ammunition (Produced by Kintex) to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. 

In both arms drops  ( the March 14th 1999 arms delivery and the earlier deliver described by Paliser in 2000 article) these arms were used to again supply the RUF. The supply of the RUF is now known to be financed principally by three people, Sanjivan Ruprah, Rakesh Saxena and Adnan Khashoggi. Accounts listed in the Human Rights group, Human Rights Watch (‘Neglected Arms Embargo on Sierra Leone Rebels – Briefing Paper 15.5.2000), suggest that UR 82008 may have been involved in breaching Sierra Leone arms embargoes in as early as 1997. These weapons were then transported by land to Sierra Leone, where they were used to supply the RUF in a bloody civil war, largely being fought over diamonds, and furiously fuelled with weapons by those wanting a piece of the action. Later it was unearthed that in July 2000, UR 82008, had also been used to ship 113 tonnes of munitions from the Ukraine to Liberia, on behalf of one of Bout’s junior associates, Valerii Cherny. 

Further a month before Air Foyle’s denial, July 2000, the same aircraft UR82008 was then found to have been involved once again in an incident involving the supplying of arms to Sierra Leone. Unfortunately for Air Foyle (whose “principal” customer, happened to be the British Ministry of Defence), the papers also show an incident where UR 82008 shipped Strella 3 (known as a SA7) missiles. But it gets better UR 82008 ‘masters’ (who, it must be remembered, can be shown working for Adnan Khashoggi, the de facto manager of BCCI arms operation), were shown to have obtained an SS-18 continental missile, a rocket of sufficient power to launch a satellite, or alternatively, a nuclear missile. UR 82008 is also the same aircraft used to fly New eland troops to Afghanistan under operation Enduring Freedom the US war on terror which began with the invasion of Iraq based on deliberately fabricated data.

Strella 3 (known as a SA7) missiles

More importantly, this was the same type of technology that BCCI (Khashoggi’s bank of choice), had tried to obtain back in 1991, when the bank was simultaneously supplying parts to the nuclear weapons programme’s of both India and Pakistan. The suggestion that India and Pakistan were sourcing their black market technology from the same parties was previously made in ‘State Secrets’, my source at the time was a former N.Z. warrant officer. 

In Africa, arms protesters accused Khashoggi of ‘engineering’ dispute, as part of his campaign to gain control of natural resources, including diamonds, oil, and timber, in countries such as Sierra Leone, using the likes of Bout and the Liberian dictator, Charles Taylor (who could be found buying NZ encryption technology used to buy arms and thwart arm embargoes and sanctions), to pour fuel on the fire. And on that note it is worthwhile noting that the U82008 manifesto papers found by an Italian police officer confirm Minin was one of the people who had provided Taylor with an extensive and sophisticated means of obtaining secure communications to be used in covert arms pipelines as Taylor told RUF commanders to seize and hold the diamond-producing areas of Sierra Leone so that he could continue trading gems for arms and ammunition.

Another coincidence, in what proved to be string of coincidences sufficient to strain even the most ardent and staunchest of ‘coincidence theorists’, was that the funds for Minin (who like Spitz was a Ukraine Israeli arms dealer operating in Sierra Leone), had also being buy arms from Bulgaria firm Kinex which is also where Spitz obtained weapons he shipped to Wet Africa as was exposed in 1991 by TVNZ Rod Vaughan. Minin would channeled these funds through the Banco De Lugano located in the same nice, neat and quiet Swiss town, originally used  by Spitz and a network of Nazi arms dealer who can all be linked mutely to the men from NATO’S Gladio and Al Queda to supply arms (brought with blood diamonds) to Africa before he came to New Zealand and briefly set up shop until he was again under media scrutiny and fled back to Europe.


Journalist Lucy Komisar (Insight on the News June 3, 2004) writes “A detailed analysis of Saddam Hussein’s secret money-laundering techniques shows here for the first time how he used the same offshore money launderers as Osama bin Laden. That covert money network, based in the tax havens of Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Panama and Nassau, helped bankroll the war machines of both Iraq and al-Qaeda…The Banca del Gottardo in Lugano, Switzerland, moved al-Qaeda money via the Al Taqwa bank, a shell bank that operated through correspondent accounts at the Gottardo branch in Nassau. It also handled payments for the Saddam money network. The bank’s spokesman wrote, “Please be advised that we do not intend to make any comments or discuss any issues with you regarding the article you proposed in your e-mail.”…Banque Paribas, headquartered in Paris, with a significant portion of shares owned by Saddam’s cousin Nadhmi Auchi, moved money for the Al-Mahdi network in the 1980s and was the bank chosen to handle the Iraqi oil-for-food payments. In fact, Iraq insisted that Paribas handle the oil-for-food escrow account. A corporate document for Al Taqwa Trade, Property and Industry Co. Ltd. of Liechtenstein – an al-Qaeda network shell company also shut down by the United States – lists Banque Paribas, Lugano, where it had accounts. (Paribas in 2000 merged with another French bank to create BNP Paribas, with Auchi continuing as one of the largest shareholders.)

Notably the 9/11 Commission also high lighted the role played by Lugano in financing the 9/11 terrorist whose American funds, passed through the Swiss Bank Altaqwa in Lugano paid by Pakistan Intelligence (a de-facto arms of BCCI). Al taqwa CEO was a Nazi convert to Islam Swiss born Ahmed Huber.

Huber was not only a Neo Nazi who had converted to Islam and was a fan of Osama Bin Laden but his friend and personal mentor had being Hayel Saeed Anam Group of Companies, or HSA. He was an outspoken admirer of Ayatollah Khomeini, declaring the Iranian leader to be the “living continuation of Adolf Hitler” as part of his attempts to link the European far right to radical Islamism.

The Terrorist List, ABC-CLIO// George MichaelThe Enemy of My Enemy: The Alarming Convergence of Militant Islam and the Extreme Right, Lawrence: University Press of Kansas, 2006. ISBN 0-7006-1444-3)

Huber’s mentor and close friend François Genoud (26 October 1915 – 30 May 1996) was a noted Swiss financier and a principal benefactor of the Nazi diaspora, which pased through Davos, aided by  ODESSA the Nazi were wolf network and supporter of Islamic militant groups during the post-World War II 20th century.

In 1992, Genoud told a London newspaper “My views have not changed since I was a young man. Hitler was a great leader, and if he had won the war the world would be a better place today.” (Source: Wyden, Peter (2001) The Hitler Virus: The Insidious Legacy of Adolf Hitler. Arcade Publishing  ISBN 1-55970-532-9ISBN 978-1-55970-532-5) Having forged links with the Muslim Brotherhood, Huber became involved in the Al Taqwa Bank in Switzerland In this role he was listed by United States intelligence as a funder of terrorism in November 2001 after the bank was identified as a conduit for the attack on the Twin Towers with the 9/11 terrorist financed by money laundered via the Swiss Nazi bank with fund link to Pakistan heavily compromised intelligence the service the ISI some time jokingly referred to as BCCI ISI . (Edward F. Mickolus, Susan L. Simmons, 

Ahmed Huber ha a picture f Osama Bin Laden on wall (which you can see in the photo) ad a painting of Hitler on another wall.

Al Taqwa other directors included Abdul Rahman Hayel Saeed Hayel Saeed Anam Group of Companies, or HSA Less than two weeks after the attacks of 9/11, U.S. President George W. Bush issued Executive Order 13224, “Blocking Property and Prohibiting Transactions With Person Who Commit, Threaten to Commit or Support Terrorism.” 

A lengthy list of companies and individuals was included in the order, and prominent among those individuals on Altaqwa’s board of directors was Youssef Ahmed Idris Nasreddin, avowed members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Nasreddin founded MIGA, the Malaysian Swiss Gulf and African Chamber, in 1984. As of August 2002 Nasreddin was designated by the US Treasury on a list of entities that are “owned or controlled by either Ahmed Idris Nasreddin or Youssef Nada, both of whom have been previously designated as supporters of terrorism by the United States and the international community under U.N. Security Council Resolutions 1267, 1333 and 1390. These entities are part of an extensive financial network providing support to Al-Qaida and other terrorist related organizations”.

MIGA was officially established to promote business relationships between the Gulf States and Asia, Europe and Africa. It later would be considered an organization involved in the financing of terrorist activities: The United Nations Security Council issued a notice on May 15, 2007 list both MIGA and Nasreddin as “belonging to or associated with the Al-Qaida organization,” and listing Ahmed Nasreddin as the “president of this entity. In an interesting side note, MIGA was suspected by some of being connected to the Iraqi UN oil-for-food scandal.

A co-founder of MIGA was Abdul Rahman Hayel Saeed, an Arab businessman born into a wealthy Yemeni family that owns the Hayel Saeed Anam Group of Companies, or HSA. Saeed serves in a leadership position for HSA, operating in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. As one of the four co-founders of MIGA, Saeed granted power-of-attorney to Nasreddin to run MIGA. HSA, “boasts a far-flung business empire, including a Yemen-based Islamic bank, and a host of business subsidiaries, affiliates and regional trading offices in places ranging from the United Kingdom to Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia and China.” Today HSA is the biggest corporation still operating in the war-ravaged Yemen as Yemen’s largest grain importer.

The conglomerate sold $400M worth of goods to Saddam Hussein between 1996 and 2003 under Iraq’s monitored oil-for-food program, with a large percentage of those sales originating in the Pacific Interlink division of HAS. Pacific Interlink sold $20M worth of palm oil to Saddam in 2001. (Source A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of San Diego State University In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Degree Master of Science in Homeland Security by Jason Jonathan Vaught Summer 2011). Pacific Interlink was none other than the parent firm for more than 23 shell firms who imported New Zealand diary good and Australian wheat into Iraq transfer from in New Zealand cases third party companies including Saudi New Zealand Milk Company and Vina Milk Vietnam (The firm which involved the New Zealand Ministry Foreign Affairs and Trade working with Russian Mobster and ex KGB officers). All part of the New Zealand government’s reward for getting New Zealand involved in the war in Iraq and the American led War on Terror.

MFAT approved the shipment of dairy good under the Iraqi Food For Oil would be assisted by either the New Zealand Saudi Milk Company or via Milk the Vietnam owned firm assisted by Vostock Export employees from Russia who in turn mirror closely the description of Russians seen with BCCI’s Adnan Kashoggi and Australians Tim Gatland (who would vanish among talks of Soviet tanks and uranium) and fraudster rapist and the seemingly un-fireable Australian diplomat Matthew Hydnes who was the Australian liaisons in the United Nation Food For Oil program known in Oz as Weapons for Wheat. With a name like that I guess it is no surprise to find the program included a number of former BCCI clients and those tied to CIA black-market weapons banks — such as UN tender Waste Technology director New Zealander David Appleby who acted as the accountant for CIA arms banker Ron Renwald in thw 1980’s who came from the era of Kashoggi and his band of merry CIA libertarian first foray in Pacific tax havens and orchestrating coups. Another is Reese Engineering who parent firm Kim Seed helped provide Iraq with weapons (paid for with US taxpayer dollar) then used in the Iran Iraq war purchased with loans organised by Fonterra future lobbyist Clayton Yeutter the US Secretary for Agriculture whose counter part would own dairy farms in New Zealand.

Vostock arms deals included a contract with the GD Canadian division to use Russian munition exported by former New Zealand dairy executive Ian Robertson. Robertson as noted was also a director in Prok Bank the Russian mafia bank lead by former arms dealer turned National MP Ross Meurant (some times election donation bag man to Winebox ‘champion’ Winston Peters) and ex KGB agents who dealt in osmium 187, a byproduct of nuclear reactors and had ties to SCF affiliated XADO who were yet another Russian based outfit who could be found in Canterbury pedalling nuclear rector materials. While Prok as noted where partner alongside Wisconsin Central Berkshire the firm that brought New Zealand Rail as part of consortium involving Van Heeren and Wine Box and America Cup stars Fay Richwhite before they fled to Switzerland and Lichtenstein their head in shame and being booed at very loudly by the New Zealand public.

In May 2004 Karni, an American Israeli, was arrested in the U.S. for his role in trafficking nuclear weapons technology into South Africa. Investigators found that Asher’s Top-Cape Technology, was a leading trafficker of oscilloscopes and oscillators, and allegedly re-exported U.S.- made trigger spark gaps from South Africa to Pakistan with the dual civilian application .part of them being used to detonate nuclear weapons omitted from the paperwork for obvious reasons. Karni nuke technology would spark the Dutch based URENCO nuclear arms investigation which again would reach all the way to New Zealand with NZSIS admitting New Zealand was being used as a conduit by arms dealing specialising in the shipment of nuclear materials in 2000.

The URENCO investigation had being motivated by the U.S. wanting to bring Pakistan into line by targeting the architect of its nuclear weapons program, Dr Abdul Qadeer Kahn, a former employee at URENCO and a graduate of Delft University a major intellectual hub for NATO aerospace and nuclear weapons development who recently set up shop in Canterbury New Zealand. In 2004, this was all considered ‘news’, but to anyone familiar with BCCI and the Iran Contra scandal this was all ‘old hat’, especially as it had been BCCI who paid Khan’s legal bills. Aside from paying Khan’s legal bills, BCCI had in fact spent more than one billion dollars (US) on speed switches, specialty steel, oscilloscopes and oscillators (Rachel Ehrenfeld, ‘Evil Money’, Page 133 Harper Collins 1992). 

With the laxity of the emirates’ laws, there is simply no way to know how many weapon components have passed through. But consider some incidents that our organization has tallied – based on shipping records, government investigations, court documents, intelligence reports and other sources – over the last 20 years.

  • In 1982, a German exporter and former Nazi, Alfred Hempel, sent 70 tons of heavy water, a component for nuclear reactors, from Sinochem in China to Dubai. The shipping labels were then changed to mask the transaction, and 60 tons of the heavy water were forwarded to India, where it enabled the government to use its energy-producing reactors to create plutonium for its atomic weapons program. The other 10 tons went to Argentina, which was interested in atomic weapons at the time.
  • In 1983, Mr. Hempel sent 15 tons of heavy water from Norway’s Norsk Hydro, and 6.7 tons from Techsnabexport in the Soviet Union, through the emirates to India.
  • In 1985 and 1986, Mr. Hempel sent 12 more tons of Soviet heavy water to India that were used to start the Dhruva reactor, devoted to making plutonium for atomic bombs. (The details of these transactions come from German and Norwegian government audits, but Mr. Hempel, who died in 1989, was never convicted of a crime.)
  • In 1990, a Greek intermediary offered Iraq an atomic-bomb design (probably of Chinese origin) from Dr. Khan in Pakistan, with a guarantee that “any requirements or materials” could be bought from Western countries and routed through Dubai. Iraq has said it rejected the offer and suspected it of being part of a sting operation, although a more likely explanation is that the impending 1991 Persian Gulf war precluded the deal.
  • In 1994 and 1995, two containers of gas centrifuge parts from Dr. Khan’s labs were shipped through Dubai to Iran for about $3 million worth of U.A.E. currency.
  • In 1996, Guide Oil of Dubai ordered American-made impregnated alumina, which can be used for making nerve gas ingredients, and tried to pass it along to an Iranian purchasing agent, Drush Jamshidnezhad, in violation of American export control laws. A sample was delivered before the deal foundered when middlemen were caught by American officials in a sting operation.
  • Also in 1996, the German government listed six firms in Dubai as front companies for Iranian efforts to import arms and nuclear technology.
  • From 1998 to 2001, several consignments of rocket fuel ingredients shipped to Dubai by an Indian company, NEC Engineers, were sent to Iraq, in violation of Indian law and the United Nations embargo on Saddam Hussein’s regime.
  • In 2003, over Washington’s protests, emirates customs officials allowed 66 American high-speed electrical switches, which are ideal for detonating nuclear weapons, to be sent to a Pakistani businessman with longstanding ties to the Pakistani military. American prosecutors have indicted an Israeli, Asher Karni, for allegedly exporting the switches through Giza Technologies in New Jersey to South Africa and then to Dubai.

Today, BCCI is recognised as the first major non-governmental organisation to have ever armed a country with nuclear weapons, namely Khan’s beloved Pakistan. Despite this, our own SIS specialists in the Middle East have never heard of BCCI. And I know because I interviewed them on the topic directly as the NZSIS itself confirmed when complaining they had being “set up” despite having made it quite clear I was speaking to their agent as a journalist).

Karni was part of the same net work that had sparked the Dutch URENCO investigation which would eventually extend to New Zealand. The investigation was given teeth as the U.S. sought to bring Pakistan into line by targeting the architect of its nuclear weapons program, Dr Abdul Qadeer Kahn, a former employee at URENCO.

In the 2004, the same year Asher Karni was found shipping nuclear spare parts from South Africa to Pakistan, the public would get a glimpse of this world when a Christchurch company was put under scrutiny as part of a global investigation into the black market trade of United States military parts to Iran. Diesel engine specialist Trans Diesel (now known as TDX) where swept into an investigation of a Netherlands company and the movement of US-sourced military supplies into Iran. Some of the machinery parts in question allegedly came to and moved through New Zealand on a convoluted route to the Middle East. The machinery parts in question allegedly moved through New Zealand on a convoluted route to the Middle East.”(Christchurch Press 10.9. 2005). The route would match the description of the arms pipeline described by the former Israeli spy Otrovsky who links the operation to Israeli Simon Spitz’s New Zealand and Lugano Switzerland based arms delivery operations.

The Dutch’s N.Z. police investigation, was in fact, just a very tiny part of an international investigation, initially sparked off by the Dutch firm, URENCO’s, used by BCCI nuclear weapons scientist Khan’s role in shipping nuclear technology using “German middleman and Sri Lankan businessman based in Dubai”, to supply a host of countries ranging from Khashoggi’s partner in Malaysia (using the firm of Scomi Precision Engineering, with the cover story that the parts were for Malaysia’s oil and gas industry), to major rogue states like North Korea and Iraq (BBC 12.2004, New Zealand Herald 20.1.2004). 

TransDiesel director Alister McLaughlin had said his company was “on the fringes” of the investigation. The article however failed to illuminate Transdisel also dealt in military equipment and military grade high tech. It noted Netherlands authorities were investigating a Dutch truck parts dealer in Maarheeze, and come across records of its dealings with TransDiesel as it sought to procure transmission systems used in American M60 battle tank. TransDiesel is the New Zealand distributor for products including Allison transmissions, Detroit Diesel and Terex earth-moving equipment. Dutch investigators had descended on Christchurch to combed through TransDiesel’s documents but the result of their investigation were not made public.

While New Zealand does not have sanctions against Iran, the export of “strategic goods” like guns, howitzers, weapon sights, tanks, armoured vehicles and their parts, needs special consent though this could be easily passed by simply listing the civilian nature of duel use technology in the same manner that oscillator used in nuclear weapons have avoided scrutiny by simply listing their civilian use in telescopes and hospital equipment


Another firm pedaling duel use technology at this time in Christchurch was Xado Ltd 254 Montreal old South Canterbury Finance head office Scale House. As noted in my book Stare Secrets II [written before the fall of SCF] Scales partner included Christchurch old boy Humphrey Rolleston who is also listed in my book as a director of arms import exporters SM Andrews Ltd. SM Andrews subsidiary company Minerva was staffed by former Special Forces of South Africa and Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) apartheid era. The firm Minerva security name is infact an adaption of the name, currently used by a post 2019 far right group known a Zealandia (who appear to another reincarnation of Chapman National Front) which originates from the Kiwi version of Britannia as means of raising cash for the NZ effort in Boer War at the turn of the century. The firm would also be closely tied to Project Democracy who provided cash and arms to far right militia fighting USA proxy was in Africa and South America such as those led by General Singlaub.

South Canterbury own arms ties to the CIA goes back to when it formed Helicopter New Zealand (now called Canadian Helicopter) in the 1960’s in Timaru buying used vehicle that had being brought from some “Americans in Sydney” to supply Israel with Eastern European weapon in its early days as Arab nation’s (aided in many cases by former members of the Third Reich acting as security advisers or spies for hire) sought to push the newly formed nation into the sea. The American are not named but the time frame overlaps with the CIA backed Nugan Hand bank affair involving members of Task Force 157 who operations ranged from systematic infiltration of international maritime unions to gathering intelligence on Soviet nuclear bomb shipments. HNZ pilots even included for a short stint Theodore Shackley, a director at Nugan Hand bank Sydney the CIA head of Indo China Operation in South East Asia.

Timaru (home of Ricard Pearse) continues it under reported legacy as ground breaking home to aeronautical development with who also promote in the space bomber prototype being developed in Oamaru by Dutch military contractors Dawn Aero Space a NATO contractor and a a major intellectual hub for NATO aerospace and nuclear weapons development whose alumni include BCCI’s Dr Khan the man who help Pakistan develop nuclear weapon and was linked the secret pipeline that had supplied South Africa and Israel’s with technology aide by Swiss Nazi sympathisers which as the arrest of Asher Karni also in 2004 showed had continued long after South Africa nuclear program had being officially abandoned. Not withstanding the Dutch investigation of Canterbury New Zealand’s role into hi tech weapons pipe lines had like wise taken place in 2004 nearly a decade after the South African program into nuclear weapons had come to a halt and even after the fact that BCCI had officially disbanded.

Another Canterbury nuke lead Xado Limited company address is listed as 254 Montreal Street Christchurch Scales House a building owned by Scales parent firm South Canterbury Finance (whose CEO had being Christchurch Humphrey Rolleston and capital investment guru Timaru’s Alan Hubbard of the co owner of Helicopter New Zealand) the firm outed in Privy Council records as having laundered money for the Russian Mafia who have extensive ties to the world of South African Israeli CIA affiliated arms trafficking and Cold War dirty politics. Xado dealt in nuclear reactor technology and Russian munitions. SCF subsidiary MR Apple aside from dealing in actual apples dealt in Russian made night vision equipment and general military stock and had a side line in Russian money laundering as came out in 1999 Privy Council ruling. The Parent firm Scales Shipping (after which Scales House 254 Montreal Street was named) ties to arms dealing dating back a far as WW2 when the firm specifically handled the shipment of weapon to Russia as head of merchant Navy Special operations. At least that the story told by companies own official biography.

XADO technology will recondition any mechanisms, simple, complex, small and big, ranging from watches to nuclear power plant turbines – wherever where there is motion and friction. For a clear, effective and fast demonstration of the effectiveness of the technology, there is no better example than a ‘projectile & barrel’. The revitalization process takes place literally in front of your eyes. …The Russian certified handgun test laboratory ‘Rzhevka’ military unit 33491, in association with ‘Kalashnikov. Firearms. Ammunition and Equipment Magazine’ carried out extensive tests. The tested included both new and used firearms with chromed and non-chromed barrels”. To quote the firms own website. My book also detail the paper trial which allows us to identify that XADO had ties to Prok Bank (who can also be linked to the sale and resale of Russian trawler in scam aimed to leave creditors high and dry) a Pacific based tax haven which features heavily in State Secrets (one) in relation to it ties to suspected money laundering arms deals and a director ship including ex National MP Ross Meurant and former Russian KGB agents involved in trading in rare metals used in building nuclear weapons and spaced based technology.

Prok as State Secrets II documents can also be found as a partner alongside Wisconsin Central Berkshire the firm that brought NZ Rail of Van Heeren and Fay Richwhite the American Cups heroes and the darling of the Rogernomic based 4th Labor government. Wellnet Holding dealt in rare and precious mineral investment funds and was notably dominated by Chinese state owned firms. Prok can also be associated with a firm in Cyprus, precious mineral exporters in the Russian republics, and leading Russian bank Tokobank. European authorities, quoted in the St Petersburg Press, have alleged Tokobank was controlled by the Russian Mafia – an allegation denied by Tokobank.

In State Secrets (One) I would write “Despite the denial, one would have to be terminally naïve not to realise that the explosion of organised crime in Moscow has been matched by a commensurate explosion in Russian banking. And Prok’s involvement in the precious metals business puts it right in the bear-pit with agents of the former KGB, the Russian Mafia and even former CIA operatives. Prok also deals in Osmium. Time magazine’s chief investigative journalist Jonathan Beaty spent weeks in Russia undercover on a mission to purchase precious metals. “Time traced one secret multimillion-dollar sale of osmium 187, a byproduct of nuclear reactors that is not weapons-related but is an extremely expensive metal with applications in nuclear-energy production. The middlemen in the deal included a former party official and a member of the KGB, who acquired the element worth US$40,000 a gram from the factory and sold it to a Swedish company for US$70,000–though it is not clear whether the profits went into private pockets or the depleted coffers of the KGB.

BCCI hunter, Times investigative reporter, Beaty explained how the trade worked as people buying the restricted metals deposit their money in a “bank”, which then advances that money as a “loan” to the company or person selling the minerals. As collateral, the seller “deposits” minerals to the equivalent value with the “bank”. Then the seller “defaults” on the “loan”, and the collateral – ie the precious metals – are passed to the buyer who originally advanced the money for the “loan”. End result? Buyer gets metal. Seller gets cash. And it is not reported as a “sale” to the Russian Government or noted presumably recorded in International Atomic Energy Commission audit of who exactly has access to nuclear weapons technology and who does not.

There are staggering profits to be made selling Russia’s precious metals, especially those mined or produced by MINATOM. These include internationally restricted materials like boron 10, which is used in reactor control rods, and osmium 187 , a nonradioactive isotope that can sell for more than US$100,000 a gram. International trade in other, less exotic materials, such as zirconium, beryllium and hafnium, is controlled by nuclear nonproliferation agreements. More sophisticated buyers cultivate contacts with a small community of international brokers, mostly Germans and Americans, who work out of Switzerland. These brokers have sanitised their operations so thoroughly that they never actually meet the seller. According to participants in the trade, couriers deliver the seller’s metals and the buyer’s cash to one of the Swiss banks specialising in the metals trade. There the metals are tested by an independent laboratory for atomic count and purity. If the metals are certified, the bankers hand them over to the buyer and deposit the cash in the seller’s numbered account. Most rare-metals traders, however, abandon any pretence of legitimacy and begin to act more like characters in a Hollywood thriller. Buyers, accompanied by bodyguards carrying suitcases of cash and by their own scientific experts for testing the goods, fill hotels in Baltic ports, where Russian smugglers congregate. The sellers are most likely to be Mafia-connected hustlers or former KGB agents–some of whom have even set up joint ventures with former CIA agents to smuggle strategic materials. The trade is so brisk that Estonia (has emerged as one of the world’s leading exporters of rare metals, even though it produces none“.

In 2019 Aivar Reha was among a spate of former VTB Russian banker linked to a ‘Russian’ money laundering is found dead In Estonia. The missing former chief of Danske Bank in Estonia was at the center of a 200 billion-euro ($220 billion) money-laundering scandal involving Russian money. Two years earlier September 4, 2017, the Danish newspaper Berlingske and the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) revealed $2.9 billion of suspicious transactions by the “Azerbaijani Laundromat” (central to Russian (funds which have emerged in New Zealand) through Danske Bank, after the OCCRP reported use of Danske Bank by the far larger “Russian Laundromat” in March 2017.

To give all those dirty dollars physical context lets look at another kiwi visitor Antonov AN124 UR82073 which delivered the final NH90, NZ3308, to RNZAF Base Ohakea on 30 October 2014. A few years later 2020 it was flying missions of another kind over the Balkans,

“During the month-long war in Artsakh, military cargo shipments from Turkey and a number of other countries to Azerbaijan continue. Although Baku has been preparing for large-scale hostilities for a long time, the number of aircraft supplying military equipment and other necessary goods to Azerbaijan has been growing throughout the war. 

According to various sources, Azerbaijan currently receives arms from Turkey, Israel and Belarus, and mercenaries are mainly transferred to the war zone from Syria. The Fact Investigation Platform has gathered information on the supplying countries and frequencies of air cargo transportation to Azerbaijan since September 27. The source is the Swedish website, which allows you to get as complete information as possible about the flights, their destinations and the aircraft carrying out the flight...the UR-82073 aircraft of the same airline flew from Kyiv to Baku on October 17 2020.

Fact investigation continues “it is also noteworthy that the aircraft belonging to the US Armed Forces was flying irregularly for several days in the territory of Georgia, in the territories near the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan. It most likely observed the border areas of the two countries. To sum up, all the above-mentioned flights to Azerbaijan were carried out through the airspace of Georgia, although the government of the country had made a decision to ban the transfer of military equipment through its airspace.

Oh my oh my its a small world after all.

The aircraft also participated in NATO’s Operation Desert Falcon (ODF) involving, Belgium latest F-16AM mission against ISIS in Iraq and Syria

Danske Bank’s internal investigation found “reprehensible conditions” at the bank’s branch in Estonia and its Copenhagen headquarters. Ten former employees at Danske Bank’s Estonia branch are currently being investigated in connection with the case, in which two other former Soviet republics, Azerbaijan and Georgia, have been implicated as well. The official independent investigator report, released on September 19, 2018, found that the Estonian branch had maintained a portfolio of thousands of non-resident customers from Russia and other former Soviet states from 2007 to 2015.

In 2014 in the run-up to Russia’s invasion of Crimea in 2014, VTB Bank, the country’s second-biggest lender, dedicated an entire floor at its Imperia Tower headquarters in central Moscow to financing the country’s war machine. VTB CEO Russian Mikhail Mikhail Fridman, a former friend of the West and always a mate of Putin’s, is also the founder of Alfa Bank, Russia’s largest non-state bank which has being repeatedly linked to money laundering and organised crime. This was just six years after the head of the WTO and a former New Zealand Prime Minister Mike More, widely considered to have being the marketing brains behind Rogernomics was appoint the chairman of Friedman Altimo Foundation which would be dedicated to bring West and East closer through “philanthropy”

In 2016 Alfa paid $795 million to Dutch and U.S. authorities in 2016 to settle claims of bribery to politicians in Uzbekistan. The bribes where paid to insure that Alfa was successful in creating a telecommunication monopoly in Uzebikstan. Fridman’s primary investment vehicle for this objective had being LetterOne, whose CEO Alexander Pertsovskuse to work for John Key’s old bank Merill Lynch he began working for Renaissance Capital in 2007 (before moving to LetterOne) which had being established by another former Credit Suisse investment banker, prior to Putin turned on his former partners in crime and in doing so began a new cold war, the current head of New Zealand Institute Stephen Jennings.

Jennings had made his money using the methods he first pioneered privatising NZ Rail (to the benefit of Fay Richwhite and Alex van Heeren), back when Jenny Morel was just NZ Rail director and Jennings a mere New Zealand Treasury analyst, to help western merchant bankers carve up the former USSR assets. Beginning with the plot model the sale of Bolshevik Biscuit Company) and critical infrastructure. At which point Jennings and his backers then turned their attention to seizing the natural resource critical infrastructure and public asset of Africa. The manner in which this was done, often marketed under the guise of being sustainable or green, is not dissimilar to the seizure of resources first initiated by the WWF and Prince’s Bernhard, aformer Nazi collaborator and member of the SS, cronies when they began selling the idea of Peace parks back in the 1980’s.

Another example of this occurred in 2019 when commodities-trading arm VTB & Swiss based Credit Suisse where found guilty of fraudulent loans involving $200 million in bribes and kickbacks as UN climate change aid money was diverted into buying Israeli weapons according to the U.S. Department of Justice. More than 70 million of this money would be washed through the Christchurch real estate market by another Christchurch old boy banker Andrew Pearce.

Other Canterbury Russian ties ( with Swiss accounts full of looted dosh no doubt) include Oleg Kirillov and Yuri Koropachinskiy who in 2013 was certainly running with my dad mates when he invested $500m development of the Porter Heights ski-field, The same year Billionaire Konstantin Malofeev brought a dairy factory a kilometer away from the proposed dawn launch site connected with Russian billionaire Konstantin Malofee which is later , is bought by NZ dairy giant Fonterra.

2013 also marks the year Russian steel magnate, stadium buyer and Russian Israeli entrepreneur Alexander Abramov brought land in Dunedin and Queenstown. ( a survey on largest users of an online data base devoted to land use in Waitaki found biggest users where Russian speaking).

Another firm worth citing in relation to the New Zealand BBCI nuclear technology trade is Rakon. Rakon hit the headlines after the Green Party released leaked details on how the New Zealand military manufacture of military grade oscillators, were setting “a dangerous precedent for how to deal with dual use products.” (Government bombs out over Rakon Keith Locke MP, Green Party Foreign Affairs Spokesperson 15th June 2006 Press release) Locke noted, “The question is not whether shock-hardened and radiation- hardened crystal oscillators are ‘specifically designed for military use’. Of course, both types of oscillators have a dual use, that is, they serve civilian as well as military purposes – for example, shock hardened oscillators in construction work, and radiation hardened oscillators in aerospace. The real debate is over whether Rakon should be taking research money from the American defence contractor, Rockwell, to develop a particular ‘high G-shock crystal’, to fit the specific military requirements of smart shells, as admitted by Rakon in a leaked May 6 2005 email. Secondly, should Rakon be allowed to develop a particular standard of “radiation hardened” oscillators to put into a proposed new American smart bomb navigation system, as also referred to in Rakon documents, these radiation hardened oscillators were also required to be able to function correctly at a depth of 135 metres, which is presumably a military specification for underground or underwater launched missiles….To promote peace in the world we should not allow a Kiwi company to develop and export components critical to smart bombs and missiles that are going to be used in wars we don’t agree with, such as in Iraq, and potentially in even a nuclear war”.

In a subsequent press release (28 May 2006, 10:46pm Press Release: Green Party), Locke suggested that Rakon’s counter story of not being involved in arms manufacturing, did “not add up” that “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade should also have investigated in its role to uphold New Zealand’s anti-nuclear policy, and enforce its own criteria, stated on its website, to deny the export of items ‘to be used in the delivery of weapons of mass destruction.. And where was the Security Intelligence Service, which prattles on about its important role in stopping New Zealanders being involved in anything connected with nuclear weapons?”

The latter point of this statement is a good question, as the SIS seemed very good at claiming such people come here all the time, but at the same time being incapable of actually doing anything to stop such individuals. In my own limited experience of the SIS, I was struck by how uneducated its members seem to be regarding current affairs. Others, more cynical in their outlook, might suggest that this ignorance is selective, especially as the arms dealers investigated within this book, turn out repeatedly (in their N.Z. dealings anyway), to have relationships with overseas intelligence agencies that are allied to the SIS. In the same vein, we have seen that N.Z.’s own government trade and foreign affairs agencies are equally happy to cozy up to such individuals as well. Many of whom where former Cold war comrades in arms.

In Rakon’s case, their principal investor in N.Z. was Peter Mair, a member of the N.Z. government’s Growth Innovation Advisory Board, a founding member of the government’s Information and Communication’s Technology taskforce and, like Rakon, a recipient of several Trade N.Z. awards (Trade N.Z. being the agency which harboured the arms expo said to have been attended by Tim Spicer in November 2005). As Locke succinctly quips, “It seems that all these government agencies were so bedazzled by Rakon’s export success, that they were reluctant to investigate properly then and ask the hard questions”.

In 2002 Rakon hosted Charles Swindells, at the time the United States Ambassador to New Zealand. Three years earlier it was big cheese US Air Force official Darleen Druyun. Druyun is a former chief of staff of space agency Nasa and chaired Nato’s Airborne Early Warning and Control Programme Management board of directors. Her visit to Rakon was in her role as the US Air Force’s key adviser for product acquisitions. Rakon claim “We have not developed or supplied any products or technology for nuclear defence programmes. We have developed products for high shock applications. None of our product is specific to the munitions industry. They can be used by a range of industries from mining to aerospace.”

The then prime-minister Helen Clark was asked by reporters if things would be different if the end user was, say, just a very friendly country such as China, Clark stated : “Firstly the oscillators and crystals are not on the list of goods which are prohibited Subsequent to the advice I had yesterday, another piece of advice came forward. Where a product is being designed specifically for use in military equipment, then clearance should be sought,” Locke ended his protest by noting, “This is a matter of great concern, New Zealand’s reputation as a peaceful, anti-nuclear country, could be undermined unless the Government moves quickly to find out the full story.” The reality is that the N.Z. government is unlikely to do this any time in the near future; so on that basis, let me fill in the blanks for you.

During Time Magazine’s investigation into Rockwell, Beatty was ‘floored’ when one of his contacts passed him a classified copy of a satellite which BCCI had sold to the Russians. Beatty would note, “There was little doubt they were looking at Rockwell International’s technical manual for the NAVSTAR Global Positioning Satellite System.” Rockwell supplies the US military with JDAM and NavStrike navigation systems and is developing the smart shell guidance mechanism for which Rakon is specifically developing its high G-shock product. Meaning New Zealand is a possible source of where BCCI procured such technology.

That this came to be, however, is no real surprise when one discovers that the list of directors (and past directors) of Rockwell makes for interesting reading. Robert Anderson, who is also listed as the director of a firm named Aftermarket Technology Corporation, its co-directors include, Gerald Parsky (the former assistant secretary of the U.S. Treasury Department from 1974 to 1977), and partner in the law firm Gibson, Dunn, and Crutcher, who represented Sheikh Zayed’s (founder of rogue bank BCCI and a Club 1001 member) interests in Washington. Parsky is the man who, Michael Hand of the Australian Nugan Hand bank affair was allegedly said to have to report to, by those who maintain that the Nugan Hand Front was simply a front for U.S. intelligence black operations (extreme covert operations) Task Force 157. This unit was eventually closed down having become rouge and spun out of control. Its members being, it is said, more interested in getting their cut than serving Uncle Sam. The unit even had ties to former US Secretary of Treasury William Simon (now said to be based in Dubai), who allegedly was one of the customers of Wine Box star EuroPac.

In fact EuroPac is central to the Wine Box inquiry story (a story which deals with a number of Van Heeren’s business partners), which is the tale of tax evasion/avoidance (depending on who you choose to believe), and a story which my former publisher Ian Wishart claimed based on arms trafficker (including those involved in the proliferation of pirate nuclear weapons technology) using New Zealand to launder Eastern European arms sales, often traded in return for high tech weapons technology sold to the Middle East in a deal involving the highest levels of N.Z. government. According to the Chicago Tribune Parksey was tasked with neutralizing crude oil as an Arabic economic weapon and finding a way to persuade a hostile kingdom to finance America’s widening deficit with its newfound petrodollar wealth.

And according to Parsky, Nixon made clear there was simply no coming back empty-handed. Failure would not only jeopardize America’s financial health but could also give the Soviet Union an opening to make further inroads into the Arab world. Could this is be part of the USA willingness to turn a blind eye to the Sword of Islam in return for their allegiance to the West.

Incidentally, did I mention the fact that Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (the multibillionaire ruler of Abu Dhabi and president of the United Arab Emirates), the most important patron and the controlling shareholder of BCCI, was also listed as director at Rockwell International? This is something to think about when you find that Rockwell’s name can also be found on the same list of U.S. providers of military technology to Iraq as the one citing both Michael Hand’s Euro Mac, and Tektronics (the US firm detected during the Dutch URENCO investigation into the South African, Malaysian, and Dubai-based nuclear ring).

According to the LA News from 1985 to 1987 Rockwell sold more than half a million dollars worth of electronic goods to Iraqi military forces. This in fact was part of what is known as the Iraqgate scandal which saw George Bush signed the now famous directive to help arm Iraq 58 days after the F.B.I. raided the Lavoro Bank’s Atlanta office and discovered discover Iraqi skimming and abuse of U.S. loan guarantees. James Baker, well aware by briefing and in writing of Saddam’s fraud (nearly 15 separate intelligence agencies opposed the deal), went ahead under N.S.D. 26 to arm-twist Agriculture to disregard creditworthiness and hand over $500 million more to Iraq. The man responsible for this wold be a future lobbyist for Fonterra in the USA the US Secretary of Agriculture Clayton Yeutter.

The New York Time wrote of the affair “Mr. Bush wanted to encourage U.S. firms to supply Saddam’s nascent atomic program with our nuclear and computer technology, which the Defense Department had resisted.” The money would be paid into the same account later used in the failed UN Food For Oil (Weapons for wheat) where UN tender where then skimmed. The fleeced money was then used to buy Eastern European weapons that in some case traded in turn for technology used in nuclear technology program that had the potential to be used in turn in nuclear weapons. Money would paid from account overseen by New Zealander David Mace who was not only a former partner in Ernst & Young Hong Kong but a director in Bao the partners alongside Wisconsin Central Berkshire Fay Richwhite and Prok Bank in Wellnet Holding who dealt in rare and precious minerals including osmium 187, a byproduct of nuclear reactors.


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