ABOUT THOSE WAIKATO CYBER HACKS At the Waikato DHB & Private Waikato Schools (& lets not forget Those super realistic but fake Come & Get your Covid Jabs)

CERT NZ is working to put a stop to COVID-19 vaccine scam campaigns and ensure the safe roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine.

CERT is headed by Rob Pope the controversial former Deputy Police Commissioner who was a guess speaker at Crisis X the Media Works affiliated security symposium which forecast an online live stream threat just weeks before the 2019 March 15 Christchurch Mosque shootings which the shooter would live stream. Which took place at the same time police in Christchurch were just beginning to wrap their head around a world record $35million crypto bitcoin robbery, at Christchurch Cryptopia, in late January. The hack was carried out by a team of sophisticated hackers and meaning Christchurch New Zealand in fact dealt with not one but two unprecedented breaches of its cybersecurity within a space of less than two months. The two events follow the early February 2019 Crisis X, held reportedly in Christchurch, just ahead of the March 15th attack which would be launched on the day that not one, not two, but three major counter terrorism operations where also to be held in Christchurch on March 15th 2019.

In 2020 Crisis X then warned of a new threat.

Specifically that New Zealand’s water, electrical and other key infrastructure were all vulnerable to cyber hacks. Drawing the same conclusion as Cyber Storm II a simulated a global wide terrorist attack in which hackers attack infrastructure networks such as waste water plants, power grids and telecom systems in the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Crisis X 2020 guess speakers included the Sir John Key Prime Minister of New Zealand from 2008 to 2016, who resigned from office, to become the chair of ANZ Bank New Zealand and a director on the ANZ Australia Group board and now a director of Palo Alto Networks (US).

Palo Alto is the cyber security firm specialising in platform hosting who in 2021 (after Key joined the board) announced it was partnering with PwC to provide “24/7 cybersecurity defence” to NZ firms and government agencies in contracts worth billions. Palo Alto Sean Druca, Vice President and Regional Chief Security Officer for Asia Pacific and Japan at Palo Alto Networks, was also a speaker at the 2020 Crisis X event.

Why & When Did Hackers Pick Waikato As Their New Zealand Bridge Head.

Three years ago in 2018 red flags on NZ cyber security began to ring loudly in Waikato when an engineer discovered the wastewater was discharging into the Waikato River. Turning off the wastewater station’s pumps “required access to its computer software”. This “required a password” (but not a password that was user specific) meaning the change was deliberate. Anyone with access to the computer terminals within the greater Hamilton city area that were connected with this software could have done this. The Council was however unable to find out who changed that setting or how they gained access.

In 2015 a cyberattack on Ukraine’s electric grid gained access to energy distribution company systems more than six months before causing the nations December. 23rd 2015 outage.

The attackers gained access by staging a well-coordinated attack that relied on deep reconnaissance over a six-month period. The attack took part in two phases. In the first stage, the adversaries “weaponized” Microsoft Office documents by embedding malware.

This was done by the attackers delivering a targeted email with a malicious attachment that appeared to come from a trusted source to specific individuals within the organizations.

Those individuals were asked to open attachments – thus installing the infected malware on their systems and allowing the attackers to access the company system(s). The adversaries then stole credentials that allowed them to “pivot” into supervisory control and data acquisition, or SCADA, and dispatch workstations and servers.

In 2017 Russian Oligarch Khimich whose cohorts include Cyber oligarch Kim Dotcom invested in NZ water industry in Waikato specifically investing in Ordover Trust and subsidiaries Waiwera water, Waiwerea Thermal Resort Ltd, Waiwera Global, Waiwera Water Ltd, plus Waiwera Infinity Ltd, Robert Graham Institute Natural Waters which were listed to his home address or to 21 Waiwera Rd Waiwera Auckland. The crown of this liquid gold mine was the Waiwera water which has since been placed into liquidation in October 2019 and is subject to at least one investigation (from the NZ Companies Office) due to financial irregularities.

The chief executive of the Robert Graham Institute, part of the Waiwera Group owned by Mikhail Khimich is Dr Alexander Kouzminov who by then was working as Waikato’s Senior Policy Advisor for Water Policy, Science and Strategy at Waikato Regional Council.

Kouzminov previously worked as a Russian KGB bio-warfare virologist who defected to the West.Kouzminov however failed to secure similar postings in the US as the FBI agents vetting Kouzminov during his defection were not impressed by what he had to offer. They were not convinced after he failed to back up his claims that he had switched sides and or did not simply have his own self-serving agenda.Kuzminov has generally been regarded with distrust by the FBI ever since while the Ministry of Health claim they did not know his past when they hired him.

In 2014 Kouzminov, who tested more than twice the legal drink-drive limit, was let off a drunk driving conviction. Like Khimich leniency had had being, on the grounds he would lose the right to travel overseas as a consultant for “several foreign intelligence agencies”

Another of Khimich’s former business associate is New Zealand citizen Alexander Kirichuk – formerly of the Ukraine. The business relationship soured so Kirichuck says after a “Russian who moved in similar circles” attempted to “recruit” Kirichuck daughter Victoria Kirichuk, a New Zealand police officer.

After declining the offer – which included payment “three times’” as much as her police salary to access the police database – a harassment campaign was waged against her and her family, which included death threats and instances of intruders on their property. The family filed multiple reports about the attempt and subsequent incidents with police, SIS, the US consulate, and the IPCA. These documents formed the basis of a RNZ investigation into why a whistle blower, an honest cop who said no to a bribe from Russian criminals, became the one hounded out of law enforcement with pressure put on her from on high, by authorities who instead seemed keen to protect the villains when she tried to complain of their attempt to bribe her to access the police computer network on their behalf.

A third Russian with New Zealand links is Alexander Vinik the Cypress bitcoin banker for Russian hack group Fancy Bears who attacked NZ business in New Zealand in December 2020. Their attack included the stock exchange which was hacked by first triggering a power outage – this resulted in many cases in automated system doing reboots which further opened the opportunities available to hackers. In 2019 NZ Police froze 170 million of Vinik money relating to a firm registered in NZ to Vinik with the address 412 Lake Road Takapuna Auckland name Vinik directly.

Subsequent investigation shows hundreds of similar firms dating back to 2003 link to Vinik Tundra Finance and including a 2011 firm, SWISS FINANCE CORPORATION LIMITED, which triggered a bank alert, due to irregularities, which the government authorities however chose not to act on – nearly a decade before Vinik & his ‘Russian’ hacker friends began holding nations and their financial and essential national security infrastructure to ransom.

Company nameAppointed to roleCompany IncorporatedCompany Address
KAPITI CONSOLIDATED LIMITED28 Mar 200328 Mar 2003412 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland NEW ZEALAND
ASPEN CONSOLIDATED LIMITED28 Mar 200328 Mar 2003121 Kawaha Point Road, Kawaha Point, Rotorua, 3010 NEW ZEALAND
TULLOCH CONCEPTS LIMITED13 Apr 200513 Apr 2005412 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland NEW ZEALAND
ETERNAL DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED1 Aug 20051 Aug 2005412 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland NEW ZEALAND
ATOR LIMITED22 May 2008 – 20 Feb 2012 (resigned)22 May 2008412 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland NEW ZEALAND
DELPHI FINANCIAL SERVICES NZ PTY LIMITED14 Jul 2010 – 14 Aug 2010 (resigned)27 May 2008412 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland NEW ZEALAND
TRADING AND SHIPPING TRUST COMPANY LIMITED31 Jul 2008 – 8 Mar 2012 (resigned)31 Jul 2008NZTCS, Level 2, 60 Grafton Road, Grafton, Auckland, 1010 NEW ZEALAND
PREMIUM NZ HOLDINGS LIMITED14 Aug 200814 Aug 2008412 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland NEW ZEALAND
BENJAMIN CHARLES LIMITED14 Aug 2008 – 4 Nov 2011 (resigned)14 Aug 2008412 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland NEW ZEALAND
GOLDWATER COMPANY LIMITED18 Jun 2009 – 8 Mar 2012 (resigned)18 Jun 2009c/- Margaret Moore, 7 Summer Street, Ponsonby, Auckland, 1011 NEW ZEALAND

For Full Story see GOLD’ FINGER – The Theft of NZ Water & the vulnerability of strategic infrastructure.


Carry On Inspector Bozo JOHN KEY BUDDIES RAMP UP TO MAKE BILLIONS -Major Cyber Attack Imminent & The Insiders Know It. The Return of Inspector Bozo: Former PM warns of ‘Deep Fakes will he would know.


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