Vidgen Book of Murder – The Enlightened Ones Section 3: The Facilitators.

It had therefore come as a surprise to the New Firm that their latest client had come straight to them. This was worrying. It was also worrying that he was dead. Generally the New Firm had no problem with corpses, but they didn’t like them to speak. Mr Slant coughed. Mr Pin noticed that this created a small cloud of dust. For Mr Slant was a zombie. ‘I must reiterate,’ said Mr Slant, ‘that I am a mere facilitator in this matter— Terry Pratchett The Truth.

VIII). Firmiter et Fideliter “strength and steadfastness” aka Brute Force & Blind Obedience.

Dilworth school one of Auckland largest property owners produced 11 Paedophiles over 100 identified victims (to date) without any detection apparently by the rest of the old boys network at Dilworth (founded by Irish Freemason James Dilworth) And oh what a influential bunch of old boys they were made up of priests, celebrities, senior police, army, SAS, officers and MPs.

Former National MP and short lived Advance NZ Jamie Lee Ross Maiden speech “I recognise the fact that I am also the product of an amazing school, and one of New Zealand’s largest charities, Dilworth School. For those who do not know, Dilworth School was founded in 1906 ..I enter this House as the fourth Dilworth old boy, following in the footsteps of the Hon Harry Lapwood, the Hon Dr Michael Bassett—who is here today—and the Rt Hon Mike Moore. I am pleased to be able to even up the balance between Dilworth Labour MPs and Dilworth National MPs.”

Other old boys include;

*Sir David Beattie, Governor-General (1980-85) and Supreme Court justice*

*Professor Guy Dodson, scientist and fellow of Britain’s Royal Society and his twin brother Professor Emeritus Maurice Dodson of the Department of Mathematics, University of York* John Potter, former chairman Nestle New Zealand

*Garth Tapper, painter and his engineer brother Peter Tapper, senior executive and board director of energy companies including Shell*

Mike Moore of course with Bassett (who both acknowledged the violence of the school but seem to think it perfectly normal) helped create and sell Rogernomics plans for whole sale privatisation and Neolliberalism before Moore went on to try and set a World With Wall (later rebranded as the Global Migration pact) which got his effigy burned by those against indigenous exploitation, environmental abuse by corporation and labour abuse.

The Dilworth Trust Board spends an annual $12 million running the school, funded largely by landholdings around Auckland, including the sites occupied by posh European car firms along Great South Rd near the school. The Dilworth Trust Board is one of New Zealand’s largest charity,

It was created in 1894 by the bequest of industrialist and farmer James Dilworth, born in Country Tyrone (in modern-day Northern Ireland) in 1915. The school student population around 900 is governed by the Dilworth Trust Board. The charity has $908 million in total assets, according to its annual return for the year ending January 31, 2019. Of those assets, the majority ($621 million) was investment property. It one of Auckland’s largest land owners. It also had $91 million in other investments. In 2019 it ran a surplus of $57 million, with $87 million in total revenue and just short of $30 million in expenses. By comparison Auckland University 43,000 students received $351.1 million from the government and earned $537.4 million – making it the top non-government earner out of the country’s universities. Otago remained the biggest in net asset worth at $1.39 billion but Auckland was closely behind with $1.33 billion

In 2016 A member of the Dilworth Old Boys Association has labelled the handling of a recent race-related incident “a disgrace” that exposes the Dilworth “brotherhood as a sham”. Four alumni have had their suspensions from the association lifted after they made comments about the school’s ethnic make-up, saying it was “unbalanced”. The Dilworth Old Boys Association did not agree this was the case,

Trust Board include chairman

*John Potter, former chairman of Nestle New Zealand and an old boy.

*Frances Valentine (CNZM) previously CEO of the Media Design School. Frances serves as a director on a number of boards including Callaghan Innovation and Harper Lilly Ltd.

* Peter Alexander is a property and investment expert who joined the Trust Board in 2017. He is an independent property investment and development advisor and a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Peter has previously held senior executive roles at Auckland International Airport, Stride Property Group (Chief Executive), Goodman, Property for Industry and SkyCity Entertainment (Chief Property Officer).

* Jonathan Mason also serves on the Boards of companies including Vector, Zespri, Westpac and Air New Zealand. Previously Chief Financial Officer at Fonterra and the Chief Financial Officer at Carter Holt Harvey. Jonathan is also an adjunct Professor of Management at the University of Auckland, and helps to recruit New Zealand students to attend Yale University (Skull & Bones) in the United States.

* Brian Maltby joined the Trust Board in 1990. He is an experienced Director and a former owner of Maltby’s Limited, an Auckland-based quantity surveying firm. His family originate from Ireland. Maltbys is currently run by a management team comprising four shareholder Directors and three Associate Directors, who together manage a professional staff of around twenty five people through offices in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Queenstown. Past project by the company include Christmas Island inter-continental ballistic missile station and the Motonui gas to gasoline plant.Their clients include police, corrections, Food Stuffs, Dilworth College, Auckland Council, DOC, the ministry of education,

*Aaron Snodgrass is a Dilworth Old Boy who joined the Trust Board in 2013 He is Chief Financial Officer of Eastland Group, a Gisborne-based infrastructure company, and has previously worked as a Chartered Accountant at PwC and Deutsche Bank (The bank favoured by Rump, Epstein the Clinton and Mexican drug cartels). Aaron was a member and Treasurer of the Dilworth Old Boys’ Association (DOBA) Council.

*Simon Curran Co-Founder and CEO of Shine Limited, an Auckland-based creative business consultancy seeking to bring sun shine into the hearts of those rich enough to afford it services. Simon works “extensively with entrepreneurs, enterprises, schools and communities to harness the creative potential of their people” Clients include Air NZ (John Key). ANZ ( John Key) Spark 5G who they helped show “what make the Emirates Team New Zealand boat go faster”.

Curran has a “mysterious” reputation in the world of marketing and his firm not so much into making adverts ( his competitor literally ask does he do any ads) but is more of net worker a enigmatic devil around town who can fix your issues and provide his clients with what ever they may desire. He is also a former partner in with Paul Franich and Lucien Law, in a number of Auckland night spots operating under the Savor Group which offer private screening rooms, champagne parlours (“Velvet Private booths, mirrored walls”), balcony secluded rooftop venues, and members only facilities. It includes Seafarers Members Club a modern twist on the gentleman clubs that coos “a place where we could bring together like-minded people who value creativity, whether they be bankers, lawyers or entrepreneurs. There there would be something interesting happening, with departments devoted to film, fashion, technology, wine and food”.

The Savor group also own Ebisu, Azabu, Tyler Street Garage whose licensed was suspend in 2015 after bouncer counted the age of a girl “wrong on his fingers”. Affiliated bar Snapdragon also had it its liquor licence suspended for 24 hours on May 29 for undisclosed reasons.) At the time this was announced as part of police crack down on Britomart late night bars ad club perceived by the police as encouraged under age drinking by failure to correctly police themselves.

The group also brought the Las Vegas on K Road (logo below of devil).

The strip club hit the headline in 2015 pre buyout after decorated senior police office John Fraser applied for the estate of Las Vegas listed as owned by his best mate John Nicholson’s whose parents had owned the Star Hotel in south Auckland’s working class Otahuhu. The Estate included the Karangahape Rd night-spot, The Las Vegas Strip Club, a house in the Auckland suburb of Meadowbank, a VW car, a bank account with undisclosed balance, bonus bonds amount unknown, $6000 cash and guns.

Relative complained to police Detective Senior Sergeant Julian Rinckes about the claim and allegations were made to police that Fraser stole guns and a safe from Nicholson’s house following his death. Rinckes acknowledged the complaint but said ”at this stage we don’t see any reason for police action”, as the matter was being resolved by the courts. Fraser refused to comment, as did the Nicholson family. However, it is understood the family believes Fraser isn’t entitled to any of Nicholson’s estate.

Fraser stated “Johnny regarded me as his son, I saw him as some sort of father figure, we cared for one another immensely.” The strip club owner and cop met in 1982, with Fraser became Nicholson’s main hunting partner, who also assisted him with the “smooth running and security of his strip club, managed his personal affairs and was his chief caregiver when he was dying”. The strip club was a favoured haunt of young Auckland police officers who knew they would be treated with a friendly face by the management and it even a nook where cops would sit out of the eye of the public in the “Policeman’s Corner” “a well-known smoko stop for cops on the beat.”

Film maker Tom Levesque who produced the short documentary on the strip bar notes “You know, apparently there was a dedicated area for police officers after their shifts. I think that says something about the area’s history. You know police procedure, bending the relationship between drugs, cops, and criminals”.

Denise Ritchie of Stop Demand Foundation (Stop Demand), believes greater emphasis should be placed on the men cruising the streets for under-age sex, particularly in areas within Auckland and Christchurch that are renowned for an under-age sex trade, such as K Road in Auckland. Dr Natalie Thorburn (University of Auckland) in her paper ‘Sexual Abuse as Exploitation: Recognising and Responding to Trafficking of Youth’ singles out both police corruption and K Road one of her subject notes “I was 9 years old and then I ran away from home and I was left to my own devices on the streets and I [after living with street workers for a year] met this guy and I started to see him. He was a lot older than me, I was 10 he was 19 and yeah I fell for him. He… dressed me up and put me on K Road and my first job was this guy he took me to a hotel and he paid $600 for my virginity.” Another of her patients reports;

“I was way too afraid [to tell]. They would have killed me, or at least attempted it, or done what they done to me already [pack rape] and made it worse. The only reason why they tied me to the lamppost [and left] was because they thought they were leaving me for dead. Going to people like the police or law enforcement – that is the most stupidest mistake you could make…. Because you were made to feel like they had somebody on the inside.”

Folks like Nicholson made a lot of money out of the sex industry of K Road and they did so because cops like Fraser and the other boys in blue who enjoyed the ‘policeman’s corner’; had helped such operators as they acted as their facilitators and chose when it suited them to look to other way.

In the past we have dismissed the idea of organised human trafficking and corruption which made such relationships possible today were learning of an entrenched old boys club served in part by the old boys network of schools like Dilworth (founded by Irish Freemason James Dilworth) who educate their youth to be brutal, unempathetic, self entitled and self serving. And oh what a influential bunch of old boys they are made up of senior priests, celebrities, high ranking police and army officers, and MPs.

As Dilworth’s school motto declares Firmiter et Fideliter “strength and steadfastness” or in other words Brute Force & Blind Obedience wins the day.

IX. Some Right Bastards. .

Another facilitator to the wide spread abuse New Zealand has ignored is Christchurch lawyer Lee Robinson.

Robinson was one of the negotiating lawyers involved when Sister’s of Nazareth (above/below) brokered a deal with 17 people alleging abuse at its Christchurch orphanages. The men and women who complained to the Sisters of Nazareth about their time at Nazareth House and St Joseph’s Home between the 1930s and 1960s were they were violently and sexually preyed on.

Lee Robinson, who is a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit (due to his services to sports and children charities)told the media the beneficiary were given ‘gifts’ if they were in the care of the church for several years were they’ve been “disenfranchised” and “compromised” as a result of all sorts of things including what “they say” happened during their time at Nazareth House. Withstanding by the time Robinson said that statement the order had already being proven to have being binge buggering, beating, raping and murdering kids, literally on a global scale for over fifty years. Robinson is also a trustee of St John of God Rest Home and Hospital Board (Hastings) which has major links to both the Australian & NZ child abuse cases involving sexually predatory priest from the UK Canada Ireland moved around the globe as their offending became public and the church sent them on to other locations where many of those offenders abused again.

The Catholic church did what it has done world wide when its nuns and priest are caught engaging in abuse.

It apologised to the alleged victims and gave away thousands of dollars in “gifts” to the victims: but did not go so far as issuing an apology. In Christchurch case Robinson was critical in getting victims to sign non disclosure agreements and maintaining a cover up on the scale of abuse for twenty years.

Robinson says it has taken two years for the women to get compensation which he believes amounts to about $500,000.“We haven’t made lump sum payments,” said Robinson. Thirteen men have also claimed they were abused – but not by the sisters. “They say” they were abused by two priests when they were in the care of the sisters. The negotiation led to a ban on such confidentiality agreements once their existence became publicly known.

Brother Peter Burke, the Australasian head of the St John of God Order, saying “he was absolutely horrified about the secret deal”. His order has since instructed its lawyers on both sides of the Tasman to remove confidentiality clauses from future agreements. Which until that point had being global strategy employed by the church, often using the same law and accounting firms which often ran their trusts property or assets and was in accordance with the Vatican’s worldwide instruction for what to do in the event a case of abuse was at risk of being exposed. 

The Little Sisters of the Poor or Sisters of Nazareth, who have looked after such Christchurch dignitaries as Bob Parker and Jim Anderton, have emerged repeatedly into allegations of institutionalised child abuse and murder of children at the bottom of the social picking order in their and the Christian Brother’s of Marist care in America, Australia, UK and NZ.

These orders which own considerable land worldwide (in part purchased from state funds provided for their role of ‘looking after’ children), have being implicated in obstruction of justice. As nuns and offending priests were often moved to new countries or orphanage when events threatened to become public and expose the systematic world wide abuse of children by the Catholic church and its well connected allies and facilitators who tend to circle the wagons and look after each other.

Certainly it hard not to be cynical when reviewing the death of Robinson’s sister in law.

In 2015 Lee’s brother Jon Winskill killed his wife Denise Winskill, an English teacher at Cashmere High school (incidentally long the source of excessively well known rumours concerning sexual abuse among students with parents who had major political clout) in a controversial farm accident.

In 2016 a coroner has asked police to review their 2015 decision not to prosecute a man who fatally ran over his wife in his truck at their rural Canterbury property. To be precise when Mr Winskill realised he’d hit something, his response was to drive forward and run over his wife again.

Coroner David Crerar​ identified “outstanding questions” about the death of Denise Robinson-Winskill in October 2013″. The Coroner criticised the initial police investigation into her death as lacking “vigour, timeliness and diligence”.A serious crash unit report was not obtained at the time and “the serious nature of any action or inaction by [her husband] Jon Winskill should have been obvious from the time of his initial ‘scoping’ interview”. The coroner “unsatisfied with police findings” commissioned an independent report from Auckland University of Technology where mechanical engineering professor John Raine examined the physical circumstances of Robinson-Winskill’s death. In tests with a mannequin, Raine found the truck would have had to have been travelling at between 3.6kmh and 5kmh – about walking speed – to run over someone.

Rain’s investigation could not explain as the Coroner noted:
– How Robinson-Winskill did not hear the truck approach and avoid being hit.
– The origin of a bruise on the crown of her head – “In my opinion this has not originated from a fall or being run over”.
– Why her spectacles were found near her body but one lens was “some distance away”.
– Why Winskill was not aware of bumping into his wife before she fell, “unless she was already on the ground before being run over”. Tests showed it was possible to hear a person call out from behind the truck with the engine running.

At the inquest, Detective Inspector Greg Murton spoke generally about the challenges facing police when investigating deaths involving a vehicle and the need to obtain myriad reports and other evidence under time constraints. A charge of careless driving causing death must be laid within six months of an incident. In a statement on Wednesday, Murton said police could not comment until they had reviewed the coroner’s report”.

Winskill told reporters he was “unaware of the coroner’s findings” and declined to comment further. Robinson-Winskill’s brother, Lee Robinson, said the family “received the coroner’s report some months ago“. Robinson accepted his sister’s death was “just a bizarre accident” and “were all just trying to move on”. Subsequent Christchurch Press reports revealed Winskill was excellent at moving on and he admitted meeting another woman through a dating website two weeks later. Denise Winskill’s death came just five months after Jo Winskill was blackmailed for $7000 by another woman, who threatened to reveal their affair to his wife. Its was also reported he behaved “inappropriately” to members of the family for example he “hit on” his deceased wife sister at his wives funeral and reacted “like he won lotto” when he heard there would be an ACC pay-out.

Crash investigator Hamish Piercy, a former member of the Canterbury serious crash unit, said police initially treating the case as a homicide and this may have caused a “miscommunication” on the need for a serious crash report “that’s often where it comes back to, internally, the disparity between traffic and the crime units because the crash unit’s always treated as a traffic unit, therefore we don’t want to involve traffic because [a case may initially be considered] homicide.” Police said they would make further inquires following the 2015 Coroner findings over four years ago. Little has happened since. “Police confirm the file remains open, seven years on, and will be the subject of “ongoing scrutiny”, leaving the possibility of charges still to come”. Reports Christchurch journalist Sam Sherwood but personally I would not hold my breath.

It just amazing how many top cops have links to the Catholic Church

Counsellor Richard McPhail QSM Southland’s former Response manager was a trustee at St. Peter’s a catholic school.

Ray King previously the Manager at Catholic Family Support Service worked as a police fficer for more than twenty years.

Inspector Kieren Kortegast, Manager of the Police’s Southern Communications Centre, based in Christchurch, who becomes a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit (MNZM). Outside of Police, Inspector Kortegast fundraises for the Life Education Trust as part of his involvement with the Round Table Service Club.  He’s also a former board member and chair of the St Anne’s Woolston Catholic School. In 2021 he was made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit (MNZM) for his exemplary leadership in this role, particularly during the Christchurch earthquakes and the March 15, 2019, mosque shootings.

In 2000 Kortegast was not being so praised highly during a parliamentary select committee relating to an investigation of police actions during the Chinese President’s visit, which infringed protesters’ rights by shielding Mr Jiang from them as the police physically assaulted protesters. Inspector Kieran Kortegast, who was tasked with investigated the loss of CTV footage by the police, which had documented what happened during the visit, had to admit the the error could best be described as a “very embarrassing chain of events which reflects very poorly on the police and our professionalism”. The committee would also attacked the consistency and accuracy of police evidence and their attitude to the committee. Kortegast would answer to Commissioner Rob Robinson another police officer with strong Canterbury family connections who share a common lineage with Lee Robinson.

In 1840 Iwikau signed the Herald (Bunbury) sheet of the Treaty of Waitangi at Akaroa. He was a rangatira (chief) of Ngāti Rangiāmoa, the senior line of the Ngāi Tuahuriri section of the Ngāi Tahu iwi (tribe) wikau had a daughter who married the whaler James Robinson Clough, also known as Jimmy Robinson or Rapahina wikau was the main rangatira of 450 people living at Koukourarata (Port Levy) on Banks Peninsula. James Robinson Clough, also known as Jimmy Robinson, arrived at Akaroa several years before. He acted as interpreter for Whaler Captain Owen Stanley at the flag-raising of 1840, as Ngai Tahu delayed the signing at the request of the founder of the BNZ Johnny Jones and a member of the Pacific land grabbing Sydney Cartel, who then set about marrying his ships captains off to the Ngai Tahu chiefs (whose own act of conquest and rise from low slave class to powerful iwi had being possible via the muskets and ships which their European privateering partners had provided) as means of legitimising his own land claims.

Incidentally Robinson is also a solicitor for the Maori Land Office and chairs a Catholic based Holy Family Home for boys in Hastings in an identical role he held as chairman of the Board of St John of Good Health and the Disabilities Hospital Board in Halswell, after it was acquired from the Little Sisters of the Poor in the mid-1990s. Lee Robinson is also founding Trustee in Rainbow Children’s Trust he chaired from 1998 to 2003 Halberg Sport’s Foundation. In addition to chairing The Disability Sport Foundation Trust in Christchurch and the Akaroa Health Hub.

In 2007 Lee Robinson helped host VIP’s from Christchurch, Wellington and Akaroa who toasted The Global Party and The Akaroa Health Hub who had both joined the world’s largest invite-only VIP charity event “strictly for rich-listers”. The event held at the New Zealand Akaroa Winery was hosted by a former Tory party treasurer and hedge-fund king Lord Fink and his business partner, entrepreneur David Johnstone.

Fink & Johnstone catering for the very important people of Akaroa.
As Fink helps his mate Prince Charles diddle climate change for profit.

Johnstone who founded the Lifestyle Management company: the Savile Row of Tailor Made England claims to have organised over 300 (79 in fact) parties during his four and a half years as Managing Director, including the Super Car Rally of 2000 from London, Germany, Budapest, Vienna and Prague, and according to his own PR “an event at the Palace for the Queen’s 80th birthday”.

The UK duo told kiwis it aimed to host “lavish parties for the rich simultaneously around the world and raise millions for charity world wide”. Launched in 2011 at The Natural History Museum in London Global Party united the “luxury hospitality industry with thousands of invited VIP guests” in support of The Global Charity Trust and its hundreds of worldwide benefiting causes. Cause such as Boris Johnston’s Mayoralty Fund for underprivileged children.

Prior to the Epstein scandal Prince Andrew had drawn criticism over his relationship with Tory treasurer hedge fund king and self confessed tax dodger Lord Stanley Fink whose hedge fund Man Group is audited by KMPG.“Pitch@Palace appears to have been a vehicle for Prince Andrew to enrich himself at the cost of the hardworking entrepreneurs he claimed to be helping”. Pitch@Palace was asking for equity from firms that managed to win funding from the palace. The scheme itself had been funded by big business sponsors like Standard Chartered and Fink’s auditors KPMG.

Fink, who is CEO of the New Forrest Company East Africa, has an equally self serving approach to his conservtion work and has claimed the privatising of Mozambiques forest and water is alleviating, poverty in its host nations and combating climate change. Prime Minister Ngabonziza, Director General of Rwanda Water and Forestry Authority says “We started privatising state-owned forests, our assessment revealed that forests can be well-managed and maintained if they are privatised,”  However New Forest Company is accused separately by Oxfam of exploiting intimidating workers, displacing 22,000 indigenous tribes people and off scamming carbon credits in a virtual ponzi trade as they rorte the carbon trading scheme and climate loans get diverted to buy weapons. In schemes whose profits are then hidden in tax havens to maximise profits.

Some thing to think about retrospectively as you think about the privatisation of New Zealand Forrest and learn that on Friday 22nd November, the New Zealand Institute of Forestry hosted a small “round-table’ meeting with The Prince of Wales in Christchurch to discuss “opportunities” and challenges facing the forestry sector in New Zealand. Eleven forestry professionals; including the 2017, 2018 and 2019 recipients and dignitaries from Ngai Tahu met with The Prince of Wales Award for Sustainable Forestry met Prince Charles.

The discussion covered the challenges presented by climate change, pest and disease incursions and the need to strengthen the forestry sector’s social license to operate. The potential contribution of forestry to the New Zealand bio-economy along with the promising and varied career opportunities offered by the forestry sector, were identified as significant opportunities”. In April 2018 during his trip to Australia Charles also preached the notion of a blue economy to Corporate executives including Disney and Qantas “through which sustainable economic development is achieved via the wise use of ocean resources,” he said.

As to what that means resources wise?

In August 2019 at the Pacific Island Forum held in Tuvalu (Tokelau nearest neighbour) in August, Fijian Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama floated the idea that a 10-year moratorium, on seabed mining across the entire Pacific Ocean, take place to allow for ”sufficient” research into the likely biodiversity impacts. The bid was supported by Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea. It was opposed by the other member states including Australia, Cook Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, French Polynesia, Kiribati, Nauru, New Caledonia, Niue, Palau, Republic of Marshall Islands, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, New Zealand and Tokelau who just beame the beneficiary of 150 million dollars subsidiary from New Zealand that will allow then to build infrastructure to combat rising sea levels due to climate change. Coincidentally that infrastructure will also prove vital to the trillion dollar deep sea mining bonanza that the uber rich (who have the most to gain ) preach is the means of saving the planet and getting us to space. Tokelau who voted against the moratorium, New Zealand administrator is Ross Adern the former top cop who is father of NZ PM Jacinda Adern the communication expert (spin doctor) with a taste in Royal Jewellery ,who had her education part funded by the masonic lodge before going to work for UK’s PM Tony Blair along side former top cop and Mason Sir Ronnie Flanagan in relation to a review sparked by widespread public concern relating to police nepotism and the masonic lodges influence. .

Jacinda Adern at Buckingham Palace dressed in Royal Orange Purple decorated cloak lent to her by Chatham House.

Ross Adern was previously implicated in the Paradise Paper affair in 2017 in relation to donations made to National party . In a case which resulted in defamation case against former Labour leader Andrew Little which ultimately saw Little not guilty.

Not that made a difference to ultimate outcome of Jacinda’s rise to power, Labour not committing to its pre-election promise to walk away from the TPPA and the entrenchment of yet another Labour government committed to the values of the golden chalice of corporate neo-liberalism and global elitism. Yesterday Adern was committed to stopping the TPPA today she committed to saving the planet and preventing Climate Change.

In 2019 The Christchurch Press ran a report on properties brought with money laundered from UN affiliated fight climate change charity that was diverted to buy weapons.

It was reported the properties were co-owned by an individual named Nicola Frances Bell. Bell is sole shareholder of AJP Trustee Services and her registered address is the Merivale property. Bell is also a director of AJP Trustee Services with Anna Fox. AJP Trustee Services has a registered address at Christchurch law firm Saunders Robinson Brown (SBR), the firm who handled the Catholic Churches sexual abuse hush money, where Fox works as managing partner. Just like Ross Adern’s mates AJP get a mention in the Paradise Papers data base relating to Mossack Fonseca under the names

IncorporationJurisdictionLinked ToData From

The two firms inturn are connected to a maze of nominee companies apparently all set up as shelf companies for purpose unclear.

Anna’s bio states she previously spent three years in London, working in the finance department of Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, as well as in the in-house legal teams for Enron and its successor in the energy market, American Electric Power. Enron Corporation was an American energy, commodities, and services company based in Houston, Texas. Not mentioned Enron entered into bankruptcy after fraud on a biblical scale on December 3, 2001 due to colossal mismanagement, epic fraud and epidemic inside trading. All hidden behind a mountain of nominee companies set up to launder and hide transactions.

Anna is a member of several Christchurch organisations including;

  • Member of the Canterbury Women’s Legal Association
  • Former Chair of the Paparoa Street School Board of Trustees
  • Current Member of the Paparoa Street School Board of Trustees
  • Member of the New Zealand Law Society
  • Committee member of Christchurch branch of Women in Restructuring and Insolvency
  • Member of the Property Council.

Anna was admitted to the bar in 1998 after studying Law and Arts (Psychology) at the University of Otago where she would likely have also being a member of the Otago University alumni the OWLS (Otago Woman Lawyers Society)



Dilworth & the abuse by the sister and priest of Nazareth with it links to the rich and self entitled gas lighters with their back ground of private clubs and private schools dripping in pomp ceremony (that in itself is cultish), who pose as charitable philaptrophy bring us full circle. To an enitre industry of private schools that have not only being knee deep in abuse but formed a net worker of abuser with common past and common secrets they alone share. A kind of Stockholm syndrome, or brain washing, where affection starved young men came to associate violence and humilation as good for them and a form of love that was for their own good.

Type in “private school – uk sexual abuse – ritual” and over six million hits come up in common Google searches. The range of ritual abuses is so insitutionalised, in these gated charter school, it has become normalised to include such practices as Fagging, Hazing a form of legitimised sexual assault and in certain case would include bestiality such as PigGate which alleged (which Cameron refuse to refute) ,in 2015 how former British Prime Minister David Cameron inserted his penis and/or testicles into a dead pig as part of his initiation ceremony into Oxford’s Piers Gaveston Society. Pier’s did not deny such event happen at their society balls and Cameron attended their parties theysimply claimed Cameron was not a member.  


Cameron’s case was not just sexual abuse but forced bonding via degrading acts being a form of blackmail. School sport iniation have again long being used to legitimised sexual assault, encourage mysogeny with drug and alchohol based costume parties (designed to sexualise woman guest as play things) resulting in cases like ‘Roast Busters seeing private school boys (including the son of senior police officer) drug, rape young women. The self entitled offenders then boasting on social media of their crimes seemingly unaware they had commited a major crime orcould beheld acountable.

Other form of realatively normalised peer abuse and bullying include common stories of brooms up the anus or ‘Deep Heat’ rubbed into the victim’s balls or anus where just seen as boys being boys for decades even when the play included serious case of sexual abuse and rape (such as Roast Busters). Often this form of institutionalised abuse came with some form of pomp, or costume roleplay, where by some how going through these ‘traditions’ made the abuse okay and or conveyed a false impression that the victim some how consented by taking part in the roleplay even when the their participation was forced or coerced. Jean La Fontaine, emeritus professor of social anthropology at the London School of Economics, findings into abuse in schools showed three of 84 cases examined used ritual where the offender convinced their victim they had satanic or magic powers as a form of subtefuge to manipulate victims into having sex or keeping silent after being abused. As case like Dinceworth show actual full blown sexual abuse was rare. However the sexual abuse would be surrounded by a larger ring of non sexual assaults by offenders (or their supporters) were surronded in turn by an normalised climate of fear, bullying and violence by pupils and staff alike.

In this environment instituions became legitmised accepted breeding and grooming grounds for future leaders breed not to ask questions of authority, to look the other way, who were encouraged to lack empaty empaty for tose deemed lesser. It encouraged a sense of narcism and self entitlement were lie deceptions and and manipulation became the way to the top as the scene in the episode of Elementary title Rat Race notes as CEO adress Sherlock Holmes teory teiris a killer amonga corporations board ofirectors “You think there’s a sociopath working for us? Let me let you in on a little secret, Mr. Holmes. We’re all sociopaths”. Its not satanic but its certainly evil and form of societal abuse which has ultimately always being their and is part of the wider part of class indoctrination and control used to keep the status quo ticking over regardless of how much this factor and the true damage caused by ‘satanic’ rital abuse is down played or paradoxically sensationalised and trumpised. For the true source and impact of this ‘black magic’ is trivalised and so badly misunderstood by both critics of and supporters of the ‘satanic’ sexual abuse allegations.


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