New Zealand’s space-related activity should be for peaceful purposes, but that is not the case.

Rocket Lab Monitor’ is a watch group that focuses on information collection and education about Rocket Lab and the space sector in Aotearoa – making sure information is factual and can be easily shared with anyone concerned. We aim to build awareness not only of Rocket Lab activity, but New Zealand government policy and decision-making on launches.

Underpinning aerospace activity in Aotearoa is government space policy. Whānau, hapū, iwi and all New Zealand citizens have an interest in this kaupapa.

This watch group is formed and led by wahine Māori connected to Mahia. In our coming together we have found supporters with similar questions. Our aim is to uphold Kaitiakitanga through seeking and sharing knowledge as well as uplifting local voices on the issues at stake.

Lockheed Martin is a shareholder of Rocket Lab and the largest weapons contractor in the world. The corporation makes profits for shareholders by supplying arms to Saudi Arabia and a host of other repressive regimes around the world.

While the company tries to hide behind government regulations that enable sales to countries like Saudi Arabia, it also helps write the rules by spending millions every year employing dozens of lobbyists to influence legislation and regulations.

Rocket Lab USA is incorporated as a company in Delaware, a state notorious for protecting the identity of company shareholders. Venture capital funds are investors in Rocket Lab and New Zealand’s public health insurer ACC (2018) and Sir Stephen Tindall’s K1W1 fund (2017) have also invested with Sir Stephen calling the company ‘inspirational‘ in 2018.


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