South Island Need to be on ALERT due to the Hilurangi Factor

South Island (especially Kaikoura) and Wellington need to be alert as well for current Tsunami Warning underway.

The subduction margin adjacent to the Raukumara Peninsula is characterised by tectonic
erosion and seamount subduction. GPS studies imply that the subduction interface is weakly
coupled here, though this is probably a reflection of strong coupling at localised asperities
(probably related to subducted seamounts) surrounded by uncoupled areas where the plate
interface is lubricated by fluids. This environment has been associated with “tsunami
earthquakes”, characterised by efficient tsunami generation and relatively weak earthquake
shaking. Our modelling of the 1947 Gisborne earthquakes reproduces the observed tsunami
distribution with sufficient accuracy to infer that these events were probably of the “tsunami
earthquake” type.

Facts About the Hikurangi Subduction Zoe

The current wave characterised by two event of note within past ten days.

Whale strandings in Golden bay & Indonesia and semsic activity. +42 whales die Golden Bay 45 Alive today. 56 whales died Indonesia other pushed away yesterday. Indonesia Mass dolphin stranding Triangle remains active.

Activity at mayor Island and East cost with two earthquakes in past 24 hours and three tsunami warnings in past three weeks with a 7.7 in early Feb sparking a waring lter cancelled.

No description available.

No description available.

Severe weather warning issued 4 Northland East coast N.I With Tsunami risk – So even no wave should expect flooding later on. Good news wave hit east coast at low tide so should minimise risk of wave trigger tsunami.

Update warning of Tsunami Risk extended to South Land West Coast (North & South Island) & Kaikoura due to marine and tidal action and weather forecast.


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