The Hunger Games – “The Orc Have Being Let Out To Play”.

I have being thinking of COVID and the Biowarfare accusations lately in the context of wider contemporary historic events.

The issue of whether Covid is Lab based is still up in the air. As the WHO investigation include Peter Dazansk as an inspector despite his ties to the Wuhan Lb and the Department of Defence/USAID (The CIA mate in actual covert bioweapons deployment since the 1970’s) deliver the line Labs not likely but we still have no other information on what might have caused so lets stick with the idea that it was bats as issued by one of those people im investigating (who just happens to be a friend and colleague) with a shred of proof.

Alina Chan Molecular biologist who is among a growing body of scientist who are dumb struck by the misinformation coming from Peter Danzak the lead investigator in the WHO study if where Covid originated from — The RaTG13 virus shares a 96,2 sequence identity with SARS-CoV-2. It was collected from Rhinolophus affinis an abandoned mineshaft in 2013 after several miners contracted a mysterious lung disease. Daszak claims this data has not being touched in years Chan proved this untrue.

Daszak told the Sunday Times that RaTG13 had just been sitting in a WIV freezer for seven years with nobody taking any interest in it before the pandemic broke out. Harvard molecular scientist Alina Chan has shown there’s evidence from an online database that RaTG13 was accessed at WIV repeatedly in 2017 and 2018, even though Daszak had told the Sunday Times that nobody at the WIV “went back to that sample” from 2013 until 2020, or maybe the end of 2019, when they “tried to get full genome sequencing”. It was that sequence that was then published in the journal Nature, showing it to be 96.2% identical to SARS-COV-2. In fact, after the evidence emerged that RaTG13 was being accessed at the WIV in 2017 and 2018, Shi Zhengli admitted in a Q&A with Science magazine that her WIV team had fully sequenced the most closely related virus genome to SARS-COV-2 back in 2018, i.e. well before the start of the pandemic and not after it had begun, as Daszak had claimed. Such sequencing can, of course, lead on to experimentation.

Biowarfare is emerging in the 21st century and posing a risk to the global stage in manner that nuclear weapons never have. Capable of attacking not just human but economies and food crops biowarfare, which in the USA alone has more than 13,000 ‘death scientist’ working on biowarfare weapons, offers a cheap means to confront rivals in a manner where the source of the attack and it originator remains uncertain with out exposing the protagonist to the risk of mutual assured destruction offered by nuclear weapons. Biowarfare offers states and even NGOs a tactical option to compete for dwindling resources, far more tempting and accessible than the nuclear strategic tools, while offering the same psychological power of inducing terror in the wider public that traditional nuclear weapons have offered. Examination of their use, development and emergence on the arms black market menu list reveal mutually an increased willingness to deploy such product as tools used to fight proxy wars between super powers and

What is not unclear if you forget for a second what caused Covid (and its not the purpose of this article to play arm chair detective and claim a certainty n Covid origins) is just how evil and toxic this industry is. How at odds this industry very existence is in age where humanity denounces climate change, fossil fuel and social injustice and yet says nothing about the rampant and growing scale of this industry whose goals are dedicated to inducing wide spread agonizing death.

And this got me thinking about remark made by David Bellamy on Catherine Ryans Nine to Noon “the orcs have being allowed to play” that has not left my head since I heard it commenting on the death of Bellamys close friend Weapons of Weapons of Mass Destruction inspector Professor David Kelly.

This on top of correctly fore casting that Syria would have false Chemical weapons event – combined with the flipped reality when you read the actual UN inspectors report (as leaked by Wikileaks) on Syria and then hear the corporate news (totally opposite realities). The UN report largely points to a deliberate attempt to frame Syria ala Iraq.

The Syria case follows the murder currently blamed on Putin backed operatives in a town however 5km away from Porton Down the facility Kelly worked at and where the same chemical agents used in Syria were stocked.

Since 2005 numerous stories have emerged of molecular scientist (uslly with specialist in Viral hemorrhagic (hem-uh-RAJ-ik) fevers are infectious diseases that can cause severe, life-threatening illness. Its a story I have followed from the start. In about 20% of case the cases are no where near dramatic as headline first suggest once you ddep dive. 30% remain inconclusive and yet over 50% of these murders are clearly connected to their work or the subject of state sanctioned cover up such as Kelly’s murder. Combine this with increasing case of controversial (in the context of who pulled the trigger) use of biological and chemical weapons then Bellamy’s remark of the orcs being allowed to play seems very much on the money

Kelly who was murdered (despite pathetic state attempt to suggest he was a suicide victim) is among over 100 scientists directly linked to biowarfare industry who have died since the 2000’s in highly controversial circumstance. Some of those case are debatable (people do die) others are however clearly orchestrated assassinations

The Iraq situation clearly shows the extreme levels at which the hawks will go to trigger a war – the literal planting of false evidence. And its happening with increasing frequency even though the Corporate media seem unwilling or unmotivated to learn the lesson that fabricated intelligence that lead to the second gulf war and was then replicated in Syria (see UN wiki leak inspector report).

Worryingly the same ‘pick up line’ line used to send thousands to war and spend trillions used in Iraq, that was then attempted again in Syria (as month earlier it was revealed the department of Defence was training Islamic jihadists in chemical weapons), is now being replicated and pushed by NATO then led by anti China Hawk NATO General James Jones (Obama National Security Adviser whose driver Staff Sargent Maatje Benassi*, an armed diplomatic driver Maatji Benassi a cyclist who was in Wuhan in October and based at Fort Belvoir*2 is tied directly to the US military personnel accused by China of bringing the virus to China – and whose health record the US refuses to release).

In 2015 The Guardian reported that staff at Porton Down had being warned the Islamic terrorist group Isis planned to use weaponised Ebola. A deeper dive shows the information (which Porton down scientist as you read later into the article dismiss) in fact originated from information provided to Intelligence officer from Czechoslovakia by an allied intelligence service which emerged in 2014 two years after it was revealed the US was training pro Syrian Isis militia in Chemical weapons. In light of the Czechoslovakian 9/11 Mohammed Atta story one can only guess at whose the Czechoslovakian source now disseminated in media circles (despite being deemed scientifically of little feasibility) and accepted as blindly as true as the corporate media handling of the Iraqi and Syrian misinformation.

1 *Fort Belvoir is where Chinese official maintain the Covid came from after the USA’s first patient emerged as a US marine who had being serving overseas (but not in China) and is in the same are US bases suffered ‘respiratory issues” due to black mold and three retirement homes connected to the military experienced deaths due to a mystery influenza like death. Its also where The Department of defence processed Vaccination including Sars, Marsburg and Eboloa and Aid sent for deployment to Africa as part of the USAID via Merck. Its know the 2019 production was rushed and quality controls lack due to Merck having deliver a bulk package of vaccine for processing s they attempted to play catch up as result of bullion dollar cyber hack (resulting in market speculation and possible case of inside trading by those with the skill set to overcome Merck security protocols and exploit the specific market fluctuation the hack caused) to their production line in 2017. The US continues to release the health records of athlete’s who attended the wuhan games

Geospatial mapping support the idea the virus hit China in October after the wuhan games but in line with known incubation of the vius

It has also being alleged Benassi and other drivers tied to Jones private Cyber security firm Dynology also had connection with US companies doing biological work in Wuhan.

Accessing this information, for the purpose of authenticating or rejecting the claims concerning Dynology ties to Wuahn biowarfare, first made by journalist Sam Webb and its links to the other stolen and sold biowarfare and cyber technologies, such the software Pegasus however has proved impossible due to online censorship which permits you review corporate media rejection of Webb claims with out providing access to Webb’s actual allegations so you can check the rejection of webb work your self.

But it know secret that Pegasus was indeed a cyberwarfare invention which has ended up on the back market for sale to the highest bidder. Its now being used by numerous government to assassinate and detained activist and enemies of global organised crime syndicates (in addition to manipulation social media for election campaign purpose via the dissemination of fake news and information dominate techniques) since the Israeli version ended up on the black market. Mean while as athlete who attended the game emerge in Luxembourg, Spain, France and Italy as having suffered Covid 19 like symptoms pre December it seem odd when so much is on the line that the USA wont provide Benassi and the other US athletes data.

Image result for powell anthrax 9/11
US Secretary of State Colin Powell insist the 911 terrorist were planning to use Anthrax – once the Federation of American scientist Debunked that story it vanished from the headline with no critic on Powell intelligence – ultimately the West went to war with Iraq on further intelligence accepted by the corporate media (despite the Athrax Fiasco) which like wise proved fabricated.

This idea leaked biological warfare agent can be linked back to a rogue US military fractions can be further replicated by the 2001 Anthrax case which was failed attempt to link Iraq to terrorism and used to justify the US invasion of Iraq.

It failed because the prestigious institute the Federation of American Scientist outed the Anthrax as being traced back to Fort Detricks. Detricks is the chemical biological warfare research facility closed down in 2019 due to excess failures and other reason which remain classified under the official secrecy act.

Detrick has long being at the centre of biowarfare dirty secrets dark and sinister history extends back to the seventies and like other facilities like Plum Island was involved in numerous bioweapons research test of extremely illegal and immoral nature (Well worth reading the Sunshine project which highlights many of the extensive abuses). Often overlooked is the initial line used to convince the public the 9/11 terrorists of 2001 also planned to use Anthrax.

The published first reported in Jane Intelligence that the chief 9/11 terrorist Mohammed Atta was observed in Czechoslovakia meeting with a Iraqi colonel who provided the terrorist with Anthrax. That story emerged (with out supporting documentation) as the identification of Atta as tracing back to an Israeli who identified the 9/11 terrorist as Atta for the NATO allies.

A smoking gun which demonstrates that contrary to the official narrative Mohammed Atta was known to the intelligence community before 9/11 and that Israel chose to use his name to push the idea of a biological terror attack BEFORE the events of 9/11.

The FAS continue to dispute the FBI investigation of Fort Detricks which pushes the idea the man responsible Bruce Edwards Ivins, who allegedly committed suicide. As the FAS note how the FBI case has continuously altered it version of events as the FAS continues to debunk the official narrative using science and documented data instead. Scientific America calling the FBI case “seriously flawed”

Fort Detrick can also been linked to “Operation White Coats” over seen by Dr Robert Shope, (son of bio-warfare expert Richard Shope, the first person to identify the Swine Flu in combination with his partner William Smith, the scientist responsible for isolating a variant of the avian influenza (WS33) that was identified as responsible for the 1918 Influenza). Operation White Coat is believed to have been responsible for the wide spread of Lymes disease and the Lone Star tick in 1976, the same year soldiers came down with swine flu in the USA.

Another Fort Detrick Program was Project 112 which in the 1970’s resulted in more than 6000 soldiers being used as guinea pigs for a host of biological agents. Projects 112’s known advisory personnel include Colonel  Dr Donald Burke.

Burke and Shope where both NZ government appointed reviewers who lobbied for the release of the Rabbit Calici Virus in NZ in 1997 after it escaped a BSL facility in Wardang Island in South Australia in 1995.*

*1 Shope top left, Burke right, Wardang Island centre 1995; Rabbit calicivirus disease (RCD) breaks out of Shope’s Level 4 Biohazard lab swims six hundred miles to mainland Australia where it then buys a ticket and makes it way to grateful farmer in Otago -er yeah right. Calci virus rejected after world leading virologist Dr Alvin Smith says to NZ don’t bring the Rabbit haemorrhagic disease based disease in as is a specie jumper as lethal as Ebola. Smith critiques the panel made up of largely biowarfare specialist for not having a single virologist in its ranks. The virus emerges any way after the legend (deiminated via corporate media accepting the claim at face value) is told farmers smuggled it into to NZ. Withstanding there is not one bit of proof to back up this wide spread myth no gene sequence of the NZ variant of Calicivrus has being ever released to the public which would ID the NZ variants origins. Meanwhile the Detroit Journal of Medical of Health claims farmers contacted by Ministry of Foreign Affairs who left samples under a bridge. The subsequent report into the release, called the Rabbit Calicivirus the biosecurity fiasco, is shelved by the panel of pharmaceutical funded specialist and private sector biosecurity the government hand picks to investigate the event.
Despite Smith warning further variants appeared in NZ in May 2018 (know one knows how they got here) for pest control after the initial strains faded out and fails to control the rabbit population

Facilities linked to Dr Shope Donald Burke reviewers on the 1995 Calicivirus panel along with involve from the Ministry of Health at the time Dr Alexander Kouzminov the former KGB bioweapons who defected and end up in managing Hamilton Waters infrastructure (when he not hanging with Russian mobster linked to attempt to hack NZ police computers) became the New Zealand Ministry of Health leading zoonotics specialist.

Kouzminov in his book ‘Biological warfare’ states biological agents are being tested and used on civilian population all the time.

One example of this which can not be disputed in the 1976 use of Anthrax and Eboloa (which Kouzminov obsess about with a particular focus on it role as a Chimera virus – that is a cock tail mix of virus that not only is vaccine resistant but which attempt at vaccination will only produce further chimerian strains) in South Africa and Rhodesian government by the apartheid based governments with the assistance of US Israeli and Western governments (including those at Fort Detricks the now shut down facility which went rogue).

The emergence of Ebola in 2015 in Africa was normal enough. Except on this occasion it involved the never before seen emergence of two strains striking three nation simultaneously.

In each case of the outbreak ground zero emerged as WHO facilities where vaccinations using the same USAID Defence department funded agencies emerged supported by implausible (to those who know how pathogen and their vector work) background stories big on hearsay non existent in terms of providing supporting documentation for ideas simply accepted by the corporate media at face value.

The promoter of these accepted but implausible ideas concerning bats and bush meat would emerge as the WHO current lead investigator regarding the origins of where Covid came from Peter Dazansk. Facts which adds to the belief held by the like of Harvard’s Professor Francis Boyle (chief architect of the Bus administration treaty on biological warfare) that the Ebola outbreak it self was not an accident.

Is Boyle correct?

I reached many of Boyle conclusions myself independently before I interviewed in 2015 myself. However I think when we consider the role played by Dazanks in Ebola & Covid, the role played by corporate media in simply accepting claims (which suit the agenda of their networks share holders) at face value in Syria and Iraq, the emergence in so many cases of the same names and institutions in relation to established lies and misinformation the idea that disease prevention has being militarised and the orcs have being let out to play is a reality which perhaps we need to accept as increasingly the danger posed pandemics seem to be an idea which the biowarfare industry seems bent on making a self for filling reality. And if nothing else the origins of Covid (whatever they may be) has ripped on the curtain on the toxicity of the biowarfare industry and the need for a media who does not simply accept the self serving claims of a pharmaceutical industry deeply embeded into the goals of the military industrial complex – blood thirsty orcs who to date have fuelled in the name of profit (not national security) the wars which have led to Iraq, Afghanistan and Syrian resulted in the death of millions (considered expendable collateral) in conflicts in which truth is the first casualty.

Correction: refiled “Kelly who was murdered (despite pathetic state attempt to suggest he was a suicide victim) is among over 100 scientists directly linked to biowarfare industry who have died since the 2000’s in highly controversial circumstance. Some of those case are debatable (people do die) others are however clearly orchestrated” In the original edit we got this wrong and said a 1000.


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