Despite not having found ground zero (essential to identifying the genetic sequence code of the virus – essential to making a vaccine with effective efficacy) the pharmaceutical con job of bad science marches on.

A wave of ignorance aided by corporate media chasing revenue dollars, uneducated neo-liberal chat show host chasing their lucrative salaries (sponsored by ….), academia chasing research dollars and other minions of the pharmaceutical industry gravy train which most certainly is about profit and not public safety what ever the politicians and marketing zampolits insist.

In unison they chant “roll out the vaccine. Just jab us” while ignoring the fundamental corner stone of any effective vaccine manufacturing;


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Read the following three paragraphs to comprehend just how important identifying the source of the out break is if your going to go down the road of using vaccination to counter an outbreak.

“Finding the origin of an outbreak was vital, he said, not just for wider scientific understanding, but also to stop it emerging again” – Covid: Wuhan scientist would ‘welcome’ visit probing lab leak theory By John Sudworth BBC News, Yunnan 21 December 2020).

“Vaccines are critical public health interventions because they prevent disease at population level, both protecting vaccinated individuals and curbing community transmission. That important aim, however, occurs only if the approved vaccine works well—an outcome now being chipped away at in the race for first marketing approval. Whether in Russia, where authorities announced approval of a vaccine without accompanying data, or in the US, with “Operation Warp Speed,” vaccine developers and health authorities are now favouring speed over robust evidence of effectiveness and public health impact, constructing a narrative that anything is better than nothing, and lowering the bar on what constitutes a safe, effective, and useful vaccine”. ‘The rush to create a covid-19 vaccine may do more harm than good’ BMJ 2020; 3

“Scientists use information from the genome of the virus to create a blueprint of select antigens. The blueprint is made of DNA or RNA—molecules that hold genetic instructions. The researchers then inject the DNA or RNA into human cells. The cell’s machinery uses the instructions to make virus antigens that the immune system reacts to”. Scientific America

This last article quoted however also cheers for genetic engineering to replace slower organic means of cell cultivation. Yet fails to address the longer term impact GE vaccines ( atopic now banned on Face book – along with the idea nutrition helps out immune system) may have on the human guinea pig after shooting up these rushed out variant made with the protection from prosecution.

Legal protections given to the very same big pharma companies in the gun only a year ago (facing ten billion dollar law suits) for over aggressively marketing lethal pain killers. Products which killed tens of thousands.

As of October 16, 2020 Principia Scientific report of 20 institutions approached 19 institutions indicated that they searched their records and found none (authored by anyone, anywhere, ever) describing the isolation of a “SARS-COV-2 virus” from an unadulterated sample taken from a diseased patient. This is despite just how essential this is in making a vaccine which will have a high level of efficacy.


In Africa opposition to these issues is high and labbled by western media as as vaccine scepticism. A term pasty neo-liberal white chat show host use as they shake their hands at those ignorant black Africans for being slow to adopt the benefit of modern white man medicine. Yes will I would be sceptical too is I had put up with 200 year of colonial bullshit that continues to this day.

Image result for PROJECT COAST documents biowarfare

Especially when it includes big pharma using these African countries (at time in partnership with the apartheid based South African and Rhodesian regime of the 1970’s ad 1980’s – who at one point developed a sterility drug under the guise of a public health vaccination program) as genetic guinea pigs.

Among the components developed under Apartheid South Africa’s Project Coast, the United States co-operated and sent Marburg and Ebola fever viruses.

A report titled The Rollback of South Africa’s Chemical and Biological Warfare Program,” published in 2001 by Dr. Stephen F. Burgess, a professor of the Department of International Security Studies, US Air War College, and Helen E. Purkitt, a professor of international relations at the U.S. Naval Academy, states that back in 1984, the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) shipped eight tubes with Ebola and Marburg strains to South Africa as the CIA and MI6 were informed about Project Coast goals along with senior officials in the George Bush Margaret Thatcher administrations as well. Africa’s original Ebola outbreak of the 1976 can be traced back to the same program run by white African states aimed at destabilising black African nations economies.

Africa not only gets used on a routine basis as lab rats they also get charged for the privilege (vaccine on average cost African states twice the price of clients in first world nations) as first world foreign policy aimed at disrupting their economies and food production get marketd as aid programs.

Starving the third world was and is an actual fact of US Foreign Policy as the 1974 declassified National Security memo by one of today leading architects to the Covid 19 response the pro apartheid Dr Henry Kissinger (also the basis of the villain in the 1972 comedy tragedy Arthur Kostler novel depopulation The Call Girls) demonstrates; “Growing populations will have a serious impact on the need for food especially in the poorest, fastest growing LDCs”.

The UNFP own Chief David Besley warns Covid restriction has resulted in 270 million dying of starvation in the third world – which he identifies directly as a deliberate weapon of war. Restriction, whose effectiveness have being raised by the WHO question – to counter concerns caused by the million death largely in the developed world.

Covid 19 restrictions and the methodology of lockdown are causing starvation on biblical level as the first world bleats on about about a need to rush out a vaccine, despite their not having being an actual case of the covid genome sequence being isolated and identified.

Yet these same parties (western big pharma representatives acting in support of Chinese US corporate controlled agencies like the WHO ) collectively refuse to identify the source of the outbreak [ground zero]. A core fact in the crime scene which is essential for that very work to not just be effective but prevent potentially an even more vicious outbreak if vaccination become contaminated. Folks this is basic vaccine manufacturing 101 and yet the rule book is simply getting tossed out the window and science ignored by those who should know better which is bizarre to say the less.

My own personal feeling is that reluctance to ID ground zero is becuase Covid increasingly looks like a case of corporate based vaccine contamination.

A fact which if proved would cause not only billions in law suits and litigation but see the back of the wealthiest corporation (who have more power than states) on the globe destroyed along with economies of the nations they serve.

Shi Zhengli (center) and Peter Daszak (far right). (Emerging Viruses Group photo) Close friend and colleague prior to Daszak being sent to investigate his friend and business partner.

So NO its probably not made in a lab in Wuhan (and certainly not triggered by frigging bats) but yes it is probably linked to work involving the same parties (now sent to investigate them selves) who have proven quick to distance any critic of the nature of their work. Muuch of which is funded largely by the US Defence Department and private sector which in the USA alone counts for 13,000 “death scientists” in 400 laboratories, in the U.S. and abroad alone, being employed to make new strains of offensive killer germs that will be resistant to vaccines.

Not just resistant but in which attempted vaccination will serve to simply make the virus even more lethal.

In 2006, the National Institutes of Health in 2006 received $120 million from Congress to fight flu. By contrast, Congress gave NIH $1.76 billion for “biodefense,” even though the anthrax terror attack in 2001 killed just five persons. America’s not alone in recognising the dollar value of the rapidly emerging biowarfare industry, that hides under the skirt of the publicly more acceptable brand of disease prevention. In July 2020 China and Pakistan are reported in having allegedly entered a “secret three-year deal” to expand potential bio-warfare capabilities, in deal worth billions using the same Lab in Wuhan at the centre of the Covid 19 controversy, according to an Australia based investigative journalist Anthony Klan.

The reluctance of China Wuhan Lab to share the raw data (which the investigators, who are mates of theirs, are not making a big fuss about) can be viewed in three ways;

  1. The data is potentially worth trillions on the open market.
  2. This about containing leaks but its also about saving face and prevents the world from finding out what China it self does not know.
  3. In Wuhans case it dispatched biowarfare specialist Major General Wei to Wuhan with the tasks of “diagnose” and containment of the Coronavirus outbreak. Wei’s experience with Coronaviruses dates back to the 2003 SARS outbreak, and she has also previously worked on the Bacillus anthracis strain that causes anthrax. Wei is called, ‘the terminator of Ebola’ for her work in containing the Ebola virus which according to Professor Francis Boyle, Harvard’s leading expert on Biowarfare treaties, when I interviewed him in 2015 showed hall mark signs of biowarfare experiment in Africa that had gone wrong.
Image result for Major General Wei

Before dismissing that claim its worth noting Wei speciality is not just pathogens but is specifically biowarfare and she was deployed after the outbreak, notably after the possibility the virus was a biowarfare agent was raised, becuase of those specific expertise.

There are certainly those in China with better outbreak qualification than Wei but few would have her expertise in actual biowarfare agents.

There is zero doubt in Ebolas case the virus emerged in all three cases (as the disease two strains emerged simultaneously – yet another red flag this was not natural) at WHO hospitals — as the alleged bats for all three outbreaks divided by thousands of miles (even though bat fly no further than 80km making that wide spread and simply accepted as gospel idea absolute bullshit) were never presented. And again the alleged source of the outbreak is accpeted even though it only hearsay.

That is its a theory unsupported with actual data which is simply accepted, at face value with out supporting documentation, by those with vested interest in deflecting attention away from any artificial components (man made) the virus might hold. As mean while like wise obvious holes in the vector transmission tale go unquestioned.

In many ways replicating the cover stories and propaganda used by previous covert use of pathogen on civilian population such as biowarfare unit 731, Kwantung Army Epidemic Prevention And Water Supply Department, who targeted the civilians of occupied China with bioweapons under the guise of being disease prevention authorities stamping out a disease caused by wild bats in WWII.

The World Health Organization (states that the 2015 Ebola outbreak in West Africa is the largest and most complex since the detection of the virus in 1976.

Nor is there any doubt that the African Ebola research was US defence funded by the same parties under the gun now.

Even though online there has being sever attempts to distance both the US funding of this Ebola research and the role played by the US African Southern Command (which America subject zero a US marine based in Virgina Washington DC belonged too) with this research as will.

3. China is not immune from the power of pharmaceutical lobby groups and it fate is like wise tied up in the fate of such conglomerates. Its vaccine sales generate around $US 9 billion annually. In addition the geopolitical outcomes of the pathogen (cause aside) in terms of impact on the third world benefits China as much as it does the USA. Potentially the economic disruption caused by Covid 19 serves China better in the context its citizen don’t have the same consumer demands as the West. Therefore China is better fitted to ride out any economic disruption causes by the virus than the West is.

I am guessing (and yes its just a guess) the outbreak was not based in China originally but caused during the Merck mass role out of USAID vaccine for SARS, EBOLA, and other pathogens made at US Army bases in Virgina Washington in July 2019. During which Merck production line was rushed, quality control cut, as Merck played catch up after suffering a cyber hack to production lines in 2017.

2013: USAFRICOM combines program efforts forming the Disaster Preparedness Program. NORTHERN AFRICA. Egypt. Morocco : DoD partners with USAID in pandemic preparedness programming in Africa. WESTERN AFRICA. Benin. Burkina Faso. Ghana. Liberia. Mali. Nigeria. Togo. Senegal : USAFRICOM, with concurrence of USAID/OFDA, develops disaster preparedness program in support of African Partner Nations. EASTERN AFRICA. Burundi. Ethiopia. Kenya. Rwanda. Tanzania/Zanzibar. Uganda. Strategic Objectives: Assist Partner Nations in preparing and responding to crisis. Strengthen defense capabilities to support civil-military disaster management and emergency response. Enhance civil-military coordination in disaster preparedness and response. The new DPP activity will focus on bringing West African countries up to a basic level of preparedness for disaster management, including natural disasters and pandemic outbreaks.

The arrival of these vaccines, part of the USAFRICOM USAID deployment to US bases, was followed by respiratory problem at those bases including Fort Belvoir followed by deaths by a mysterious influenzas disease in three retirement homes in the same state used by veterans and families of those who served in the military.

We know patient zero in the USA case had not being China at the time of the December announcement but had being deployed as part of the African command to a US base located outside the USA (in addition to having contact with solider who competed in the Wuhan military games held in August and where athletes from Luxemborg, Spain, France and the Netherlands later experiencing covid like symptoms prior to the Dec Wuhan official outbreak) .

The epidemiology of my guess at less has less holes than now entirely debunked but yet still wide reported Panagoda myth spread by Wuhan “Batwoman’ Dr Shi Zhengli and her associate and close friend Dr Peter Daszak of the USAID Department of Defence funded Eco Alliance (who has then being sent to investigate Shi and himself).

All of which makes me wonder if in fact were dealing with a chimera as. That is the Covid variant is in fact two viruses who have come in contact with each other and merged into a new variant with the capability to mutate and merge with other pathogens it comes in contact with.

If so things are going to get interesting quickly when those getting the vaccine in Africa nation of Democratic Republic of Congo and Guinea, currently experiencing simultaneous outbreaks of Ebola, come in contact with those vaccinated with Covid 19. Using a vaccine made without having first isolated the virus gene sequence and thus making the vaccine not vehicle of public safety but vehicle for rampant pathogen transmission. One in which each new variant of the virus replicate as it comes in contact with other virus or antigens. That the 2015 variant of Ebola is it self suspected of being a Chimera only adds to the explosiveness of the situation as we rush to push vaccines produced with out any knowledge of the diseases actual origins.


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