UK top medical experts cant rule out Lab as source of Covid 19 & even if they do we should still be worried.

Ben Vidgen

The Lancet Commission, has declared “the evidence to date supports the view” that covid-19 “is a naturally occurring virus rather than the result of laboratory creation and release.” But the commission says, “The possibility of laboratory involvement in the origins of the pandemic should be examined with scientific rigour and thoroughness, and with open scientific collaboration.”
The story first covered in the Washington Post goes on to admit the Wuhan Fish market is just a theory while still omitting the key detail that we now know we have athletes from the September military games with Covid pre December in Luxembourg, Spain, France Italy and Germany.

Marine tests positive for coronavirus at Virginia army base

We also know the USA subject zero was a military solider from Fort Belvoir posted overseas. My research showed the Virginia based solider had being posted not to China as was the assumption but to Diego Garcia the transit point for US vaccines shipments to Africa part of the US AID programme.

Jefferey Jaxen is an independent, open source investigative journalist and  researcher

Further investigation shows the US army handled a mass shipment of a variety of vaccines that were rushed (due to Merck need to catch up after a 2017 cyber hack derailed production) and stored in USA military based including Fort Belvoire over summer with improper quality controls.

Further investigation of Virginia in July show several retirement homes, including Greenspring, were the family of military personnel and retired military live suffered a fatal covid like disease in July while Fort Belvoire experience an out break of respiratory issues allegedly cause by black mold. The last one is I admit is a bow drawn to long but never the less its odd how Belvoire and respiratory issues seem to go hand and foot.

Meanwhile epidemiology traces Covid back to military personnel at Fort Belvoire as independently George Webb (the journalist who started the Lab conspiracy theory) pointed the finger at athletes at Fort Belvoir in Virginia who attended the military games in Wuhan.

That the outbreak had a common military connection globally and that Fort Belvoire and military ties in Virginia kept reoccurring in relation to respiratory issue leaves me too wonder if the cause was NOT deliberate but a cross containment issue not one made in a lab perse but one assessed by aid program rushed with poor quality controls i.e., the US shipment being prepared at Fort Belvoire.

How will the COVID-19 pandemic affect the livestock industry? - Zootecnica  International

Its no secret that industrial farming (were vaccine cross contamination is common) and lab research were probable contributing factors in the Bird Flu and the 2009 Swine Flu cases (The first was discovered case in a North Carolina factory farm in 1998) . Ironically an epidemic of African swine fever (ASF), which is now devastated pig farming in Asia, is currently spreading into Europe and could soon become a threat to the global pig population and could get worse if a vaccine is rushed, say researchers. An issue really not being discussed as the rush for Covid 19 vaccine is whooped on by media commentators who seem to have forgotten the above case contribution to the risk of pandemics. And at the very less the investigation of labs involved in this sort production demonstrated just how hazard prone these labs are with vials going missing, being stolen or suffering accident on a horrendous scale. That industrial and state espionage was rife in this sector adding its own hazards to an already lethal process. No wonder the industry itself was quick to pour scorn and backed the now debunked fish-market idea.

The Washington Post article gives the most honest and balanced summary I have seen to date.
And that states the pure facts that

A) No one knows the origins of the virus
B) A lab source seem unlikely but can’t be ruled out without an independent investigation
C) Its imperative we no the source if we are are to succeed against this virus.

And in the last case that means this knowledge is vital if we are to build a vaccines that wont end up doing more harm than good.

And along the way if its discovered the virus originated from another source we shall still have learned alot bout the labs that deal in pathogens that should worry us all.

Just a few example of real life ‘Plague Dog’ Lab hazards and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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