TPPA Intellectual Property Laws Medicinal Cannabis & What the Machiavellian scam is behind a referendum set up to fail.

TPPA Intellectual Property Laws Medicinal Cannabis & What the Machiavellian scam is behind a referendum set up to fail.Um major point people miss is A) the pass mark for cannabis was never revealed B) in most referendum it has usually being 65%. From the get go this has being set up to fail. If Labour was serious we would see actual cannabis legalisation reforms regardless of the referendum but good luck on seeing that happen in the next three years. If I am wrong I will eat my hat (which of course will be made from cannabis).

Much like the TPPA what this government says it stands for and what emerges are rarely the same. Yippe three more years of neo-liberalism and then Jacinda can frack of to the UN which she has has being groomed to go to from the start and then we get to look forward to Labour TPPA partners in National led by Chris Luxton and ensuing period of neo-conservatism.In the mean time the 200 billion we borrowed from offshore banks (as opposed to using government bonds) well be used by World Back and IMF as leverage to privatise our water and infrastructural on behalf of their financiers including Goldman Sach and Coke who have being eyeing our water up for the past few years. Gee it really awesome they pasted the Water Regulation bill and the State Sector reform bill (allowing a minister to write blank checks without accountability or review and extend tender contracts while paying for contracts in advanceHell its going to be fun to see the look on people face when Joe Biden signs the TPPA and all the nasty bit put on hold get enacted including their viscous IP copy right laws (which will allow data and knowledge to be monetised and monopolised and why Microsoft Data Centre has set up shop in NZ).

The same laws which mean medicinal cannabis, and marijuana not just for smoking but medicine and hemp for building, clothing energy are now soley in the hand of the corporate.

This is Codex Ailmentus and the duplicity of Labour invented neo-liberalism (The NZ Experiment_ all over again.

Yours a Biden supporter really fed up with the illusion of democracy as it gets served to us with only two options Option A Neoconservatism (National GOP) & Option B Neoliberalism (DNC/ Labour).National Party Labour Party = The Capitali$m Monopoly Party.

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