1. The Cancer Society reporting to Parliament’s Epidemic Response Committee estimated there have been 30% fewer diagnoses of all cancers during lockdown, a number of whom will have prostate cancer.

Source: Media release from the Prostate Cancer Foundation NZ Thursday 14 May 2020
2, Michelle Sullivan, the chief executive of the Unicorn Foundation – which supports people with neuro-endocrine cancers – said New Zealand currently has around 2000 people living with NETs. Due to lockdown these suffers who cannot travel to Melbourne for care

Source: AUG 10 Radio New Zealand.

3. Possibly up to 10,000 cancer patient had their treatments delayed. This is a estimation admirably but one based on reviewing articles on delays on treatment for breast, colon, and other forms of cancer. While 26 people died of Covid 19 nearly 50% of kiwi woman can expect to be diagnosed with cancer and one in three males. 9500 kiwi die of cancer every year and oddly no one put the nation into lockdown. Though because they did you can expect those figure to now rise considerably

Source: Central Health Sep 3 20202

Racing: Dramatic cuts to see closure of major tracks - NZ Herald

4. Racing got 72 million in covid subsides St John had to cut 100 staff as govt would not front up with 30 million Horse racing also got border exemptions.

Source: Border exemption for horse racing track workers Stuff 10 Aug, 2020 //Coronavirus: St John Ambulance to cut up to 100 jobs Joel MacManus Jun 24 2020.

Petition update · You Are Invited: Petition Presentation to the New Zealand  Parliament Friday 24th July at 12pm · Change.org

5. It believed Ambulance post covid 19 could now take twice as long to respond due to cut backs.

6. The spanky brand new hospital which was to be two stories in Dunedin will now be one floor assuming it ever get built post election

Source: New Dunedin Hospital planned floor area deemed inadequate. 18 Apr, 2020 NZ Herald.

More foreign doctors could help improve 'precarious state of NZ hospitals'  - union | Stuff.co.nz

7. 500 bed in newly built hospital children wing will now go empty, as don’t have the money to run them Source: No money to staff children’s units at new Christchurch Hospital: ‘They will remain empty’ 3 September 2020 Phil Pennington RNZ

Will “Deaths of Despair” Outpace Deaths From Coronavirus? | Europe Reloaded

8. Unemployment up 6.8% correlative WHO studies show that also means a 6.8%rise in mortality. Meaning out 5 million people around 300,000 people lives will now be cut short. Repeat 300,0007

Source: Public Health. 2004 Unemployment and Early Cause-Specific Mortality: A Study Based on the Swedish Twin RegistryMargaretha Voss, PhD, MPH, Lotta Nylén, MPH, Birgitta Floderus, PhD, Finn Diderichsen, MD, PhD, and Paul D. Terry, PhD. Yale News Rising unemployment causes higher death rates, Yale researcher showsmay 23, 2002. Children in poorest areas three times more likely to die 26 April 2018 RNZ

Chart: Next Stop: Debt Crisis? | Statista

9. Economy GDP dropped at less 2% and continues to drop. Studies show during US recession over 500,000 cancer case resulted as result of additional stress, denial of treatment, in ability to afford early treatment. Source: Agence France-Presse 26 MAY 2016 • 12:48AM citing UK top medical journal Lancet

10. NZ borrowed nearly 200 billion. As a result the leverage by organisations like the World Bank IMF to force assets sales and privatisation of water and forestry will again add to the wealth gap and lead to further poverty related diseases and deaths. The IMF itself admits the pandemic has generated at least 68 million additional poverty years and 4.3 million years of life lost across 150 nations due to increased debt.

Source: The IMF is hurting countries it claims to help Mark Weisbrot Guardian Aug 27 2019
Policy Research Working Paper. 9277. Lives and Livelihoods. Estimates of the Global Mortality and Poverty Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Looking after employees' mental health is now more important than ever

11. And yes we can expect more mental health issues including greater drug and alcohol issues leading not just suicides but a raft of social dysfunction in the community not excluding drunk driving deaths, and substances fuelled violence. Sir Professor Gluckman the Prime Minister’s former chief science adviser lockdown had left “indelible marks” on our society and the immediate action against Covid-19 might have “been the easiest part”.

Gluckman was speaking to the Epidemic Response Committee which is today analysing the social impact of the pandemic and the lockdown, which saw tough restrictions impose

Source: Thursday, 30 April 2020Covid-19: Gluckman warns of social cost Otago Daily Times.

12, The Covid-19 crisis has also added two existing problems THAT KILL MILLIONS EVERY YEAR – homelessness and food insecurity,And in some parts of world will lead to famine and war.
Literally due to disruption to food chain, debt, ensuing privatiastion and wealth inequality tens of thousands will die every day making the bug seem like much to do about nothing. The lockdown just added the current economic genocide caused by further centralisation of power and wealth into the hands of a few.

Source: World Bank BRIEF AUGUST 31, 2020 Food Security and COVID-19

SOCIALISM OR YOUR MONEY BACK: Child poverty and early death

Lockdown as a reaction can be compared to turning all the traffic lights from green to red, all at once, now the multi car wreck and the ensuing carnage is just beginning to unfold.


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