Sick Politics & Ground O of Wave 2

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So visa the un-authored story, which appears without supporting documentation of claims, doing the rounds (which surfaced around 15th August) of covid 19 coming from an isolation facility and a girlfriend wondering round NZ with lots of cash to spare. This is what I have found that I can be certain of.

July 30th. An Australian did arrives from Melbourne on July 30th. Dr Bloomfield says the man “has” been staying in managed isolation at the Grand Millennium Hotel in Auckland. He tested negative on day three of his stay but positive on day 12 (August 11th). If this man remained at the GM the story ends here as the geography is all wrong.

The issue is we need authentication of that test dates and clarification of where the man was when he tested positive. Bloomfield uses the word “has” which infers past tense. Did the man get moved to another facility. Say the Suima in Rotorua?

Covid 19 coronavirus: Trust quarantine process in Rotorua, say ...

6th August Rotorura breech as some one breaks into an isolation ward at Hotel Suima. Police confirm this is not a first time the person mentioned was found on premises event “A spokesperson said the woman had gone on to the property for a very brief period before she was seen by a police officer stationed at the site”. Labour MPs go out of their way to praise the police.

August 13th Bloomvill confirms two new Covid cases travelled to Rotorua while showing virus symptoms and visited tourism spots. The same tourism spot listed in the August 15th anonymous story. A detail which any one seeking to create “mayhem and mischief” and make Peters look good (say folk like Aaron Banks the bad boy of Brexit), could have found and read as well.

“People in Rotorua will need to be vigilant, Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield said…The woman, in her 20s, travelled out of Auckland last weekend (August 6th same date as woman found entering isolation). The woman and two young children visited tourist attractions, Bloomfield said”. The question remains how was this trip by a young student financed exactly?

August 13th Peters claims on Australian media covid-19 comes from a quarantine breech. This should be easy to ascertain either way. This can be dome via a simple genome sequence testing of those at the centre in question. Which would then be cross referenced against the family in question.

August 13th The first case to test positive after a 102-day streak free of community transmission lives in south Auckland and works at Finance Now on Dominion Rd in Mt Eden. Her husband, who has also tested positive for corona-virus, works at the Mt Wellington cool-store facility owned by Americold. It is their daughter who is believed to be the woman, in her 20s, who travelled out of Auckland last weekend and went sight seeing.

August 13th It is confirmed that a female engineering student who studied at Manukau Institute of Technology in South Auckland and a pupil at Glamorgan School had both tested positive for the corona-virus. The new cases in the city are linked to a South Auckland family who recently tested positive.

So is the tale true or false?

Will it boils down to the authentication of the test date for the Melbourne visitor where they were taken exactly and cross referencing of genome sequence of this man against the South Auckland family.

Dna sequencing

Either the day 12 test was legit and taken at the Gran Millennium in Auckland in which case Peter’s is lying. A lie supported by an anonymous post where the poster has painted a feasible scenario by simply doing using open source material to lend credence to the rumour. Or the man was in Rotorua when tested and the genomes match in which case the government is at the very less bullshitting about wave two origins and their failure to do their jobs.

One things certain NZ politics is not just dirty it becoming very sick and we may need to quarantine parliament from the rest of New Zealand so it does not infect us..


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