THE HOUSE OF GLASS -Sleaze In Kiwi Politics A Very Un-Partisan Affair.

National candidate | Ashburton Courier


National MP Andrew Falloon is believed to have quit politics after an incident involving him sending a young woman “inappropriate material”. The image was not of himself but was pornographic in nature. The young woman was initially described as a senior schoolgirl but it is understood the recipient is in fact a university student.

Regardless its GAME OVER for Andrew and now the partisans will howl for blood, claim outrage and moral indignation.But just a quick reminder of the state of play in Labour’s own house before we get cocky and begin throwing stones.

2018 a woman accused a former Labour staffer (now resigned) of sexually assaulting her rubbish claims that she didn’t tell the chair of Labour’s investigating panel about the allegation. The woman and other complainants have pushed back, releasing a statement from a representative saying that they are “hugely disappointed” that Mitchell had gone public with what they called untrue statements. They call Labour’s investigation a cover up. The 2018 Labour youth camp affair abuse charges went down about as well reeking of half truths and spin.

Currently in New Zealand politics Lianne Dalziell Christchurch Mayor, former Labour immigration minister, is resigning while under investigation by SFO in relation to donation made via her husband firm Davidson Legal. The firm is also publicly tied to allowing offshore firms to access Christchurch water reserves.


Currently four National MP, at less two Labour MP’s NZ First are all under investigation by the SFO along with key people in the court of the Maori King Tainui iwi. And lets face it this is not our first wave of donation scandals and dirty MPs from all sides of the house.

Helen Clark & The War Pigs. – BEN VIDGEN INVESTIGATES

Then there is former Prime Minister Mike Moore who sat on board of trust of Altimo Foundation. A dodgy Clinton like Foundation run by Russian Oligarchs. Its listed in the Paradise Papers. Fun fact Moore also sat on the Trilateral Commission along side follow appointee Jeffrey Epstei – go figure.

Key changed the law to extend NZ as a tax haven | The Standard

New Zealand is in fact named 60,000 times in the Paradise Papers which focused on ANZ chaired by John Key who when faced with the SP Trading GT Group money laundering affair said he write a report and “look into it”.

Nothing was ever done. And lets not even talk abut Key’s own lawyers ties to these papers and the dubious charity laws Key passed in 2008 and how these laws helped kiwi land become a laundromat for offshore political action groups. Meanwhile SP Trading size laundering continues with Russian hacker Alexander Vinnik 140 million frozen asset washed through New Zealand. It used an Auckland address again well known on the Paradise Papers data base and in money laundering cases involving New Zealand and the politically connected. The time line of these developments prove interesting.

Canadian spy analyst Cameron Ortis gets busted 2019 for selling secrets to cartels. It set off the biggest spy scandal in post WWII history and identifies corruption a the highest levels with NZ government namely related to Ortis handling of the SP Trading GT group ties to the murder of whistle blower Sergey Magnitsky. Since then New Zealand’s media have being about the only media platform to report that the reason why New Zealand and Canada was left out of the new UK US Australian inner temple is becuase of the Ortis affair.

Described as the biggest spy scandal since the Cambridge 5 their has being minimal reporting on this major news story here in New Zealand. I could expand a lot further and list many other cases but I think you get the idea. Corruption is not a partisan issue but riddle New Zealand politics to the highest levels and in the darkest ways. Its about time we owned that fact and take this beyond scoring points for and against our favourite ‘team’ and only getting outraged when it suits us.

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