Because it’s murder by numbers, 1, 2, 3
It’s as easy to learn as your ABC
Murder by numbers, 1, 2, 3
It’s as easy to learn as your ABC

Now you can join the ranks of the illustrious
In history’s great dark hall of fame
All our greatest killers were industrious
At least the ones that we all know by name
The Police Murder By Numbers.

As I dig deeper into Tiwai toxic mess I begin to realise ouvea is just the tip of the toxic pile.

Image result for cancer rates new zealand world wide

Those down playing the discovery of ouvea at Matuara, by reporting that event but staying mum concerning the fact ouvea an aqua toxins is also found in down town Invercargill, in Aawarura, and elsewhere (all in areas prone to flooding) are doing so because they know once the public realise the scale of poisoning at work it won’t just be RTZ whose for the high jump. In some way Rio Tito Zinc are the scapegoat there to distract us while the toxic avengers go about their business (knowing full will RTZ beyond our reach). The same is true for why they only refer to it as class six hazard (which is still serious shit). If they acknowledge its class four then we might start asking what else is stored at Tiwai. For now let me just say a lot but will get into the precise nature and scale of waste dump their at another date.

Image result for tiwia jacinda
Image result for new zealand rubbish tips toxic waste disaster

No at stake are the interlocking business such as Fonterra, Holciem cement, forestry, agri-bussiness, central government on both side of the house and councils up down the nation, who have let more than 220 waste dump (plus other sites including coals dumps dairy farms and and crop fields sprayed with “fertiliser”) become toxic bombs poisoning the entire nation. Bombs such as the dumps in Mataura, Gore, Franz Joseph and West port, that are now staring to go off at cost of million of dollars and the hundred of thousands of lives which will be affected through inaction. These people are scared shitless of what will happen when the public finally realise murder has being permitted to take place on an industrial scale with state approval.

1080 could be fought by the big boys as they could control the battle ground and terms of reference. You could convince some it was good and the majority not to worry as it was not happening in your back yard. But this is different once people come to understand the true ecological cost there will be hell to pay. I even go so far as to say the medical and legal profession are going to have to work hard to convince the public they were not willing participant in this case of slow motion genocide. A form of fatal poisoning that affect every class and every demography you care to name.

FACT CANCER RATES ARE 1 in 2 for Women right now and 1 in 3 for men in the next 25 years that anticipated to rise by 50% (think about that statement for a 10 seconds if you will). Our country is per square mile one of the most chemically saturated nations in the world.

We rate as the 64th highest country for cancer deaths in 25 years it expect that we will rise to the top 40 and don’t expect it to fall any in the ranking anytime soon because were absolutely soaking in every cancerous precursor you care to name.

And when you have the leaders of the Greens James Shaw being a former public relation specialistfor Bayer, one of the most environmentally unfriendly pharmaceutical companies in the world you know something got to change regarding how we view current environmentalism and its buddy buddy relations with eco-villains with large marketing budgets.


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