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List of my other works below

STATE SECRETS was published in 1999 by at the Howling at the Moon Publishing in 1999 by Ian Wishart one of the lead journalist in the Wine Box Inquiry – the first in depth examination of New Zealand’s role in the dirty world of global finance. It became an instant best seller and rose to number 2# on the New Zealand non fiction best seller market, This is despite what Scoop media called a “media black out” of the book by the major media outlets.

My Publisher at the time fumed in an open letter to TVNZ “If you think the allegations in Paradise 2, or State Secrets [written by a former New Zealand soldier, Ben Vidgen] are flaky, then have the courage to test your best researchers against myself and Ben Vidgen. “Give us an hour on Crossfire and let’s see who emerges unscathed ..” Oddly they never took up the challenge mores the pity. It would have made great TV.

My crime daring to write such heresy that New Zealand had major corruption issue. Gangs were accessing military stock piling weaponx and right wing supremacists and other militant groups were tapping into an arms market the police refused to admit existed to get weapons.

I dared warned of the rise of mass surveillance and the dangers of free trade, long before we had heard of the TPPA or Edward Snowden. You will be amazed at how many of the people I write about in this book twenty year ago have companies listed in the now published Consortium for International Investigative Journalism Paradise Papers data base. To be fair what I was to expect in a nation were the head of TVNZ, CEO Neil Robert got busted on the Auckland Harbour Bridge in 1995 with kilo of cocaine in the back of his legendary black Porsche and never did a day in jail.

Image result for communicado new zealand neils roberts
Robert and his famous black beast.
The only to publish Neil Robert cocaine bust was Rocknroll magazine Ripitup.

My prognosis was this was in part because corruption in New Zealand began at the very top and partly because New Zealand’s disastrous decision to embrace neo-liberal (right wing) politics.

Something I believe Labour is still doing. Because the major parties National and Labour were and are so busy chasing the all mighty dollars, trading butter for oil for guns, they had lost sight of were Crown business should end and were big business should stop. In State Secrets I wrote that in the future we would be in deep trouble. Because the New Zealand authorities were unwillingness to investigate organised crime, money launder, because they ignored the warnings, concerning drug importation, white collar money laundering and organised crime from offshore parties (as given to them by US and Australian law enforcement agencies) and because the security service had a habit of looking the other way when those involved were linked to New Zealand security allies. It would lead to a New Zealand in which its armed gang and drug problem would spin out of control – ala Mexico. I fore cast accurately we would see increase destabilisation in the Pacific and the evolution of domestic terrorism, hate crimes, housing issue and a dive in the quality of our lives as the gap between rich and poor widened. Accountability and transparency would die.

Cartoon by award winning cartoonist Trace Hodgeson

I based my information on street sources (largely gained through my other double life working all aspects of the hospitality trade), whose material I then had vetted and tested by my own professional sources in New Zealand Customs, with whom I worked investigating jointly Russian mafia money laundering, the New Zealand military intelligence (were I worked on attachment in Counter intelligence and the Force Intelligence Group as a Royal New Zealand Artillery Intelligence Operator; a lowly gunner in the territorials but never the less where I got to watch, listen and talk to those with considerable experience and rank who would never have opened up to a journalist), New Zealand Police’s Organised Crime Units and New Zealand to academics.

Sources who I named and quote extensively, in addition to talking to other recognised experts, with supporting material researched from open public sources including media, archives and libraries. This included using the American government’s own open source material. Analyst which as far back as 1987 said New Zealand gangs would become a major issue, a source of destabilisation for New Zealand. It even had a name for them R.O.G.U.Es Racially Orientated Groups of Unemployed. A name the New Zealand Defence Force then used, as it began exercises this author attended, which mirrored the very military and counter terrorism script we began using since 2011. Exercise always held in lower socio-economic areas rich in natural resources. The same hot spot which designate heavy meth use today and where corporations now want to mine or drill – funny that.

State Secrets was not conventional journalism. It was not ‘he says she said’. Instead it drew on my first hand experience and my skills as a trained researcher analyst and investigator. All which I gained while studying a history and Political Science degree at Canterbury University (where I graduate in 1994), where I specialised in political violence and counter terrorism and where I focused in my final years on the history of Middle Eastern and Western European Terrorism [including state and security services sponsored] terrorism, for which I scored an A.

Following graduation and the end of my stint in the ‘SAS’ (Saturday and Sundays as the regular force call the TF), where my duties also included being a really shit signal operator, a very short stint as an infantry grunt, I then gained more skills as researcher.

This included working for Canterbury Universities history department, as an investigative researcher for S.A.F.E. (save Animal From Exploitation), a columnist for the Mountain Scene News Paper, a private researcher for Alan Jones at 2UE Radio [not a fun job], and a research officer for West Pac research division in Sydney Australia. This was all far less glamorous than it might sound (really) but it taught me to look at my subject material from many angles. Over all not a bad set of achievements for a dyslexic gromet (and a shitty typist to boot) who was told when he was fifteen by his English teacher that I would be lucky to get 5th form certificate (Thank you and fuck off Mr Graham).


Twenty years later State Secrets has stood the test of time and being vindicated on virtually every account it raises.

I’m still dyslexic and a shitty typist, so if your first love is the English language close your eyes and walk away – you’ll save us both a lot of grief.

Yet if you want to read a book, crammed with in depth research, written twenty years ago and see if the signs were on the wall click the image above and crack on.

Yours Sincerely Ben Vidgen.

Other Books: (Which when I get the chance I’ll turn into ebooks and post here include;

Coasting Otago Out of Print

DEADLINE MAGAZINE ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION $60 nongst – includes postage anywhere in NZ email: mediadownunder@gmail includes 3 copies sent three times a year.

Ben’s New Zealand Welcome to The Real Middle Earth – Travel Book Sold Out.

“Author Ben Vidgen’s describes his new book Ben’s New Zealand: The Real Middle Earth as “Lonely Planet meets Hitcher Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, with a dash of Louie Theroux World on the side, sprinkled with just a hint of Cooking Confidential as a condiment which provides flavouring”

Image result for ben vidgen real middle earth

Article’s and interview by Ben on top of Terrorism

1. State of Terror (Nexus Magazine 95/96) this piece has now being translated now into about a half dozen languages) Focus on rise of Neo Nazi or right wing terror and the role of US funding in Islamic terrorism. Sadly it pay for only will find a copy and put free copy here when find it soon.

Ben. C. Vidgen, “A State of Terror”,

“Since the final days of World War II, the totalitarian seekers have made use of people’s hatred by establishing a clandestine Fascist network…Through a combination of individuals, government-endorsed death squads, influential religion-based secret societies and even governments, the freedom and willpower of the people are being destroyed. Terrorism has become the new means by which the old strategy of divide and conquer is being implemented on a global scale.”

This article is cited in following texts ; Afghanistan: The Genesis of the Final Crusade – Google Books ResultAbid Ullah Jan – 2006 – ‎Afghan War, 2001- Page 33

American Shadow (Pemerintahan Bayangan AS)– SUMBER REFERENSI American State Terrorism / A Critical Review of the Objectives ofU.S. Foreign Policy in the Post Worldwar II Period BBC.

CIA – Godfather of Global Terrorism China Daily

Guerra alla libertà. Il ruolo dell’amministrazione Bush nell’attacco dell’11 . (Guerill Liberty role Bush administration 911) Page 39

International Socialist Review Web ExclusiveAfghanistan, the Taliban and the United States: The Role of Human Rights In Western Foreign Policy

& Gets a bloody good review here which is always nice

2. Investigate Magazine
PACIFIC JIHAD One of the world’s most-wanted terrorists has visited New Zealand without being arrested by security authorities here, despite his involvement in attacks that have killed or injured more than 900 people. BEN VIDGEN and IAN WISHART report: October 2000 were we write of the plot to use civilian aircraft and target building in the USA we had no idea how close to the money we were.


4 War on drugs was failure State Secrets Review VJM

5. Corporate Media and 1080 Ben Vidgen VS Newshub.

6. Stuff talks to be about Waihopai US growing space presence in Aotearoa

7. Stuff talk to about New Zealand Constitutionalism and the TPPA.”ben+vidgen”+tppa&source=bl&ots=K-SvWUvczg&sig=ACfU3U1VoCMfm2Z3idzR_Gmcad1HPEShqA&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi-ydOR7KPnAhXGbn0KHQIODFcQ6AEwCXoECAkQAQ#v=onepage&q=”ben%20vidgen”%20tppa&f=false

Dunedin talking on the TPPA 2015 and how not to view it as partisan issue as both Labour National were responsible in a corporate tag team of the people.


  1. Ben you have done a lot of good work.
    You do not do yourself or the cause any good by incorrectly using the terms
    Right wing
    Right wing terror
    Neo liberal right wing
    Neo Nazi right wing – terror
    Right wing supremacists
    Note: Big Business is not necessarily Right Wing

    NZ is being taken down
    You do not appear to understand what is happening and how it is being done
    Rhodesia gone
    South Africa going, going, gone
    New Zealand and Australia next
    New Zealand going, going, ?

    We should meet to discuss matters


  2. Yeah I’ll pass thanks.

    You want to keep calling Jaicinda a “pretty communist” as she gets into bed with big business and walk into the ambush her marketing company has set for those who oppose her adoption of globalism 9to make her self look good and confirm red necks are red necks) go ahead don’t say you were not warned.

    In the mean time I will rely on my own track record and my professional training visa politic science (which has worked for me so far thanks) and knowing how to define my left and right.

    Nazi sucks in any form and Rhodesia and South Africa with the help of their own greed and right wing big business mining buddies created the mess and poarised hatred that now exist.

    It might help of course if you understood the USSR was never left wing but rather butchered socialism replacing it with Lenin’s concept of State Capitalism.

    This permitted him to get into bed with the industrialist and thus become in reality a form of class based fascism just like Nazi Germany (who were also in bed with the very same ass-holes).

    Globalism, or as I like to call it neo-feudalism, is by definition focus on the impossible dream of ever increased returns and is greed driven, which I cant stand.

    In the mean time I will recall how my Cornish and Welsh ancestor embraced solidarity an idea of men being equal and standing together which led to Unions and got us 40 hour week, a quarter acre, food on the table and a quality of life.

    All GREAT ideas which good men like Kirk adopted they were under mined and Labour embraced neo-liberal Leninism’s Sate Capitlism and turned to the dark (right) side aka Rogernomics. If that makes me a pinko then da comrade I’m in cossack boots and all. (actually Im pro constitutional based anarchist).

    PS did I mention how I really don’t like Nazi and racism and if that where you coming from please save us both a lot of grief and piss off Im not buying what you want to sell.


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