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Our breaking story; We know what Prime Minister Jacinda did last summer as we look at how it s not just China that stealing our water but how Coke being doing some fairly tricky shit too.

Our most popular story for 2019 was the tale of book burning – we all know what evil looks like.

Our leading stories. Include the background of the polices officers who arrested the man we now as Brenton Tarrant. How Helen Clark Foundation is nothing short of a fascist tool for anti corporate censorship, as it helps the right wing military industrial complex and big pharma expand its control over New Zealand. We look at the curious visit to New Zealand (Stewart Island) of the super yacht Dancing Hare and its ties to Ghislaine Maxwell the former madam for the late Jeffrey Epstein

Lockheed Space Force US China War; These reports all relate to the growing power of US based military industrial complexes down under and above us in space. We look at how the fires in Australia are being used by those who are experts at creating opportunity out of crisis. A genuine environmental crisis used to further their own agenda and risk marching us to a war this planet can’t afford to have.

Propaganda & Spin – How can you tell when a politicians lying? Simple their lips are moving.

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Ecocide exposing the real killers.

Climate Change??

Here at Ben’s World we have simple belief when it come to the planet and that belief is the human race are really not treating our home (and the home of twenty three million other species ) very decently. That is a simple fact regardless of what name you want to put on this kind of environmental vandalism were witnessing. However were appalled to see how the biggest pollutes, war whores, conductors of genocide and greed are using the catch cry Climate Change to further their own agenda of greed. Were appalled because if this is allowed to continue were not only going to see our food, water, and air, privatised but it will be the death of civil liberties, whistle blowing and most likely this planet. These article call bullshit on that and expose the spin at work here. Were sick of the corporation and the war dogs hijacking environmentalism to make dollar at a cost to humanity and the planet. Time to put the real killers of this planet under the spot light.

We try to get you independent, politically non aligned news. That’s takes time, it take energy. If you value my efforts give a little. Pay 060901063281400 ANZ Moray Ben Vidgen t/a DEADLINE. And on that front I hope that does happen. These stories represent my art, the time blood and sweat I have given up over the past three months to cover what I think are serious issues and counter serious false hood financed by global corporates. The simple fact is with out patronage I can’t afford to do this. So if you get this takes time and you appreciate what I do is important then please give a little. And if you cant afford to no warriors, just take the time to share my post please. Every bit helps. Yours Ben Vidgen. May the force be with you.

Koha of $25.OO or more include annual subscription for Ben’s NZ Annual Magazine.

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